Gastronomic tourism, an experience for your senses


Nowadays eating is not just taking a bite to your mouth or quenching your appetite. Many people have made it a reason to go on a trip and travel the world, look for flavors, smells and textures that surprise the palate, in a true adventure for the senses. Gastronomic tourism, also known as gastronomy, is a new way of traveling, increasingly consolidated in the international tourism field.

Its existing reason? That the gastronomy of the country visited is the predominant activity during the tour.

Five keys you should know if you want to take advantage of it for your business:

1.Gastronomy as a decisive factor:

As we have commented on the food offered by the country, it has become a decisive factor when assessing the destination to travel to.

2. Experience is one of the main objectives:

We no longer trust the travel agency, everything is consulted on the internet and we always look for more than a nice accommodation. Now, everyone travels to live an experience. To experiment, to discover.

3.El producto local es el número uno:

The local product is number one: nobody travels to Vietnam to eat at a chain restaurant (or almost nobody). In terms of gastronomy we travel to know and enjoy the local cuisine.

4.The three new objectives to travel:

The first one is to discover the products of the area, the second the classic chefs that embrace them them or the new talents capable of re-interpreting them, are the new objectives of our trips.

5.Gastronomic tourism is a great opportunity:

Gastronomy is a reality and all bars and restaurants should take advantage of this magnificent opportunity. It is a new way of traveling and understanding tourism.


Which places in the world are the best for tapas?

Having a list of the gastronomic routes of each town, province or city in the world is not an easy thing. International cuisine is made up of a variety of dishes, recipes, drinks are influenced by cultural characteristics. It is worth visiting some places to get to know its native cuisine.

In the case of Europe, one of the outstanding territories has been Portugal

which, thanks to the good use of land and sea, is highly recognized in the gastronomic field today. You can take several routes along the rivers Minho and Douro, there is an extraordinary tourist route to surprise the palate, with dishes such as green broth (a cabbage soup, from the Minho river, and smoked sausage). The cod a la Gómez Sá, the rice with octopus and cod, or the Porto style guts, are some typical dishes of the region that can be tasted.

We can also highlight Edinburgh, in Scotland,

which boasts recipes such as haggis, a very typical sausage of lamb and deer meat, which is served with mashed potatoes.

This kitchen adapts to the environment and the rainy climate in Scotland, creating its own dishes such as cock a leekie soup, based on chicken, vegetables and plums. The emblematic alcoholic beverage of the country is whiskey, or the water of life in Gaelic. Hence Scotland also has a wide variety of excursions and whiskey tastings.

On the other hand, Tuscany, in Italy,

A land that mixes the traditional atmosphere with magical flavors. Mixing products such as olive oil, raviggiolo cheese and vegetables. The region is full of medieval and rural villages, which translates into the delicacy of simple and traditional dishes such as ribollita (vegetable and vegetable soup) or cacciucco (mixed fish dish, originally from Livorno).

Croatia is another European country that offers a tourist tour
based on its most authentic gastronomy.

The elaboration of the fish a la gradelavanje, cooked first on the grill with firewood and then roasted with abundant olive oil, is unique in this country.

In the case of France, a remote mountain and sea place known as Provence

stands out, one of the most privileged and exclusive regions in the country. The five regions that make up the area are ideal for exploring French haute cuisine, since each one has its own dishes. Some of the most sought after by tourists are Moules à la Marseillaise (mussels in tomato concentrate), Salade Niçoise (green salad with tuna and anchovies) and Poulet à la Provençale (Provencal-style chicken). Some fruits such as apples, pears and apricots are also famous in these lands, not to mention grapes, whose vines take over the Rhône region.

Finally, tapas in Spain is a gastronomic experience,

since it is an unavoidable custom in almost all the Iberian geography to spend the night from bar to bar, from drink to drink, from sandwich to sandwich.

In the rest of Europe, other important routes are the lobster in Sweden. We also add the apple in England and the beer in the United Kingdom.

Do not miss the fantastic experience of gastronomy to enjoy with all the senses.

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Luxurious buildings

luxurious building

Some fast economic growing cities make it easier to  find and example of  a luxurious building with great designing.

Cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Singapore host some constructions that seem impossible at first but they form their skyline. In New York, we find the Chrysler Building or the Empire State Building which are now city symbols.

Forbes Life magazine selects the tallest, most luxurious and high demanded residential building in the world.

Liebian International Plaza

One of the building we have researched about has recently entered the luxurious building list, the Liebian International Plaza, a 121 meter high skyscraper which has an artificial 108 meter high waterfall in its façade.

This waterfall is among the highest ones in the world and one of the greatest engineering works. For its functioning, a water tank at the bottom of the building was built and four water pumps were installed to bring up the water to the top of the waterfall. The water is recycled and collected from the rain.

