The most spectacular caves in Spain


Spain has amazing tourist attractions from beaches to mountains along with a great gastronomic offers and other countless leisure possibilities. Surely, coast activities on, such as diving, surfing or simply sun and beach tourism are the most popular choices and the best known options to everyone. However, today we will not talk about any of them but rather about another incredible alternative which is also attractive and that will impress you on your visit to the Iberian Peninsula. Let’s talk about the best caves in Spain!

Our country’s natural wealth, even hard to believe, also resides in the Earth’s interior. The caves which are listed below, were genereted there. They are natural treasures that have been formed over the years, and have reached our days with beauty and a conservation status that is worth seeing in itself.

These are the Spanish caves that we recommend you visit:

Cueva del Drac (Mallorca)

Mallorca is a clear example of what was metioned before. This city does not only stand out for its coves and beaches but also for its four wonderful caves connected together that make up the Cueva del Drac. Cova Negra, Cova Blanca, Cova de Lluis Salvador and Cova dels Francesos were formed by the action of rainwater. Some experts date the appearance of the cave in the Miocene. If you visit it, during the tour (which lasts one hour), you can also attend a classical music concert on the shores of an underground lake.

Price: € 15

 Cueva del Valporquero (León)

The beauty of this place is stunning.  It is one of the most beautiful caves in Spain and it is located in León. Its remarkable stalactite columns make up a structure of seven different halls open to visitors. Some of them are considerably high. An example of this is the 40-meter long gallery called Gran Vía, named after its length although not especially wide, barely 8 meters wide. Under the tourist zone, there are passageways only suitable for speleologists and experts.

Price: € 8.50.


 Cueva El Soplao (Santander)

It is located in Cantabria among the villages of Herrerías, Valdáliga and Rionansa. It is best known for its natural formations: it is the area with the highest concentration of eccentric helictites. They are a very peculiar type because they grow in all directions. Since 2005, it is possible to visit this cave that is more than 20 km long. The Fantasmas, Coliflor or Bosque galleries are some of the areas that you can visit.

Price: € 12.5

Grutas del Águila (Ávila)

In 1963 it was discovered by pure chance by some hunters who were crossing Valle del Tiétar. To date its origin, we must go back more than 10 million years ago. It is estimated that it is approximately 12 million years old.

Price: € 8

Cueva de Mendukilo (Navarra)

Although it has been open to the public for only a few years (it has been reserved for speleologists) and it is not even possible to visit it completely, the amazing nature of this place has earned a place on the best Spanish cave list. If you happen to go to Navarre, we recommend you to see the three halls that are open to visitors at the Cueva de Mendukilo.

Price: € 8

Cueva del viento (Tenerife)

Outside the peninsula, particulary in the Islas Canarias which is another of the main beach tourist destination, we also have a grotto to know. Although  it would be better to say, that it is the longest volcanic tube in Europe and the fifth largest in the world. It’s the Cueva del viento. With more than 2000 years of history, it stands out for its volcanic, biological and paleontological importance.

Price: € 20

Cueva de Nerja (Málaga)

While the Grutas del Águila cave was discovered by chance by some hunters, in this case, the Cueva de Nerja was discovered by a group of children. The Sala de la Torca is well-known for its cave paintings. With more than 4,800 meters in length, it is one of the most developed in Andalucía.

Online price: € 11. Tourist guide price: € 13. 

Cueva de Los Enebralejos (Segovia)

It is the most important one in the province of Segovia, located particulary at a short distance from Prádena de la Sierra. It is a cave packed with history because inside of it, many paintings and engravings have been found. The grotto was a necropolis that now is millions of years old. Price: € 6.20

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Best bilingual schools to educate your children

bilingual school

Today at iLuxenio we want to help you find the best bilingual school for your children. We believe that the education of children is a fundamental issue for families. For this reason, it is very important that parents know and evaluate a wide range of possibilities.

In Spain we have many academic centers that open up their doors every year to welcome tomorrow’s professionals. First of all, we bring you some of the most outstanding centers in the province of Seville:

Buen Pastor bilingual school:

It has been 25 years since a group of educational professionals took ownership of the Buen Pastor bilingual school.

Since that time, they have been extremely focused on adapting the ideals of The Free Institution of Education, Siurot and Padre Manjón, to the 21st century, with the goal of forming free citizens, educated and involved in the regeneration of the country.

The Buen Pastor has a group of teachers involved in their ideas. They are in continuous training and their reputation is proved in different subjects. This is reflected in their success. Year after year, at the university Olympics of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, etc. The students of the Buen Pastor school have represented our country in international Olympics. They have won scholarships such as the “Amancio Ortega” or have got a 100% approval rating on the university extrance exam, with one of the highest grade point averages in Seville.

