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It is summer holiday season and most of you would already be enjoying them or, at least, thinking about your destination this year. However, if you are one of those who leave planning for the last minute or are interested in adding some more activity to your vacation, pay attention! Today we propose an ideal choice to enjoy this summer:  luxury Safaris.

Why choose a safari?

If there is something that defines safaris, it it’s of course, the possibility of living an extraordinary experience. Thus is a way to enjoy nature that will surely surprise not only you but also your whole family or whomever you decide to share the trip with.

If the safaris are luxurious, better!

As well as hotels or restaurants, there are also luxury safaris that offer many additional possibilities that differentiate them from usual safaris. Certainly, if you book any of them you will be able to discover and approach the habitat of several wild animal species. However, in luxury safaris that’s not all. You can have the same experience in a comfortable way, they offer high-end accommodation and service standards. Additionally, the food that you can taste in them, included in the price, always come from gourmet recipes.

And if this seems interesting to you, it is also necessary to point out that they wont be content with taking you to the typical and crowded sighting areas, which are full of tourists. The areas where you will go with this type of safaris are private places, which will offer you the exclusivity you are looking for.

What is a culture trip without a tour guide? Luxury safaris offer you the best tour guides, trained and knowledgeable people who will inform you about everything you need to know and answer all your questions.

Now that we have convinced you about the wonders of doing a safari, we recommend you some of the most appealing ones. Its routes located in Africa, land of safaris par excellence, will not disappoint you.


Bisate Lodge, Rwanda

It is a perfect way to see monkeys and silverback gorillas more closely. Along its 27 hectares of forest, there are six private cottages with terraces. From there you can also see the amazing views of the volcanoes Karisimbi, Bisoke and Mikeno. The price is around 900 Euros per person and night.

Sanctuary Chief’s Camp, Botswana

It located in the Moremi Game Reserve of the Okavango Delta, where you can spot lions, giraffes and leopards and, later, relax in its facilities that consist of 12 pavilions with private pool and outdoor terrace. The price is around 6,000 Euros per person for 9 nights, flights included.

The Highlands, Tanzania

It has eight vaulted suites, with large beds with views, thanks to the huge windows that surround the room. The sighting areas are some of the richest in the African continent. You will not leave without having contact with flamingos, leopards, black rhinos, lions, elephants and golden jackals. The price is around 400 Euros per person and night.

King Lewanika Lodge, Zambia

We can find this safari in the Liuwa Plain National Park, west of Zambia. This is a wilderness  area where it is easy to find blue wildebeests, lions and cheetahs. There are also zebras and endless number of birds. Spending your vacation in one of its six luxury cottages is a perfect choice.


Matetsi River Lodge, Zimbabwe

It is located on the banks of the Zambezi River, just 40 kilometers from Victoria Falls. The hotel presents nine private suites and a swimming pool with impressive views. After having a fun day watching different animals in the area such as elephants and wildebeests, you have the possibility to continue the fun on a night cruise. Its price, which includes food and two safaris a day, is around 400 Euros per person and night.

Miavana, Madagascar

It is located on the private island of Nosy Ankao, and it goes one step further. Here you can reach its facilities by helicopter. In addition to the land routes, which highlight the search for gold lemurs and black sifakas, it allows you to spend an unforgettable day thanks to another activity:  whale watching, which is one of its great attractions. This is an eight-day tour that you can have for just over 20,000 Euros per person. Flights and helicopter trips are included in the price.

Saruni Rhino, Kenya

As its name implies, this safari is designed to see rhinos. In this case, it is an endangered species that had already disappeared once and now has been  recently reintroduced in this part of Kenya: black rhinos. You can spend 4 nights in one of its only two luxury houses. These are made of stone and the stay has an approximate price of 500 Euros per person and night.