Besides, the luxurious building has offices, a mall and a luxurious hotel inside. It is located in Guiyang, southwest China.

luxurious building

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

It is 828 meter tall.

This luxurious building has 823 stories which only 163 can be used, the rest are just to make it higher. Out of the ones in use, 49 are offices and 61 are homes. Renting a 4 bedroom flat can be €16000 a month and most of them are on lease. The 124th floor is a viewpoint which offers the visitor a 360º view of the city. To access this floor there is an elevator which gets to 10 m/s. In the 122th floor, it is located the Atmosphere Bar, the highest bar in the world, which can be accessed in 44 seconds by elevator. Besides, clients can eat, have a tea or cocktail while admiring the Gulf of Arabia.

Its construction started with an initial budget of $4000 millions, but it reached $20000 millions in the end.

luxurious building

Pentominium, Dubai

It is 616 meter high.

It’s located in the coast of Dubai, it has a layer of glass on one side as a windbreaker to protect the balconies, and on the other alternated ladder of empty gardens and apartments. It is a tower with two different sides which share a central core, due to the environmental pressure, the proximity of neighbors and density.

It has 122 stories, at first it was just 516 meter high, but at the end a pointy 100 meter long needle was added becoming one the tallest residential buildings.

On the other hand, each apartment has access to luxury automobiles and the most luxurious ones have an exterior pool and living room, health care centers, smoking clubs and squash courts.

luxurious building

Princess Tower, Dubai

It is 414 meter tall. In 2012, it was considered the highest residential building by the Guinness World Records. It has 107 floors of which only 100 are inhabited, 6 basements and a lobby, 763 one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom or four bedroom apartments, without adding the penthouses with views to the Palm Jumeirah.

Besides, every apartment has a gym, high speed elevators, exterior and interior pool, play areas, tennis courts, pool tables and saunas.

luxurious building

Tour Odeon, Monaco

Finally, we have this building. It is 170 meter high. We find it in Monaco with views of the ocean and the principality. It has 60 duplex apartments and there is a penthouse known as The Sky Penthouse which has a pool with a slide. The penthouse is 31500 sq feet that is equal to 5 floors. It has 360º views of Monaco and it is worth $335 millions. Each floor has 24 hour personal service, spa and art center.

We would also like to show you some of the most luxurious and biggest houses of the world. There are houses that are bigger than the Buckingham Palace or that as vast as a whole building. They resemble the economic power of its owners.

luxurious building

These are the top 5 most luxurious and biggest houses of the world:

– Updown Court. Buckingham Palace’s competition.

luxurious building

– Antilla Building. The mansion of the future.

luxurious building

– Hearst Castle.

luxurious building

– Leopolda Villa. A historic mansion.

luxurious building

– Versailles House. The reality version of the American dream.

luxurious building

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Destinations for practicing golf


What makes a destination perfect for practicing golf?

We could say that what attracts a golfer the most is the green of a good golf course. In addition to calmness, relax and the runaway sensation forgetting any worries. On the other hand, many people choose their golf destination based on competing with other golfers or relatives. Even there are some who make their decisions looking for a good 19th hole, in other words, what they can do after finishing the golf course.

Which are the best golf destinations?

Thailand is a traditional and good gastronomy country with unbelievable scenery. It has become, for many people, an ideal place to go on vacations, visiting temples such as Emerald Buddha and Wat Pho both in Bangkok or beaches such as Ko Samui and Maya.

Furthermore, there are 260 courses. Thailand is becoming one of the most favorite destinations for golf lovers and the reference in golf tourism.

The courses are high quality and details are very well taken care of. Interactions with nature are common due to their locations and the wandering of wild animals around the courses. A group of monkeys might steal the ball from an unlucky swing.

These are the most valuable  courses in Thailand:

The Black Mountain Golf Club

Golf Digest magazine selected it as one of the top 100 courses outside the US and, in 2014, it held the Thailand Classic, in other words, the first tournament of the European Series played in Thailand.

In 2017 it received the award called Best Asian Golf Resort by Golf Digest. It is located 25 minutes West from Huan Hin in valley surrounded by high black granite mountains. In 2009 and 2010, it was selected to held one of the events of the PGA Tour in Asia and, in 2011, the Asia vs Europe Royal Trophy took place.

Royal Hua Hin Club

You cannot miss the oldest course, the Royal Hua Hin Club. It offers great holes surrounded by wild jungle and wonderful views over the Thailand Gulf.

Libitú Golf Club

Mexico, the land coated by the sun, the sea breeze and the swinging palm trees. Moreover, we know Mexico for the margaritas, the mariachis and mole sauce. Visitors have named Mexico as one of the best places to go on vacations.