The school is 100% bilingual so,  we highly recommend it. The students of this center participate in the Ruta Quetzal project, the Magallanes. They also make exchanges with schools in Münster, Nantes, Quebec or London. The English language (the Buen Pastor school is an official test center of the Trinity College of London), French, German and Portuguese are part of its educational offer, as are study trips through Spain and Europe

The educational center organizes internship programs at NGOs and companies. It is committed to local and international solidarity. For this reason, it supports community kitchens like the one at the Adolfo Kölping School, in Ecuador. Besides, it also supports a lot of other projects. The list will go on forever if we had to name all the projects!

 Entreolivos / Tabladilla School

The bilingual schools Entreolivos and Tabladilla have been helping families of Seville educate their children for more than 40 years.

The keys to its success are bilingualism, innovation, educational quality and personalized attention.

The learning of English begins at 3 years in Pre-School Education and they incorporate French lessons in Primary education. The students of Entreolivos and Tabladilla take the Cambridge English exams at the school: B2 (FIRST) in 4th grade of ESO, B1 (PET) in 2nd grade of ESO and A2 (KET) in 6th grade of Primary.

At Entreolivos and Tabladilla schools teachers provide a complete educational coaching with tutorial support and personalized attention to their students and families.

If you are looking for an educational center for your children on the Costa del Sol, we recommend these schools in Malaga:

bilingual school

Patrocinio San José bilingual school:

It is a well-known bilingual school in Andalusia. With more than two centuries of history, offering a teaching program in Spanish reinforced by English, French and German lessons.

It has a dining room, a swimming pool, music program, sports club, interactive whiteboards and they frequently use tablets in the classrooms. All of this contributes to the productivity of the classes and children’s well-being at the school.
It has two different centers, one in Estepona and the other in San Pedro de Alcántara. Sports are one of their key points because they understand it as something essential for students’ personal development.

It is also a language test center (Cambridge / Trinity).


This bilingual school founded in 1971 provides comprehensive training from Preschool to High School. It stands out from the rest because it follows a very interesting teaching methodology. It focuses on keeping educational quality and that’s why students don’t take exams until high school, nor do they have to do homework.
For this reason, it has been awarded the EFQM +400 European Seal of Excellence This way of teaching is directly supported by four points: multilingualism; multiple intelligences; cooperative learning; and communication and information technologies.

English lessons start in preschool, but Salliver also offers a German teaching program from primary to high school. His bilingual program seeks to develop linguistic competence in English. For this reason,  teachers use these languages ​​and never in Spanish for any type of communication.

These are just some examples of bilingual schools we can find in Andalucia. However, the list of outstanding centers with a  high-quality foreign languages ​​ program in our country is very broad. You can check this useful ranking here.

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Be Eco-friendly and sustainable, the future of luxury brands


Today we celebrate World Environment Day, so we want to dedicate today’s post to talk about environment .

Nowadays, there is a growing concern for brands to be environmentally responsible, trying to be as sustainable as posible. Mostly millennials are responsible for consuming these types of brands, therefore big luxury brands do not want to lose sight of this generation.

They are committed to their values ​​and aware of this reality, that’s why they boost this type of purchases encouraging big brands that care about the eco-friendly, being for some of them prescribers.

This is also happening with luxury hotels, which are offering their services trying to cause the least impact on nature, being able to provide their guests with experiences of the paradises where we can find them. As for example Soneva paradise. The eco and the simple are nowadays a definition of current luxury, favoring those, luxury brands so  they have a greater affinity with their public.

A study by The Shelton Group shows that millennials, as mentioned before, are the main consumers of these brands, so these luxury brands are increasingly making positive strategies for the environment .


Which are these brands?

Vivienne Westwood

A British fashion designer closely associated with punk and New Wave movements. It is one of the pioneering brands in sustainable fashion, although it does not stand out in its image. She named her AW17/18 show “Ecotricity”, and was related to renewable energy,  as an attempt to attract other luxury brands to move to the green energy movement. Her campaign was backed by the mayor of London and the British Fashion Council, and several British companies such as Belstaff or Marks & Spencer, which have already committed to follow Westwood’s example.

We can see the exhibition on active sustainable fashion currently in the V & A Museum, in London.


This was one of the first brands to get involved in sustainability, creating a collection of 100% sustainable bags.

In 2010, they launched the use of recyclable containers with FSC certificate. The next year, in 2011 they introduced a collection of eyewear. They made it with greener materials that are based on castor-oil seeds. In 2012 they presented a collection of sandals of sustainable and biodegradable plastic.

