Magical places to stay to tour the Discovery of America

The Discovery of America marked a milestone in European and Spanish history.

Nowadays, the history is tightly close to tourism, and it has exponentially grown in the last few years.

The number of people that want to travel to historical sites is increasing.

Visiting and touring the path that others took once in the past, enjoying magical and unique places.

History is one of the main reasons for people to travel and one of the most interesting moments in history is the Discovery of America.

The desire of learning about the journey that Christopher Columbus went on to discover the New World in 1492.

On this post we will show you the places where the first travelers were on their journey to discover America.

Columbus started his trip in Palos de la Frontera, Huelva , Spain on August 3rd of 1492.

From Huelva, he followed on his journey to Gran Canaria island, later they sailed to La Gomera island, and after stocking up on food, tools and water and doing some reparations on the boats, they weighed anchor to the Antilles, known as the Caribbean.

From the Caribbean there some destinations that stick out the rest: The Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti or Dominican Republic.

We will go deeply on each destination mentioned on the Discovery:

Gran Canaria Island

The Canary Islands is an archipelago that consists of seven unique paradises, located in the Atlantic Ocean.

Gran Canaria has all sorts of scenery and environments where you can enjoy your trip.

It is an island that stands out for its incredible mountainous scenary.

Going to the Morro de la Agujereada, a 1956 meter high mountain is a must do in the island.

Also, it has amazing dune beaches, palm tree forests and other places with varied and strange wildlife.

La Gomera

Christopher Columbus and his crew went to La Gomera before facing the hardest part of their journey.

This island is home for a wide variety of nature with enormous value and national and international interest.

It was named as Biosphere Reserve in 2012.

Moreover, in the middle of the island there is the Garajonay National Park, World Heritage.

And also, visitors can enjoy some unique gastronomy such as watercress stew or palm honey.

La Gomera also has unique marine bottoms and cliffs formed by eroded lava that are pinned in the Atlantic Ocean.

It is a small island, but with a lot charm where tourists can enjoy the calmness of the sea without worrying about people.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic has some magnetism from which is hard to escape.

Visitors can enjoy its marvelous gastronomy, bachata and the contagious happiness of the Dominicans.

It is a magical destination because of its incredible history.

It was the first time that Christopher Columbus touched American soil and he saw its beauty, fell in love with the island and they established the headquarters for the New World.

The Bahamas

At the beginning, Columbus thought he arrived to an Asian island that he named San.

Nowadays, one of the island of The Bahamas archipelago is named that way.

The Bahamas archipelago consists of over 700 islands, each of them with its own personality, unique of a paradise.

There are leisure activities for all kinds of travelers.

These islands are ideal for practicing scuba diving, fishing, and navigation and boating.

And, besides its idyllic beaches, tourists can also taste some delicious and varied gastronomy.


Cuba is island  with 15 provinces and has some sites that have included in the Cultural World Heritage list.

Its colorful capital La Havana with its exciting night life, in addition to a beautiful architectonical designing, is the core of the country.

Regarding the leisure, there are many activities to carry out in La  Havana and Varadero, the most traditional places in the island.

Travelers can get to know them by luxury, vintage, ecological…tours.

Furthermore, another attraction of Cuba is its golf courses.


Haiti is an Antilles country, situated between Dominican Republican and Cuba.

The capital is Puerto Principe and stands out as a very lively city with a lot of movement.

It is known as a destination for tourists who are looking for sun, beaches and luxurious hotels and its music, painting and carnival should be highlighted.

Some of the most touristic places are de Barbancourt Castle, the Bonheur Villa and itsblack sand virgin beaches.

In the following paragraph we are listing some of the best hotels in the destinations gone down in the Discovery of America:


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La Gomera

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Dominican Republic

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The Bahamas

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