The coastal golf courses have a special charm so teeing off there is a special experience. The rocky and green surroundings and the link style holes are just some the reasons that make the PGA level course  Libitú Golf Club  stand out the international golf scene.

Thanks to its bunkers and crossing winds, the Libitú  course can challenge the most experienced golfers while getting on contact with nature. It is a  course with a Mexican touch.

Club de Golf Playa Paraíso

There is another place that cannot be missed, the Playa Paraiso Golf Club , where can be found the house of the prestigious  course designer P.B. Dye, with its hills, its Paspalum  weed carpeted slopes and continuous obstacles.

Real Novo Sancti Petri Golf Club

On the other side of the ocean, we cannot forget to mention the fabulous courses that can be found in Andalucia, an incredible land.

And always, with a very warm weather which allows golfers to find the perfect place to improve their drives and swings.

In the Real Novo Sancti Petri Golf Club, surrounded by ponds, palm trees, oak trees and the best views of La Barrosa beach and the Atlantic Ocean. The complex has participated in the OnCourse®, which awards the commitment with the environment.

In addition to its 36 holes divided into two pair 72 courses. Novo Sancti Petri offers a 8000 sq meter driving range and wide variety of American style obstacles.

Real Club Valderrama

Finally, it is also very important to mention the Real Club Valderrama as it is one of the best golg clubs in Spain. The course is in excellence shape. The Volvo Master takes place there. Valderrama is one of the most desirable courses in Europe.

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Discover the most luxurious shoes in the world


One of the greatest treasures of a woman is an accesory and especially, shoes.

An accesory is essential to complete the look of a woman, it is one of the most precious accessories for all those women who want to give a special touch to their style and stand out. It is difficult for some to decide between good shoes or good jewels. But what if shoes really are good jewels?

Hence the most luxurious and exclusive shoes that we are going to talk about today.

Like the shoes manufactured by Jada Dubai, these shoes are great gold jewels, with diamonds, rubies or pearls to show off luxurious feet. Among its collections, the Passion Diamond Shoes model stands out above all. These shoes are handmade, each one is individually manufactured, paying great attention to all its details and using the highest quality materials, chosen for its durability and softness.

But what really makes them unique and exclusive is the gold coat and the diamonds. But what really stands out in them, is a pair of 15-carat diamonds that crown it.

Women who really want to stand out among the upper class designed for these stilettos. They were designed by Jada Dubai and Passion Jewelers, who worked on them for nine months until they found the perfect shoe. As they are considered a luxury item, something different from the rest of the shoes in the collection, these are a unique piece, for unique occasions and available to few people.

As Marilyn Monroe would say: “Give a woman the right shoes and she will conquer the world.”

Among the most expensive brands of shoes in the world we can highlight:

CHANEL: simple but elegant

People know the firm around the world  because of  its luxury products and haute couture.

This firm has stores all over the world, but only in exclusive locations. They have elegant and simple shoes. In addition to having a great quality in the materials they use and with which they manufacture their shoes. They are characterized by their smooth, plain and simple shapes.

GUCCI: glamor and luxury

This Italian firm is dedicated exclusively to fashion products. Its creations are not available to many and its shoes are a definition of glamour, luxury, good life and sophistication.


Mario Prada founded the brand in 1913, but in 1978 his granddaughter took a radical turn and transformed the international firm into what it is now.

Because of the great success it has gained, various songs such as “Fashion” by Lady Gaga or “Fashionista” by Jimmy James mentioned  it.

Her shoes are nerd-chic feminist-chic, minimalist to retro.


the shoemaker who became a millionaire with a red sole

It launched its line of shoes in 1991, they are varied and they range from dancers to sneakers. It has made its high heels famous by all means. Something that characterizes the brand is its red sole, which gives it great exclusivity. Some of the celebrities who use this firm are Katy Perry, Rihanna and Victoria Beckham.


LOUIS VUITTON: they are essential for the global elite

This brand is the most luxurious and valuable brand in the world. They have been manufacturing travel products and footwear exclusively for 30 years. This brand is appreciated for its craftsmanship and elegant design, apart from the great raw material with which they work. Your logo always looks like on your models

DIOR: they are exclusive for every woman.

The main difference from other shoes is that they provide a “new look” giving women a lot of femininity and incorporation into the workplace.


JIMMY CHOO: Hollywood’s high class favorites

Talking about this brand is talking about an icon in the manufacture and creation of footwear. Having a model of this brand means glamor and elegance. A pair can cost up to 2,000 dollars.