Later, in 2014 they focused on corporate social responsibility and its objective was to achieve leather and fur proceeding from 100% of “verified captive breeding operations or  from wild populations in a sustainable way”

Besides, in 2017 they announced that they refused to continue using fur in their collections, stop using fox skins, mink, rabbit, Karakul, raccoon in their collections.  This action produced a very positive attitude for vegans, vegetarians and animal activists.

In 2018, the company launched Gucci Equilibrium to aspire to greater sustainability. The website is “designed to connect people, the planet and the purpose” by allowing Gucci staff to devote 1% of their working time to volunteering in local communities.

Stella McCartney

Since 2001, the designer does not stop at the exclusion of materials from animals. She shot her last publicity campaign in a landfill. It is one of the brands that commits to change their energy suppliers for green energy by the year 2020.

The State of Fashion event, the largest event on sustainability and fair fashion, includes Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood in their exhibitions as pioneers of sustainability in luxury fashion.

McCartney is also present at the V&A Museum’s sustainable fashion exhibition.


This luxury brand has only  an “E”-rating at the sustainability ranking “”

Michael Kors

The American luxury company Michael Kors wants to stop using fur by the end of the year.


They announced that the luxury fashion brand will stop destroying products in stock.

This year, Burberry has also become a core partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s   Make Fashion Circular initiative, along with Gap, H&M, HSBC, Nike and Stella McCartney. And furthermore, Burberry announced that it will stop using fur in its collections.

Known for its leather bags has also been declared “fur-free”. They announced that the ban will be official in November 2018.


Fashion is not just about being beautiful, or in fashion. In the 21st century, the question goes beyond. It’s about buying according to certain principles, being aware of what you wear. This is why more and more companies are appearing in the ethical or sustainable movement. Brands that manufacture in Spain or in Europe, tend to be the ones that take more care of the environment.

First of all, they  care about having optimal working conditions. These brands with Spanish seal are: visit them here


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How decorate your mansion

Luxury decoration

Luxury has different aspects when we talk about decoration. We want to show different versions of luxury decoration that always keep their style intact. We teach you different ways of understanding and approaching it. It just depends on you to find the one that best suits you and the house of your dreams.

We can start talking about quiet luxury.

It is nearly always a kind of ‘l’art de vivre’, good taste and the ability to get excited. It’s the most peaceful decoration. What we really want is to strengthen the structures of the house. For example, taking advantage of columns, pavements, wooden beams… Decorating with a few well-placed pieces and special decor.  Its value lies in making a beautiful space with no soul, being able to capture the sophistication and good taste. You have to know how to use luxury decoration so you get a quiet and balanced space.

Luxury decoration

Let’s see the totally opposite side, the excess.

Here the opulence, the ornate, is carried away. It seems that there are too many elements but it is just an impression. In these spaces nothing is missing, but nothing is unnecessary. In this luxury decoration you cannot miss golden glitters, marble and the wonderful fabrics that dress windows and upholstered sofas.  We cannot help mentioning the classic pure excess of velvets, they are used to make all kinds of patterns to decorate cushions, blankets, curtains, etc. This new luxury, more transgressive and bold, shows the most extravagant side of the house and is only suitable for brave people. You must be really careful not to cross the line of good taste into the most horrendous result. Betting on this version implies a lot of self-confidence

We can talk about another type of luxury decoration somewhere between moderation and excess. A more neutral decoration.

Many times luxury is the details, the proportions, the distribution that makes the spaces look serene, balanced, with harmony. Creating spaces that can captivate and excite us.

Another type of decoration worth commenting on is the collector’s spirit.

Art in motion. We do not only refer to painting, photography and sculpture – almost always synonyms of luxury – but we open this artistic universe to include pieces of furniture. Armchairs, lamps, tables … are usually the protagonists of the spaces, providing the necessary touch of sophistication.

Luxury decoration

Another form of decoration to brighten up your home is the “dazzling style”.

With this expression we refer to metals, crystals, mirrors … elements that reflect light.

This type of materials are ideal for a decoration less opaque or polished.

As we have mentioned when it comes to creating a sophisticated and stylish atmosphere, you should take into account the light but also the color.

Light and color.

Lights can also be used to light up paintings or give a touch of theatricality. Color, on the other hand, is a very important ally, but if chosen wrong can ruin the space. There are different ways to play with colors. You can create different environments with dark tones. But nevertheless, people have the wrong idea about darks colors making rooms look smaller. The easiest solution is White. Anyway creating luxury implies a risk.

As important as the color and lighting is the staging.

