Top European cities to visit for opera

For enthusiasts of this genre of music, today we are dedicating our post to the best cities to experience opera.

There are many cities with an operatic tradition, so if you are thinking of traveling and want to attend an operatic performance, this list shows you the best cities and theaters for it.

The benefits of listening to it are many, and very similar to listening to classical music. Both of them gives relaxation, and helps us to perform highconcentration tasks without turning off the music.

Experts from the Italian University of Pavia demonstrated in a 2007 study that listening to it and classical music  allows us to reduce heart rate and blood pressure.


The following list shows the best cities to enjoy it by travelling  in Europe:


One of its theaters was the site of some of the most emblematic operatic premieres: the Teatro La Fenice. In addition to Verdi’s premieres of plays such as Rigoletto or La Traviata, some of the 20th century’s best composers, such as Igor Stravinsky, have passed through its interior.


It is as an institution in itself, is one of the most important ones in Europe. Founded in the mid-seventeenth century by King Louis XIV, today it is located in two buildings: the Opera House (or Garnier Palace) and the Opera House of the Bastille.


The capital of Austria is “the musical capital of the world”.  The relationship with classical music is so intimate that you cannot talk about a visit to this city without planning an activity related to Mozart, Beethoven or Wagner. One of the most important operas of the so-called bel canto.


The capital of the Czech Republic has its own State Opera.
The name used to refer to the building built at the end of the XVIII century.


The second largest theater in Europe, after La Scala in Milan. The Bolshoi Theater has hosted theater, opera and dance performances since the 19th century.


With the Gran Teatre de Liceu. This theater dedicated to the opera is one of the most important of its kind in the world and the oldest in the city, which opened its doors in the mid-nineteenth century.


In this city Teatro alla Scala was the place where internationally known operas were premiered; Verdi or Puccini’s works were performed for the first time here. Its name is due to the church that was previously located in the same place.


The British capital has the Royal Opera House as the theater of shows specialized in opera. Since it’s the headquarters for the Royal Opera and Ballet Company of England.


Among the best opera  theaters we can certainly list:

The Bolshoi (Moscow):

It is a survivor, that has gone through fire, war and revolution. Its neoclassical façade is just a preview of its impressive interior, with chairs covered in red damask and Chippendale wood. If you also like ballet, you cannot miss it.

Royal Opera of Versailles (Paris ):

The interior of the Opera Theater of the Palace of Versailles is an ode to architectural ingenuity. Besides, the wooden walls were painted simulating marble and the trick is not noticeable. The gold is in all the versallesque atmosphere of the auditorium with the pastel tones of its walls and the blue of its curtain.


The Royal Opera House (London):

Surrounded by shops, trendy bars, the London Opera House is an oasis in the most avant-garde cities of the world.

Sydney Opera House (Sydney):

Its architecture is an emblem of contemporary architecture. Its inauguration took place in 1973 and since then it has been one of the most emblematic buildings of the 20th century.

Teatro del Liceo:

Known simply as the Liceo is the oldest and most prestigious theater in Barcelona. It is undoubtedly a good place to get carried away by the emotions of an opera.

Lincoln Center (New York):

The legendary home of the Metropolitan Opera, the New York Philharmonic and the New York City Ballet is the cultural quintessence. The building is the work of architect Wallace K. Harrison and the largest auditorium of its kind in the world.

The Scala (Milan):

The most famous theater in the world, the first one that comes to mind when we talk about opera.

Vienna State Opera:

The theatre reopened its doors after the Russian occupation and to celebrate its return to life chose to represent Fidelio by Beethoven, a song to freedom.

If you have not had the opportunity to attend  one of this kind of spectacle, this is the moment to add another experience from the best classical music.


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