Costa del Sol the best place to live

la costa del sol

Costa del sol offers us wonderful locations along Marbella’s Milla de Oro and the near urbanisations as they are Sierra Blanca, Camojan or La Zagaleta.

The weather, the landscapes diversity which offers and the life quality make of Costa del Sol a perfect place to build any kind of exclusive or luxury home.

It’s the destination since a long time ago, for foreigners who wish to spend their vacation or their retirement.

It’s evident the number of real estate transactions in the last years by foreigner buyers.

Down below we’re making you a brief analysis of the marvellous Costa del Sol:

la costa del sol

Costa del Sol is divided into:

Málaga-Torremolinos-Mijas, in this area the profile is mainly of British origins, except from the town centre of Fuengirola and Torremolinos, where the buyers are national, especially from Córdoba and Madrid.

If what you’re looking for is to rest but having the advantages of a city, this is the best option.

Beaches are for the enjoyment and relax. The collection of museums of Costa del Sol’s capital is very wide and diverse.

Marbella-Manilva, Marbella, for the luxury lovers and the good living. The high standards demand is in Marbella and Estepona.

Being the highest percentage of foreigners buyers composed by English, Belgian, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Moroccan, Irish, and citizens original from Middle East.

Estepona plays an important role at residential tourism or real estate tourism.

Marbella is sophistication and simplicity, easy to find the balance we require in this city, especially during the summer months.

Another well-known area is the Eastern Costa del Sol, the residential centres are gathered in: Vélez Málaga, Rincón de la Victoria, Nerja and Torrox.

The seekers are, as we previously said, mostly recurrent residents from foreign population: English, German, Belgian and French.

The 65% of buyers are foreigners and the 35% are nationals. What they demand the most are newly-built homes with good locations. As for them is a place for disconnecting, resting, relaxing, etc.

Costa del Sol is a synonym for earthly paradise, that’s why it’s normal for people choosing it to spend their holidays and take it up as their residence.

This has one of the best weathers of all Europe, it provides with a wide commercial and  leisure offer.

Furthermore, the advantages of living closer to the sea are manifold, as it improves the health and encourages the physical activity while you can practice sports.

la costa del sol

Which are the reasons to live in Costa del Sol?

– Of course, the weather.

-Environment. The smell of the sea, the gentle breeze, and the warm sun during every single day of the year.

– It offers mainfold activities, as much as urban as metropolitan.

– Affordable, as it exists a great variety of options, as much as cultural as gastronomical.

– It provides with sea and with mountain.

– Renowned monuments and historical buildings, around the city’s old town.

The luxury villas spread all over the Costa del Sol

Prime urbanisations have always been a safe bet in this area, where comfort and exclusivity are the main things.

In this area we can find luxury urbanisations placed between the luxurious Marbella and Sotogrande, it’s Puerto Banús or Finca Cortesín, a luxury urbanisation somehow younger than La Zagaleta, with an exceptional placement, it counts on individual fields with garden and pools, with views to the Mediterranean sea.

In this area we find the Andalusian real estate market’s jewels, which of course stand out for their privacity and quality.

As Sotogrande’s urbanisation is, a corner which hides great beaches to relax.

They are many famous who own properties in Costa del Sol.

As they could be Hollywood actors or royalty people, they are just some of the leading personalities attracted by Marbella.

As it’s one of the preferential destinies in the European coast, together with the Côte d’Azur or Monaco.

Apart from the foreign tourism, it also prevails the family tourism, who look for a more personalized attention.

Furthermore in this area the sports offer is great. One of the world-famous sports is the Polo tournament, which is hold every year in the Santa María Polo Club of this locality.

Although this is an urbanisation for people with high purchasing power, discretion is what defines them.

All the features of these urbanisations make that Costa del Sol real estate market, counts on a customer with high purchasing power.

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Technology at home, how does it improve amenities?

technology at home

Nowadays we’re sorrounded of technology at home, we are basically living connected to it. It’s very complicated to imagine our daily routine without pending on our smartphone or browsing through at a computer.

Now more than ever, we’re finding technological products for home which are useful to interact with them, thanks mostly to the Internet of Things.

