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Who hasn’t tried the pleasure of traveling by train? For those who feel more esceptical about heights (planes and private jets) or about offshores adventures (luxury cruises and super yatchs), traveling by train is a treat for all the senses. But above from all, if what we do are luxury train travels.

We could enjoy of the most exclusive tours. Of the most outstanding landscapes. Of blockbuster routes. We can make luxury train travels worldwide, a tour in every continents. Although we only have in mind Hercule Poirot  covering up and down the wonderful Orient Express, or the Trans-Siberian through the middle of the icy Russian landscapes. On this post, we’re going to name you some of the most luxurious and exclusive trains all over the planet and some of their peculiarities.

Luxury train travels to Africa

The history of Blue Train dates from 1920. It was originally used as an standard transport train for all publics, which loses in the smoke which resulted from Victoria waterfalls’ falling waters. Its use popularized with the boom of South African mining activity, which rised up the social level of its passengers. Its activity was only stopped by the Second World War. Nowadays its a train which works with diesel and electricity. Its quintessentially route goes from Pretoria to Cape Town. It’s a train adapted to those travelers who look for luxury experiencies, you wouldn’t take your eyes off it due to its flawless blue colour.

luxury train travels

Pic: The Luxury Editor

Luxury train travels to America

Would you like to croos the United States boarding on a luxury train? US Rail Vacations prepares several times per week their Amtrak trains to make the trip from New York to San Francisco in 12 days. Boarding on Amtrak, and with an all inclusive plan, you’ll travel through Chicago and Lake Michigan. After that you are driven to Denver, from where you can make a trip to one of the most stunning Natural Parks in the world, the majestic Yellowstone. Leaving Utah behind, you’ll finish your adventure in California. There, you’ll be able to go for a walk through Napa Valley, and let yourself go by the cable car while you go California street up or visiting Alcatraz Island. Inside the train, there’s a dress code according to the company standards.

Nor we can forget about South America. In Peru we aren’t able to stop mentioning the Andean Explorer. You’ll start your adventure in Cusco, the old capital of Inca empire. You’ll travel while bordering Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. To practically half of the journey, you’ll get to cross the Andes, ant the second half is based on interior landscapes and enchanting villages. The trip duration is 10 hours. It’s a trip made to reach Arequipa, a city declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

luxury train travels

Pic: Railway Gazette

Luxury train travels to Asia

In Asia we have to talk about the Eastern and Oriental Express. It’s about a journey through the Asian South East, from Bangkok to Singapur. Inside the train, you’ll find different kinds of suites, and an exclusive waiter available the 24 hours of the day. The menú on board is prepared by the most renowned world class chef, and a dream route. During the trip, you could visit the marvellous spots of Thailand, Cambodia or Laos inside a train with a decoration risen to an emperor’s.

luxury train travels

Pic: Luxury Thailand Travel

But how could we forget about the Trans-Siberian? It’s been working since 1904, it’s activity was always to long distance transport of goods. It’s main route goes from the European Russia to the Far East. You’ll live up to 8 different time zones, and you’ll fully introduce into the Russian Tsarist route. It’s obvious that this train will show you the incredible views and landscapes of the largest country in the world. Some of its stops include: Mongolia, China or the very North Korea.

Luxury train travels to Europe

What happened with Orient Express? Did it really exists, or it remained at Agatha Christie’s fiction? Absolutely, the Orient Express existed and its route went from Paris to Istambul. But currently, all that remains from the company is the Venice Simplon Orient Express. With an endless waiting list, the current tour goes from Venice to Istambul with prices starting from 6920€ per passenger.

luxury train travels

Pic: The Society of International Railway Travelers

We couldn’t say goodbye without talking about two luxury train travels in Spain. These are the Transcantábrico and Al-Ándalus.

Although the Transcantábrico works since the beginning of 20th century, it wasn’t until 2011 when they opened their Great luxury line, with facilities and installations from this current century.

The Al-Ándalus changes its tour according to the season of the year, but on each key date for local high feasts, it rides an especifical spot of the peninsula. The Al-Ándalus even had on board members of the Britsh monarchy between 1928 and 1930, and it hasn’t lost its superluxury hints since then.

luxury train travelsPic: Turismo en tren

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