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Golf is a sport for professionals and each link is a different challenge for this sport addicted players. On today’s post we are leaving a complete list with the most exclusive golf links where those enthusiast can enjoy and improve their skills.

Firstly we are going to name is Cape Kidnappers in New Zealand.

This golf club is special as it’s built where it previously was a sheep farmyard. It was created by Tom Doak in 2004. Its fairways are quite bumpy and if we don’t make a good swing it’s possible to send the ball directly into the water. It’s one of the most challenging and complicated golf links.The field is completely made of wiggling fairways and very steep greens which will make you have a very different golf journey from any other. Besides that, they make hosting available for you in the own course. You can find rooms going 249 pounds per person and night, and each round costs 115 pounds.

Another flagship golf link is the Royal Melbourne Golf Club in Australia.

This link counts on a very sandy ground and links are sorrounded by local vegetation and plants. It was created by Alister MacKenzie in 1891 and it hosts many international tournaments, as its capacity is for 15.000 spectators. The price for each round is 370 dollars.

Thirdly, we are going to recall the Mission Hills Group in China.

It counts on a very tropical ground, with clay fields and an impressive volcano. All its 18 links are spread in an environment with a beautiful river and extravagant trees. You can also make use of a hotel and a spa inside the golf course so you can enjoy of a stunning landscape from there.

The fourth golf link we are going to name is Pebble Beach, USA.

It was created by Jack Neville and Douglas Grant in 1919, it’s close to California coast and you can behold the Pacific from there. It has very challenging fairways and such steep greens. We must recall that it’s such a complicated golf course due to the wind intensity as it’s open to the sea. Apart from its 18 links, there are 15 restaurants, including a bar with a stunning view to California’s ocean side, some different shops and a spa.

Fifthly, we find Muirfield Golf Club, Scotland.

An extraordinary place full of history where they were created the 13 golf rules. It was designed by Tom Morrison. It counts on 18 golf links and vegetation covers it. A single round has a price of 220 euros.

We wouldn’t like to forget about the oldest golf link in the world. It’s about Old Course St Andrews, and we can find it in Scotland too. Its activity starts in 1550 and its fares depend on the season of the year, going from 88 to 180 pounds. These lands have witnessed many British Opens with the world best golf players.

On the other hand, at Uummannaq(Greenland), green become white, as it hosts the World Ice Golf Championship since 1999. During the same, you could encounter seal shelters and cliffs. Although rules are applied the same way, unless weather conditions become very adverse. Players receive a previous training in order to face the upcoming cold you deal with until the tee-off.


But we also would like to remark among Spain’s golf links, Sotogrande’s Golf Tour:

Soon, it’s sixth edition is going to take place. With great surprises and lots of news for a stop in one of the best circuits of the Spanish country.

The exhibition schedule of this Sotogrande’s Golf Tour sixth edition starts at Real Club de Golf in Seville. And it continues the tour through emblematic points of Andalusia. You’ll play at Valle Romano, Almenara Golf, San Roque Club, Finca Cortesín or RACE Madrid. Here it will lock the regular season on September 29th.

Either for these golf links’ location, their additional facilities, or for being the natural nest of world luxury industry, no golf lover can miss these links at leat once in a lifetime. Some of them are for free public and other require of membership to enjoy of them.

Somehow or other, and as Tiger Woods would say: ‘I think that in itself, if you’re a true golfer, you’ll see specific things you need to work on. Much cheaper than private lessons.’

You could give yourself your best swings at any of these golf links, where ‘finishes’ however bad they are, would always taste better.


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