The chicest restaurant for a romantic dinner

Do you love gastronomy and want to celebrate love? Enjoy a romantic dinner in one of the chicest restaurants in the country.

There always are reasons to celebrate, but overall, love deserves to be celebrated.

What is better than a romantic night in a magnificent restaurant that has special decoration, a great menu and excellent environment.

Why wait for Valentine´s Day, an anniversary or a birthday…any day is ideal to enjoy good gastronomy in the best company.

Our country is known for its excellent gastronomy.

It is varied and has great materials to cook with from every part of Spain.

But, overall, it stands out for a wide range of restaurants in every city, offering high standing cuisine.

It aims for all kinds of tastes and moments: work meetings, family time, with friends or a date.

On this post we are going to highlight the best restaurants in the country so you can enjoy a lovely date.

This way you will discover new and marvelous places in your city and in other cities and surprise the person you love with an unforgettable dinner.


La Terraza Restaurant

If you are looking for a romantic place in centric Seville, where you can surprise your partner and enjoy an environment with no equal in the city, go to La Terraza.

It offers an exquisite Mediterranean-fusion food. But it stands out for the decoration.

It is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Seville, built in a gorgeous romantic garden.

Hanging lights make you think you are in a dream. It will be the perfecto place to enjoy a special dinner, without a doubt.

Calatrava Street, 12


L’Éclair. Palace Hotel

Entering the Palace Hotel is always a great experience and visiting the L’Éclair restaurant makes is more special.

It is located in the hall of the Hotel, it is golden and has a welcoming piano at front, it is like being in Paris.

It has an intimate and luxurious atmosphere, but at the same time is relaxing, with magnificent menu, ideal for a unique night.

Gran Via de les Cortes Catalanes, 668


Arrabal Restaurant

The name comes from the Arrabal Square, which was the name of the actual Mayor Square, the place where it is located.

If you like dinning in a terrace, you will not find any more romantic places in Madrid.

The place is magical.

Arrabal has 1000 sq meter inside a cave carved in the stones that support the Plaza since 1580.

About the kitchen, everyone that goes there repeats.

Plaza Mayor, 23.


Perro Chico

It is becoming very fashionable, the Marzana area, where El Perro Chico is located.

This restaurant  is a very bohemian and charming establishment.

It is an original and singular bar which stands out for the tailing and brick decoration of the walls and its creative fusion cuisine.

Also, El Perro Chico has the best views of the Bilbao Ria which you can enjoy from the terrace.

Inside, clients will find a very special salon and a very affordable day menu.

Moreover, they offer great quantities and very creative meals. A perfect plan for a romantic date!

Arechaga Kalea Street, 2


La Lola

If you are planning a special date, one of the most romantic restaurants in Valencia is La Lola Restaurant, without any doubt.

La Lola is located in the Carmen Quarter and the small staircase that invites you to come in shows the client some of the beauty you are about to enjoy.

This restaurant, even though it has a genuine touch and is located in the historic center, breathes modernity.

In La Lola, customers can enjoy an excellent Mediterranean menu which includes some jewels of the food market.

Furthermore, clients will enjoy a romantic night with their partner while listening the best live music; because, along the week, there are jazz and flamenco concerts and vanguardism music played by a dj.

Pujada del Toledà Street, 8

Due to the current conditions, bars and restaurants will be reopening complying with Government’s Plan for the COVID19 situation as follows:

Phase 0: it is on from now till May 10th, all establishments must get ready by implementing protection measures for the public.

Phase 1: from May 11th to May 25th. Restaurants will open but they will have limited capacity (30%) in their garden areas.

Phase 2: from May 26th to June 9th. Restaurants will be fully open (inside and garden area) but only working at 30% capacity.

Phase 3: from June 10th to June 24th. Increase in capacity but keeping protective distance.

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The most spectacular private jets

Luxurious private aviation is going through a peak. The biggest fortunes are willing to use the most exclusive and spectacular private jets.

This way the demand of these services by individuals and multimillion companies is surging.

They do not want to renounce to fast travelling, making the most out the journey, enjoying comfort, luxury and exclusivity.

The advantages of travelling by private jet are clear:

Users get quicker to the destiny, avoiding lines and not sharing small spaces with other travelers.

Also, something key for the luxurious share of the market is that private jets are personalized to the likes and needs of the client.