We encounter from devices to keep your house clean without moving, to different kinds of gadgets or security cameras.

Here we tell you about some gadgets which introduce technology at home to improve comfort day by day.

LED technology for your home

Smart lights which allow us to save up, at the same time that we get to set desired light intensity.

We can control all of these kinds of lights from our Smartphone, with voice assistants and connecting it to another remote device.

One of the brands we recommend you is Philips and its Hue’s poduct line: lamps, bulbs, LED strings and a great services’ interaction as it is IFTTT which allows you to create automatic tasks (for example, to switch on the garage lights when we are arriving home).

Robot vacuum cleaner

Another technology at home to improve comfort and besides, to have your home gleaming without moving a finger is a robot vacuum cleaner.

These robots clean dust with a rotating brush above an horizontal axis.

Also, some of them count on small brushes on over vertical axes to remove dirt under the vacuum and they collect with the main brush.

Each robot has cleanliness programmes, which you could choose according to your needs and schedules.

They charge at a loading station, or a charger which connects to the robot.

They are actually very trendy, and we can find different models as they are RoombaLGiLifeVileda or even Xiaomi.

Intelligent cameras

New intelligent cameras models have noticeably improved to blend into decoration. Besides, it includes new functions as WIFI technology connected to the house or work’s network  .

This way we control at any time what is happening at any room from the Smartphone.

technology at home

WIFI video door phone

 If anyone rings the doorbell, we can see it directly from the Smartphone as if we were at home. Models such as Ring Automotive are able to detect movements at exterior environments, sending alerts to your Smartphone.

Electronic lock

It can action from the Smartphone, a remote control or introducing the fingerprint. But these last identification methods don’t include it, you have to buy them apart.

Intelligent thermostats

To create smart spaces in every aspect, with the ability to adapt taking into account the situation. Those play an important role to reduce home energy costs and with them, you can customise heat programmes and create them.

Smart plugs

These can be remotely controled by a remote control, and there are others which already add intelligent functions, with remote control from the Smartphone and they can be programmed with the ability to integrate with other devices.

We also tell you about some of the advantages and disadvantages of technology at home.

Advantages of having technology at home

  • Energy costs decrease for rooms’ temperature control, lighting, and electric consumption control, obtaining as a result higher savings and environmental care.
  • Comfort at smart homes is fine, and it manages through internal environment control by specific schedules programming for conditioning equipment, lighting, etc.
  • An automated system allows to integrate any device which isn’t intelligent to the system.
  • It is able to link to mostly any kind of device with Internet access.
  • Security, you can detect any intruder in your home, a fire, a gas leak or a water leak.
  • Besides, by security cameras you can see what is happening from any place and this way deciding what to do.

Disadvantages of having technology at home

  • The investment is a bit high depending on the required system.
  • If any faulty occurs at the system, it would block all of the network and its functions would remain annulled.
  • As it’s  Internet, it’s exposed to be invaded by a software contributing to manipulation and monitoring without any permit.

This is our brief analysis about the current domotics and how it adapts to a luxury home.

As a result, we reach to the conclusion that advantages are more beneficial, that’s why we recommend to install this technology at home.

technology at home

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How celebrities’ homes are


The French Côte D’Azur, Costa Esmeralda in Italy, Aspen in the USA or an attic in the Upper East Side…  celebrities don’t resign with few and when they have to invest in real estate property they do it in style.

Either models, actors, designers, business men with great fortunes who look for privacity, exclusiveness and luxury for living or to spend their holiday vacation.

According to a research carried out by Savills real property consulting services, after analysing the touristic residential market, where great worldwide fortunes are buying properties, we find firstly the French Côte D’Azur with a price of 21 millions (€) for a five- room luxury house. On the Côte D’Azur it stands out Saint-Jean-Cap- Ferrat, a French commune and town between Nice and Monaco where there are more than 500 luxury properties. We can highlight Paul Allen’s home, Microsoft cofounder and Andrew Lloyds’, the British songwriter.

Secondly, Costa Esmeralda in Sardinia (Italy). Thirdly, San Bartolomé French island, it’s a territorial overseas collectivity belonging to France located in the Caribbean Sea with a surface of 20km. In fourth place of the ranking we can mention Aspen in Colorado (USA) and its exclusive ski resort. There, the average value of high standing porperties is about 9,5 million Euros.

