The best sustainable villas in the world

sustainable villas

On today’s post we’re telling you about some of the essential elements which define iLuxenio’s activity. Our subject is not other but the construction of sustainable villas.

After reading this post, you’ll know what actually means a sustainable home, which elements are them composed of. As well as the reasons of the customers to choose this kind of construction. Finally, after explaining you the current scenario for these, we’ll leave you a list with the best sustainable villas in the world.

A sustainable home is that which bases its performance and construction on sustainability principles. This will imply a clean energy consumption and even energy self-sufficiency. We can also talk about homes made of ecological materials, or which performance (apart from coming from clean energy), it doesn’t provoke any impact on the environment.

The main reasons for buyers to go for sustainable villas are:

  • Comfort: living in a sustainable house guarantees you the maximum comfort with nature, although visually it doesn’t seem to be like that. Feeling, breathing and touching a home made of fine materials always make you feel good.
  • Health: inside a sustainable villa, it’s impossible to perceive signs of excessive moisture, lack of ventilation, etc. This would help the increasing number of people who suffer from respiratory diseases. As it avoids allergy problems, asthma, migrain or skin irritations.
  • Savings: the fact that sustainable villas are built in the best conditions, talking about thermal insulation, orientation, or cross ventilation would mean that it’s easier to reach a constant temperature and that it wouldn’t require a greater energy performance for it, due to low-quality enclosures, or an inadequate construction as much as for materials as for home’s orientation. If we really want to have a full sustainable home, we won’t regret about the great advantage it brings at long-term.
  • Regulations: the Technical Building Code (TBC), on its Basic Document of Energy Savings binds all new constructions before December 31st 2020 to be considered as nearly-zero energy.
  • Lifestyle: if you feel yo owe nature, ori f you think you could be more responsible with it. The peak of a healthy lifestyle isn’t only affecting to diet or exercising, but to all the activities we’re daily doing.

How to identify sustainable villas? Which elements make them different?

First of all, the wealth of natural materials.

Sustainable villas are made of fine and local materials, and make use of them for its correct functioning. We talk about locals because of obtaining easily resources. And because these materials are naturally made for adapting to the environment where they’re extracted and where they’re going to be built.

On the other hand, the plants multitude. Those help to mantain a constant temperature and moisture in the home. Apart from it, it’s ideal to use plants which require of very few water resources an those covered with rain collected water.

Secondly, by its design and orientation.

Sustainable villas projected on a plane seem to be perfect bioclimatic architecture works. But on the ground, these could mean a pain in the neck.

On the ground, the correct orientation of the home could be something impossible to get, or the correct functioning of the house not as efficient as expected. The same thing could happen with design, the work execution has to respect and understand the villa’s performance so the inital purpose of the construction doesn’t ruin itself.

Finally, the use of renewable energies and technological elements.

Sustainable villas are match really well with technology, although we apparently match sustainability with natural and ecological. Technology is able to control some certain elements of the villa in order to reach ideal temperature conditions (smart home). And obviously, another differential element would be to see renewable energy devices joined to one of the adjacent parts of the villa.

After knowing these features of sustainable villas, here we leave below some of the best sustainable villas in the world:

sustainable villasYing Yang House by: Brooks+Scarpa

It’s a full efficient villa located at Venice, California. It’s a single-family home which adapts to the needs of a family with children.

sustainable villasZEB Pilot House by: Snøhetta

It’s located in Norway and it’s the perfect example to build rustic sustainable villas.

sustainable villasLa Casa de los Vientos: José Luís Muñoz

It’s a villa located in the province of Cádiz. From its balcony you can watch Sotogrande, the Mediterranean Sea and even the Rock of Gibraltar.

sustainable villasS-House by: KO+KO architects

In this case, the villa not only stands out for its meandering shape with S form. But for being one of the fews which provides itself with geotermal energy.


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Why is luxury becoming eco-friendly?


What made environmentalism and sustainability to take part into major luxury firms rather than keeping at background? As much as construction, fashion, weddings, and travels. Even touristic draws, glamping, etc., ecofriendly world and luxury are already going hand in hand. And they’re getting on really well.

But they exist complementary concepts as eco-healthy, eco-chic.. . An endless list of definitions thai s eve making us to wonder if we really understand what we read whethe to embrace it.

But, in a scene of a strong bet for what is socially responsible. And for an ecosystem which isn’t letting us more time to hesitate about respecting the environment or not. All the luxury companies from all the industries are shaping their business model performing by the rules of environmentalism principles. And for it, ecofriendly concept (friends with eco world), comes out ahead.

How did luxury and environmentalism manage to complement each other?