They are made of good quality materials and have top technology and innovation.

Travelling becomes more exclusive and passengers can enjoy the same level of comfort as if they were at home, in the office or in a hotel.

It is because they have wide spaces which cover all needs: kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, meeting rooms…

The spaces are designed and distributed based on what the clients want to do during the trip.

A work meeting, relaxing or enjoying the most out of the journey.

All of this has a tremendous cost.

Currently, the average price to acquire a private jet is over €30 millions.

Furthermore, if pockets are not deep enough , there is the option of renting it wich is more affordable butstilla high price.

We have listed some of the most spectacular and luxurious private jets in the world:

Airbus ACJ319 Elegance

It is a version of the ACJ319 model launched by Airbus.

This jet offers simplicity, speed and savings in the cabin.

It stands out because the cabin is wider and higher than any other company plane.

Moreover, it allows clients to choose among a wide range of living room, office, dining room or conference room models.

It also has a bathroom and galley at the front and a bedroom with a bathroom at the back.

Its selling price is about €46.6 million and the renting tariff is €18.300 per hour.

Airbus ACJ320neo Melody

It is known for its stylized lines inspired in the curves of Nature. This jet combines designing and technology. It has a lighter cabin which increases the autonomy of the plane.

It is designed with to the detail and maximum comfort to make travelling very pleasant.

The price ranges around €86.6 millions.

BombardierChallenger 350

Luxurious plane of great scope and speed.

It has  a sophisticated and comfortable cabin.

It can take on transcontinental journeys.

Its price is around €24.3 millions.

BombardierChallenger 650

The jet is a big size bombardier, with a wider and more spacious cabin.

A luxurious plane that is ideal for short distance work trips and long distanceleisure trips with family and friends.

It can carry 12 passengers.

This private jet is good value for money. The starting price is €29.5 millions.

Bombardier Global 7500

It is the largest super luxurious private jet in the market and has the most autonomy. This jet stands out for its speed, space and innovation. It has capacity for 19 people and autonomy for 14.260 kms.

While travelling, passengers can enjoy the best commodities and the largest space ever given.

Also, it is the only plane a cabin divided into 4 spaces, plus a resting area for the crew.

It is considered the best private jet for business.

There are private spaces and others to carry work meetings but also to enjoy family time and friends.

The living room has a table with 6 comfortable and reclining seats.

Furthermore, it has the largest kitchen in the market which allows the passengers to enjoy cooked meals.

Flights are very calm thanks to the wings which are designed to ensure maximum flexibility.

Giving great stability to the plane.

This magnificent super luxurious nad comfortable plane is worth €63 millions.

Companies are not stopping their innovation and improving spree of their fleet in the private aviation field.

They are in the search of top speed, comfort, luxury and exclusivity for their clients.

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Magical places to stay to tour the Discovery of America

The Discovery of America marked a milestone in European and Spanish history.

Nowadays, the history is tightly close to tourism, and it has exponentially grown in the last few years.

The number of people that want to travel to historical sites is increasing.

Visiting and touring the path that others took once in the past, enjoying magical and unique places.

History is one of the main reasons for people to travel and one of the most interesting moments in history is the Discovery of America.

The desire of learning about the journey that Christopher Columbus went on to discover the New World in 1492.

On this post we will show you the places where the first travelers were on their journey to discover America.

Columbus started his trip in Palos de la Frontera, Huelva , Spain on August 3rd of 1492.

From Huelva, he followed on his journey to Gran Canaria island, later they sailed to La Gomera island, and after stocking up on food, tools and water and doing some reparations on the boats, they weighed anchor to the Antilles, known as the Caribbean.

From the Caribbean there some destinations that stick out the rest: The Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti or Dominican Republic.

We will go deeply on each destination mentioned on the Discovery:

Gran Canaria Island

The Canary Islands is an archipelago that consists of seven unique paradises, located in the Atlantic Ocean.

Gran Canaria has all sorts of scenery and environments where you can enjoy your trip.

It is an island that stands out for its incredible mountainous scenary.

Going to the Morro de la Agujereada, a 1956 meter high mountain is a must do in the island.

Also, it has amazing dune beaches, palm tree forests and other places with varied and strange wildlife.

La Gomera

Christopher Columbus and his crew went to La Gomera before facing the hardest part of their journey.

This island is home for a wide variety of nature with enormous value and national and international interest.

