Luxurious outdoor accommodations to enjoy an amazing night with stars


In Spain we love to celebrate the Three Wise Men Day with our families. But if we can also take advantage to get away on these dates or an adventure under the stars with our children, much better.

In our childhood, we all wanted to have a little tree house. It was for everyone a place to shelter, play, hide our treasures and dream about being older. Some children were lucky enough to have it. But for those who did not, they still have time to enjoy one of them in one of the most spectacular and wild places in the world. It is the perfect place to go with children and dream under the stars.

Tree houses

Tree houses are located in the province of Mpumalanga in South Africa, the exclusive Lion Sands Treehouses are located in the Sabi Sand Private Hunting Reserve and in the Kruger National Park, epicenter of the best safaris in the country.

They are luxurious outdoor accommodations to enjoy an amazing night with stars as roof and nature underfoot.

A magnificent place that will allow you to discover spectacular landscapes, relax watching the sunsets and where the calm will only be interrupted by the sounds of the birds and the noises of the animals that live around you. An authentic experience, totally safe, since the houses are built far from the animals, to be able to observe them easily, but far enough from them, so that they cannot approach us.


Kingston Treehouse is built next to an outcrop of boulders, attached to the main house by a small drawbridge. This fabulous house is protected by a wooden and glass structure. It provides a great view all around, without losing comfort with a feather bed and hot shower included.

If you don’t know, Africa is the continent least affected by light pollution.


Foto: The Luxury Trends

Namib Rand Nature Reserve

Another place to observe the stars is the Namib Rand Nature Reserve. We can find it the southwest of Namibia, in the Namib Desert. It has 2,100 sq kilometers of extension and is one of the largest private reserves in Africa.


Monte Megantic en Quebec.

Another wonderful place to travel with children and see the stars is Mount Megantic in Quebec. In 2007, the International Dark Sky Association named it as the first Dark Sky International Reserve . The Mont Megantic National Park in Quebec (Canada) is considered one of the best astrotourism destinations in the world. That is why its magnificent geographical conditions. In addition to the clarity of the sky and the amount of leisure activities related to stargazing.At the top we can find an astronomical observatory, Mont Megantic. This place has different high-class accommodation options. They range from the luxury hotel in Quebec to boutique hotels located in the mountains.

Island of La Palma

Another well-known site in Spain is the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands are another privileged site to see the stars. This island known as the Isla Bonita is located in the middle of the Atlantic. This is a place where without any doubt you can observe the wonderful amount of stars that surround the Earth. On the island of La Palma is the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory. Is belongs to the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands. There, we can find more than a dozen observing instruments managed by different countries. The observatory is 2,426 m above sea level and above the persistent sea of ​​clouds. It has a total of 12 telescopes, including the largest in the world to date, the Gran Telescopio de Canarias (GTC).

Also on the island, and to continue a trip with the stars as a reference, we can stay in hotels and rural houses ‘astrothematized”. We recommend the following page to find charming luxury houses and villas in La Palma:

They are authentic Canarian constructions of white lime with corner stones, they are erected in a quiet area to enjoy nature and, above all, under one of the most impressive starry skies you have ever contemplated.

Pic du Midi

Another place you can’t miss is the Pic du Midi in France.

The home of the highest planetarium in Europe, in the French Pyrenees, is also a star destination, never better, for stellar tourism. This is so, above all, thanks to the purity of air and light, as well as the stability of its atmosphere.

Here we find the Dark Sky International Reserve of the Pic du Midi, where around 1.5 million visitors come each year. In addition to observation, different activities and events take place, such as star parties, related to astronomy.

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An journey through the most luxurious fragrances


If you had to choose to enjoy only one of our senses, which one would you stay with? It seems like a difficult question. However, in today’s post we want to pay a small tribute to another of them, smell. We invite you to make a fantastic journey through the most luxurious fragrances in the world.

Do not miss the 10 most expensive and exclusive fragrances.

DKNY Golden Delicious.

Price: 1 million euros

If we have to talk about exclusive fragrances, it is necessary to name this perfume because there has only been one unit in the world and it has held the record of being the most expensive in history. Its designer, Donna Karan added 14 karat white and yellow gold. It is a special perfume and this is reflected not only inside but in the bottle that contains it. This, made in 14 karat gold, has the skyline of New York drawn with a Brazilian turquoise of 1.65 carats; a Sri Lankan sapphire of 7.18 carats; 15 pink diamonds from Australia; 4 pink cut diamonds; 1 ruby ​​and a pear-shaped diamond.

