Best bilingual schools to educate your children

Today at iLuxenio we want to help you find the best bilingual school for your children. We believe that the education of children is a fundamental issue for families. For this reason, it is very important that parents know and evaluate a wide range of possibilities.

In Spain we have many academic centers that open up their doors every year to welcome tomorrow’s professionals. First of all, we bring you some of the most outstanding centers in the province of Seville:

Buen Pastor bilingual school:

It has been 25 years since a group of educational professionals took ownership of the Buen Pastor bilingual school.

Since that time, they have been extremely focused on adapting the ideals of The Free Institution of Education, Siurot and Padre Manjón, to the 21st century, with the goal of forming free citizens, educated and involved in the regeneration of the country.

The Buen Pastor has a group of teachers involved in their ideas. They are in continuous training and their reputation is proved in different subjects. This is reflected in their success. Year after year, at the university Olympics of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, etc. The students of the Buen Pastor school have represented our country in international Olympics. They have won scholarships such as the “Amancio Ortega” or have got a 100% approval rating on the university extrance exam, with one of the highest grade point averages in Seville.

The school is 100% bilingual so,  we highly recommend it. The students of this center participate in the Ruta Quetzal project, the Magallanes. They also make exchanges with schools in Münster, Nantes, Quebec or London. The English language (the Buen Pastor school is an official test center of the Trinity College of London), French, German and Portuguese are part of its educational offer, as are study trips through Spain and Europe

The educational center organizes internship programs at NGOs and companies. It is committed to local and international solidarity. For this reason, it supports community kitchens like the one at the Adolfo Kölping School, in Ecuador. Besides, it also supports a lot of other projects. The list will go on forever if we had to name all the projects!

 Entreolivos / Tabladilla School

The bilingual schools Entreolivos and Tabladilla have been helping families of Seville educate their children for more than 40 years.

The keys to its success are bilingualism, innovation, educational quality and personalized attention.

The learning of English begins at 3 years in Pre-School Education and they incorporate French lessons in Primary education. The students of Entreolivos and Tabladilla take the Cambridge English exams at the school: B2 (FIRST) in 4th grade of ESO, B1 (PET) in 2nd grade of ESO and A2 (KET) in 6th grade of Primary.

At Entreolivos and Tabladilla schools teachers provide a complete educational coaching with tutorial support and personalized attention to their students and families.

If you are looking for an educational center for your children on the Costa del Sol, we recommend these schools in Malaga:

bilingual school

Patrocinio San José bilingual school:

It is a well-known bilingual school in Andalusia. With more than two centuries of history, offering a teaching program in Spanish reinforced by English, French and German lessons.

It has a dining room, a swimming pool, music program, sports club, interactive whiteboards and they frequently use tablets in the classrooms. All of this contributes to the productivity of the classes and children’s well-being at the school.
It has two different centers, one in Estepona and the other in San Pedro de Alcántara. Sports are one of their key points because they understand it as something essential for students’ personal development.

It is also a language test center (Cambridge / Trinity).


This bilingual school founded in 1971 provides comprehensive training from Preschool to High School. It stands out from the rest because it follows a very interesting teaching methodology. It focuses on keeping educational quality and that’s why students don’t take exams until high school, nor do they have to do homework.
For this reason, it has been awarded the EFQM +400 European Seal of Excellence This way of teaching is directly supported by four points: multilingualism; multiple intelligences; cooperative learning; and communication and information technologies.

English lessons start in preschool, but Salliver also offers a German teaching program from primary to high school. His bilingual program seeks to develop linguistic competence in English. For this reason,  teachers use these languages ​​and never in Spanish for any type of communication.

These are just some examples of bilingual schools we can find in Andalucia. However, the list of outstanding centers with a  high-quality foreign languages ​​ program in our country is very broad. You can check this useful ranking here.

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