Private submarines, the ultimate luxury to live up to


Submarines are the last expression of ostentation among billionaires, who smile at the most luxurious ports comparing the sizes of their ships.

The great fortunes invest in this type of boats because it offers them adventure and, above all, the privacy that they find almost impossible to obtain elsewhere; but also because it is difficult that you can neglect the value of this type of floating complexes. Most of the owners of this type of boats prefers to buy a conventional superyacht.

Thinking about a private submarine, is unbelievable for most people, could be an extravagance typical of science fiction movies. This niche market was prepared by the Austrian design, engineering and construction company of super yachts Motion Code, which created its exclusive line of Migaloo private submarines, offering maximum luxury, the most advanced technology and great privacy.

But submarines that have swimming pools, cinemas, gyms, VIP cabins and glazed windows to contemplate the depths of the ocean, are an attractive possibility for a few.

The Migaloo M7

It has characteristics that attract the attention of the nautical industry. The cabin is located in the area of ​​the bow of the ship and occupies 3 levels. The superior contemplates an exclusive terrace that unfolds from a retractable roof, which offers a private deck. Looking to the center of the ship, the deck offers a helipad, in addition to a solarium with folding roofs and an unpublished 8-meter long pool, which rises to the surface level when the submarine is submerged. But if this were not enough, the two-level beach club has a covered area, and the walls unfold over the sea, to allow direct access to the ocean.

Apart from the master suite, this submarine has eight VIP cabins for guests and independent parts for a large crew. They include cabins, kitchen, machine room, navigation rooms for the captain, gym for the crew and laundry. It also has movie theaters, spa gym with hot tubs, various living rooms and dining rooms with bar. Due to its powerful lighting system installed in the windows of the ship, you can appreciate the landscape of the depths, having a capacity of descent of up to 240 meters.


It reaches 40 knots of maximum speed on the waterline and 20 knots once submerged. This makes it the best luxury superyacht with the exclusivity of being submersible. The last and most exclusive way to enjoy the oceans. And all from about 800 million dollars, million up, million down.

The submarine industry is a growing industry, which increasingly offers more products. Nowadays you don’t have to think of them as claustrophobic devices. They have changed a lot since Dutch Cornelius Jacobszoon Drebbel built the first submarine between 1620 and 1624.

Companies like U.S. Submarines, Ocean Submarine and Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts have designed civil toys like the M7 of Migaloo that we have described before, a 225 to 283 length submersible.

The M7 is the most extreme example, and surely the most expensive one you can buy. Nobody knows yet who has been able to buy it but in the ocean there are smaller private submarines that have been produced by manufacturers such as Triton Submarines (a subsidiary of U.S. Submarines), U-Boat Worx and Seamagine Hydrospace, among others. They cost around three million euros and are easier to handle.

But one of the latest copies that has reached the market is the one that Triton Submarines and Aston Martin, the Neptune Project, have jointly devised.


Both firms, which are luxury firms in both sectors, started this joint venture in 2017. As announced, this submarine must be safe, reliable and offer its passengers 360º visibility.

Technical specifications

It can be submerged to depths of 500 meters with a capacity for two passengers and one pilot. Get a speed of up to 5 knots (9 km/h). They have paid as much attention to the hydrodynamics of the lower part as to the visible surfaces. According to the data that the firm Gaydon revealed , this submarine can be submerged to a depth of 500 meters. Besides  it can reach a speed of five knots, about 9.3 km / h. The mains areas in whic Aston Martin has contributed the most has been in the aesthetic section. The brand admits that the biggest challenge in this project were the interiors. Before installing the doors, they installed all interior elements in an open cabin. For this reason everything inside  must enter through the top hatch and assemble into the hull sphere.

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If you like adventure do not miss these places


Are you one of those people who get bored walking around a city? Or those who don’t support tourist tours and excursions to museums? You don’t feel like being in a resort without leaving when the world is full of amazing places to live an adventure.

 If you consider yourself a globetrotter and need to live a lot of unique experiences that change your life forever, you can’t miss today’s post.  Dare an adventure like the following!

Salar of Uyuni – Bolivia

We can consider it as the largest salt desert in the world. It has more than 4,000 square kilometers. As we can see in the images, in the rainy season it will become a giant mirror. You can also enjoy the Incahuasi Island, a place where the hills of land emerge, perfect for a well-deserved rest.


Living with the Moken water tribe – Mergui Archipelago

The Mergi archipelago is located in southern Burma. Formed by more than 800 small islands. In this place lives a well-known tribe called Moken, the owner of the waters that surround the archipelago.

They spend most of their time in small boats built by hand by them. They feed based on shellfish that fish by diving and larger fish caught with spears. Living a few days with them and knowing their ancestral culture can be a unique experience.



Sailing the Amazon River – Peru

It is the dream of almost any traveler, to sail the Amazon. An inhospitable place, practically isolated by land, to which only the most daring dare to go. There are various programs to participate in ecosystem conservation, you can collaborate with scientists to save the dolphin that walks through the fresh water of the Amazon.



Safari in Tanzania

Do you know the Masai tribe in Tanzania? The Masai usually inhabit Kenya and Tanzania lands. Former tribe of warriors today are semi-nomadic shepherds who seek grass in the lands of the Masai Mara and move their herds so that the grass grows again. The total number of Masais is around 850,000, and although their life revolves around livestock, there are Masai who have a job and live with respect for their traditions. It is one of the best known tribes in the world for their dances, their warriors and their red robes. It is also a good opportunity to see lions, buffalo, elephants and giraffes without having to go riding in an all-terrain vehicle.