Dignified Privée (House of Sillage)

Price: 500,000 euros

If you want to get this masculine fragrance, you will have to pre order it, since it is only manufactured by hand on demand. The creator Nicole Mather, also put special effort in making the bottle valuable. This is made with white gold, hand cut onyx, platinum and diamonds.

Christian Nº1 (Imperial Majesty)

Price: 205,000 euros

Few hands have been able to get hold of this fragrance, since only 10 units have been manufactured. Of these, 7 are owned by collectors and 2 are exhibited at Harrods and
Bergdorft Goodman- The last one is itinerant and travels the world so that it can be exhibited in different events. It was created in 2005, it is known as “His Imperial Majesty”. The bottle has 5 carat gemstones on the neck and 18 carat gold. We must also talk about the younger brother of Imperial Majesty, the Christian No. 1. This limited edition is valued at 1700 euros and has a precious diamond that decorates the bottle. The bottle that contains this fragrance is also full of precious stones. The perfume has a touch Woody Oriental in its male version and an Oriental Floral in the feminine.

Bvlgari Prima Opera

Price: 203,000 euros.

In 2014 and on the occasion of the 130 years brand´s anniversary, they created this perfume to became the most expensive one in the world. This is a unique edition that many collectors wanted to have but that, evidently, only one of them has had the honor of placing in their set of fragrances

Chanel Nº5 Parfum

Price: 28,000 euros.

We cannot go through this list without naming the most famous fragrance of all time created by Coco Chanel: Chanel Nº5. In this case, we talk about a limited version (there are only 55 units) of the famous perfume. The bottle was made of Baccarat glass reminiscent of the mythical design of 1921.

Baccarat Les Larmes (Sacrées de Thebes)

Price: 5,100 euros

A fragrance made of jasmine, geranium, ylan ylang, cardamom, amber and musk that will not leave you indifferent. We have to mention the reason for the high price of the product, the bottle. They made it  with Baccarat crystal, purple crystals. They based the design on Egyptian pyramid. It gives a plus to these “Las lágrimas sagradas de Tebas ” (the name of the brand in Spanish).

Caron Poivre

Price: 1,800 euros

As we have seen in the previous perfumes, sometimes, the content is not the most important thing,the bottle is. They also made the  bottle by using Baccarat crystal and white gold. It is an unisex perfume, described as spicy. It is also a limited edition, so it is impossible to get hold of it.  A Chinese chest  inspired the box and the bottle is based on a jar of spices and ornaments in gold thread.

House of Sillage Tiara

Price: 1,210 euros

It is a feminine fragrance. The inspiration to create it came from the aura of women. They made the inner liquid with flowers of rare species along with Madagascar vanilla. As for the bottle, it has Swarovski crystals and precious metals.


Price: 1,154,709 euros.

It is the most expensive perfume today. Each 3-liter bottle exceeds one million euros. To find perfection in this luxurious perfume, the brand was testing mixtures for three years until they found what they were looking for. They made the final combination  with musk, turquoise rose and sandalwood of this fragrance. As for the bottle, it has 3,500 diamonds, pearls, silver and 18-carat gold. Once placed on the skin, the fragrance lasts 12 hours and about 30 days on the clothes.

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Private submarines, the ultimate luxury to live up to


Submarines are the last expression of ostentation among billionaires, who smile at the most luxurious ports comparing the sizes of their ships.

The great fortunes invest in this type of boats because it offers them adventure and, above all, the privacy that they find almost impossible to obtain elsewhere; but also because it is difficult that you can neglect the value of this type of floating complexes. Most of the owners of this type of boats prefers to buy a conventional superyacht.

Thinking about a private submarine, is unbelievable for most people, could be an extravagance typical of science fiction movies. This niche market was prepared by the Austrian design, engineering and construction company of super yachts Motion Code, which created its exclusive line of Migaloo private submarines, offering maximum luxury, the most advanced technology and great privacy.

But submarines that have swimming pools, cinemas, gyms, VIP cabins and glazed windows to contemplate the depths of the ocean, are an attractive possibility for a few.

The Migaloo M7

It has characteristics that attract the attention of the nautical industry. The cabin is located in the area of ​​the bow of the ship and occupies 3 levels. The superior contemplates an exclusive terrace that unfolds from a retractable roof, which offers a private deck. Looking to the center of the ship, the deck offers a helipad, in addition to a solarium with folding roofs and an unpublished 8-meter long pool, which rises to the surface level when the submarine is submerged. But if this were not enough, the two-level beach club has a covered area, and the walls unfold over the sea, to allow direct access to the ocean.

