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3d tour

More and more competitors are involved in the purchase and sale of houses on the web. This competition leads to the development of sales techniques that suppose a differentiating element with respect to rival companies. For this reason, the Real Estate and construction sector both need and make use of specialized services. So that they can provide with a competitive advantage when it comes to gaining customers online. Virtual reality has been one of these technologies that have received better reception in our sector. Due to the 3D tour service of new construction projects or integral rehabilitation.

A 3D tour is done by following this different phases:

  • Preview render:

This is a fictional 3D representation of structures and intern basic materials of the project, as well as the main spaces of the house: bathroom, room, guest room, kitchen, living room, etc.

  • Plan:

It is the complete 3D representation plan of the house
from an axonometric perspective. Those plans are very helpful as they provide you with an idea about the house arrangement that we want to represent.

  • 3D virtual tour:

In this last phase we add the interaction element. Here, the visitor may interact with all parts of the house. Besides, he will be able to enter and walk through it in a virtual way and from a 360º perspective.

Generally, using a 3D tour is the best way to visualize and launch an architectural work on the web in the most realistic way. And realism is always translated in security and being more likely to sell a property.

3d tour

The most commonly used software to run this kind of service are compatible with any type of device with Internet Access from which you want to visit the 3D tour.

In iLuxenio, we move ourselves by the axiom that each dream is different from the rest. And we apply it at designing our luxury villas. We take care of even the smallest details. In coating, carpentry, air conditioning, domotics, safety, urbanization… They are essential elements in the construction of high quality housing. It’s very important for us to define all these things in order to show you our projects and let you know how we work and what results we have obtained with our customers. Thus, we use these virtual visits through a 3D tour that, complemented with photographic report, will be useful to present this last luxury villa that we just built.

Thanks to the trust we have placed in Branding Up, a company that provides these services, we want to show you a first contact.

With respect to Viento de Poniente, which is the original name of this villa, it’s a single family home by the seashore in the area of La Jara, Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

As the architect describes, it is a piece developed on two floors. With hall, living room, dining room, kitchen. And a gallery that distributes the 8 bedrooms plus another independent for the house service.

Then, the vertical communication is developed through the staircase in a single section, that connects the hall and the upper gallery; entrance atrium, porch, garden and pool, complete the entire plot.

Also, the underground is planned with 5 parking spaces, storage and space for facilities.

You can find its virtual 3D tour visit here below:

Besides, you can see the technical requirements of the project on iLuxenio website, and also value it and send your comments about the villa.

In iLuxenio, the multilateral platform that brings architects into contact with clients who want to build the house of their dreams, we have seen a perfect chance to show you the result of our work at a 3D tour.

We encourage you to take a look to the rest of the projects of our platform. And to freely contact with us. For any doubt that you have about the project and construction of the luxury villa of your dreams.

We will be delighted to assist you in any of our social networks, via email or through the contact form of the page.

We hope you enjoyed this spectacular modern villa and to talk you about new projects shortly. And so to show you more villas and its respective 3D tours.

Do you find useful these new methods to present projects? Did you like the 3D tour of the villa? Let us know your opinion on the comments.  We want to see you soon again in iLuxenio!

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The most expensive streets of Spain

the most expensive streets of Spain

The most demanded homes by customers are usually design homes, these are amended with all the latest amenities but the original structural components are kept, as they could be built-in pillars and beams but integrated to the current deisgn and decoration, and which are placed in historical buildings with views to the most emblematic areas of the city, so they’re spotted in the most expensive streets of Spain.

Spain is usually one of the best destinations to live as much as for weather as for life quality. But living in the most expensive streets of our country has a price, this could be high if what you look for is to live in the most privileged places.

All the cities usually have their own golden spot, but, would you like to know which are the most expensive streets of Spain to live in?

There are several companies which have analyzed the houses’ prices in the most exclusive areas.

The owners of these streets’ homes are mostly locals, although in some of these cities there’s a noticeable part of international buyers who look for installing and investing in Spain.

Madrid is one of the most chosen cities for it, for its high profitability, but the highest percentage of international clients is in Valencia, made up of French and British who look for living in a Mediterranean city but for a lower price.

Avenida Perarson in Barcelona and calle Hernani in San Sebastián are the most expensive streets of Spain, among the top five main Spanish cities which are Madrid, Barcelna, Valencia, Bilbao and San Sebatián. This reasearch is made by Engel&Völkers, the company who has made this comparison.

La Zagaleta development is the urbanisation with the most expensive homes for sale in Spain.

In this exclusive area of Costa del Sol you can find the most luxurious chalets. The first places for the most expensive streets in Spain spread between Benahavís, La Moraleja, Barcelona, Pozuelo de Alarcón or Sant Andreu de Llaveneres.

The silver medal of this privileged ranking is for La Moraleja development with a similar price to Calle del Castillo de Aysa, in Madrid’s neighbourhood of La Piovera, which takes the third place.

Then, it comes Avenida Tibidabo, in Barcelona, which is in the fourth position of exclusive prices to buy. It’s follows Paseo de los Lagos in La Finca development in Pozuelo, and Avenida Miraflores also in the capital.

In Barcelona, the locality of Sant Andreu de Llavenares, Avenida Rocaferrera is the seventh most expensive street.

The list of the top ten most expensive streets is completes with other three located in la Moraleja:

Which are Paseo Marquesa Viuda de Aldama,  calle del Camino Ancho and Paseo del Conde de Gaitanes.

the most expensive streets of SpainPaseo de los Lagos, La Finca (Pozuelo de Alarcón)

the most expensive streets of Spain(La moraleja, Madrid)

the most expensive streets of Spain(Urbanización La Zagaleta, Benahavís, Málaga)

the most expensive streets of SpainAvenida Rocaferrera, Sant Andreu de Llavaneres (Barcelona)


The most expensive streets of Spain but in more affordable communities, apart from Extremadura, them are La Rioja, Murcia and Navarra, whose most expensive streets require on average over half a million to live in, according to obtained data in a Idealista research.

The experts from Engel & Völkers realty agency, specialized in luxury homes, gather the features that this kind of properties meet:

  • Location: It’s the most differentiating indicator. Those are generally located in places with unique views and easy access.
  • Surface: breadth is essential. The home has usually over 2000 built m2 and fields, no less than 5000 m2.
  • Equipment and performance: this presents immeasurables possibilities. The vast majority of them count on an unlimited number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Gyms, spa, cinema, leisure room, library, wine cellar, carport for several vehicles, sports courts, heated pools, guest house. And huge gardens. The technological equipment is also a valued element.

Nine out of the ten most expensive streets of Spain are in Madrid and Barcelona. With the exception of Málaga’s locality which takes the first place. So Andalucía, with 5,6 millions is the autonomous community with the most expensive street. Unlike Extremadura whose most expensive street doesn’t exceed 400.000 euros on average and it’s las Aguadas in Badajoz.

Do you already know where are you going to build or to buy the house of your dreams? Do you prefer a big city or the most exclusive coast area?

If you want to know further about this don’t hesitate to log in to iLuxenio and to contact us in, we’ll guide you through all you need to know.

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