We can also mention places such as Monaco, or Barbados Island specially for the British people who are the recurrent buyers of luxury properties in the area. Furthermore, to mention Lago Como, where we can find three magnificent George Clooney’s villas, a wonderful Madonna’s house or Matt Bellamy as a neighbour, Muse’s music band vocalist.


Villa Oleandra is one of George Clooney’s villas, he bought it for 12 millions (€) in 2002. The villa has a private quay.

Picture: Revista Hola

celebritiesPicture: Revista Hola

This Tuscan style villa is one of the three mansions that the actor owns at Lago Como.



Matthias Khün property mansion. It’s located at the private island of Tagomago (Ibiza). The price of its rent swings from 100.000€ and 160.000 € per week.

Picture: Lecturas


Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s mansion, 7 bedrooms and nine bathrooms with a value of 21.7 millions (€). So, the villa is located at the exclusive area of Georgia Pond in East Hamptons, this mansion is known as Pond House. The house was designed by the architect Stanford White and was remodeled in 2008.

Picture: Idealista

celebritiesIt has an infinity pool as we can see in the picture.

Picture: Idealista

celebritiesIt has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, it even has a guest’s house inside it with two bedrooms.

Picture: Idealista

If we focus only in Spain, we’ll also find top destinations for celebrities.

Among them we highlight as the number one Costa del Sol, where the main location is Marbella, an elegant city where the Arab occupation remains mixed with the modern complex’s facilities.

Thirdly we find Sotogrande, an american style residential area in Cádiz lands. In conclusion, in 4th place we can name Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca’s island capital and Balearic Islands’ autonomous community, where we can find Michael Douglas’ mannor or the tennis player, Rafa Nadal’s house.

Prince singer’s house in Marbella.

Picture: Vanitatis

Paloma San Basilio’s house in Zahara de los Atunes, Cádiz.

Picture: Vanitatis


Manuel Díaz “El Cordobés” bullfighter and Virginia Troconis’ mansion at Costa del Sol.

Picture: Vanitatis

House of Marbella’s mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, at Costa del Sol. It has a 1.700 square meters extent allocated in five floors, three of them underground.

Picture: Vanitatis


What is the objective of these celebrities? To live like kings and queens in the maximum number of square meters.

Whether in  a mediterranean inspirational mansion in Georgia Pond or a minimalist house in front of Alemanes’ beach in Zahara de los Atunes, of Paloma San Basilio. On the other hand, there are details such as infinity pools that are common to most of celebrities’ houses.

In conclusion, with iLuxenio you can build your dreamhouse as the same as celebrities do. Sign in to iLuxenio and you’ll find unique details about contructions and projects at luxury residential. You can search by ubication, size, construction type.. you can search as many times as you want and play with all the criteria within reach to discover who is behind each design.

Choose your desired preferences and discover which are the most similar house to your dream.

Since you meet with us for the first time until turnkey, in iLuxenio we are at your disposal during all the process, you can check with us about any point and we’ll solve all of your questions.

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Luxury on smart homes

smart homes

These are future homes, technological solutions offered by smart homes, they help us to simplify and improve our life quality by technology and design integration.

There’s an increasing number of houses that count on this kind of technologies at home, which their main feature is the integrated wiring, controlled by an intelligent device.

The relation between design and personal preference leads to a great level of eccentricity and luxury.

What make these smart homes smart is automation  but, for those who don’t get familiar with the term, when talking about ‘automation’ we mean the technologies combination applied to automation and control of the house, allowing the efficient management of energy, comfort and security, which allows those who live inside it to control from a Smartphone or an iPad. Its advantages are many, as they provide well-being, life quality, time savings…

But, what advantages bring Smart homes to us?

5 fields in which services offered by automation work are:

-They contribute us with great cost savings, there’s a growing number of people that look for this at the most efficient way.

Security, through automated people surveillance, throughout intrusive controls, automatic doors closing system, security cameras, personal alarms… converting this way your home into a more comfortable place, so it allows you to switch off, switch on, regulate… all electronic devices of the house.

