The world’s most famous private clubs

We already had the chance in this blog to talk about the social clubs in one of the most exclusive areas of our country: Sotogrande. Today, we want to increase the geographic range and show you which are the most famous private clubs in the world. If you are interested to know how these elegant places, where the jet set meets are, don’t miss today’s post!

Who would not want to be in places where you can form a friendship with important people and attend business, trend and lifestyle gatherings that will set the pace of today’s society? If you are invited to join one of these private clubs, you are in luck: you have been selected from the crowd to rub shoulders with the most exclusive circles you could imagine. Do you want to know where they are?

As we have discussed on previous posts, these clubs were born in England and they have centuries of history. However, although the oldest ones are in London there are many others. From North America to Asia passing through Europe, today you will discover where to find them and which ones are the most luxurious.


We can not start the list without talking about the cradle of private clubs. London houses many of the most sophisticated clubs and has the oldest tradition in relation to these places. If we had to mention some of them, they would undoubtedly be:

The Hurlingham Club,  It was inaugurated in the 19th century and frequented by British royalty.

It was originally a space designed to practice shooting. It is famous, among other things, for the regular presence of King Edward VII. He used to hunt pigeons there. It is one of the most chosen clubs by the most exclusive people in Great Britain, but also from the international scene. Despite its longevity, it has modern facilities on its 17 hectares of land and the palace that makes it up. If it has crossed your mind to join this club, we cannot help. You should know there is a 13-year waiting list

 Annabel’s : Frank Sinatra, Richard Nixon, Ella Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Taylor, Margaret Thatcher, Aristotle Onassis, Mick Jagger or Lady Gaga. These are some of the members that have been in this London club that stands out especially for its nightly parties. The place has a room where mobile phones or other devices capable of recording images and sounds are not allowed. What happens inside is a mystery. Entering this club is even more difficult than  the previous one since the admission list has been closed for years.


In this Italian city we can find Club 1930, whose decoration clearly is a reminiscence of this decade. Besides, it is one of the most enigmatic clubs. Its entrance is not in view, and only if you know where it is you can locate it. This is because it does not have any sign or anything that could make you think that the private club is there.

In this same vein, it does not have a website. If it were not enough, members need an entry pass whose data are visible only under UV light. Among its luxuries highlights the varied offer of cocktails that they prepare. If you go to Milan Fashion Week, you may find  there some of the most coveted supermodels.


If we are talking about luxurious cities where you can find a reference private club, we can not overlook the Arab city of Dubai. It brings together a large part of the world’s wealth. There we have the Capital club. It is known for being a key place to close and sign business deals. It has four suites, gym, rooms for events and meetings and an art gallery.

New York

The center of Manhattan is of course, another of the venues that hosts private clubs.

The Core has members who are leaders in different areas. From architecture, business, finance, fashion, sports, science, politics to the media. If any of them needs a private jet or a luxury car instantly, the club offers whatever they want in record time. To be part of it you must be proposed by an existing member. And then, your admission must be accepted by the committee


The top Japanese executives go to the Roppongi Hills Club. With spectacular panoramic views of the Japanese capital, it is much easier to close deals and businesses in a pleasant environment surrounded by diplomats, ambassadors, and business owners. The most stringent rules of this private club are about dress code. The elegance pertaining to past centuries samurais is impregnated in this place that will not accept a member inappropriately dressed.

In Spain  as well as La Reserva or Trocadero in Sotogrande, we find many others private clubs such as the private Casino Club in Madrid, the Sociedad Bilbaína, the Real Aeroclub of Santiago, the Soho House in Barcelona and many more.

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