The arrangement of different elements and decorative object, including artworks, is very important. It is always a good idea to show your interests but without overdoing it. For example, placing some pictures, but not everywhere. You can also exhibit your books with beautiful spines, or cover them with decorative papers. We always tend to clutter up our lives and we need to know what to exhibit.


Another tip is to put a rug in each area. In this way the furniture of that area will be pulled together, helping to define spaces.  Walls are usually the ones to define the room, but carpets can change the focus on each area.

We cannot conclude without mentioning golden and precious metal decorative elements. They are highly recommended for a sumptuous decoration, since they are the best representation of luxury. Anyway, the world would be a very dull place without a bit of extravagance


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The world’s most famous private clubs

private clubs

We already had the chance in this blog to talk about the social clubs in one of the most exclusive areas of our country: Sotogrande. Today, we want to increase the geographic range and show you which are the most famous private clubs in the world. If you are interested to know how these elegant places, where the jet set meets are, don’t miss today’s post!

Who would not want to be in places where you can form a friendship with important people and attend business, trend and lifestyle gatherings that will set the pace of today’s society? If you are invited to join one of these private clubs, you are in luck: you have been selected from the crowd to rub shoulders with the most exclusive circles you could imagine. Do you want to know where they are?

As we have discussed on previous posts, these clubs were born in England and they have centuries of history. However, although the oldest ones are in London there are many others. From North America to Asia passing through Europe, today you will discover where to find them and which ones are the most luxurious.


We can not start the list without talking about the cradle of private clubs. London houses many of the most sophisticated clubs and has the oldest tradition in relation to these places. If we had to mention some of them, they would undoubtedly be:

The Hurlingham Club,  It was inaugurated in the 19th century and frequented by British royalty.

It was originally a space designed to practice shooting. It is famous, among other things, for the regular presence of King Edward VII. He used to hunt pigeons there. It is one of the most chosen clubs by the most exclusive people in Great Britain, but also from the international scene. Despite its longevity, it has modern facilities on its 17 hectares of land and the palace that makes it up. If it has crossed your mind to join this club, we cannot help. You should know there is a 13-year waiting list

 Annabel’s : Frank Sinatra, Richard Nixon, Ella Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Taylor, Margaret Thatcher, Aristotle Onassis, Mick Jagger or Lady Gaga. These are some of the members that have been in this London club that stands out especially for its nightly parties. The place has a room where mobile phones or other devices capable of recording images and sounds are not allowed. What happens inside is a mystery. Entering this club is even more difficult than  the previous one since the admission list has been closed for years.


In this Italian city we can find Club 1930, whose decoration clearly is a reminiscence of this decade. Besides, it is one of the most enigmatic clubs. Its entrance is not in view, and only if you know where it is you can locate it. This is because it does not have any sign or anything that could make you think that the private club is there.

In this same vein, it does not have a website. If it were not enough, members need an entry pass whose data are visible only under UV light. Among its luxuries highlights the varied offer of cocktails that they prepare. If you go to Milan Fashion Week, you may find  there some of the most coveted supermodels.


If we are talking about luxurious cities where you can find a reference private club, we can not overlook the Arab city of Dubai. It brings together a large part of the world’s wealth. There we have the Capital club. It is known for being a key place to close and sign business deals. It has four suites, gym, rooms for events and meetings and an art gallery.

New York

The center of Manhattan is of course, another of the venues that hosts private clubs.

The Core has members who are leaders in different areas. From architecture, business, finance, fashion, sports, science, politics to the media. If any of them needs a private jet or a luxury car instantly, the club offers whatever they want in record time. To be part of it you must be proposed by an existing member. And then, your admission must be accepted by the committee


The top Japanese executives go to the Roppongi Hills Club. With spectacular panoramic views of the Japanese capital, it is much easier to close deals and businesses in a pleasant environment surrounded by diplomats, ambassadors, and business owners. The most stringent rules of this private club are about dress code. The elegance pertaining to past centuries samurais is impregnated in this place that will not accept a member inappropriately dressed.

In Spain  as well as La Reserva or Trocadero in Sotogrande, we find many others private clubs such as the private Casino Club in Madrid, the Sociedad Bilbaína, the Real Aeroclub of Santiago, the Soho House in Barcelona and many more.

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Real Estate Marketplaces

Real Estate marketplaces

What do we understand by real estate marketplaces? Can you sell houses online?

Real estate marketplaces are digital platforms to do online transactions are published. These platforms allow you to search online for properties to build, buy, sell or rent and provide information on market behavior.

A clear example of the real estate marketplaces is iLuxenio, where you can build your dreams house through a digital platform.

If we talk about online channels that present the properties for sale we can see the following ones:

  • Facebook:

At the end of 2017, Facebook announced the expansion of its marketplace to thousands of rental homes.