Accessibility, also to disabled people, it eases all home elements handling, adjusting to all of their needs.

Comfort, it gives required need to every single person who lives inside the home.

– It guarantees communication, through the house’s remote control, Smartphone, computer, tablet.. which delivers all the anomalies to these devices.

smart homes

In recent years, this industry has evolved enough, contributing with solutions to all kinds of homes, increasing life quality, living functionality and well-being of its inhabitants.

Current real state industry takes much into account domotics systems, so they make more comfortable and efficient it’s inhabitants life. This kind of solutions cover great part of users’ needs. Having your own smart home controlled, it doesn’t only contributes to have the whole of your life managed, but to know its consumption at every moment. One of the main reasons to integrate this technology is energy efficiency.

All of us at least for once, we have dreamt to have a luxury home and apart from that to have this technology applied to the home.

In addition, here we want to show you a list of astonishing houses, which also are Smart Homes.

Nowadays there’s a big number of apps to control your Smart Home from your Smartphone or from your tablet

Here we want to recommend some of them easy to customise and use, which will make your life easier:


It allows you to control lightning from Philips devices that you have at home from your smartphone or your iPad, setting a suitable level of light depending on the situation in which you are.


A Schneider Electric app for devices with Android or iOS, which allows you to control automated installation all over the house.


With this one you can control lights, climatization, shutters, audiovisual devices such as audio, TV, cameras… from whereever you are.


Another app for iPad and iPod Touch, iPhone, which allows to remotely control lightning, irrigation plants system, heating… among other devices.


Also used for automated control of the house, for iOS and Android. It manages electronic devices, shutters, climatization, lightning…

Tahomahome control by Somfy

Both for Android or for Apple, it allows to control io-homecontrol techonoly equipments, both if you are at home or out of it.


Once installed and connected to it, it allows to raise and lower the garage door, lightning, opening and closing doors or checking if there’s a water leak.


Another app which consists on an intelligent remote control with automated control for the image, sound and multimuedia uses.

TYcoInteractive Security:

It allows to watch live the house, heating, controlling lights, and the rest of devices connected to the network. It also makes available an alarm system to alert the police.

Parrot Flower Power:

For those enthusiast of the last technologies and ecology, it includes a sensor to measure plants needs that live in the house.


It’s designed for all kinds of smartphones, this app offers the possiblity to optimize and play with the lightning. It’s for houses integrated by several kinds of LED bulbs that can be programmed to change the colour.

In conclusion, in iLuxenio we can make your dream come true, if you’re thinking of building the house of your dreams don’t hesitate to contact us, we use the latest technologies for your project’s development.

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Elegance in the luxury houses

luxury houses

From iLuxenio we propose a luxurious way of life, with our villas and luxury houses in the most exclusive zones and the most quoted soils.

A term tied to this is the elegance, which fits perfectly with a model of luxury house and sustainable villa

In which they reign harmony, coordination of elements and its resilience regarding to the environment in which it is.

For managing to reach the elegance in any construction is almost indispensable the use of noble and natural materials

Materials which transmit a sober and lacking language in ornaments that strengthens the simple lines and the most contemporary style of architecture or that simply they remember us this sensation that we always must be in contact with and to be conscious of the availability and the suitable utilization of resources.

As Coco Chanel said: ‘Simplicity is the key of the real elegance. ‘

Great part of the elegance sensation that a villa or a luxury house could transmit comes from the work of the interior design. According to Pantone (X-Rite’s subsidiary) relating agency in the manufacture, design and distribution of colors worldwide.

In all the sectors the trend colour of this 2017 is the Hunter Green or Green Mount, a very deep dark green that has been identified very well in the textile industry in portfolios and clothes in general and which also has established itself in the homes.

The perfect combination for this type of green as a primary colour is the grey, so the shade that provides to it is one of the most elegant connections, according to the renowned interior designer Roberto Lucena from the College of Interior decorators and Designers of Interiors of Puerto Rico.

But he warns us that it’s a color that, because of its depth, it’s to be used with moderation.

The perfect thing is to see it as an accessory, as a sofa, or if we want to go stronger.

We could put a gray armchair with a wall or an area in hunter green.