Apart from the master suite, this submarine has eight VIP cabins for guests and independent parts for a large crew. They include cabins, kitchen, machine room, navigation rooms for the captain, gym for the crew and laundry. It also has movie theaters, spa gym with hot tubs, various living rooms and dining rooms with bar. Due to its powerful lighting system installed in the windows of the ship, you can appreciate the landscape of the depths, having a capacity of descent of up to 240 meters.


It reaches 40 knots of maximum speed on the waterline and 20 knots once submerged. This makes it the best luxury superyacht with the exclusivity of being submersible. The last and most exclusive way to enjoy the oceans. And all from about 800 million dollars, million up, million down.

The submarine industry is a growing industry, which increasingly offers more products. Nowadays you don’t have to think of them as claustrophobic devices. They have changed a lot since Dutch Cornelius Jacobszoon Drebbel built the first submarine between 1620 and 1624.

Companies like U.S. Submarines, Ocean Submarine and Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts have designed civil toys like the M7 of Migaloo that we have described before, a 225 to 283 length submersible.

The M7 is the most extreme example, and surely the most expensive one you can buy. Nobody knows yet who has been able to buy it but in the ocean there are smaller private submarines that have been produced by manufacturers such as Triton Submarines (a subsidiary of U.S. Submarines), U-Boat Worx and Seamagine Hydrospace, among others. They cost around three million euros and are easier to handle.

But one of the latest copies that has reached the market is the one that Triton Submarines and Aston Martin, the Neptune Project, have jointly devised.


Both firms, which are luxury firms in both sectors, started this joint venture in 2017. As announced, this submarine must be safe, reliable and offer its passengers 360º visibility.

Technical specifications

It can be submerged to depths of 500 meters with a capacity for two passengers and one pilot. Get a speed of up to 5 knots (9 km/h). They have paid as much attention to the hydrodynamics of the lower part as to the visible surfaces. According to the data that the firm Gaydon revealed , this submarine can be submerged to a depth of 500 meters. Besides  it can reach a speed of five knots, about 9.3 km / h. The mains areas in whic Aston Martin has contributed the most has been in the aesthetic section. The brand admits that the biggest challenge in this project were the interiors. Before installing the doors, they installed all interior elements in an open cabin. For this reason everything inside  must enter through the top hatch and assemble into the hull sphere.

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The Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) of Geneva


The high profile clockmaking sector is having a lucky strike on 2020. We will let you know in advance, if you are a watch lover, save the date and go to one of the most expected events in the world! In today’s post, we approach the Salon International de la

(SIHH) of Geneva. On this occasion, its 30th edition brings significant news regarding the previous ones. Do you want to know when it is celebrated and how it will be different? Keep reading this post and find out everything.

If you really value watches more than any other personal object, it will be good to know the information that we propose in this post. We also review the most outstanding pieces of the last SIHH held at the beginning of the year. And in case you can’t go to the next one, don’t worry; I’m sure there will be many other watch – themed events to which you can attend.

Throughout its history, the SIHH already accumulates 29 editions since its launch. In it, a lot of professionals and leading brands meet. From Cartier, IWC or Audemars Piguet to small, small-scale watchmakers focused on more exclusive and wealthy buyers. These show their newest products, technologies and latest inventions that will revolutionize the industry. It is also the ideal place to perceive what the trends will be.

The main difference on SIHH 2020 is related to the date of celebration. Normally it takes place during the month of January. However, and with the intention of celebrating itatthe same time of another of the most important watchmaking events in the world, Baselworld, both will be held in April. In this way, it facilitates travel to all those who are interested and professionals.


Another significant change is its nomenclature. From now on, it will be called Watches & Wonders Geneva. In addition, there will also be a change in format, which will include watch activities in the city of Geneva.

At this point in the post, we imagine you would like to remember what were the highlights of the last showroom. If we had to define it in a few elements, we would highlight the simplicity, going back to classic style, the downsizing of the spheres, the use of leather and, of course, high technology. We show you some examples of watches:


LANGE & SÖHNE Zeitwerk Date. 90,500 euros

It was one of the most praised pieces in the hall. It is a first class watch. In this new version, the date has been introduced and the window that used to have has been removed, to avoid confusion with those responsible for indicating the hours and minutes. Therefore, a scale has been added around the sphere. The caliber is very fine and its power reserve already reaches 72 hours. The case that carries it is 44.2 cm white gold and the dial is solid silver.

JAEGER-LECOULTRE Master Ultra Thin Moon Enamel. 36,300 euros

The blue, as predominant color, and relief for sphere that achieves a spectacular visual effect when the light is reflected on its surface. These are the most striking data of the watch. It performs date and moon phases. The case, like the previous one, is white gold, in this case 39mm.

