The luxury in the textile sector. Discover the most chic fabrics

The sector we are talking about today is one of the most important activity sectors in our country. The most prestigious brands in the world are divided into three sectors of activity, which are 56% of the textile sector; 28% cosmetic and personal hygiene products, and 16% luxury car brands.That is why this time we bring you a selection of the most chic fabrics on the market.

In Spain, the evolution of the textile sector has been marked by the globalization of the sector, this is due to the growth that has been registered in developing countries, especially Asian countries. Spanish companies, due to the change in the market, have reacted to face competition, allowing them to adjust to the sector.

The piece of cloth is the final product that is obtained once you work with fabrics, the raw material.

Clearly, the better the quality and exclusivity, the more luxurious is the obtained fabric, and the more expensive it will be. There are exquisite and special fabrics that have made their names in the sector thanks to the quality of the original fabric.

Obtaining the greatest possible luxury is the desire of the fabric manufacturing firms, which have also added ornaments such as natural pearls, or Swarovski crystals, and even some decorate these fabrics with diamonds or gold. As the Belgian house Scabal did, in its most exclusive fabric, the 100% vicuña wool.

Other fabric manufacturing houses have chosen to mix natural raw materials, and thus give rise to one of the most expensive fabrics in the world, such as that of a mixture of pashmina from North India, quiviut from Alaska and Andean vicuña itself.

Extreme proposals of fabrics that are based onone of these five materials, always natural:


Synthetic wool is not the same as a natural animal wool. The most exclusive wool from around the world is vicuña. Its price can be around €3,500. Then there is the cashmere, which comes from the Pashmina goat, it come from the Himalayas, the mohair, fiber of the Angora goat (which is found in Ankara, capital of Turkey), the cervelt, which comes from a type of red deer from Scotland although it is mostly introduced from New Zealand. And the Qiviut, which is a musk ox wool, which comes from the Greenland goat breed and areas of Norway and Sweden.

The one that should be mentioned separately is the angora, which its use is prohibited by some fashion firms.


This is the one that best breathes and maintains the freshness of the skin, it is characterized by its pleasant touch, thus being the favorite of many people. Its price varies in large quantity. The key to this fabric is in the manipulation of the filament especially, but also in its origin.

The producer in large quantities of silk is China, but some brands prefer Brazil. This is the case with Hermes, since it is more exclusive, because the workshops control the whole process, no intermediaries. The mikado, brocade, velvet or shantung, are the fabrics that give rise to silk.



It is a luxury fabric when it has animal origins. It is a very valuable material for large fashion companies.

In addition to the mink one of the most popular leathers, they are also the chinchilla, the fox or the Russian cyber marten, which only inhabits the Russian wooded areas. One of the characteristics of leather is that as its color gets darker the price rises. For this reason, the blackest is the most valuable.

Its exclusivity is so great that, in 2015, Fendi presented a coat made with it. Its  value is over one million euros.


This fabric has a history since it comes from ancient Egypt, where it was cultivated.

Next to cotton is the most luxurious and well-known plant based material. Its production is very expensive, but its qualities are many, which make it a fundamental fabric for the industry.

It is elegant, comfortable and adapts to all temperatures, since it is thermoregulable. Mostly it is used for pants, jackets or blouses.

The Irish are great linen manufacturers, since they have been producing the highest quality fabrics for years.



It is the most used material in the textile industry. There are very different quality spectrums when it comes to making garments. The useful part of the plant is the white fluff that grows around the seeds. Cotton grows in many parts of the world. However the climatic conditions and humidity for its development occur in Egypt. This country produces the best cotton in the world.

The Giza 45 fabric, originally from the Nile Delta, is considered the “Queen” of Egyptian cotton. Only the American origin Supima cotton used by brands like Brooks Brothers is a little closer to the level of the best Egyptian cotton.

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