Luxury promotions in Spain

promociones de lujo

We can talk about different luxury promotions such as Lagasca 99, Canalejas, Montalbán 11, General Castaños …


The four named above have been very popular in recent years and have been on the lips of many high-end real estate stories in Spain. These promotions have several characteristics that are the same: privileged locations, the best qualities, spectacular penthouses and prices that leave you without air. However, if we have to opt for the most expensive, that is, the one with the highest square meter, what is really the most expensive promotion currently for sale? What is the one with the  high square meter Price?


There are clearly villas in La Moraleja, La Finca, Marbella or Sotogrande, with sale prices far higher than even the incredible penthouses of any of these projects, basically because they are large properties. But if we take into account where the most expensive square meter is paid, we have to opt for one that occupies the first place, by far. We are talking about Villa de París, in front of the Supreme Court, on Calle General Castaños.


This development, named Villa de Paris, is located next to the Supreme Court in Madrid and the average price per square meter, according to DAO is 18,000 euros, although one of the two 600-meter penthouses was purchased by Amancio Ortega for 20,000 euros per square meter.   We don´t place another of the most luxurious promotions in Madrid or Barcelona. This can be found in San Sebastián and is one of the most expensive luxury developments that we can find in all of Spain if we also take into account the average price per square meter of their homes.

This development is known as Residencial Villa Almudena. It is a cooperative project consisting of six super luxury homes in front of La Concha beach. In addition, according to the data collected by the DAO algorithm of the real estate auctions and private online sales portal Addmeet, the average sale price stands at 22,000 euros, above the 18,000-19,000 euros that were initially handled. The cooperative member of the project is Grupo Arrasate. We can say that the price of this promotion is ahead of the prices that are handled in General Castaños, of Mabel Real Estate, of which we have spoken previously.

Another new construction promotion that we cannot forget to name is in the Salamanca neighborhood, Lagasca 99. It occupies the last place in the ‘ranking’ with an average of 11,000 euros per square meter. However, three years ago, one of its 800-meter penthouses was sold for € 13 million, or approximately € 16,000 per square meter.


Ranking of the most expensive luxury promotions in Spain

Data collected by the DAO algorithm from the Addmeet real estate auction portal.


San Sebastián first, then Madrid and thirdly Barcelona. Barcelona gets third place in this ‘ranking’ with a very classic promotion of super luxury. It is known as Francesc Macià 10, a building where the offices of the insurance company Winterthur were in the Catalan capital and which consists of seven 600-square-meter homes and an attic. The average price of the square meter stands at 16,500 euros and has had, for its rehabilitation, the stamp of the architect Marcio Kogan. The building, owned by the venture capital firm, Squircle Capital – its first residential investment in Spain – began marketing its homes almost two years ago and of its eight units, four have already been sold to Spanish entrepreneurs, three of them Catalans.



The fifth place in the ranking is followed by Montalbán 11, also in Madrid, a project by Venezuelans Italinmuebles with a price of approximately 15,000 euros per square meter, exactly the same as in Paseo de Gracia 30, by the Catalans Twin Peaks Capital.


We can find the Montalbán development right in front of the El Retiro park and it has been an incredible rehabilitation to put ten exclusive homes for sale in the luxury market. It is currently sold at 95%, since there is one triplex that initially went on sale at 13.9 million euros, and right now they are asking for its 750 meters plus 220 terraces, 14.6 million. All the homes are sold except this triplex penthouse. It has been on the market for almost two years and, as it happens, for example, with another penthouse in General Castaños, it is finding it difficult to find a buyer not only due to the high price of the square meter, but for the final sale price.


We can say that the market is currently a bit off. Although they are usually the foreign public that is done with this type of housing. For example, the Venezuelan who prefers the Salamanca neighborhood area anyway, while the Mexican public is gradually entering the market.


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Great architect’s buildings

great architects

Photos: Arquitectura y diseño                                                                                                   Today we are bringing you a very interesting topic for all the architecture lovers. In iLuxenio, we are specialist on sustainable and exclusive homes. However, when we see a great building it does not matter its purpose, we fall for its beauty, characteristics, design, etc. We will gos over great construction projects and which great architects are behind them.

For this reason, in this post we want to consider the buildings which were thought by great architects. Anyhow, this is just a small list that can be completed. There is no accounting for taste after all.