VACHERON CONSTANTIN FiftySix Complete Calendar. 22,800 euros

Also with the blue dial but with an exclusive tone of the collection. It has several versions but highlights the one that has a complete calendar. The case is 40 mm steel.


PIAGET Possession. 18,500 euros

It has a beautiful cherry red color that reaches not only the dial but also the strap (which is interchangeable). The bezel has 46 diamonds. The case is made of 34 mm rose gold with quartz movement.

Galop d’Hermès

The light is reflected in the curves of this beautiful watch designed by Ini Archibong and signed by the legendary Hermès brand. The dial is tremendously soft thanks to the domed sapphire crystal.

De Jaeger-LeCoultre Dazzling Rendez-Vous Night & Day

A modern and fine watch. Its design is exclusive and has a new griffe adjustment technique. The numbers we find on its dial, made of pearl, draw floral motives. They also have two rows of diamonds.

Event file.

Place: Geneva, Switzerland

Venue: Palexpo Geneva, Grand-Saconnex, CH-1218 Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

Date: Sunday, 26th April to Wednesday, 29th April.

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Luxury aromas for your villa


In previous posts we talked about the most luxurious fragrances in the world.  Today we want to present the best aromas. They are tiny details that make our home different.

One of the most popular brands is  Marc Jacobs.. These products were released in 2006 and are now hitting hard again.

They are straight lined glass bottles, with a very chic packaging. These products are in limited edition, they have a discreet aroma, nothing sticky, and yet very warm. Its notes resemble the rain (fresh), with passion flower, and beech amber. It is easy to get it right, woody notes are quite successful.

The aromas of the house are in tune with our mood, they also talk about us and our personality.

Why is it important to smell or aromatize the house?

In our home we spend most of our time, it is like our essence. In it we rest, live, eat and of course we interact. For all of this it is important that our house has a nice aroma. People react to pleasant smells. In addition, these aromas can have different effects on us (relaxing, cheerful, energizing …), depending on the time of day you can use one or the other.

It is also important that the aroma is personal, that fits you, with the essence of the house and as, we have noted, helps to create the environment the environment you want.

Experts recommend us to use different scents to create a sensory journey through your home. It is important to be careful with these odors at mealtime as they can alter the flavors. Ideally, light some aromatic candles for a while before sitting at the table and turn them off before starting to eat. Another tip is to stay away from intense odors when there are babies at home.


Types of fragrances for each room

As we know, there are numerous possibilities of setting the domestic atmosphere, we are going to give you a series of clues so that your choice is somewhat easier when choosing which fragrance to use in every corner of your house.

  • Entrance of the house:

We recommend some great natural fragrances, which also serve to define your authentic personality when receiving visits.

The entrance of your house is your cover letter and then show your most intimate space, which is your home, and that is why you must use furniture, accessories, lighting and an aroma that conveys the best of you.

You can use natural fragrances with fruit aromas, citrus, flowers, cucumber and rosemary, cinnamon and vanilla, in this way you will convey a warm and cozy feeling of home.

The aromatic candles along with the decoration look great. In addition to the crystal glasses with essences and chopsticks, vases and baskets with aromatic herbs and drops of essential oils.

  • Living room:

When you get to the living room, which is the space in which you try to create a sense of order and sophistication, use aromatic luxury. One of the best aromas for this are woody like cedar combined with aromas of earth and leather, it will highlight the decoration creating the perfect environment that also provides a lot of relaxation.

A good idea is having an electric diffuser that connects it with the air freshener or fragrance and automatically releases the aroma. The floral and fruit table centers are also a good option since they are aromatic.

  • Bedroom:

In the bedrooms it is good to use soft and relaxing scents that help to rest. For this we recommend essences with chamomile, lavender, roses, jasmine, hyacinth, or talc, but keep in mind that we need to use different aromas for different bedrooms.

– In the master bedroom, home air fresheners tend to fit better with more sensual essences: aromas composed of wood and flowers.

– In children’s rooms we use sweeter aromas, with fruits such as melon, quince, watermelon, tangerine, strawberries or berries, lemon and talc.

For a young boy we recommend aromas with sea salts and citrus.

For young girls, sea salts, citrus fruits that contain floral notes.

We also recommend you use mikado sticks in the rooms placedon the furniture, or lamps, which in addition to providing a great aroma will clean the environment and destroy the particles that generate a bad smell.