Probably luxury is a concept conventionally related to resources waste and to extravagance. Environmentalism, to a simple life or to make the most of resources. In common, the change in society’s mentality. Resources provided by nature and required to any created and consumed thing. Apart from that, purchase power doesn’t save anyone from floods, earthquakes or hurricanes.

Now, more aware of a responsible consumption, companies want to become leaders in opinion, trends, and consumption in this field too. Selling luxury as a way of resources conservation, the purest and as less transformed as possible.

Once this trendy relationship explained, we would like to tell you about different industries related to luxury, which are very commited to ecofriendly philosophy.

Homes and construction

A recognizable ecofriendly character is related to a tolerant furnituring in respect with the environment, materials’ recycling with which they’re made of, or to their ecofriendly production and performance.

A zen luxury villa is the style (even visually) which better represents how an energy efficient house is.

Using plants for our garden that don’t require of much water resources.

Also, using disposable pallets, with a fresh painting and varnish layer, are a perfect solution for a portable table.

Painting without chemicals (mercury or lead) or holes used as stores under the stairs.

If you want to build your sustainable home or you want to check if your house is, the ideal thing is to appeal to certification mechanisms as LEED or BREEAM certifications.

These certifications establish some performing patterns for a home, and certificate it helps you to guarantee that your home is being respectful with the environment.



Also, in the world of fashion, we can see how real consumption clothing leaders as H&M or Inditex are creating their own ecofriendly and exclusive business lines.

In Inditex, ‘Green to Wear’ is in charge of the ecological management of clothes tinting, water management and machinery energy management.

On the other hand, Green Carpet Challenge event, where celebrites are challenged to parade with eco brands throughout the carpet. Eco-Age brand, supplier of eco products to the greates fashion brands, and the footwear designer Sergio Rossi left us stunning designs as this is:


Pic by:

But we would like to highlight too a Spanish company positioned at bathing clothes market. AllSisters has also known how to read the market’s needs and it’s already conquered several continents thanks to its organical clothes, with no need of giving up on processes functionality nor vanguardism at designing.


Pic by:   


Especially relevant, Costa Rica is one of the most renowned countries for leading sustainable tourism. It’s an earthly paradise which has properly known how to take over ecofriendly market. Which offers wealthy hosting and activities options, all of them respectful with the environment.

Since they know their customers’ need, they know they these are ready to pay a higher price if they’re provided with services which guarantee that they’re not damaging environment. In the own country, they grant the Certificado de Sostenibilidad Turística (CST) to those hotels which meet the requirements.

Also, in the last few years an ecofriendly housing trend called glamping, has been created. It’s about the combination of glamour and camping words. And these are real sustainable pieces of art, which offer the maximum contact with nature at the same time with luxury services and equipments.


Along this post, you could see the wide variety that ecofriendly and luxury offers.

In iLuxenio we are experts in the construction of luxury villas. By applying sustainability and exclusivity principles, from the main shaping material of the villa until its energy certification. We believe in a sustainable life style.  Beginning by your own home is a more than good way to make it.

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The last breaking trends in luxury decoration

luxury decoration

Beyond tastes, styles and colours, there are infallible tricks in decoration, those which work a 100% sure. That’s why we’re telling you about the last trends in luxury decoration, with the new year come beautiful things, colours and details in decoration. This is what trends tell us about decoration for 2018.

The growing use of technology and social media allow us to know quickly and easily about trends and styles in interior decoration. We’ll show you the main design trends and luxury decoration for 2018, in a series of concepts that we’ve encountered to keep you updated.

Vintage is in vogue, this decoration is based on getting back old elements, and refurbish them in order to give our decoration a more trendy and modern hint. Another style which is boosting decoration trends for this 2018 is the renovated classic style, to create original environments.

Hereafter we’re telling you the trends in luxury decoration for this 2018:


Plenty of warm and earthy colours instead of the minimalist variety from the last seasons. Sienna, bronze, terracotta, green mold and reddish hues are seen in rooms’ walls, as they’re seen too on furnitures and decoration ítems.

luxury decoration


Marble is still the favourite material for kitchens although the current aspect looks way more discreet. Instead of Carrara’s marble, we can see green and brown marble. Marble foundations are thinner.

Other proposals go for black kitchens, which bring a contemporary and sophisticated aspect, especially if they mix with interior plants. The black colour applies to metal, painted wood and stone, even to the sink.

The trend of hiding homewares and crockery doesn’t exist anymore, now we see glass-door wardrobes and open shelves to show those dishes. Home appliances as refrigerators, dishwashers and kitchen stoves are elements proner to be hidden in the kitchen.

luxury decoration

Living rooms

Luxury decoration shapes are organic or geometric. Among geometrical designs we can see stripped shapes and among organic shapes many curved chairs and hand-painted wallpapers.

