Luxurious outdoor accommodations to enjoy an amazing night with stars

In Spain we love to celebrate the Three Wise Men Day with our families. But if we can also take advantage to get away on these dates or an adventure under the stars with our children, much better.

In our childhood, we all wanted to have a little tree house. It was for everyone a place to shelter, play, hide our treasures and dream about being older. Some children were lucky enough to have it. But for those who did not, they still have time to enjoy one of them in one of the most spectacular and wild places in the world. It is the perfect place to go with children and dream under the stars.

Tree houses

Tree houses are located in the province of Mpumalanga in South Africa, the exclusive Lion Sands Treehouses are located in the Sabi Sand Private Hunting Reserve and in the Kruger National Park, epicenter of the best safaris in the country.

They are luxurious outdoor accommodations to enjoy an amazing night with stars as roof and nature underfoot.

A magnificent place that will allow you to discover spectacular landscapes, relax watching the sunsets and where the calm will only be interrupted by the sounds of the birds and the noises of the animals that live around you. An authentic experience, totally safe, since the houses are built far from the animals, to be able to observe them easily, but far enough from them, so that they cannot approach us.


Kingston Treehouse is built next to an outcrop of boulders, attached to the main house by a small drawbridge. This fabulous house is protected by a wooden and glass structure. It provides a great view all around, without losing comfort with a feather bed and hot shower included.

If you don’t know, Africa is the continent least affected by light pollution.


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Namib Rand Nature Reserve

Another place to observe the stars is the Namib Rand Nature Reserve. We can find it the southwest of Namibia, in the Namib Desert. It has 2,100 sq kilometers of extension and is one of the largest private reserves in Africa.


Monte Megantic en Quebec.

Another wonderful place to travel with children and see the stars is Mount Megantic in Quebec. In 2007, the International Dark Sky Association named it as the first Dark Sky International Reserve . The Mont Megantic National Park in Quebec (Canada) is considered one of the best astrotourism destinations in the world. That is why its magnificent geographical conditions. In addition to the clarity of the sky and the amount of leisure activities related to stargazing.At the top we can find an astronomical observatory, Mont Megantic. This place has different high-class accommodation options. They range from the luxury hotel in Quebec to boutique hotels located in the mountains.

Island of La Palma

Another well-known site in Spain is the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands are another privileged site to see the stars. This island known as the Isla Bonita is located in the middle of the Atlantic. This is a place where without any doubt you can observe the wonderful amount of stars that surround the Earth. On the island of La Palma is the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory. Is belongs to the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands. There, we can find more than a dozen observing instruments managed by different countries. The observatory is 2,426 m above sea level and above the persistent sea of ​​clouds. It has a total of 12 telescopes, including the largest in the world to date, the Gran Telescopio de Canarias (GTC).

Also on the island, and to continue a trip with the stars as a reference, we can stay in hotels and rural houses ‘astrothematized”. We recommend the following page to find charming luxury houses and villas in La Palma:

They are authentic Canarian constructions of white lime with corner stones, they are erected in a quiet area to enjoy nature and, above all, under one of the most impressive starry skies you have ever contemplated.

Pic du Midi

Another place you can’t miss is the Pic du Midi in France.

The home of the highest planetarium in Europe, in the French Pyrenees, is also a star destination, never better, for stellar tourism. This is so, above all, thanks to the purity of air and light, as well as the stability of its atmosphere.

Here we find the Dark Sky International Reserve of the Pic du Midi, where around 1.5 million visitors come each year. In addition to observation, different activities and events take place, such as star parties, related to astronomy.

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