Anyone can publish their home for rent but also companies that manage rentals can act as brokers in the platform.

Facebook has its own classified ads application, where you can publish everything: cars, employment, clothing, apartments and houses.

Besides, one of the most remarkable aspects of Facebook’s marketplace is being able to filter by the products that our friends from the social network publish.

On the other hand you can also publish an ad, not as a seller, but as a potential buyer, indicating what you are looking for, why and choosing if you want to advertise to all users or only friends.

An important feature is that for publishing to sell and to buy, you always ask why, appearing the response in the ads.

  • Google

After several tests, Google rejected the idea of ​​being a real estate marketplace. Also Google didn´t want to becoming a national SML (service of exclusive multiple real estate contracts).

The real estate portals decided to bet on their own tools and not on Google.

Today the technological giant is dedicated to:

– the creation of specific pages for the publication of real estate listings,

– adjustments for quality improvement in the real estate search engine,

– reach agreements with real estate agents, so they take advantage of Google technology.

We are still to see if any day in the future will appear homes in the Google Shopping area.

  • Amazon

Another of the world’s big real estate marketplaces could not miss the opportunity to be inside the real estate market.

In Spain they sell prefabricated houses and have begun to include information on homes for sale.

The first of these property management companies that has participated in this project is Altamira, which offers a selection of new construction homes through Amazon.

The Amazon initiative together with Altamira consists of a microsite within Amazon, in which you can see new homes  Madrid, Barcelona and the Spanish coast.

The process is very easy: Altamira shows the housing promotions in the Amazon space, if you want to request more information about a home you will be redirected to the Altamira Inmuebles website, where you can get in touch to start the process of buying your home .

Today, 100% of people who want to buy, rent or build a house always seach on Internet. This was the reason why Altamira opted to be present in digital portals like Amazon.

Amazon has more than one million visits per day. In 2018 more than 18 million users bought at least once through Amazon Spain.

We know that the real estate market is changing and we are facing more and more informed customers with demands increasingly linked to the digital environment.

As we can see the sale of real estate is increasingly linked to services through e-commerce. We have statistical data that was invoiced more than 7,000 million euros in Spain, in the second quarter of 2018.

  • Craigslist

Craigslist is a web portal classified ads with different sessions dedicated to employment, housing, personal contacts, concerts, discussion forums, among many others. If we enter at the website we can see that they have a housing section with the following information: 


  • Wallapop

Today we all know what Wallapop is. A Spanish company founded in 2014, which offers a digital portal for buying and selling second-hand products between users through the network.

Furthermore, it has a real estate section where you can filter by price, area, distance, from cheaper to more expensive, from more expensive to cheaper, news.

There are mostly properties for rent rather than for sale. And also for buying and selling garages.

  • Milanuncios

In milanuncios for quite some time we can find all types of rental, sale and purchase properties. It is a good way to show the information and put in contact with the interested person (an individual or real estate agency).

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Top European cities to visit for opera


For enthusiasts of this genre of music, today we are dedicating our post to the best cities to experience opera.

There are many cities with an operatic tradition, so if you are thinking of traveling and want to attend an operatic performance, this list shows you the best cities and theaters for it.

The benefits of listening to it are many, and very similar to listening to classical music. Both of them gives relaxation, and helps us to perform highconcentration tasks without turning off the music.

Experts from the Italian University of Pavia demonstrated in a 2007 study that listening to it and classical music  allows us to reduce heart rate and blood pressure.


The following list shows the best cities to enjoy it by travelling  in Europe:


One of its theaters was the site of some of the most emblematic operatic premieres: the Teatro La Fenice. In addition to Verdi’s premieres of plays such as Rigoletto or La Traviata, some of the 20th century’s best composers, such as Igor Stravinsky, have passed through its interior.


It is as an institution in itself, is one of the most important ones in Europe. Founded in the mid-seventeenth century by King Louis XIV, today it is located in two buildings: the Opera House (or Garnier Palace) and the Opera House of the Bastille.


The capital of Austria is “the musical capital of the world”.  The relationship with classical music is so intimate that you cannot talk about a visit to this city without planning an activity related to Mozart, Beethoven or Wagner. One of the most important operas of the so-called bel canto.


The capital of the Czech Republic has its own State Opera.
The name used to refer to the building built at the end of the XVIII century.


The second largest theater in Europe, after La Scala in Milan. The Bolshoi Theater has hosted theater, opera and dance performances since the 19th century.


With the Gran Teatre de Liceu. This theater dedicated to the opera is one of the most important of its kind in the world and the oldest in the city, which opened its doors in the mid-nineteenth century.


