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Photo: Reviewbox.  We may have arrived to this month of the year and we are alreadythinking of Christmas. And it is not surprising because if we want everything to go as planned, it is necessary to start thinking about what you need to have ready for the most important days. One of the main issues to consider is buying gifts. In the case that we have children at home, this theme takes on a special look. Therefore, and also taking advantage of the fact that November is the Black Friday month and you have the perfect opportunity to acquire the first toys, today we want to talk about some that will completely surprise the smallest of the house: the most luxurious toy cars of the market.

Children often tend to mimic the behaviors of their parents or other adults. They enjoy playing to be older and, at the same time, learn to be independent. Toy cars, for example, help them develop in this regard and offer many other benefits. Thanks to them they become familiar with the environment and acquire skills such as the sense of orientation or coordination.

Toy cars have an appearance very similar to those of adults thanks to elements such as mirrors, steering wheel, horn and even lights. Knowing this, perhaps we are afraid of the idea of ​​a child driving as it may seem a somewhat risky and dangerous practice. However, nothing is further from reality. These vehicles are fully adapted to them. Their measurements, weight and height are appropriate for children’s use as well as the materials from which they are made. Of course, the kids are not exempt from using the seat belt, even if they are toy cars.

As for the type of toy cars that we can find in the market, there are currently three types: pedals, push and electric. The latter are the most modern and luxurious and, although they comply with all safety regulations, parents should be a little more attentive while their children use it. This is because they reach higher speed. In any case, there is nothing to worry about, as many of them include a remote control that makes it possible for adults to have absolute control of the car and to be calmer.

If we are thinking of getting a toy car for our children, it is essential to take into account the child’s age, tastes and safety among other key factors. The main thing is that the little  one enjoys, so it is no use being the last model of the market if it does not adapt to the child. It must be easy to use and not pose a complete challenge that cannot be overcome.

That said, for the most exquisite buyers, this time we want to introduce you the most luxurious toy cars on the market:

The Tesla Model S.

toy car


It is a completely identical replica of this incredible electric car that only some pockets can afford. The cost of the toy oscillates around 500 dollars, and it does not lack any detail to be equal to its older brother. It has the same paint, the same steering wheel, the real lights that light up, horn, a music system compatible with mobiles and players, and if that were not enough, it is possible to customize the license plate. It also has a front trunk to store other toys. The vehicle moves thanks to lithium batteries that are also very similar to those of the original Tesla, with less capacity.

The model also has two manual gears, one that reaches 4.83 km/h and another at 9.66 km/h.

The ideal age to use these toy cars is between 3 and 6 years.

The Ferrari 512 testarossa.

toy car


We are facing the most expensive toy car in the world. There are only three in the world, and that is why its market value is 75,000 pounds. Its exclusivity has made the car almost a collector’s jewel, rather than a toy. The maximum speed reached by the Ferrari is 40km per hour, the maximum at which it is thought that a child can circulate.

toy car

Henes company models

Foto: Xataka

This brand has been dedicated to manufacturing luxury toy cars similar to the original ones. Its Boom line collects high-end electric cars. All of them have suspension systems, brakes, differential steering and four-wheel drive. The internal accessories of the car, such as the dashboard, are completely real. It also has a 7-inch tablet with Android, mp3 stereo connection and even leather seats! These cars reach up to 16km/h although it is possible to reduce it to 8. Whoever wants to get one of them, can do so from 800 euros.

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