Regarding to styles and materials these include terrazzo, velvet, ottomans, and side tables, lamps, copper objects, glazed ceramics. Upholstery cloth keep being a breaking trend in luxury decoration.

luxury decoration


Colour continues to be the player in the bathroom, for tiles and sinks and baths. We can see colours as pale plum, greyish blue, dark green, beige, brown and charred.

luxury decoration


Warm materials for floors and walls they will substitute to cold white-hued or neutral materials. Unlike the 80’s, they’ll have a natural matt finishing and then they’ll be used for floorings and walls’ coatings, as for chimneys.

Cork adds warmth and texture to spaces, and it’s also ideal to isolate from the noise inside our homes. It can be used at furniture production, but also for walls’ coatings.

luxury decoration

Currently, wooden bedheads are the most trendy, but in 2018, upholsted beadheads will dominate the market.

They are a traditonal element to decorate luxury bedrooms, but their use has been retaken in the last few years.

Whether you choose a traditional model in neutral hues with buttons, or a velvet model, this kind of element adds eye-catching luxury and glamour to a room. They’ll also be applicable to those decorated with nail heads.

The last trend is to create little spots to disconnect from all the technology sorrounding us. A little interior garden is a perfect chance for it. A squashy sofa facing the interior garden could bring us great comfort for a relaxing time contacting the plants.

Yet metallics hues are used, as they are copper, bronze and golden, but those will give way to more industrial metals as they are black steel or burnished metals. Brass, polished nickel, and silver are returning. But still the mix of warm and cold metals will be used, as iron and bronze.

Black stainless steel is winning, and it’s going to dominate at appliances this and the following years. As it’s very elegant and combines with every kind of decoration and design.

Natural materials as wood, clay or wicker will replace marble, this was very trendy in the last years. The natural texture, it’ll also be applicable to drive attention to the rooms. Dark woods are emerging for furniture usage in 2018.

Presently people prefer private designs. It’s about separating spaces for a greater comfort and practicality.

Tiles are applicable for baths and kitchens coatings, but current trends, will tend to diminish the surface’s size.

luxury decoration

Wallpapers, as watercolor strokes or huge painted flowers, apart from creating a powerful aspect in the rooms, they’ll also be breaking the market.

It’s about creating a full-scale piece of art.

luxury decoration

Pieces with worn-out aspect are in too, those add much tecture and personality to a room.

Geometric prints will be in for curtains, bed linens, cushions.


Other trends boosting the luxury decoration market will be:

  • burlap
  • natural colours
  • industrial style furnitures
  • open shelves
  • painted furnitures
  • natural fiber carpets
  • modern details from the middle 20th century, among others…


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Do you imagine living over the sea?

homes in Formentera

On today’s post we are telling you how the life is near the sea. Living near the sea is an unique experience. Those lucky people who have the chance to do it, for example at homes in Formentera, they can’t give better references : mild temperatures throughout the year, pure air to renew energies, and a Mediterranean diet very advisable to carry out a good lifestyle.

Hereafter, we’re telling you which are the particular benefits that people who live in the beach notice, and other spotted advantages by doctors and specialists:


For those people who suffer from respiratory diseases, as asthma is. The decongestant components’ richness in the air helps to relief this kind of diseases (iodine and mineral salts).

It also helps to stabilize the blood pressure. We should take into account, that the air pressure is higher and so the oxygen quantity in the air. This air provides with more oxygen to organs and body tissues.

The high iodine content (natural bactericide) in the air fights eye and respiratory infections too, and generally the immune system. Iodine is also responsible for stabilizing the metabolic system and for helping the thyroid hormones’ production to normalise.

Stress out!

The lack of artificial activity in a natural environment as the beach is, it helps the environment to keep a negative charge (iodines). Those iodines’ negative charge helps us, among others, to stimulate neurotransmitters, to increase serotonin production and to clear the mind. Above from all, how it specially helps is by falling asleep faster. And we all say it, there’s no place to sleep better than the beach, without waking up in the night, without the city’s noise… just hearing the background roar of the waves.

homes in Formentera

What does the sea provide to luxury?

A luxury life and so, a luxury home, is focused on the maximum comfort. From the own house’s elements, to its placement. And this is, after the benefits described above, isn’t already a luxury the simple fact of being able to enjoy of the coast?