Strong and competitive brand despite the models. They have an affinity for combining the style of the 16th century with the 19th and 21st century. With a very pronounced and exotic style, they are Lady Gaga´s favorite.


STUART WEITZMAN: use unusual materials.

It produces footwear from Spain despite being founded in Massachusetts. They use unconventional materials such as cork or vinyl.

They tend to be decorated with diamonds, 24 karat gold and platinum. Its price can reach up to 2 million dollars.

As a curiosity, once a year, the brand launches a model that is exclusively carried by an Oscar Award candidate.

MANOLO BLAHNIK: exotic material

This designer has made shoes for renowned actresses like Jennifer Lawrence. They are extremely rare due to the use of exotic materials such as crocodile leather.

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Top dream homes to spend Christmas


There is no date more special than Christmas. In iLuxenio we know how important your dreams are and so that you can spend it in an unforgettable way, today we bring you a very Christmas themed post.

You surely cannot stop thinking about the gifts, dinners and all the preparations that will make the most out of these days. In previous years we have tried to give you a piece of advice to avoid you some headaches, but this time we will leave that to you. Our Christmas recommendation this year is that you meet with the ones you love in one of the following dream houses that are perfect for winter and with an unparalleled charm.

In addition, if you are one of those who do not feel like thinking a lot about decoration or prefer to avoid having to clean in the following days, this option is ideal.

Pay attention to this selection of houses for Christmas. In it your dinners and meetings will take a magical look.

National Destinations:

Mountain duplex in Baqueira

For many, Christmas is not the same without snow. Therefore, they would spend some spectacular days in this wonderful duplex at the top of the Aran Valley, at the height of 1500 meters. The largest ski resort in Spain Baqueira Beret, is very close to the house. If we have to highlight some of it, it would be its incredible views of the valley. It is a good place to go if you have a large family, because up to 12 members can stay in it.

Price: From € 233 per night.

Shelter in Andorra

If we tell you that one of our proposals is an old haystack, you may think that we are going crazy. However, this renovated house of rustic style is completely modern and chic. It is located in the town of Llorts in Andorra. At 1,298 m altitude, it is also possible to ski nearby, thanks to the Vallnord station.

Price: From € 212 per night.

Christmas in a Natural Park.

If you are in the Madrid area, we suggest you live this experience: sleep in a wooden cabin inside a natural park, don’t you think it is possible?

This cabin is located in the Guadarrama National Park, just 45 minutes from Madrid. In addition to being in full contact with nature, this house precedes romantic fame. Therefore, it is perfect if you are going to spend Christmas with your partner. Like the previous ones, for ski lovers, it is also an interesting option, as the Valdesquí station is nearby.

Price: From € 80 per night.

Chill out in Huesca

Maybe, what you are looking for this Christmas is to get away from the daily hustle and bustle of the big city. This house in Jaca, Huesca, offers you everything you need for your relaxation. The reason is that it is located in a village with only 20 inhabitants without bars or shops. Here you can enjoy the silence we often crave. And if you get bored at some point, don’t worry! Here you can also ski, as it is close to four different stations: Astún (40 km), Candanchú (38 km), Formigal (65 km) and Panticosa (55 km).

Price: From € 300 per night.

Snowy luxury in the south

Previously we have suggested you houses near some ski resorts but what if you can spend Christmas inside one of them? In Sierra Nevada it is possible. This 165sq meter duplex is located in the most luxurious area of ​​the Granada ski station. You can also enjoy the same benefits as guests of your 5-star hotel: restaurants, coffee shops, Wi-Fi, spa and garage.

Price: From 395 per night. They also give you a 10% discount on the Ski Pass to access the slopes and the rental of ski equipment.

Christmas abroad

Hide and seek in the Black Forest

Some do not want to get away much at Christmas, but if you do not mind going abroad, this German house can be a good alternative for your vacation. It is located in the Black Forest, very close to Lake Titisse. Its facilities cannot be more luxurious: four exclusive bedrooms with capacity for 10 people (one of them with hand-carved wooden bunk beds); dining room and open living room with a contemporary style; and modern kitchen with leading appliances that allow you to prepare any gourmet menu. The visit to the Christmas market of Ravennaschlucht is irreplaceable.

Chalet in the French Alps

Another perfect destination for skiers, as it is close to the slopes of Chamonix. It has five bedrooms with bathroom, wood burning fireplace and exquisite decoration. In total 11 people can be accommodated although the dining room has a greater capacity so if you have a last-minute guest for Christmas Eve dinner, this house will allow you to gather without a problem. It also has an equipped kitchen, a room for ski equipment and even a hot tub!

