Tour around the most luxurious wineries

In many countries like Spain, Italy or France there is a great wine heritage and the grapevine is a valuable element in their culture. In these places, tours around the most luxurious wineries are becoming more and more popular.

This is a combination of enology and tourism that creates a new concept known as “wine tourism”.

It allows small groups of people to enjoy the pleasure of tasting wine straight out of the barrel or via wine tastings.

These services are provided by the hand of experienced sommeliers.

As years go by, wine tourism evolves, and it counts on a huge number of tours in which tourists can taste and walk around some of the most exclusive grapevine haciendas.

In these tours, visitors enjoy personalized tastings and walking tours that weigh on the most symbolic wines of each winery.

Spain counts on a wide variety of wineries which are spread out all over the country and produce vast quantities of the most select wines.

In this post, readers will find a route over some of the most luxurious wineries of the world.

  1. Marqués de Riscal, La Rioja (Spain)

    It combines architecture, art, gastronomy…in Elciego, in the heart of the Alava part of La Rioja, there is one of the oldest and most traditional in the area.

    The owners created a building, Canadian Frank Gehry’s masterpiece, where wine and leisure hold hands.

    Visitors can enjoy the amenities of this breathtaking construction that has 43 rooms and luxurious suites.

    Also, it hosts a Michelin Star awarded restaurant and a spa where guests can relax and enjoy wine therapy treatments.

  2. Badia a Coltibuono, Siena (Italy)

    11th century monastery with rural housing, an exclusive restaurant and its own botanical garden.

    In this place, visitors will enjoy the eleven types of house produced wines and oils which are ranked as top ones in Italy.

    They come from the monks who founded the monastery in 1501 and started to produce them.

    Nowadays, the Stucchi Prinetti family is in charge of the production of the “Good Crop Abbey”.

  3. Odette Estate, California (USA)

    In the wine producer county of Napa Valley, in California there are a huge number of wineries, some as prestigious as Odette Estate.

    The spectacular Signum Architecture’s design catches the attention of the visitor.

    It is a winery that has over 25000 sq hectares.

    Odette Estate makes first class CCOF certified ecological wine.

    Moreover, it has a private club where guests can uncork the most exclusive bottles.

  4. Abbey of Retuerta LeDomaine, Valladolid (Spain)

    By the side of the Duoro, it is located the five star hotel Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine included in a 12th century Romanesque monastery.

    It is a magical place where tourist can visit one of the most innovative and most technologically advanced wineries in Europe.

    Also, they offer different cultural and wine making related activities.

    Visiting this winery is a must if you are a wine connoisseur.

    It is recommended to walk, ride a bike or a horse and get to know the surroundings and enjoy the scenery and its life.

    Moreover, the complex has a one Michelin star awarded restaurant and a sustainable spa which is located in the old stables.

  5. Vina Maris winery, Alicante (Spain)

    This is a very special winery because it is a submarine one.

    Nowadays, there are more wineries which have switched to this innovative kind of growing the grapevine but they are few still.

    Wine tasting in Vina Maris, aged in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea, is the most exclusive wine tourism activity at the moment.

    It is possible to do scuba diving, aided by professionals, and visit the undersea facilities.

    The two submarine aged wines offered by Vina Maris are Vina Maris Monastrell and Vina Maris Chardonnay.

    What a discovery, huh?

  6. Michel Jack Chasseuil, Deux-Sèvres (France)

    The winery is located inside Chapelle-Bâton in the region of Deubx-Sèvres and is considered a real enological jewel.

    Michel Jack Chasseuil, is a wine lover who owns a collection of about 41.000 bottles.

    Furthermore, he owns wine bottles dated from 1811 to the present from everywhere around the world.

  7. Otazu winery, Navarra (Spain)

    Besides its exquisite wines, the building designing will amaze any visitors.

    Colorful and impossibly shaped sculptures are part of an outdoor museum which is located in the gardens that surround the five buildings of the winery.

    It is a spectacular winery that combines a wine museum and an incredible art gallery.

    These prestigious artworks from everywhere form a small MoMA that should be advertised for everyone to know.

  8. Celler Bell-Hoc, Girona (Spain)

    Pritzker of architecture Award in 2017. Rafal Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vitalta are the designer of this winery and the founder of RCR Aquitectes.

    The winery is located in the heart of the Palamós  forest, and visitors can enjoy tastings, guided tours and housing.

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