An journey through the most luxurious fragrances

If you had to choose to enjoy only one of our senses, which one would you stay with? It seems like a difficult question. However, in today’s post we want to pay a small tribute to another of them, smell. We invite you to make a fantastic journey through the most luxurious fragrances in the world.

Do not miss the 10 most expensive and exclusive fragrances.

DKNY Golden Delicious.

Price: 1 million euros

If we have to talk about exclusive fragrances, it is necessary to name this perfume because there has only been one unit in the world and it has held the record of being the most expensive in history. Its designer, Donna Karan added 14 karat white and yellow gold. It is a special perfume and this is reflected not only inside but in the bottle that contains it. This, made in 14 karat gold, has the skyline of New York drawn with a Brazilian turquoise of 1.65 carats; a Sri Lankan sapphire of 7.18 carats; 15 pink diamonds from Australia; 4 pink cut diamonds; 1 ruby ​​and a pear-shaped diamond.

Dignified Privée (House of Sillage)

Price: 500,000 euros

If you want to get this masculine fragrance, you will have to pre order it, since it is only manufactured by hand on demand. The creator Nicole Mather, also put special effort in making the bottle valuable. This is made with white gold, hand cut onyx, platinum and diamonds.

Christian Nº1 (Imperial Majesty)

Price: 205,000 euros

Few hands have been able to get hold of this fragrance, since only 10 units have been manufactured. Of these, 7 are owned by collectors and 2 are exhibited at Harrods and
Bergdorft Goodman- The last one is itinerant and travels the world so that it can be exhibited in different events. It was created in 2005, it is known as “His Imperial Majesty”. The bottle has 5 carat gemstones on the neck and 18 carat gold. We must also talk about the younger brother of Imperial Majesty, the Christian No. 1. This limited edition is valued at 1700 euros and has a precious diamond that decorates the bottle. The bottle that contains this fragrance is also full of precious stones. The perfume has a touch Woody Oriental in its male version and an Oriental Floral in the feminine.

Bvlgari Prima Opera

Price: 203,000 euros.

In 2014 and on the occasion of the 130 years brand´s anniversary, they created this perfume to became the most expensive one in the world. This is a unique edition that many collectors wanted to have but that, evidently, only one of them has had the honor of placing in their set of fragrances

Chanel Nº5 Parfum

Price: 28,000 euros.

We cannot go through this list without naming the most famous fragrance of all time created by Coco Chanel: Chanel Nº5. In this case, we talk about a limited version (there are only 55 units) of the famous perfume. The bottle was made of Baccarat glass reminiscent of the mythical design of 1921.

Baccarat Les Larmes (Sacrées de Thebes)

Price: 5,100 euros

A fragrance made of jasmine, geranium, ylan ylang, cardamom, amber and musk that will not leave you indifferent. We have to mention the reason for the high price of the product, the bottle. They made it  with Baccarat crystal, purple crystals. They based the design on Egyptian pyramid. It gives a plus to these “Las lágrimas sagradas de Tebas ” (the name of the brand in Spanish).

Caron Poivre

Price: 1,800 euros

As we have seen in the previous perfumes, sometimes, the content is not the most important thing,the bottle is. They also made the  bottle by using Baccarat crystal and white gold. It is an unisex perfume, described as spicy. It is also a limited edition, so it is impossible to get hold of it.  A Chinese chest  inspired the box and the bottle is based on a jar of spices and ornaments in gold thread.

House of Sillage Tiara

Price: 1,210 euros

It is a feminine fragrance. The inspiration to create it came from the aura of women. They made the inner liquid with flowers of rare species along with Madagascar vanilla. As for the bottle, it has Swarovski crystals and precious metals.


Price: 1,154,709 euros.

It is the most expensive perfume today. Each 3-liter bottle exceeds one million euros. To find perfection in this luxurious perfume, the brand was testing mixtures for three years until they found what they were looking for. They made the final combination  with musk, turquoise rose and sandalwood of this fragrance. As for the bottle, it has 3,500 diamonds, pearls, silver and 18-carat gold. Once placed on the skin, the fragrance lasts 12 hours and about 30 days on the clothes.

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