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The most prestigious law firms

law firms

More than often, it is hard to realize the role which law firms play in our everyday life. You might be one of those who does not use their services until you find yourself in some legal issues. However, as you will see along this post, counting on a trustworthy law firm is a great call.

Why should you look for a great law firm?

Lawyers can be very useful, from solving legal issues to legal consulting. Legal professionals can assit you with:


Avoiding going to court by reaching agreements between you and another party in conflict.


They are legal experts and know everyway around the law so, who is best to inform you about regulations and keep you updated on what legal troubles you might be in.


This should be a key factor when signing with a law firm.


As you might know, there are different law branches, so it is very important to pick very carefully which law firms are specialized on the field you are looking for. There is an extense variety of options allowing you to choose the one that suits you better.

Once we have gone over the reasons on why to sign a law firm, here there is a selection of law firms internationally known for their professionalism and solvency.

International law firms

Martens Thiele

This law firm was founded by its two partners, Markus Thiele and Jochem Martens.

Mertens is an expert in tax law and he also develops instruments to optimize the tax effects of national and international companies. On the other hand, Thiele, he is qualified to practice law in Germany and Spain and focuses on commercial and business law, intelectual property protection and competition law, contracts and German-Spanish commercial law and  real state transactions.

law firms


It is a Belgian law firm with a very strong team of lawyers, such as Dirk Huygens, Anton Buntinx or Pieter Buntinx. Pieter is a very prestigious attorney who is specialized in business law, merges and acquisitions and trading contracts.

law firms

Klar Advokater

If you are looking for legal consulting in Denmark this firm is the one to go to thanks to their personal touch. Their key strenghts are a mix of the traditional practice of law and values like transparency. This helps them to create great lasting bonds with their clients.

law firms

Fisher Broyles LLP

Regarding the US law firms, Fisher Broyles is worth mentioning. They stand out for, not only the quality of their services, but also for their affordable fees. On the other hand, they are a very modern firm and a very clear evolution from the traditional English-speaking firms.

law firms

McCarthy Denning

With over 30 years of experience, this law firm is not one to miss. It is one of the most important legal consultants in the United Kingdom. In their team we can find June Paddock, one of the firm´s partners. It is a very versatile company since they work in many fields of the law but their specialties are employment, real state and inheritance law.

law firms

National law firms:


It is one of the most prestigious Spanish firms. Its presence goes beyond national borders and they have settled in 14 different countries from 4 different contintents. Their work focuses on business law, M&A, financial law, banking and procedure law and arbitration.They also work on administrative, real state and employment law.

law firms

Uría Menéndez

This law firm was born in Madrid and has a long professional career behind it and now they have offices around South America, specifically, Peru and Colombia.

law firms

Martínez Echevarría

With 177 employees and 21 offices, 7 of them outside Spain (Portugal, Romania,Bulgary and Turkey), this Malaga law firm is ranked number 17th on the national law firm ranking being the most important law firm in Andalucia. The firm, which has been associated with iLUxenio since 2019, has been operating for over 30 years making quality and professional excelence their key characteristics.

law firms

Montero Aramburu

This firm has a wide range of action so whatever type of assistance you might be looking for they will be able to provide you with it. It was founded in Sevilla and, nowadays, is under the management of Enrique Montero Gómez y Armando Fernández-Aramburu, nephew and grandson of the founders. They have offices in the Canary Islands, Andalucia and Madrid.

law firms

These are a few examples of the numerous and prestigious law firms in our country, we can also mention others such as:

  • Cremades Calvo-Sotelo
  • Gómez Villares & Atencia
  • Zurbarán Abogados
  •  Hispacolex
  • MA Abogados
  • Gaona y Rozados
  • Sanguino Abogados
  • Ontier Abogados
  • Carrera Abogados y Economistas
  • Silva Valdés Abogados
  • Gallardo Abogados
  • Bores y Cía
  • Salas Abogados
  • Grupo Lener
  • Luis Romero Abogados
  • G. Elías y Muñoz Abogados
  • De Lara & Asociados
  • Gomez-Acebo & Pombo
  • Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira
  • Perez-Llorca
  • Roca Junyent

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If you like adventure do not miss these places


Are you one of those people who get bored walking around a city? Or those who don’t support tourist tours and excursions to museums? You don’t feel like being in a resort without leaving when the world is full of amazing places to live an adventure.

 If you consider yourself a globetrotter and need to live a lot of unique experiences that change your life forever, you can’t miss today’s post.  Dare an adventure like the following!

Salar of Uyuni – Bolivia

We can consider it as the largest salt desert in the world. It has more than 4,000 square kilometers. As we can see in the images, in the rainy season it will become a giant mirror. You can also enjoy the Incahuasi Island, a place where the hills of land emerge, perfect for a well-deserved rest.