In this city Teatro alla Scala was the place where internationally known operas were premiered; Verdi or Puccini’s works were performed for the first time here. Its name is due to the church that was previously located in the same place.


The British capital has the Royal Opera House as the theater of shows specialized in opera. Since it’s the headquarters for the Royal Opera and Ballet Company of England.


Among the best opera  theaters we can certainly list:

The Bolshoi (Moscow):

It is a survivor, that has gone through fire, war and revolution. Its neoclassical façade is just a preview of its impressive interior, with chairs covered in red damask and Chippendale wood. If you also like ballet, you cannot miss it.

Royal Opera of Versailles (Paris ):

The interior of the Opera Theater of the Palace of Versailles is an ode to architectural ingenuity. Besides, the wooden walls were painted simulating marble and the trick is not noticeable. The gold is in all the versallesque atmosphere of the auditorium with the pastel tones of its walls and the blue of its curtain.


The Royal Opera House (London):

Surrounded by shops, trendy bars, the London Opera House is an oasis in the most avant-garde cities of the world.

Sydney Opera House (Sydney):

Its architecture is an emblem of contemporary architecture. Its inauguration took place in 1973 and since then it has been one of the most emblematic buildings of the 20th century.

Teatro del Liceo:

Known simply as the Liceo is the oldest and most prestigious theater in Barcelona. It is undoubtedly a good place to get carried away by the emotions of an opera.

Lincoln Center (New York):

The legendary home of the Metropolitan Opera, the New York Philharmonic and the New York City Ballet is the cultural quintessence. The building is the work of architect Wallace K. Harrison and the largest auditorium of its kind in the world.

The Scala (Milan):

The most famous theater in the world, the first one that comes to mind when we talk about opera.

Vienna State Opera:

The theatre reopened its doors after the Russian occupation and to celebrate its return to life chose to represent Fidelio by Beethoven, a song to freedom.

If you have not had the opportunity to attend  one of this kind of spectacle, this is the moment to add another experience from the best classical music.


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Underwater wineries: sea aged wines


Photo via: La Vanguardia

Today we tell you how the sea is an excellent environment for the aging of wines. Don’t you believe it? Let’s discover how there are undersea cellars.

It is worthwhile to mention that this type of cellars doesn’t harm the environment at all.

Why are wines so well preserved in the depths?

Sea conditions, for the optimal aging of some types of wine are: temperature and water pressure, because they are relatively constant; the movement of the sea and salinity; as well as the absence of light and noise. The sea also provides less oxygen and creates an almost anaerobic environment. On the other hand, the fact that there is much less density should also affects the wine, although it has not yet been discovered in what way.

Thanks to all these factors, wine evolves very slowly and offers secondary and tertiary aromas that predominate over the primary, offering fresh and young wines with an extraordinary salinity and mineral “bouquet”, with intense flavors and different details. Its flavors will be lighter and perfect with greater chromatic and aromatic intensity

Where were underwater cellars born?

The idea comes from the discovery of ancient shipwrecks with treasures stored in their wineries. When these magnificent boats were found, full of everyday objects, and of course, underwater wines protected from noise many meters above the surface appeared.

Another interesting fact to comment is that eighteenth-century Champagne bottles were found in the cellars of one of these shipwrecks in 2010. Their auction value was € 48,000.

In recent years the “underwater bottle collection” has totally revolutionized enology. For that reason, more and more underwater wineries are emerging in Spain. Here are a few examples:


Crusoe Treasure

Crusoe Treasure is one of the first and largest wineries. It is located specifically in Plenzia Bay, near Bilbao and started in 2013. This winery “treasures” its wines in a concession of 500 m2 in the Cantabrian Sea.


This type of cellars is quite a successful business. In Spain, very important figures in the world of haute cuisine, chefs such as Martín Berasategui, Eneko Atxa or Juan Mari Arzak have decided to incorporate them in their menus. However, main buyers of Crusoe Treasure underwater wineries are countries such as China, Russia, United Arab Emirates and USA, where underwater wine has been well received since the beginning


Bodegas y Viñedos Raúl Pérez

Another underwater winery in our country is located in Pontevedra, Bodegas y Viñedos Raúl Pérez “Sketch”, Ría de Arousa. To make their submerged wines, they introduce them in metal cages of 19 meters deep. This is how about 900 bottles are sold at a price of approximately 35 euros


Bodegas Luis Pérez

In the south, specifically in the province of Cádiz, we find Bodegas Luis Pérez, “Garum Submarino”, between Conil and Sancti Petri. These wineries are pioneers developing this process in the Andalusian sea. At 12 meters deep in the Atlantic waters they submerged about 50 amphoras, with a price around 200 euros. These wines come from barrels manufactured in Jerez, half French oak, half American oak.