Sea and luxury perfectly match, as both of them defend a perfect and pleasing lifestyle in which health, security and comfort go together in the same package. It’s not a coincidence that the most amazing villas, as those we build in iLuxenio, are all built right on the beach. They meet together the perfect home with the ideal placement.

For example, a very related element with luxury villas and these in a good placement are the infinity pools. These pools are, as we know well, those which visually lack of edges and reflect the landscape they face ahead. An infinity pool  at homes in Formentera is essential, the result is astonishing and the landscape clamours for it.

 Homes in Formentera

Hereafter we are presenting you 2 choices of homes in Formentera, in which you could basically say that you are living over the sea.

Villa Borde de Mar

homes in Formentera

Source: Luxury Estate

It’s about a villa very close to Caló Des Mort, this house is for sell and rent and counts on a surface of 500m2, 6 rooms and 5 bathrooms. As a proper Mediterranean home, it counts on fine elements as it is the local wood. And also vivid colours paintings in order to appease the heat in the summer and to reflect the endless Mediterranean sun in the winter. It has two floors, a 150m2’s terrace and besides an infinity pool perfectly refurbished with wood to avoid the heat storage on the floor, and which mimics the natural enviroment of the home.

Villa at Cala Envaster

homes in Formentera

Source: Luxury Estate

This villa is located between Cala Envaster and Sant Ferran town. This beautiful villa is one of the many homes in Formentera located at exclusive points of the island. It counts on 300m2 of house but 4000 of field’s surface. Inside it, we can find 4 rooms and 3 bathrooms, and a rooftop swimming pool with Ibizan porch. Just like the previous villa, it’s made of natural materials and very breathable to stand for the high temperatures.

Living on the Mediterranean sea is something that very few people have within reach. In iLuxenio we’ve fulflilled our customers’ dream about having their own luxury villa at any spot of the coast. So if you have in mind to build your custom home, don’t hesitate to contact with the best professionals. We’ll guarantee you with the maximum exclusiveness, luxury and sustainability for your project.


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Swimming pools to customer’s liking

swimming pools

A swimming pool is an essential luxury for a villa or a detached house and there’s a variety of existing swimming pools which count on plenty of designs, sizes and materials. As a result, swimming pools are the architectural elements which better define luxury.

In this following post we’ll talk you about all kinds of pools. As they are: infinity pools, in which the water seems to lose in the horizon, those on rooftops, those with colourful bottoms, those underground… all of them have in common their beauty and exclusiveness.

Kinds of swimming pools:

According to their design and construction, swimming pools could be:

Elevated pools

They’re known as prefabricated swimming pools. It’s a kind of pool which doesn’t require of much work talking about big works’ execution when installing them, as they don’t need a space on the ground. Although this kind of pools doesn’t exceed to ground level’s ones, those are yet the preference despite of the great technical advances  in the last years.

Underground pools

We find the vast majority of pools this way. These  kinds of pools require of a hole work on the ground. The builders prefer this kind of swimming pools against the prefabricated swimming pool models. Although there’s a increase in the demand of these in the last years.

Glass fiber reinforces polyester’s swimming pools

Since these are made of one single piece on a preformed shape. It embraces the shape of a mould or specific moulds which could be modular or single pieced too. For its installation, as it’s under the ground, a hole with the shape and size of the polyester pool must be dug. But, they exist many qualities and depending on those, this kind of pools would require more or less maintenance, but generally, it’s necessary to protect them for down times and to make a maintenance each 4-5 years at least, as the chemicals used for the water’s treatment affect the polyester and could produce a crack on the pool’s structure.

Stainless steel swimming pools

Stainless steel swimming pools are pools which installation consists mostly on stainless preformed modular panels which size would depend on the model and design of the chosen pool. Hence, they usually have a more similar finishing to a working pool. For the execution of this kind of pools, it requires a time of 7-10 days.

Concrete pools

They’re usually made custom size, according to the client’s specifications. Especially relevant, this is the most common underground or ground level kind of pool. Its installation costs less than a glass fiber polyester pool. The construction phases for these pools are:

Also design, hole digging, pieces placement and installation, plumbering installation, fittings of technical equipment, concrete’s spraying, slabs and glassy tiles placement and exteriors and interiors installation.

Mixed or steelglass swimming pools

It’s an underground pool’s construction system which covers the best of each pool. Adding quality, durability and finishings completely uniques in the market. This kind of pools brings us some advantages as they are: security, construction and assembly speed, quality/price ratio and its durability. But the greatest advantage which brings is the complete personalization for every single customer. As this one can choose the size which better fits, the desired shape, the numbers of entrances to the pool, the colour and engraving, the glass mosaic drawings or the lighting…

Wooden swimming pools

Probably, this kind of pools are the most uncommon, in Spain they’re not very usual to find, although it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Among the kinds of wooden pools, they exist several models: ground level pools or underground pools, semi-underground pools or elevated swimming pools.