Living with the Moken water tribe – Mergui Archipelago

The Mergi archipelago is located in southern Burma. Formed by more than 800 small islands. In this place lives a well-known tribe called Moken, the owner of the waters that surround the archipelago.

They spend most of their time in small boats built by hand by them. They feed based on shellfish that fish by diving and larger fish caught with spears. Living a few days with them and knowing their ancestral culture can be a unique experience.



Sailing the Amazon River – Peru

It is the dream of almost any traveler, to sail the Amazon. An inhospitable place, practically isolated by land, to which only the most daring dare to go. There are various programs to participate in ecosystem conservation, you can collaborate with scientists to save the dolphin that walks through the fresh water of the Amazon.



Safari in Tanzania

Do you know the Masai tribe in Tanzania? The Masai usually inhabit Kenya and Tanzania lands. Former tribe of warriors today are semi-nomadic shepherds who seek grass in the lands of the Masai Mara and move their herds so that the grass grows again. The total number of Masais is around 850,000, and although their life revolves around livestock, there are Masai who have a job and live with respect for their traditions. It is one of the best known tribes in the world for their dances, their warriors and their red robes. It is also a good opportunity to see lions, buffalo, elephants and giraffes without having to go riding in an all-terrain vehicle.


Mount Hua Shan

It is one of the best known mountains in China and the most dangerous tourist trail in the world. There are many people who cheer up even though they can’t take pictures, they have to be aware of not falling into the precipice that separates them from death.

It is located 120 kilometers from the city and is known because the tea they serve on its top is one of the best in the world. On the other hand you have to be careful with the path, one must be determined and have basic knowledge of mountaineer.



Papua New Guinea

A paradise that has not yet been discovered by many tourists, with a nature that has practically only been exploited by its tribes. The more than 800 different tribes live from mining, agriculture and fishing, although the greatest value for their cities is the abundance of oil.

You can do thousands of activities like diving coral reefs, make the Kokoda trail and enjoy paradisiacal beaches. What about this adventure?

Gorilla Safari, Uganda and Rwanda

The mountains of Rwanda and Uganda are one of the last places on Earth where gorillas still thrive. Four of the “great apes”, mountain gorillas, lowland gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos can be observed.



Caminito del Rey”, Malaga

The “Caminito del Rey” is located in El Chorro, a village belonging to the municipality of Álora, in the province of Málaga.

It is one of the main rock climbing centers in Europe due to being located next to the Gaitanes Gorge. At the edge of this gorge runs the Caminito del Rey, this magnificent layout and its vertiginous walkways trace a route between the canyons that wind the river course of the Guadalhorce River.

They have just remodeled the platform that allows anyone to make the road completely safely. Formerly it was one of the most dangerous walks in Spain.

Cross the Sahara

The Sahara desert has more than 3,500,000 km2 and is one of the most inhospitable places in the world. Perfect to live an adventure! You can live the 22-day hike from Taoudenni to Timbuktu, where merchants are still transporting their merchandise.


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World’s top most expensive yachts

luxury yachts

Have you ever dreamed about sailing by the sea with a mild coast breeze blowing  and a myriad of luxuries at the same time, all without leaving the ship? These are some of the features of these incredible luxury yachts mentioned below can offer. Maybe some of you can only imagine them, but the owners of these jewels enjoy their endless comforts in a very real way.

If you were impressed by the launch of the first Aston Martin yacht, what we bring you today will not disappoint you because these luxury yachts have more features than many fantastic places we found on dry land.

Eclipse (€1,31 billion)

First, we show you this boat which belongs to the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich It is 160 metres in length, thus becoming. the second largest private yacht in the world. Its size makes harder for paparazzi to perform easily their work. It has two helipads, two swimming pools, a gym, a spa and 24 guest cabins equipped with movie screens. In total, the yacht can accommodate up to 62 passengers, where guests have a crew of 50 members at their disposal.

luxury yatchs

Lady Moura  (€185 millions)

We measure the opulence, among other things,  in gold.
And precisely, both the name and the escutcheon are carved in 24 carat gold. Its owner is Saudi billionaire Nasser Al Rashid. It can host around 30 exclusive guests and it has a crew of around 60 people. It has two amazing elements: a pool with retractable roof and even its own beach club aboard!

luxury yatchs

Azzam (€535 millions)

It may not be one of the most expensive luxury yachts in the world, but it holds the record as the largest one, with 179.8 meters. Despite its size, it can sail at high speed. Its owner is Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahayan, President of the United Arab Emirates.