It was named as Biosphere Reserve in 2012.

Moreover, in the middle of the island there is the Garajonay National Park, World Heritage.

And also, visitors can enjoy some unique gastronomy such as watercress stew or palm honey.

La Gomera also has unique marine bottoms and cliffs formed by eroded lava that are pinned in the Atlantic Ocean.

It is a small island, but with a lot charm where tourists can enjoy the calmness of the sea without worrying about people.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic has some magnetism from which is hard to escape.

Visitors can enjoy its marvelous gastronomy, bachata and the contagious happiness of the Dominicans.

It is a magical destination because of its incredible history.

It was the first time that Christopher Columbus touched American soil and he saw its beauty, fell in love with the island and they established the headquarters for the New World.

The Bahamas

At the beginning, Columbus thought he arrived to an Asian island that he named San.

Nowadays, one of the island of The Bahamas archipelago is named that way.

The Bahamas archipelago consists of over 700 islands, each of them with its own personality, unique of a paradise.

There are leisure activities for all kinds of travelers.

These islands are ideal for practicing scuba diving, fishing, and navigation and boating.

And, besides its idyllic beaches, tourists can also taste some delicious and varied gastronomy.


Cuba is island  with 15 provinces and has some sites that have included in the Cultural World Heritage list.

Its colorful capital La Havana with its exciting night life, in addition to a beautiful architectonical designing, is the core of the country.

Regarding the leisure, there are many activities to carry out in La  Havana and Varadero, the most traditional places in the island.

Travelers can get to know them by luxury, vintage, ecological…tours.

Furthermore, another attraction of Cuba is its golf courses.


Haiti is an Antilles country, situated between Dominican Republican and Cuba.

The capital is Puerto Principe and stands out as a very lively city with a lot of movement.

It is known as a destination for tourists who are looking for sun, beaches and luxurious hotels and its music, painting and carnival should be highlighted.

Some of the most touristic places are de Barbancourt Castle, the Bonheur Villa and itsblack sand virgin beaches.

In the following paragraph we are listing some of the best hotels in the destinations gone down in the Discovery of America:


Lani’s Suites Deluxe


Bahiazul Villas & Club in Fuerteventura.

La Gomera

Jardín Tecina Hotel

Dominican Republic

Tortuga Bay Hotel Puntacana Resort & Club

The Bahamas

Fowl Cay Resort


Paradisus Princesa Del Mar Resort & Spa


The Inn at Villa Bambou


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Vacations in the Maldives, its most luxurious side

The Maldives is one of the main holiday destinations chosen for its luxury.

It is located in the Indic Ocean, made up by more than 1200 islands and is considered as one of the most beautiful and exclusive places in the world.

The Maldives is one of the most demanded destinations for luxury tourism and it has been growing in the last years by opening incredible hotels and resorts.

Buildings in the middle of the water with infinite pools, dinners under the stars, exotic nature and tons of details make it the real paradise.

It becomes hard to pick the right hotel because the vast majority of them are luxurious with exclusive and personalized service for every client´s expectations.

In the following lines, we will show you the most relevant hotels and resorts in order to hel you pick the right one.

Soneva Jani Maldivas

It is not your typical resort, it is built in a 5 km private lagoon, it can be considered a private atoll, surrounded by 5 uninhabited islands.

It is the resort with the lowest room density ratio in the world.

Also, it has one of the largest on water villas among the resorts in the Maldives and in the world, with 1245 sq meters and 4 bedrooms.

Lux North Male

It banks on modern architecture leaving behind the hay roofs to enjoy the most out its villas´ roofs.

The villas were designed by the Singapore based Miaja Design Group.

Each one of the 67 residences is just a few minutes away from the capital on fast boat.

The private terrace in every villa where clients can enjoy a movie in a big screen, practice yoga, have some drinks or some dinner under the stars.

Each one also has a pool, a sauna and hammam.

On the other hand the common facilities offer different restaurants options from Glow´s international food to japonese-peruvian food from Inti and Barium´s signature food.

The resort offers bars, cafés, pools, 24 hour butler service, a private yacht for excursions, tennis and beach volleyball courts, water sports, workshops directed by experts and a children´s club.

JW Marriott Maldives

The first JW Marriot Maldives accommodation is situated on an idyllic moon shaped islet in the Saviyani atoll (an hour away from Malé by seaplane).