Finally, pools are one of the most sought elements in a luxury home, having a great swimming pool, a whirlpool bath… it’s what the customer who wants to build his/her dream home looks for, a private wide pool with water falls is essential.

In conclusion, some luxury pools features:

  • Being able to join architecture and relax. Luxury swimming pools, apart from being amazing and large, usually have as the main feature its design.  It’s usually related to the fact of being able to enjoy of it.
  • Betting on vegetation: nature adds much value to the bath’s enjoyment.
  • Rustic colours, navy colours.. But colours are important when choosing a luxury pool.

Furthermore, here you have an article with 20 examples of the most amazing swimming pools:

Shingle House

swimming pool

Private residence in Paia House, Maui, Hawaii

swimming pool

Felicite Island

swimming pool

Mediterranean House

 swimming pool

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iLuxenio’s project: Villa Sierra Morena


On today’s post we’re going to talk you about an own iLuxenio’s project, a  luxury villa in the heart of the Andalusian Sierra Morena.

It’s about a Premium quality villa, the maximum quality in luxury construction we offer in iLuxenio.

The two types of activity we do in iLuxenio are:

New build ans sustainable rehabilitation.

This villa belongs to new build, it’s an exciting project and perfectly customized to the tastes that the client proposed us.

The villa’s style is defined as Classic/Mediterranean, although it’s placed at a rural environment as Andalucia’s Sierra Morena is, the work and the customer’s taste have been perfectly able to adapt to the environment, an environment which presents an interior Mediterranean weather with high temperatures in the summer and fresh temperatures with very cold winters, a very vegetal and natural environment in which this villa ‘Sierra Morena’ has managed to find perfectly its place, so its kind of construction and materials that we’re going to talk about hereafter don’t clash with such a stunning placement as those we make available for our customers in iLuxenio.


This villa of  iLuxenio divides in three parts:

The first one is the house, which counts on two floors, another is the poolhouse. A separated space from the own house used for other purposes and finally the great garden.

About the house’s part and the poolhouse, for a start the house divides so the rooms are in the upper floor, and the low floor is left as a living area, passing and enjoyment place.

Talking about the home and poolhouse’s qualities:

  • About the coating: Non-slip stoneware floors in terraces, solárium, bathrooms and kitchens. In general the material used for the house’s pavement is the marble. In respect of the bathrooms and kitchen, they count on stoneware tlling with large format.
  • Windows and exterior elements: wood security main access double leaf doors, alluminum windows with termal bridge break, tilt opening, double glazed with solar control and motorized blinds or exterior slats.
  • Doors and interior elements: hohg-rise solid wood interior doors or sliding doors with concealed fence. With fitted wardrobes with interior panels and wooden front and LED lighting with motion sensor per cable.
  • About domotics (home automation) and telecommunications, it’s about a smart home in terms of automatic control of shutters and blinds, diferents scenes of lights on and off, air conditioning and technical alarms. It has integrated services of digital network and broadband cable.
  • The house’s air conditioning  is another aspect to highlight, with a Complete Installation of air conditioning with heat pump zoned and a system by aerothermy with radiant floor.
  • About the security, it has an alarm with motion sensors and access control monitoring.


In respect of the garden:

The garden takes a great part of the field, we can find the private swimming pool and the own poolhouse.

The pool counts on a solárium area finished on Iroko’s wooden pallet.

The garden’s design is based on the landscaping concept, with green grass and hedges areas. The garden counts on exotic vegetation of low water consumption and automatic exterior irrigation.

As you could have seen, in iLuxenio we take seriously into consideration each detail that the customer requests. As it is what we’re specialized in and we’re only acting in respect of your tastes. You can see more pictures of this project and now further about it in our website

This wonderful project was made for a customer who was searching the same than you do.

A design remarked by exclusivity, sustainability, the luxury and the customizing. Features which better define us and have defined us since we started in this adventure.

However, if what you’re looking for is to renew your home and adapt it to the principles we defend, we’re also experts in sustainable rehabilitation. As you could have seen in the rest of the projects that we have already made.

So,if you want to keep updated of all of our activity and you want to build your own luxury villa or to make a sustainable rehabilitation work. Don’t hesitate to contact us by subscribing to our newsletter. Or by following on our social networks.

Meanwhile, you can also simply keep enjoying of our website, of our new projects and becoming a reader of our weekly blog where we talk about decoration, lifestyle and construction. All of that inside luxury and sustainability.


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