The yacht has a bombproof master cabin and an anti-missile security system. Besides, it has two helipads, two swimming pools and even a submarine. 

luxury yatchs

Dilbar (€527 millions)

This is another record-breaking yacht. In this case, the Dilbar is the world’s largest ship in terms of, internal volume. It also has an indoor pool with a capacity of 180 cubic meters of water. It is the largest pool ever built on a yacht. Besides, It stands out in terms of sustainability since it is the least polluting yacht. It can host up to  40 guests and a crew of 80 professionals. Its owner is the business magnate Alisher Usmanov.

luxury yatchs

Dubai (€357 millions)

It’s 162 meters long  and it  belongs to the top-ranking of the world as the third largest yacht. It belongs to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Emir of Dubai and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Among its amenities we find seven sunbathing areas and eleven VIP suites. It also has several theaters, cinema, nightclubs, squash court, helicopter and submarine.

luxury yatchs

Serene (€295 millions)

Another of the best luxury yachts is the Serene. Russian billionaire Yuri Shefler ordered its construction. It has 4,459 square meters of interior space among seven decks and it is 130 meters long. Besides, its facilities range from a spa, to a movie theater, even through a wood-fired pizza oven. It also has two helipads (one of them becomes a swimming pool). The Russian millionaire sold this yacht, which now belongs to Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohamed bin Salman.

luxury yatchs

Al Said (€267 millions)

This is one of the most exclusive luxury yachts. Its owner is the Sultan of Oman, Qabus bin Said al Said. The most incredible thing about this boat is that it has its own concert hall. It is a large auditorium with a capacity for 50 musicians.

luxury yatchs

Pelorus (€267 millions)

To continue we want to talk about the Pelorus. Roman Abramovich was the owner of this floating mansion. At the moment it belongs to the Chinese property tycoon Samuel Tak Lee. It has two swimming pools and an incredible suite with 180degree panoramic views. This is possible thanks to a wall that lowers to transform the room practically into a veranda.

luxury yatchs

Rising Sun (€267 millions)

The 8000 square meters of space of this yacht are distributed into 82 rooms across five decks. Its owners are Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle Corporation, and David Geffen, a Hollywood mogul. That is why film stars such as Leonardo di Caprio have ever been seen on the boat.

It has two helipads one of which becomes a basketball court. Also in this exclusive yacht you can enjoy a gym, leisure rooms, cinema, cellar, etc.

luxury yatchs

Motor Yacht ‘A’ (€357 millions)

Finally, let’s talk about the Motor Yacht ‘A’. Someone chose its original name in order to make it appear first on shipping records. Its length is 120 meters and a Russian magnate, Andrey Melnichenko, is its owner. Inside, there are six suites (and a huge main room), and different multipurpose spaces due to the installation of glass and sliding walls. In total, it can accommodate up to 14 guests and a crew of 30 people.

luxury yatchs

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Best lifestyle Instagram accounts


Influencers are on everyone’s lips nowadays, they are a reality with a special talent to bring trends and what’s new in the world of fashion, decoration, gastronomy.

Today we want to bring you a little closer to these influencers, recommending some accounts that may be of your interest and guide you towards new trends.

The accounts with more followers are those that show us ideas about healthy food, this season’s latest trends travel etc…


This account belongs to Mr. Wonderful’s co-founder, who encourages with her advices and positive energy quotes. This personal IG account shows a more familiar side and her everyday life with photos of her daughters, their outfits, family outings, visits and excursions they make. She also posts her adventures on her blog Blue mustard. This account is perfect to find inspiration for your daily life.

Marta Simonet

A Mallorcan influencer with her  ingenuity and creativity at the service of gastronomic companies and for creating recipes as different as delicious.This account is full of  a lot of very original ideas, modern recipes, gorgeous photos and great gastronomic recommendations that will come in handy when you travel.


Kayla Itsines

This account is intended for people who cannot skip a day without exercising. Kayla Itsines  is a Australian personal trainer and one of the creators of the Bikini Body Guide, an easy to understand exercise guide, which illustrates each of the movements with photographs. With this guide you can reach your ideal weight in a short time and have a healthy lifestyle.  On instagram, she has achieved a big success with the photos of her clients following this method and recovering their shape, so as a result she has written an ebook with all the information about her method. On her account there are many total makeovers with images and recipes to follow a healthy diet. You can also find workout charts to be done anywhere.


The glamourai

This account belongs to the stylist Kelly Framel, and shows her daily life  with colorful photos of her journeys and projects. This account is very interesting for those who enjoy the world of fashion and wants to know what it is like to be a fashion stylist.

From my glasses

Rafaela Martínez-Dueñas  is the person behind this account. Here  you can find photos of her everyday life, pastel color pictures full of creativity where she captures small details in a new way.


She is a journalism graduate and model from Cordoba. She has a large social media presence where  she combines her two passions: travel and fashion on her posts.