A total of 60 villas form the complex which are known for being some of the roomiest in the Maldives, each of them is equipped with a private pool and all sorts of comforts.

Its offer is completed by five restaurants from different parts of the world, also three cocktail bars, spa and all kinds of activities to get involved in the island live.

Intercontinental Maldives Maamunagau

It is located in Raa atoll close to a UNESCO biosphere reserve which hosts exuberant wildlife, from majestic manta rays to playful dolphins.

The complex has 81 villas which are distributed among the beach, the lagoon and the water.

It combines private white sand beaches, contemporary designing and spectacular views of the Indic Ocean bottoms.

The whole hotel was designed around the idea of sustainability.

It is collaborating with different conservation organizations.

It encourages its guests to discover the ecosystem by participating in its preservation.

There is no need to renounce to luxury or sophistication.

Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi

In the middle of a coralline bottom lagoon the Fairmont Maldives is found and it offers itself as an exquisite destination only 55 minutes away from Malé by seaplane.

It is also known as “the underwater secret island” and it hosts a complex of 120 rooms and villas erected over the water and with their own private pool.

The hotel offers an extra attraction:

  • The Coralarium.
  • An underwater museum which has sculptures and structures made by the artist Jason de Caires Taylor that, besides art, holds a local program for the recovery of corals.

This original space is ideal for snorkeling and getting in touch with the region´s marine life helped by biologists and other specialists.

 The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort

The designing is Peia Associati´s work, this Italian firm is behind the construction of buildings such as Katara in Doha or the Ikeda Cultural Center for Peace in Milano.

70 villas over the water and islands close to the Hanifaru bay, inside the single UNESO biosphere reserve there is in the country.

The villas have a very original shell shaped design which favors a sustainable perception.

The design contributes to avoid the heat and keep the temperature steady, reducing the use of the air conditioning and minimizing the impact in the environment.

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Luxury architecture and ecology: a perfect tandem for your home

sustainable luxury villa

Maybe, if you think about luxury homes, the image of mansions with the best features or baroque decoration that  worth its weight in gold comes to your mind. It is a common belief that dream house’s owners don’t care about ecology.  You may think they don’t care if they waste or contaminate just to get their way. However, although you can find examples that fit this stereotype, there is another option that is already essential when building: opting for a sustainable luxury villa.

Is ecological architecture compatible with luxury? Not only do they make up a perfect tandem but also quality, durability, timeless appeal and architecture and design of sustainable homes are all the rage. This is so much the case that the ecological issue, is the cause of the increase in the house price.

How to make a luxury home sustainable? From the facilities to the gardens, let’s review what elements should not be missing in your sustainable luxury villa.

Ecological lighting

When we are designing a sustainable luxury villa, we must consider energy saving as a key aspect. For example, a good idea is to provide your house with as much natural light as possible. Thus avoid the need of turning on lights. However, at nigh-time we can face the darkness with LED light systems. They provide the necessary luminosity without wasting energy. They are always more efficient and durable than traditional incandescent bulbs. And don’t you worry, if you are thinking of putting especially opulent lamps such as chandeliers, LED bulbs will also adapt to them.

Today’s modern lighting systems with home automation, are increasingly sophisticated and practical. If you add a light control system to your sustainable luxury villa, you can remotely change the types of lighting and reduce energy consumption when you want.

Solar panels

This element is related to the previous point. Solar panel installation is increasingly becoming a popular option. Certainly, they are essential elements for those who want to live in an ecological environment since renewable energy from the sun has a leading role in energy saving.

In recent times, not only panels but also solar tiles have been developed. They allow a better adaptation to the architectural design of the roofs. These tiles have a higher price, but for those looking for something very specific in the architecture of their home without neglecting the ecological aspect,  solar tiles can be good a good option.

Energy-saving appliances

Likewise, modern appliances have an important role. The most luxurious ones are also the most energy efficient. But what is even more important, do you know how the use of a certain type of smart refrigerator can help the environment? If your fridge has a built in camera, you can see its content and buy only the groceries we need, so there will be no leftovers that end up in the trash.

Sustainable materials

Wood is a trend! Before, only those rustic style lovers might think about using this material, but it is becoming increasingly present in luxury villas. Why? Because wood with certified origin or natural stone are ecological materials par excellence.