  • Kitchen:

In the kitchen we get more inspired by using lemon, basil or peppermint, in addition to turning on the extractor when it is stewed. To neutralize the odors of the garbage can, apply baking soda powder inside the bucket. You can also apply it inside the refrigerator to avoid mixing odors. Another good solution to eliminate bad odors is to use activated carbon, or the typical spray that absorbs odors.

  • Bath:

For the bath, use marine or fresh herbs, pine or lemon fragrances that always suggest a feeling of cleanliness. Using different aromas will provide your home with a greater personality and increase its well-being.

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The most luxurious toy cars

toy car

Photo: Reviewbox.  We may have arrived to this month of the year and we are alreadythinking of Christmas. And it is not surprising because if we want everything to go as planned, it is necessary to start thinking about what you need to have ready for the most important days. One of the main issues to consider is buying gifts. In the case that we have children at home, this theme takes on a special look. Therefore, and also taking advantage of the fact that November is the Black Friday month and you have the perfect opportunity to acquire the first toys, today we want to talk about some that will completely surprise the smallest of the house: the most luxurious toy cars of the market.

Children often tend to mimic the behaviors of their parents or other adults. They enjoy playing to be older and, at the same time, learn to be independent. Toy cars, for example, help them develop in this regard and offer many other benefits. Thanks to them they become familiar with the environment and acquire skills such as the sense of orientation or coordination.

Toy cars have an appearance very similar to those of adults thanks to elements such as mirrors, steering wheel, horn and even lights. Knowing this, perhaps we are afraid of the idea of ​​a child driving as it may seem a somewhat risky and dangerous practice. However, nothing is further from reality. These vehicles are fully adapted to them. Their measurements, weight and height are appropriate for children’s use as well as the materials from which they are made. Of course, the kids are not exempt from using the seat belt, even if they are toy cars.

As for the type of toy cars that we can find in the market, there are currently three types: pedals, push and electric. The latter are the most modern and luxurious and, although they comply with all safety regulations, parents should be a little more attentive while their children use it. This is because they reach higher speed. In any case, there is nothing to worry about, as many of them include a remote control that makes it possible for adults to have absolute control of the car and to be calmer.

If we are thinking of getting a toy car for our children, it is essential to take into account the child’s age, tastes and safety among other key factors. The main thing is that the little  one enjoys, so it is no use being the last model of the market if it does not adapt to the child. It must be easy to use and not pose a complete challenge that cannot be overcome.

That said, for the most exquisite buyers, this time we want to introduce you the most luxurious toy cars on the market:

The Tesla Model S.

toy car


It is a completely identical replica of this incredible electric car that only some pockets can afford. The cost of the toy oscillates around 500 dollars, and it does not lack any detail to be equal to its older brother. It has the same paint, the same steering wheel, the real lights that light up, horn, a music system compatible with mobiles and players, and if that were not enough, it is possible to customize the license plate. It also has a front trunk to store other toys. The vehicle moves thanks to lithium batteries that are also very similar to those of the original Tesla, with less capacity.

The model also has two manual gears, one that reaches 4.83 km/h and another at 9.66 km/h.

The ideal age to use these toy cars is between 3 and 6 years.

The Ferrari 512 testarossa.

toy car


We are facing the most expensive toy car in the world. There are only three in the world, and that is why its market value is 75,000 pounds. Its exclusivity has made the car almost a collector’s jewel, rather than a toy. The maximum speed reached by the Ferrari is 40km per hour, the maximum at which it is thought that a child can circulate.

toy car

Henes company models

Foto: Xataka

This brand has been dedicated to manufacturing luxury toy cars similar to the original ones. Its Boom line collects high-end electric cars. All of them have suspension systems, brakes, differential steering and four-wheel drive. The internal accessories of the car, such as the dashboard, are completely real. It also has a 7-inch tablet with Android, mp3 stereo connection and even leather seats! These cars reach up to 16km/h although it is possible to reduce it to 8. Whoever wants to get one of them, can do so from 800 euros.

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The luxury in the textile sector. Discover the most chic fabrics


The sector we are talking about today is one of the most important activity sectors in our country. The most prestigious brands in the world are divided into three sectors of activity, which are 56% of the textile sector; 28% cosmetic and personal hygiene products, and 16% luxury car brands.That is why this time we bring you a selection of the most chic fabrics on the market.

In Spain, the evolution of the textile sector has been marked by the globalization of the sector, this is due to the growth that has been registered in developing countries, especially Asian countries. Spanish companies, due to the change in the market, have reacted to face competition, allowing them to adjust to the sector.

The piece of cloth is the final product that is obtained once you work with fabrics, the raw material.