Bodegas Submarinas Vina Maris

In the east of Spain the Viña Maris de Enrique Mendoza underwater winery can be found. These Alicante wineries go a step further, not only aging wine under water, but also offering a different experience for all those who want to be part of it. If you are one of the most daring and you like scuba diving, this winery will offer you the opportunity to go down to the depths accompanied by experienced divers to see in person where the bottles are located. Afterwards, you can taste the wine on a boat. After a year, this winery stores around 10,000 units in steel cages in the sea. The price of this wine is about 50 euros.


Bodegas Palmera Castro y Magán

Another place surrounded by the immense Atlantic Ocean that could not be outdone in the production of underwater wine are the Canary Islands. There, we find the Palmera Castro and Magán wineries, on the west coast of the island of La Palma. The Cueva Bonita diving club realized that after six months of aging at the bottom of the sea, the number of microorganisms and animal life around the bottle w were increasing, using non-polluting material such as glass and natural cork. Their figures rise to 90,000 bottles on average per year, which they sell at a price of 85 euros.


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Spanish fashion events

spanish fashion

As always, we love to inform you about the best fashion events in the world. We want to keep you up to date with the most important ones. We already had the opportunity to talk about the Showrooms and fashion events in Marbella. This time we have compiled the best meetings of Spanish fashion that take place in our country. Don’t miss a single detail.

If you are a fashion lover, you probably already know some of them. Fairs, exhibitions or catwalks, a wide variety of fashion events take place  in Spain. Without leaving the peninsula, you will find a large number of activities related to Spanish fashion, as well as international fashion. We recommend the following events:

Madrid Fashion Week:

If we have to highlight some of the most important catwalks in the country, our first stop must be the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week or Madrid Fashion Week. Previously known as Pasarela Cibeles, it is the fashion event par excellence in our country and takes place at IFEMA. Designers and renowned firms attend to this prestigious event of Spanish fashion  to showcase their new collections. Trends and latest innovations are the protagonists of the event. Besides, it is not surprising that celebrities, models, influencers, photographers etc. also participate in the event. The MBFW is held twice a year: the first time was in January 2019; the second time will be in July.

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week:

As regards more specific catwalks, we should highlight the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. This fashion show brings together the best designers and brands of bridal collections of Spanish and international fashion. More than 400 outfits walk the catwalk in a date where not only dresses and garments for brides and grooms are shown, but there is also a place for evening gowns and all kinds of accessories. The  event takes place from April 26th to 28th at the Montjuic Campus.


If you prefer flamenco fashion you can not miss SIMOF. The International Flamenco Fashion Show celebrated its 25th anniversary at its lastest edition, that took place in February 2019. During the event days, more than a thousand flamenco dresses walk the catwalk at  the Conference and Exhibition Centre of Seville (FIBES). They also exhibited hair and accessory trends at the Feria de Abril, because SIMOF shows the latest fashion in the industry.

Gran Canaria Moda Cálida:

This event, also called Gran Canaria Swimwear Fashion Week, is the only European event focused on swimwear. At the same time, it is the biggest fashion event in the Canary Islands. National and international visitors attend this fashion show.  They are from more than 30 countries that go from Germany to India, passing through South Africa.

Color and originality are the hallmarks of this summery event that  sets trends in what we will find later on the most exclusive beaches.


If you like heels, shoe trees, soles, shoelaces , etc., you must know Futurmoda, a trade fair specialized in footwear. It is an international exhibition dedicated to leather, components and machinery for shoes and leather goods. This event of Spanish fashion is held twice a year in Elche (Alicante), a place with a long tradition of shoemaking. More than 300 firms showcase their products in Futurmoda.

Spanish fashion


Beyond the shows and exhibitions, there are also other types of events that will bring you closer  to the world of fashion in a different way. Throughout 2019, a lot of exhibitions will take place in our country. We highlight, for example, the exhibition “Balenciaga and Spanish Painting” at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid. This exhibition, dedicated to one of the most influential designers in all history, combines fashion and painting. Paintings connect the referent of Spanish fashion with the tradition of 16th and 20th century painting in our country. This inspired him in his subsequent and successful work.

Although there is barely a month to enjoy the exhibition that we are going to talk about next (it ends on March 31st), it is worth to hurry and try to visit “La vie en Rose”,  at the Garment Museum of Madrid. It tries to explain the meaning and the symbolism of the color pink in the Western way of dressing throughout history. In the exhibition we will find pieces from the National Museum of Decorative Arts, the National Archaeological Museum but also others from private collections.