Did you know these materials? They can be recovered wood, bamboo, cork, natural stone, recycled glass tiles, or recycled steel. They are gorgeous and looks great in at your home, besides being very durable!

In addition to the above mentioned products, you may not have considered another option to make the construction of a sustainable luxury villa a more ecofriendly process. It’s about using local materials to avoid their transportation and the negative impact of pollution caused by the long journeys.

Green spaces

Often, the most aware environmentalists seek to preserve and increase green areas in cities, called green lungs of the world. This same philosophy can be transferred to our sustainable luxury villa. Plants improve air quality, so being surrounded by nature is priceless. Therefore, in any good worthwhile architectural project, gardens can’t be ignored. Vegetation is aesthetic and attractive, it provides that chill out space that many people want, but it has other remarkable benefits. One of them is the insulating properties of green roofs and walls, which offer an extra layer, providing freshness to rooms and reducing sun heat impact.

As you can see, the sign of opulence has changed its color. Green is the new gold. If your home has a large presence of vegetation, the prestige of it will increase.

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Exclusive motorhomes: Luxury road trips.


To travel with all kinds of luxuries without privilege of the freedom offered by a caravan or the comfort to carrying your belongings with you. It’s time to make way for the imagination and find incredible places to sleep where you can enjoy the stars that are missing in the big cities in which we live. There are miles of motorhome models that have nothing to do with the modest image of a van or the typical van parked in summer parking lots.

With technology, housing, garage, terrace, cinema, helicopter, etc. According to the taste you have!

One of the most expensive but very complete: Furrior Elysium


75 inch flat screen, fireplace, spacious lounge, jacuzzi and even your own helicopter on the roof. With a price of 2.5 million dollars.

You can see it for yourself in this video ➡

We propose a different getaway in the Malibu Dream Airstream caravan, with stunning views of the Santa Monica Mountains in Malibu, for 560 euros per night. We have inside the caravan a king size bed, kitchenette, chill out area, outdoor dining perfect to practice glamping, relax with nature.


On the other hand we have the Pilote G 781C, the most economical luxury motorhome.

This caravan has a 21 cm multifunctional double floor, isotek structure, reduced AL-KO chassis, 100% low consumption LED living area lighting, bultex foam mattress and slatted bed base in the fixed bed. And finally high density foam in the seats. Available in three finishes (Essential, Sensation and Emotion) with different features and equipment, depending on the model. Price: from 80,900 euros.


We have many more models like the following:

Bürstner Elegance: the most flexible luxury auto-caravan that exists.

Morelo: one of the most popular luxury caravans.

Class S Hymer: this type in terms of price and quality is one of the best.

Elemment Palazo: they will be the future of luxury caravans.

Motorhome I: the auto-caravan best valued for its design.

Traveling in caravan has its pros and cons but it is certainly a unique experience. You can move at your leisure, enjoy nature, discover landscapes that you don´t see if you go to a hotel. In short, it consists of launching yourself to adventure and enjoy.

What kind of trips can you make in a motorhome?

The mother of all routes is Route 66 in the United States.

Itinerary: Chicago to Los Angeles

Distance: 3.939 kms approximately

Known as “The Mother Road.” Every adventurer has to dream of traveling this road. It is one of the most mythical roads, although it should be noted that the original road no longer exists as such, you can still drive following its path, from Chicago to Los Angeles, passing through the entire Midwest and its attractions, such as the Grand Canyon .


  • Points you can´t miss: Chicago, Chain of Rocks Bridge, St. Louis and Meramec Cavern, Stanton, Missouri; The blue whale, Catoosa, Oklahoma; Rancho de Cadillac, Amarillo, Texas; Blue Swallow Motel, Tucumcari; New Mexico ; Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, California.


  • Beware! Between Oklahoma and Texas the roads are endless. There are kilometers and kilometers of asphalt that go beyond the horizon. Do not hesitate to look for the stretches of the old Route 66, which keep the original asphalt of the 20s.

Another route that you can not miss is the “Garden Route” in South Africa


The route is from Cape Town to Port Elisabeth.

A distance of about 700 kilometers more or less.


  • You can not miss: the Table Mountain cable car, the jewel of the Cape Town National Park, from which you can see spectacular panoramas at sunset or Robben Island, where we can see Nelson Mandela’s old cell; the Robertson Valley, a delicious place to taste good wine and taste some cheese; the red rocks of Ashton; and the beaches of Jeffry’s Bay are perfect waves.