Clearly, the better the quality and exclusivity, the more luxurious is the obtained fabric, and the more expensive it will be. There are exquisite and special fabrics that have made their names in the sector thanks to the quality of the original fabric.

Obtaining the greatest possible luxury is the desire of the fabric manufacturing firms, which have also added ornaments such as natural pearls, or Swarovski crystals, and even some decorate these fabrics with diamonds or gold. As the Belgian house Scabal did, in its most exclusive fabric, the 100% vicuña wool.

Other fabric manufacturing houses have chosen to mix natural raw materials, and thus give rise to one of the most expensive fabrics in the world, such as that of a mixture of pashmina from North India, quiviut from Alaska and Andean vicuña itself.

Extreme proposals of fabrics that are based onone of these five materials, always natural:


Synthetic wool is not the same as a natural animal wool. The most exclusive wool from around the world is vicuña. Its price can be around €3,500. Then there is the cashmere, which comes from the Pashmina goat, it come from the Himalayas, the mohair, fiber of the Angora goat (which is found in Ankara, capital of Turkey), the cervelt, which comes from a type of red deer from Scotland although it is mostly introduced from New Zealand. And the Qiviut, which is a musk ox wool, which comes from the Greenland goat breed and areas of Norway and Sweden.

The one that should be mentioned separately is the angora, which its use is prohibited by some fashion firms.


This is the one that best breathes and maintains the freshness of the skin, it is characterized by its pleasant touch, thus being the favorite of many people. Its price varies in large quantity. The key to this fabric is in the manipulation of the filament especially, but also in its origin.

The producer in large quantities of silk is China, but some brands prefer Brazil. This is the case with Hermes, since it is more exclusive, because the workshops control the whole process, no intermediaries. The mikado, brocade, velvet or shantung, are the fabrics that give rise to silk.



It is a luxury fabric when it has animal origins. It is a very valuable material for large fashion companies.

In addition to the mink one of the most popular leathers, they are also the chinchilla, the fox or the Russian cyber marten, which only inhabits the Russian wooded areas. One of the characteristics of leather is that as its color gets darker the price rises. For this reason, the blackest is the most valuable.

Its exclusivity is so great that, in 2015, Fendi presented a coat made with it. Its  value is over one million euros.


This fabric has a history since it comes from ancient Egypt, where it was cultivated.

Next to cotton is the most luxurious and well-known plant based material. Its production is very expensive, but its qualities are many, which make it a fundamental fabric for the industry.

It is elegant, comfortable and adapts to all temperatures, since it is thermoregulable. Mostly it is used for pants, jackets or blouses.

The Irish are great linen manufacturers, since they have been producing the highest quality fabrics for years.



It is the most used material in the textile industry. There are very different quality spectrums when it comes to making garments. The useful part of the plant is the white fluff that grows around the seeds. Cotton grows in many parts of the world. However the climatic conditions and humidity for its development occur in Egypt. This country produces the best cotton in the world.

The Giza 45 fabric, originally from the Nile Delta, is considered the “Queen” of Egyptian cotton. Only the American origin Supima cotton used by brands like Brooks Brothers is a little closer to the level of the best Egyptian cotton.

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Gastronomic tourism, an experience for your senses


Nowadays eating is not just taking a bite to your mouth or quenching your appetite. Many people have made it a reason to go on a trip and travel the world, look for flavors, smells and textures that surprise the palate, in a true adventure for the senses. Gastronomic tourism, also known as gastronomy, is a new way of traveling, increasingly consolidated in the international tourism field.

Its existing reason? That the gastronomy of the country visited is the predominant activity during the tour.

Five keys you should know if you want to take advantage of it for your business:

1.Gastronomy as a decisive factor:

As we have commented on the food offered by the country, it has become a decisive factor when assessing the destination to travel to.

2. Experience is one of the main objectives:

We no longer trust the travel agency, everything is consulted on the internet and we always look for more than a nice accommodation. Now, everyone travels to live an experience. To experiment, to discover.

3.El producto local es el número uno:

The local product is number one: nobody travels to Vietnam to eat at a chain restaurant (or almost nobody). In terms of gastronomy we travel to know and enjoy the local cuisine.

4.The three new objectives to travel:

The first one is to discover the products of the area, the second the classic chefs that embrace them them or the new talents capable of re-interpreting them, are the new objectives of our trips.

5.Gastronomic tourism is a great opportunity:

Gastronomy is a reality and all bars and restaurants should take advantage of this magnificent opportunity. It is a new way of traveling and understanding tourism.


Which places in the world are the best for tapas?