However, these are just some examples. Fortunately, there are many more Spanish fashion events. If you need more, go and find them!

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Best gardens in La Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol

Today we want to propose you an ideal trip with family or friends, visiting the gardens and natural parks of La Costa del Sol. A trip full of surprises, such as the largest butterfly garden in Europe.

As we already know, La Costa del Sol enjoys one of the best climates in mainland Europe, with mild temperatures in midwinter that make this coast one of the most favorable places for the proliferation of lush gardens of tropical vegetation. The route that we have chosen is an alternative to the beach, this ideal road trip starts in Málaga, the capital.

Some of these gardens have centuries of history, others have an interesting collection of plant species and there are some of them which are inspired by exotic places.

Molino de Inca botanical garden

Fistly, we find This garden that can be visited in the surroundings of Palacio de Congresos de Torremolinos. It has an area of ​​40,000 square meters. The garden has just celebrated its 10th anniversary since its opening as Botanical Garden to the public.  You can see more than five hundred different botanical species and a restored flour mill. Around them, there are small lakes, waterfalls and a natural labyrinth made of different plants. It can be accessed by paying an entrance fee of 3 euros (registered residents of Torremolinos will pay only one euro). Its opening hours are morning and afternoon from Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays).

Costa del Sol

La Concepción botanical-historical garden

It is considered the most important tropical garden in Spain, and one of the most complete in Europe. You will feel that you are in a real tropical rainforest.

The Marquises of Casa Loring crearted the garden in 1855. Its importance was so great that even the very Empress Sissi visited it incognito. It was during a stopover on her Mediterranean cruise. From the magnolias with their large white or cream flowers, with aromas of jasmine and orange blossom, to the dombeyas (the tree  hydrangeas plant) with pink pompoms, which blossom in winter, without forgetting the eucalyptus with its evergreen and balsamic leaves, they will make you feel like in a spa.


Butterfly park

We find it in Benalmádena. It was inaugurated only two years ago, in front of a Buddhist temple (Tibetan Stupa). For this reason, the park has a Thai style just like the building that houses it, which seeks aesthetic and conceptual harmony with the Tibetan temple.

It has 1,000 square meters of flight area where you can find more than  1,500, from the main tropical rainforests of the three continents (America, Asia and Africa). For this reason, it is the biggest butterfly park in Europe.

You can see species such as the ‘monarch butterfly’, the giant Attacus atlas, which is the largest nocturnal butterfly  in the world, the ‘false eye owl’, the ‘fairy’ with transparent wings or the mythical Morpho, the blue butterfly.

Costa del Sol

Bioparc Fuengirola

It is an animal park located at Avda. De Camilo José Cela in the town of Fuengirola in Malaga. This place is dedicated to the conservation of tropical species which are adapted to jungle environments, mainly from Asia, Africa and the Indo-Pacific Islands.

Besides, in 2001, the old zoo of La Costa del Sol changed its concept of classic Zoo to a more avant-garde one: the ‘zoo-immersion’. With this transformation, it hopes to immerse the visitor in the natural environment of the animals through the recreation of the habitat from which they come. One example is the reproduction of the Madagascar habitat thanks to a surprising 26-meter baobab, which has become the icon of the Bioparc.

Bonsai Museum

It is one of the first museums of La Costa del Sol but also of Spain. There we find a collection of 300 bonsai from 40 different species. It is located  at the Arroyo de la Represa Park, in Marbella.

Among the most remarkable species, we find a Chinese hackberry, which belonged to a family for five generations. The museum also has a 500-year-old Ficus Retusa (China). It is the oldest bonsai in the collection. However, the most representative tree is El Toro, a 400 year old ‘Juniper of the Pagodas’, from Japan. But the originality of the museum is the collection of samples of nature from the surroundings of Marbella. From the Serranía de Ronda or the Sierra de las Nieves, miniatures of local species have been recovered. Some of them are in danger of extinction, such as the Spanish firs.

The Orchidarium of Estepona

It is home to the largest collection of orchids in Europe. The Orchidarium of Estepona is a botanical park with more than 1,300 species. This includes a bamboo forest, vertical gardens, a lake and waterfalls. Under its three glass domes, you will live a unique spectacle of color and aromas.

Costa del Sol

El Ángel de Marbella

The lakes and waterfalls form the landscape of this Botanical Garden. In its 15,000 square meters we can find centenarian ficus and palms. Besides, it has three spaces: the romantic garden, the tropical garden and a garden with cross paths.

If you are thinking of spending a day or weekend with family and friends, do not hesitate to travel and make the route among these parks of La Costa del Sol.

You will spend a magnificent day enjoying Málaga nature.

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