  • Beware! There is also the possibility of diving with white sharks, especially in Gaansbaii, or with crocodiles, in the Oudsthoorn area.

And finally we recommend the “Ring Road” in Iceland.

From Reykjavik and back to Reykjavik following the clockwise.

Approximately 1,340 kilometers, Highway number 1, Þjóðvegur 1, Road 1 or Ring Road. It’s practically the only road, but it’s spectacular.

  • Essential points: the Thingvellir National Park and its spectacular geysers, its powerful waterfalls, such as Gullfoss, Jökullsarlon lagoon with its formidable icebergs, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss waterfalls, the Mýrdalsjökull glacier, or the black beaches of Vík, the Lake Mývatn or visit Akureyri, the most important city.


  • You can not go more than 90 km / hour. And be careful with the nights, in summer they are cold.


There are many more routes we can do, such as the landscapes of “The Lord of the Rings” in New Zealand or The Pacific Coast Drive in Australia.

The route of the Fjords in Norway or the route of Don Quixote in Spain.

If you want to know more about exclusive motorhomes or luxury trips. You can contact us at

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The most spectacular caves in Spain


Spain has amazing tourist attractions from beaches to mountains along with a great gastronomic offers and other countless leisure possibilities. Surely, coast activities on, such as diving, surfing or simply sun and beach tourism are the most popular choices and the best known options to everyone. However, today we will not talk about any of them but rather about another incredible alternative which is also attractive and that will impress you on your visit to the Iberian Peninsula. Let’s talk about the best caves in Spain!

Our country’s natural wealth, even hard to believe, also resides in the Earth’s interior. The caves which are listed below, were genereted there. They are natural treasures that have been formed over the years, and have reached our days with beauty and a conservation status that is worth seeing in itself.

These are the Spanish caves that we recommend you visit:

Cueva del Drac (Mallorca)

Mallorca is a clear example of what was metioned before. This city does not only stand out for its coves and beaches but also for its four wonderful caves connected together that make up the Cueva del Drac. Cova Negra, Cova Blanca, Cova de Lluis Salvador and Cova dels Francesos were formed by the action of rainwater. Some experts date the appearance of the cave in the Miocene. If you visit it, during the tour (which lasts one hour), you can also attend a classical music concert on the shores of an underground lake.

Price: € 15

 Cueva del Valporquero (León)

The beauty of this place is stunning.  It is one of the most beautiful caves in Spain and it is located in León. Its remarkable stalactite columns make up a structure of seven different halls open to visitors. Some of them are considerably high. An example of this is the 40-meter long gallery called Gran Vía, named after its length although not especially wide, barely 8 meters wide. Under the tourist zone, there are passageways only suitable for speleologists and experts.

Price: € 8.50.


 Cueva El Soplao (Santander)

It is located in Cantabria among the villages of Herrerías, Valdáliga and Rionansa. It is best known for its natural formations: it is the area with the highest concentration of eccentric helictites. They are a very peculiar type because they grow in all directions. Since 2005, it is possible to visit this cave that is more than 20 km long. The Fantasmas, Coliflor or Bosque galleries are some of the areas that you can visit.

Price: € 12.5

Grutas del Águila (Ávila)

In 1963 it was discovered by pure chance by some hunters who were crossing Valle del Tiétar. To date its origin, we must go back more than 10 million years ago. It is estimated that it is approximately 12 million years old.

Price: € 8

Cueva de Mendukilo (Navarra)

Although it has been open to the public for only a few years (it has been reserved for speleologists) and it is not even possible to visit it completely, the amazing nature of this place has earned a place on the best Spanish cave list. If you happen to go to Navarre, we recommend you to see the three halls that are open to visitors at the Cueva de Mendukilo.

Price: € 8

Cueva del viento (Tenerife)

Outside the peninsula, particulary in the Islas Canarias which is another of the main beach tourist destination, we also have a grotto to know. Although  it would be better to say, that it is the longest volcanic tube in Europe and the fifth largest in the world. It’s the Cueva del viento. With more than 2000 years of history, it stands out for its volcanic, biological and paleontological importance.

Price: € 20

Cueva de Nerja (Málaga)

While the Grutas del Águila cave was discovered by chance by some hunters, in this case, the Cueva de Nerja was discovered by a group of children. The Sala de la Torca is well-known for its cave paintings. With more than 4,800 meters in length, it is one of the most developed in Andalucía.