Having a list of the gastronomic routes of each town, province or city in the world is not an easy thing. International cuisine is made up of a variety of dishes, recipes, drinks are influenced by cultural characteristics. It is worth visiting some places to get to know its native cuisine.

In the case of Europe, one of the outstanding territories has been Portugal

which, thanks to the good use of land and sea, is highly recognized in the gastronomic field today. You can take several routes along the rivers Minho and Douro, there is an extraordinary tourist route to surprise the palate, with dishes such as green broth (a cabbage soup, from the Minho river, and smoked sausage). The cod a la Gómez Sá, the rice with octopus and cod, or the Porto style guts, are some typical dishes of the region that can be tasted.

We can also highlight Edinburgh, in Scotland,

which boasts recipes such as haggis, a very typical sausage of lamb and deer meat, which is served with mashed potatoes.

This kitchen adapts to the environment and the rainy climate in Scotland, creating its own dishes such as cock a leekie soup, based on chicken, vegetables and plums. The emblematic alcoholic beverage of the country is whiskey, or the water of life in Gaelic. Hence Scotland also has a wide variety of excursions and whiskey tastings.

On the other hand, Tuscany, in Italy,

A land that mixes the traditional atmosphere with magical flavors. Mixing products such as olive oil, raviggiolo cheese and vegetables. The region is full of medieval and rural villages, which translates into the delicacy of simple and traditional dishes such as ribollita (vegetable and vegetable soup) or cacciucco (mixed fish dish, originally from Livorno).

Croatia is another European country that offers a tourist tour
based on its most authentic gastronomy.

The elaboration of the fish a la gradelavanje, cooked first on the grill with firewood and then roasted with abundant olive oil, is unique in this country.

In the case of France, a remote mountain and sea place known as Provence

stands out, one of the most privileged and exclusive regions in the country. The five regions that make up the area are ideal for exploring French haute cuisine, since each one has its own dishes. Some of the most sought after by tourists are Moules à la Marseillaise (mussels in tomato concentrate), Salade Niçoise (green salad with tuna and anchovies) and Poulet à la Provençale (Provencal-style chicken). Some fruits such as apples, pears and apricots are also famous in these lands, not to mention grapes, whose vines take over the Rhône region.

Finally, tapas in Spain is a gastronomic experience,

since it is an unavoidable custom in almost all the Iberian geography to spend the night from bar to bar, from drink to drink, from sandwich to sandwich.

In the rest of Europe, other important routes are the lobster in Sweden. We also add the apple in England and the beer in the United Kingdom.

Do not miss the fantastic experience of gastronomy to enjoy with all the senses.

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Destinations for practicing golf


What makes a destination perfect for practicing golf?

We could say that what attracts a golfer the most is the green of a good golf course. In addition to calmness, relax and the runaway sensation forgetting any worries. On the other hand, many people choose their golf destination based on competing with other golfers or relatives. Even there are some who make their decisions looking for a good 19th hole, in other words, what they can do after finishing the golf course.

Which are the best golf destinations?

Thailand is a traditional and good gastronomy country with unbelievable scenery. It has become, for many people, an ideal place to go on vacations, visiting temples such as Emerald Buddha and Wat Pho both in Bangkok or beaches such as Ko Samui and Maya.

Furthermore, there are 260 courses. Thailand is becoming one of the most favorite destinations for golf lovers and the reference in golf tourism.

The courses are high quality and details are very well taken care of. Interactions with nature are common due to their locations and the wandering of wild animals around the courses. A group of monkeys might steal the ball from an unlucky swing.

These are the most valuable  courses in Thailand:

The Black Mountain Golf Club

Golf Digest magazine selected it as one of the top 100 courses outside the US and, in 2014, it held the Thailand Classic, in other words, the first tournament of the European Series played in Thailand.

In 2017 it received the award called Best Asian Golf Resort by Golf Digest. It is located 25 minutes West from Huan Hin in valley surrounded by high black granite mountains. In 2009 and 2010, it was selected to held one of the events of the PGA Tour in Asia and, in 2011, the Asia vs Europe Royal Trophy took place.

Royal Hua Hin Club

You cannot miss the oldest course, the Royal Hua Hin Club. It offers great holes surrounded by wild jungle and wonderful views over the Thailand Gulf.

Libitú Golf Club

Mexico, the land coated by the sun, the sea breeze and the swinging palm trees. Moreover, we know Mexico for the margaritas, the mariachis and mole sauce. Visitors have named Mexico as one of the best places to go on vacations.