Mount Hua Shan

It is one of the best known mountains in China and the most dangerous tourist trail in the world. There are many people who cheer up even though they can’t take pictures, they have to be aware of not falling into the precipice that separates them from death.

It is located 120 kilometers from the city and is known because the tea they serve on its top is one of the best in the world. On the other hand you have to be careful with the path, one must be determined and have basic knowledge of mountaineer.



Papua New Guinea

A paradise that has not yet been discovered by many tourists, with a nature that has practically only been exploited by its tribes. The more than 800 different tribes live from mining, agriculture and fishing, although the greatest value for their cities is the abundance of oil.

You can do thousands of activities like diving coral reefs, make the Kokoda trail and enjoy paradisiacal beaches. What about this adventure?

Gorilla Safari, Uganda and Rwanda

The mountains of Rwanda and Uganda are one of the last places on Earth where gorillas still thrive. Four of the “great apes”, mountain gorillas, lowland gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos can be observed.



Caminito del Rey”, Malaga

The “Caminito del Rey” is located in El Chorro, a village belonging to the municipality of Álora, in the province of Málaga.

It is one of the main rock climbing centers in Europe due to being located next to the Gaitanes Gorge. At the edge of this gorge runs the Caminito del Rey, this magnificent layout and its vertiginous walkways trace a route between the canyons that wind the river course of the Guadalhorce River.

They have just remodeled the platform that allows anyone to make the road completely safely. Formerly it was one of the most dangerous walks in Spain.

Cross the Sahara

The Sahara desert has more than 3,500,000 km2 and is one of the most inhospitable places in the world. Perfect to live an adventure! You can live the 22-day hike from Taoudenni to Timbuktu, where merchants are still transporting their merchandise.


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Museo Picasso Málaga

Museo Picasso Málaga

The province of Málaga hides some of the greatest treasures of Andalusia, it’s able to welcome a very diverse tourism.

Inland of the province, we can enjoy of unique activities in the world. As it’s a journey through the thrilling Caminito del Rey. Or a visit to Antequera Dolmen Site, UNESCO World Heritage since 2016. On the other hand we have the coastal area, where Málaga leads at with public transports infrastructure, catering and leisure. As we told you about on a previous post, Málaga is a paradise to live in.

In the city of Málaga, back in 1881, Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born. Talking about Picasso means to talk about one of the most renowned Spanish painters of history of arts and one of cubism’s creators. He was born in the bosom of a bourgeois family, and a father who worked as a lecturer at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes of San Telmo and as professor at Escuela de Bellas Artes of Barcelona. Picasso spent his life between Barcelona and Paris. Living and working at the bohemian neighbourhoods of each city. (Montmartre and Montparnasse in Paris or Carrer Nour de la Rambla area in Barcelona).

But Picasso’s legacy is still present today. Although Museo Picasso Málaga is the most famous, the artist’s work is spread throughout more museums with a similar name in Spain.

We can’t forget about Museo Casa Natal de Picasso, placed right in front of where the artist was born, and which complements Picasso tour through the city of Málaga. The Museu Picasso de Barcelona are in 5 different mansions at Calle Montcada, very close from Basílica Santa María del Mar. Another one is Casa Museo de Picasso, in La Coruña, where his family moved due to his father’s change of destination. And the welcoming Museo Picasso de Buitrago, where there’s a collection given by the barber and great friend of the artist.

This time, we’ll focus on Museo Picasso Málaga.

This temple, which is fully committed to the artist, is the most visited museum of Andalucía. It’s in the historical centre of city, inside Palacio de Buenavista, a Mudejar and Renaissance style palace. Under it, we can find an archeological site, which contains Phoenician and Roman vestiges, and remains of the old Renaissance style palace.

Entrance to Museo Picasso Málaga is open with a convenient timetable for each season of the year. Although it opens daily at 10 in the morning (except from December 24th, January 1st and 6th, it remains closed), during the winter it opens until 18h, during the spring and autumn until 19h and in the summer until 20h. Entrance rates also change according to the kind of visit we’d like to do. Currently, for the permanent exhibition the price is 8€ (reduced fee 6€), and for complementary temporary exhibitions 6,5€ (reduced fee 4€).

Museo Picasso MálagaPic by: Museo Picasso Málaga

What can we find in Museo Picasso Málaga?

To this day, we can access to permanent exhibition (New Collection). Renewed in March 2017 with the contribution of Fundación Almine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso para el Arte (FABA), for at least these following 3 years. It’s a collection of 166 artworks which focus on the artistic experience. Chronologically ordered which explains very clearly Picasso’s evolution as a painter and his versatility as an artist. He didn’t fear any material, technique or topic in order to represent his works. And in this permanent exhibition at Museo Picasso Málaga they definitely got to make us realize us about it. Some of the works in this permanent exhibition are: ‘Restaurante’ (1914),  and which is shown to the public for the first time. Or Las tres Gracias’ (1923), a reinterpretation of first of the mythological work and then Ruben’s.

The temporary exhibition we can find currently is ‘Andy Warhol. Mechanic Art’.

It’s on exhibition since the beginning of June until September 16th. It’s about a collection of the most famous and laureate contemporary artist in the world. In cooperation wtih Obra Social ‘La Caixa’. We can find all kind of works related to underground movement of this newyorker artist. Pictures, sculptures, films, paintings and books; among others.

But Museo Picasso Málaga’s activity isn’t just about the works exhibition. During all the year, they organize some activities inside their educational and cultural programmes, in which they organize activities for educational centres. And so workshops, local exhibitions, Music Cycles, summer cinema, etc. And for this month of October it will be celebrated the IV Picasso International Congress.


You can find more information about Museo Picasso Málaga and the latest news on its website and social media.


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