Lucena emphasises that where it would not correspond the hunter green, is in wide walls since spaces would get too much dark, as well as in big furniture or in carpets.

Apart from grey, blue, yellow, pink and peach would mate perfectly with this type of green.

In general terms, without bearing the trends in mind, if what is wished is the combination of elegance and luminosity for our villas or luxury houses the mixture of colors that always works is white and brown.

The brown puts its style and distinction and the white contributes its luminosity and false extent, when one finds the balance sheet between these two colors for each type of house with its respective features the result is something unique and distinguished.

If the particularity of a design is enough to award an interior design with a singular personality with much less requirements than you imagine, the use of noble materials in luxury houses and villas is another endorsement of guarantee.

Risking with organic design elements is a way of giving a fresh breath air to your villa elegantly.

A very valued material for decoration and construction because of its versatility and variety of lines, is the glass.

Its pure qualities have positioned it as a very showy and subtle element of interiors and exteriors.

And its integration with noble materials as it is the wood give to your design a marked chic style.

In trends of furniture and interior design, it’s not possible to speak about another style that is not the minimalist.

Since you could have seen in our Minimalist catalogue, it’s not necessary to exempt the luxury of this trend.

Although it is true that the confection of interiors under the minimalist principles, is an attainable challenge for the best and more experienced designers of interior, such as the ones we have in iLuxenio.

Following the minimalist design, furniture pieces integration in the same space could lead to the quality and image’s deterioration.

Minimalist in which one piece is the protagonist,  an ideal colours choice, it can give a result more than surprising.

As promoters of sustainable villas and luxury houses our advices for an elegant construction are:

  • Working with an architect with a philosophy and tastes similar to yours.
  • Asking for references of a recent and past projects’ portfolio as the ones you can consult in iLuxenio.
  • The architecture professionals bet this year for intelligent designs.
  • Characterized by several factors as they are the transformable spaces and the interactivity between the zones.
  • The transparent, laminated and brilliant surfaces are some of the aspects that are demonstrated by major force.
  • If one wants to promote the translucency, crystals are the best option.
  • Constructing with natural stones, metals and polished marbles.
  • The natural stone coatings are some very good thermal, acoustic and dampness insulatings for the villas or rustic luxury houses.

Depending on the characteristics of the chosen rock type, we will obtain a result more or less elegant.

As well as of its layers and placement procedures.

A detailed analysis of our luxury house and a decoration using this kind of minimalist elements would fascinate your guesses

At the same time that you make your own house a true home to live.

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The most exclusive areas to build a house in Spain

exclusive home

The weather, the diversity of landscapes it offers and its quality of life make Spain the perfect place to build any type of luxury or exclusive home. Marbella, Madrid, Mallorca, Ibiza or Barcelona are the most demanded areas.

The surroundings of big cities are positioned in the first destinations for exclusive home

Since they offer a greater diversity and maintain a perfect balance between leisure and business.

 In Madrid you can find La Moraleja, La Finca or El Viso.

While in Barcelona stands Pedralbes or Ciudad Diagonal, in Esplugues de Llobregat.

Similarly, Costa del Sol offers wonderful locations along its Golden Mile of Marbella and nearby residential areas such as Sierra Blanca, Camojan or La Zagaleta .

The Costa del Sol has always been a paradise for the exclusive home, the glamour and luxury life on a global basis.

Located between the luxurious Marbella and Sotogrande, there is Puerto Banus, where they agglutinate the most exclusive chothing and decor brands at its promenade while you see the luxury yachts which dock in the area or Finca Cortesín, a luxury residential area slightly younger than La Zagaleta with much potential to obtain your own exclusive home.

Last but not least, the Balearic Islands have always been an important claim for those looking for premium locations.

The most interesting areas are Ibiza and the south-west of Mallorca: Port Andratx, Bendinat, Portals and Santa Ponsa.

Followed by some towns of the north as Pollensa and of the city of Palma and its surroundings.

Son Vida, a location full of  pines with views to Palma’s bay, is considerad the most luxurious of the island.

Do you know these areas? Visit and discover exclusive villas and buildings. We are leaders in exclusive and sustainable construction.