The coastal golf courses have a special charm so teeing off there is a special experience. The rocky and green surroundings and the link style holes are just some the reasons that make the PGA level course  Libitú Golf Club  stand out the international golf scene.

Thanks to its bunkers and crossing winds, the Libitú  course can challenge the most experienced golfers while getting on contact with nature. It is a  course with a Mexican touch.

Club de Golf Playa Paraíso

There is another place that cannot be missed, the Playa Paraiso Golf Club , where can be found the house of the prestigious  course designer P.B. Dye, with its hills, its Paspalum  weed carpeted slopes and continuous obstacles.

Real Novo Sancti Petri Golf Club

On the other side of the ocean, we cannot forget to mention the fabulous courses that can be found in Andalucia, an incredible land.

And always, with a very warm weather which allows golfers to find the perfect place to improve their drives and swings.

In the Real Novo Sancti Petri Golf Club, surrounded by ponds, palm trees, oak trees and the best views of La Barrosa beach and the Atlantic Ocean. The complex has participated in the OnCourse®, which awards the commitment with the environment.

In addition to its 36 holes divided into two pair 72 courses. Novo Sancti Petri offers a 8000 sq meter driving range and wide variety of American style obstacles.

Real Club Valderrama

Finally, it is also very important to mention the Real Club Valderrama as it is one of the best golg clubs in Spain. The course is in excellence shape. The Volvo Master takes place there. Valderrama is one of the most desirable courses in Europe.

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Designer furniture makers for pets


Although today’s post is about design and decoration, it will not be regarding our needs but the ones of our most loyal friends: our pets.

In a luxury villa every detail counts, we have to take care of the environment in which our pets will be living. We want them to feel like home but without affecting your home environment. Do not miss our selection of designer furniture makers for pets.


Once we start putting together our home, one key element is the couch. For this reason, our pets should be able to enjoy curling up on one. In stores like Made, you will find any design from black to more fashionable ones in pink or mustard velvet. If you are into Scandinavian minimalism, you can go with an ash wood based couch and with a plump grey cushion. It will all come down to the style of your living room but, as you can see, there is a huge range of possibilities.

In the firm´s web, you cannot just find couches but a lot of different accessories and pieces of furniture that will improve your pet´s quality of life and give home a special touch. You just need to check the shiny water bowls on a black metal or bamboo structure.


If you are more of a cat person, this French firm is your best ally when it comes to choose the furniture for your pet. Its founders define their products as “elegant furniture, respectful in the designing and harmony as well as with the comfort of your cat. It just seems what you are looking for, isn’t it?

via Meyou

Among their products, four types of beds stand out: The BALL, The CUBE, The BED and The NEST. They are made of solid wood, knitted cotton and felt 100% wool. As their components are common used materials for house decorating, it is easy for this furniture to blend in with our house decoration.


It is a Japanese company who emphasizes on their pet furniture line. The originality of their furniture is very compatible with the interior of your house. Experts in Nendo have researched the market and concluded that the majority of products for dogs are round shaped and they are not made to fit into lineal shaped environments like houses. Besides, their made their products to blend in with walls, floor, ceiling and windows so they are very versatile.

In their product catalogue, Head or Tails stands out. It is an adaptable bed which includes platesand toys. It is made of artificial leather and thanks to its articulated parts it is possible to transform it into a small house. The plates are ceramic and reversible.

via Nendo

LYCS Basic Architecture

For these Chinese creators, their goal from the beginning was to produce a piece of furniture that is both useful for humans and pets at the same time. From this idea, CATable was born. It is a desk designed for working with your computer and an interior maze with holes and tunnels that your cat will not be able to resist. This way, pets are amused and will let you work, there is some thought put into this, huh?

via LYCS Basic Architecture


In IKEA we can find an acceptable range of products for pets. From beds and shelters to all kind of accessories. Special mention to the LURVIG collection (means hairy in Swedish) created by the Spanish designer Inma Bermúdez. The shelves have special nooks for cats to rest, they are wonderful!

What sticks out the most about this collection, which has beds, bowls, shelters or scrapers, is the fact that is made by IKEA so it blends in with other pieces of furniture that are sold there. There truly is a special synergy between human and animal furniture.

via Ikea


This firm focuses on the comfort of your pet and it does not stop at dogs and cats, they have furniture for rabbits, guinea pigs or fish. For this reason, we find among their products from dog couches to luxury cages for rabbits. Their furniture style is minimalist and modern.

Something that stands out is the organic and minimalist line of fish bowls where fish can enjoy the spacious blown glass bowls. Their swinging aluminum and wood made cage for birds is also perfect.

via Chimère

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