Online price: € 11. Tourist guide price: € 13. 

Cueva de Los Enebralejos (Segovia)

It is the most important one in the province of Segovia, located particulary at a short distance from Prádena de la Sierra. It is a cave packed with history because inside of it, many paintings and engravings have been found. The grotto was a necropolis that now is millions of years old. Price: € 6.20

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Travel the world boarding on a luxury train

luxury train travels

Who hasn’t tried the pleasure of traveling by train? For those who feel more esceptical about heights (planes and private jets) or about offshores adventures (luxury cruises and super yatchs), traveling by train is a treat for all the senses. But above from all, if what we do are luxury train travels.

We could enjoy of the most exclusive tours. Of the most outstanding landscapes. Of blockbuster routes. We can make luxury train travels worldwide, a tour in every continents. Although we only have in mind Hercule Poirot  covering up and down the wonderful Orient Express, or the Trans-Siberian through the middle of the icy Russian landscapes. On this post, we’re going to name you some of the most luxurious and exclusive trains all over the planet and some of their peculiarities.

Luxury train travels to Africa

The history of Blue Train dates from 1920. It was originally used as an standard transport train for all publics, which loses in the smoke which resulted from Victoria waterfalls’ falling waters. Its use popularized with the boom of South African mining activity, which rised up the social level of its passengers. Its activity was only stopped by the Second World War. Nowadays its a train which works with diesel and electricity. Its quintessentially route goes from Pretoria to Cape Town. It’s a train adapted to those travelers who look for luxury experiencies, you wouldn’t take your eyes off it due to its flawless blue colour.

luxury train travels

Pic: The Luxury Editor

Luxury train travels to America

Would you like to croos the United States boarding on a luxury train? US Rail Vacations prepares several times per week their Amtrak trains to make the trip from New York to San Francisco in 12 days. Boarding on Amtrak, and with an all inclusive plan, you’ll travel through Chicago and Lake Michigan. After that you are driven to Denver, from where you can make a trip to one of the most stunning Natural Parks in the world, the majestic Yellowstone. Leaving Utah behind, you’ll finish your adventure in California. There, you’ll be able to go for a walk through Napa Valley, and let yourself go by the cable car while you go California street up or visiting Alcatraz Island. Inside the train, there’s a dress code according to the company standards.

Nor we can forget about South America. In Peru we aren’t able to stop mentioning the Andean Explorer. You’ll start your adventure in Cusco, the old capital of Inca empire. You’ll travel while bordering Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. To practically half of the journey, you’ll get to cross the Andes, ant the second half is based on interior landscapes and enchanting villages. The trip duration is 10 hours. It’s a trip made to reach Arequipa, a city declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

luxury train travels

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Luxury train travels to Asia

In Asia we have to talk about the Eastern and Oriental Express. It’s about a journey through the Asian South East, from Bangkok to Singapur. Inside the train, you’ll find different kinds of suites, and an exclusive waiter available the 24 hours of the day. The menú on board is prepared by the most renowned world class chef, and a dream route. During the trip, you could visit the marvellous spots of Thailand, Cambodia or Laos inside a train with a decoration risen to an emperor’s.

luxury train travels

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But how could we forget about the Trans-Siberian? It’s been working since 1904, it’s activity was always to long distance transport of goods. It’s main route goes from the European Russia to the Far East. You’ll live up to 8 different time zones, and you’ll fully introduce into the Russian Tsarist route. It’s obvious that this train will show you the incredible views and landscapes of the largest country in the world. Some of its stops include: Mongolia, China or the very North Korea.

Luxury train travels to Europe

What happened with Orient Express? Did it really exists, or it remained at Agatha Christie’s fiction? Absolutely, the Orient Express existed and its route went from Paris to Istambul. But currently, all that remains from the company is the Venice Simplon Orient Express. With an endless waiting list, the current tour goes from Venice to Istambul with prices starting from 6920€ per passenger.

luxury train travels

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We couldn’t say goodbye without talking about two luxury train travels in Spain. These are the Transcantábrico and Al-Ándalus.

Although the Transcantábrico works since the beginning of 20th century, it wasn’t until 2011 when they opened their Great luxury line, with facilities and installations from this current century.