The most international of Argentinian figures that managed to become one of the most prominent points of reference for style in the Big Apple. She is an art director, businesswoman and fashion consultant.


It is perfect for those who do not find the right furniture to decorate their home, this account was created to show  inspiring photos as well as some proposals to find them in your country. The main idea of ​​this account is to decorate with simple ideas that help you enjoy your house.
As its author says:
“The content is so that what I show on my blog becomes a reality”


A pastry account created by a young sweet food lover “My love for cuisine has developed as long as I can remember. New combinations of flavors feed my curiosity.” comments young Valu. So she tries to transmit her enthusiasm for this passion through social networks. Their recipes are puddings, cakes and Argentinian traditional homemade desserts.



Her instagram bio is: Traveling ant  #helpingisgood, Art Lover. A very glamorous profile, that shows  her attendance to events, parties, parades, trips and a lot of fashion.  It also encourages volunteer activities.


This account is intended for moms. Agustina Ramos Mejía is behind it. She combines her time between fashion and her daughter, talking about trends, types of maternity in the world. She has a section especially devoted to women

If you want to know more about these influencers, do not hesitate to visit their accounts and learn more about their everyday life.

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Luxury architecture and ecology: a perfect tandem for your home

sustainable luxury villa

Maybe, if you think about luxury homes, the image of mansions with the best features or baroque decoration that  worth its weight in gold comes to your mind. It is a common belief that dream house’s owners don’t care about ecology.  You may think they don’t care if they waste or contaminate just to get their way. However, although you can find examples that fit this stereotype, there is another option that is already essential when building: opting for a sustainable luxury villa.

Is ecological architecture compatible with luxury? Not only do they make up a perfect tandem but also quality, durability, timeless appeal and architecture and design of sustainable homes are all the rage. This is so much the case that the ecological issue, is the cause of the increase in the house price.

How to make a luxury home sustainable? From the facilities to the gardens, let’s review what elements should not be missing in your sustainable luxury villa.

Ecological lighting

When we are designing a sustainable luxury villa, we must consider energy saving as a key aspect. For example, a good idea is to provide your house with as much natural light as possible. Thus avoid the need of turning on lights. However, at nigh-time we can face the darkness with LED light systems. They provide the necessary luminosity without wasting energy. They are always more efficient and durable than traditional incandescent bulbs. And don’t you worry, if you are thinking of putting especially opulent lamps such as chandeliers, LED bulbs will also adapt to them.

Today’s modern lighting systems with home automation, are increasingly sophisticated and practical. If you add a light control system to your sustainable luxury villa, you can remotely change the types of lighting and reduce energy consumption when you want.

Solar panels

This element is related to the previous point. Solar panel installation is increasingly becoming a popular option. Certainly, they are essential elements for those who want to live in an ecological environment since renewable energy from the sun has a leading role in energy saving.

In recent times, not only panels but also solar tiles have been developed. They allow a better adaptation to the architectural design of the roofs. These tiles have a higher price, but for those looking for something very specific in the architecture of their home without neglecting the ecological aspect,  solar tiles can be good a good option.

Energy-saving appliances

Likewise, modern appliances have an important role. The most luxurious ones are also the most energy efficient. But what is even more important, do you know how the use of a certain type of smart refrigerator can help the environment? If your fridge has a built in camera, you can see its content and buy only the groceries we need, so there will be no leftovers that end up in the trash.

Sustainable materials

Wood is a trend! Before, only those rustic style lovers might think about using this material, but it is becoming increasingly present in luxury villas. Why? Because wood with certified origin or natural stone are ecological materials par excellence.

Did you know these materials? They can be recovered wood, bamboo, cork, natural stone, recycled glass tiles, or recycled steel. They are gorgeous and looks great in at your home, besides being very durable!

In addition to the above mentioned products, you may not have considered another option to make the construction of a sustainable luxury villa a more ecofriendly process. It’s about using local materials to avoid their transportation and the negative impact of pollution caused by the long journeys.

Green spaces

Often, the most aware environmentalists seek to preserve and increase green areas in cities, called green lungs of the world. This same philosophy can be transferred to our sustainable luxury villa. Plants improve air quality, so being surrounded by nature is priceless. Therefore, in any good worthwhile architectural project, gardens can’t be ignored. Vegetation is aesthetic and attractive, it provides that chill out space that many people want, but it has other remarkable benefits. One of them is the insulating properties of green roofs and walls, which offer an extra layer, providing freshness to rooms and reducing sun heat impact.

As you can see, the sign of opulence has changed its color. Green is the new gold. If your home has a large presence of vegetation, the prestige of it will increase.

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