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The best luxury holidays destinations

luxury holidays

According to a research ‘Luxury Tourism’ made by the University of Bocconi in Milan and the International Tourism Bourse, this industry is worth a billion of euros worlwide and it grew a 4,5% between 2011 and 2015. So, if you want to give yourself a treat and spend some luxury holidays you have plenty of options. You can stay at exclusive villas, homes located at stunning archipelagos, medieval castles, huge resorts or amazing yachts.

Which are the most exclusive holidays destinations in the world?

  • Saint Barthélemy Island- Caribbean Sea

This luxury destination is at the Caribbean Sea, near to Guadalupe’s archipelago and it belongs to France. It’s a very popular touristic destination especially during the winter.

The weather keeps a constant temperature between 20º and 30º (C) during the whole year. It’s the favourite place for many famous personalities as Beyoncé and Jessica Alba.

Therefore Saint Barthélemy Island stands out  by its gastronomy with gourmet restaurants, its elite bars, beautiful beaches and a wide variety of design holidays

luxury holidays

Pics: Hotel Eden Rock  (Source :

  • Moritz – Switzerland

St. Moritz is one of the most exclusive ski resorts in Europe. If you ever dream of some luxury holidays in the mountain, this is definitely your place.

It’s a Swiss county inside the Canton of Grisons, in Maloja district, and an Upper Engadine’s village.

So, if you want to get to St, Moritz with glamour, you have to take the Glacier Express, departuring from Zermatt and which panoramic route through the Swiss Alps is really worth it.

luxury holidays

Source: Country & Town House

  • Namibia

Namibia is a SouthWest African country which covers the territory of what until the 60’ was called Southwest Africa.

In addition, the name of the country comes from the name of Namib desert, considered as the oldest desert of the world. It’s completely sorrounded by beautiful landscapes. One of its more characteristic features is the reddish hue of its sand. It’s a unique place in the world to live a wonderful African adventure. It also counts on a matinal park, called Waterberg Plateau National Park.

This fantastic place to spend your luxury holidays counts on plenty of luxury resorts which follow the path of a desert landscape. You can’t miss a safari in order to live one of the great experiences by watching all kind of savage animals and knowing different cultures. Africa always gives stunning things to discover.

luxury holidays

  • Zanzibar

Especially relevant is Zanzibar, a semi-autononomous region of Tanzania which covers a couple of islands distant from Africa’s East coast called Unguja (Zanzibar) and Pemba. They receive the name of Moluccas too.

As postcards pictures, its beautiful beaches with white sand and a blue turquoise sea. The extraordinary beauty, magnificent landscapes and its variety of fauna are elements which better feature it. One of the activities par excellence are the Safaris, which make us discover the existing savage life in this huge region.

Also, other of the star plans is go trekking to the Kilimanjaro, an unforgettable experience. And we can’t either forget about a visit to its incredible seafloors. Zanzibar is known as the crown jewel of Africa.

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  • Musha Cay

It’s a private island at Exuma Islands archipelago (Bahamas) with some dream beaches of white fine sand, turquoise water and tropical exuberant vegetation. The owners of the island, John and Jan Melk, are in charge of the flawless conditions of the island in order to make it one of the most exclusive destinations in the world.

It isn’t that easy to reach this offbeat place, because it’s 40 minutes away flying from Miami or 3 hours from New York or Chicago. Those travelers who can  afford this treat are received by the owners at the closest island’s airport, Rutter Cut Cay, to translate them by zodiac to Musha Cay.

To live this luxury holidays you have to rent the whole island for $40.000 per night.

Bahamas’ sorroundings, aslo known as Exumas, these have always been the preference of rich and famous personalities. Both Ernest Hemingway and David Copperfield spent a while in the island. It was said that the Fountain of Youth was hidden in one of these islands.

The island counts on crystal-clear waters to dive, to fish, and also it includes a fireworks’ show and the hunt of a hidden treasure. Apart from a wonderful all-inclusice resort complex.

luxury holidays

Pic : Robb Report

As a result, there are many places to enjoy of some holidays sorrounded by luxury and glamour. In this post we’ve left 5 of them. So the high price make of them exclusive paradises.


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