The Al-Ándalus changes its tour according to the season of the year, but on each key date for local high feasts, it rides an especifical spot of the peninsula. The Al-Ándalus even had on board members of the Britsh monarchy between 1928 and 1930, and it hasn’t lost its superluxury hints since then.

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The best luxury holidays destinations

luxury holidays

According to a research ‘Luxury Tourism’ made by the University of Bocconi in Milan and the International Tourism Bourse, this industry is worth a billion of euros worlwide and it grew a 4,5% between 2011 and 2015. So, if you want to give yourself a treat and spend some luxury holidays you have plenty of options. You can stay at exclusive villas, homes located at stunning archipelagos, medieval castles, huge resorts or amazing yachts.

Which are the most exclusive holidays destinations in the world?

  • Saint Barthélemy Island- Caribbean Sea

This luxury destination is at the Caribbean Sea, near to Guadalupe’s archipelago and it belongs to France. It’s a very popular touristic destination especially during the winter.

The weather keeps a constant temperature between 20º and 30º (C) during the whole year. It’s the favourite place for many famous personalities as Beyoncé and Jessica Alba.

Therefore Saint Barthélemy Island stands out  by its gastronomy with gourmet restaurants, its elite bars, beautiful beaches and a wide variety of design holidays

luxury holidays

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  • Moritz – Switzerland

St. Moritz is one of the most exclusive ski resorts in Europe. If you ever dream of some luxury holidays in the mountain, this is definitely your place.

It’s a Swiss county inside the Canton of Grisons, in Maloja district, and an Upper Engadine’s village.

So, if you want to get to St, Moritz with glamour, you have to take the Glacier Express, departuring from Zermatt and which panoramic route through the Swiss Alps is really worth it.

luxury holidays

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  • Namibia

Namibia is a SouthWest African country which covers the territory of what until the 60’ was called Southwest Africa.

In addition, the name of the country comes from the name of Namib desert, considered as the oldest desert of the world. It’s completely sorrounded by beautiful landscapes. One of its more characteristic features is the reddish hue of its sand. It’s a unique place in the world to live a wonderful African adventure. It also counts on a matinal park, called Waterberg Plateau National Park.

This fantastic place to spend your luxury holidays counts on plenty of luxury resorts which follow the path of a desert landscape. You can’t miss a safari in order to live one of the great experiences by watching all kind of savage animals and knowing different cultures. Africa always gives stunning things to discover.

luxury holidays

  • Zanzibar

Especially relevant is Zanzibar, a semi-autononomous region of Tanzania which covers a couple of islands distant from Africa’s East coast called Unguja (Zanzibar) and Pemba. They receive the name of Moluccas too.

As postcards pictures, its beautiful beaches with white sand and a blue turquoise sea. The extraordinary beauty, magnificent landscapes and its variety of fauna are elements which better feature it. One of the activities par excellence are the Safaris, which make us discover the existing savage life in this huge region.

Also, other of the star plans is go trekking to the Kilimanjaro, an unforgettable experience. And we can’t either forget about a visit to its incredible seafloors. Zanzibar is known as the crown jewel of Africa.

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  • Musha Cay

It’s a private island at Exuma Islands archipelago (Bahamas) with some dream beaches of white fine sand, turquoise water and tropical exuberant vegetation. The owners of the island, John and Jan Melk, are in charge of the flawless conditions of the island in order to make it one of the most exclusive destinations in the world.

It isn’t that easy to reach this offbeat place, because it’s 40 minutes away flying from Miami or 3 hours from New York or Chicago. Those travelers who can  afford this treat are received by the owners at the closest island’s airport, Rutter Cut Cay, to translate them by zodiac to Musha Cay.

To live this luxury holidays you have to rent the whole island for $40.000 per night.

Bahamas’ sorroundings, aslo known as Exumas, these have always been the preference of rich and famous personalities. Both Ernest Hemingway and David Copperfield spent a while in the island. It was said that the Fountain of Youth was hidden in one of these islands.

The island counts on crystal-clear waters to dive, to fish, and also it includes a fireworks’ show and the hunt of a hidden treasure. Apart from a wonderful all-inclusice resort complex.

luxury holidays

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As a result, there are many places to enjoy of some holidays sorrounded by luxury and glamour. In this post we’ve left 5 of them. So the high price make of them exclusive paradises.


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