Robie House, Chicago, Frank Lloyd Wright (1910)

We cannot start in a better way. The master Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the referents in modern architecture and one of the great architects we would like to deal with. This building, the Robie House, is proof of that. He based his style on horizontal lines, pronounced eaves and centered plants and we can see that in this work. The architect ended up consecrating this way of designing implanted from the Robie House in a housing model called “prairie houses”. The name comes from its inspiration in the prairie landscape of the American Midwest.

Wolf house, Gubin, Polonia, Mies van der Rohe (1926)

Influenced by German avant-garde currents, Mies van der Rohe definitively moved away from the neoclassical style he had practiced in his early work and gave way to a more experimental trend. Thanks to this, he came to a style characterized by a flexible and fluid distribution and close communication between the interior and the exterior. This is what we can appreciate in this magnificent building that, unfortunately, we can only see in pictures as it was destroyed during World War II.

great architects

Weissenhofsiedlung double house, Sttutgart, Le Corbusier (1927)

The history of this building, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2016, dates back to 1927. At that time, the Deutscher Werkbund association organized a search for a solution to a serious problem in the Weissenhofsiedlung district of Stuttgart: housing shortages in Germany. Different invited architects to participate in a joint project that would consist of a colony of 12 buildings, attended to the event. One of them is this house. In it Le Corbusier laid the foundations of his style. Its characteristics are light and sustained construction on thin pillars, austerity and elegance. Among its areas, stands out a luxurious roof and living rooms with the ability to redistribute in a variable way. It was from this project when the French architect established the concept of house as a “living machine”.

great architects

Lever House, New York, SOM (1952)

If we talk about emblematic buildings it is necessary to mention one as significant as this. This is the first skyscraper that wbuilt in New York that had a glass curtain wall. The Skidmore, Owings & Merill (SOM) studio was the creator. This was a before and after in the Manhattan skyline, bringing modernity and innovation. This inspired the rest of skyscrapers that were built later.

great architects

Boa Nova Tea House, Leça da Palmeira, Portugal, Álvaro Siza (1963)

The architect Álvaro Siza, Pritzker Prize, carried out this project when he was 23 years old. He managed to integrate the house perfectly into the landscape and history of the place. You can see that with the naked eye since the structure seems to emerge from the rocks. Already with an extensive and experienced career, 50 years after the construction of the Boa Nova Tea House, the architect himself remodeled the place to host the restaurant of the Portuguese chef Rui Paula.

great architects

George Pompidou Center, Paris, Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano (1977)

The high-tech style with which Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano endowed this building was so revolutionary for its time that not everyone came to understand it. However, this place that houses a museum, a library, a space dedicated to industrial and architectural creation and another for musical experimentation meant a great transformation in the way of conceiving buildings destined for museums today.

great architects

Fortunately, throughout history there have been great architects who have left their mark thanks to their fantastic buildings.

In addition to those we have already named, we can highlight others such as Frank Gehry’s House in Santa Monica; HSBC Bank in Hong Kong by Norman Foster; Institute of the Arab World, in Paris by Jean Nouvel; the Chapel of St. Benedict in Sumvitg (Switzerland) by Peter Zumthor or the Vitra Campus Fire Station, in Weil am Rhein (Germany) by Zaha Hadid.

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Luxurious buildings

luxurious building

Some fast economic growing cities make it easier to  find and example of  a luxurious building with great designing.

Cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Singapore host some constructions that seem impossible at first but they form their skyline. In New York, we find the Chrysler Building or the Empire State Building which are now city symbols.

Forbes Life magazine selects the tallest, most luxurious and high demanded residential building in the world.

Liebian International Plaza

One of the building we have researched about has recently entered the luxurious building list, the Liebian International Plaza, a 121 meter high skyscraper which has an artificial 108 meter high waterfall in its façade.

This waterfall is among the highest ones in the world and one of the greatest engineering works. For its functioning, a water tank at the bottom of the building was built and four water pumps were installed to bring up the water to the top of the waterfall. The water is recycled and collected from the rain.

Besides, the luxurious building has offices, a mall and a luxurious hotel inside. It is located in Guiyang, southwest China.

luxurious building

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

It is 828 meter tall.

This luxurious building has 823 stories which only 163 can be used, the rest are just to make it higher. Out of the ones in use, 49 are offices and 61 are homes. Renting a 4 bedroom flat can be €16000 a month and most of them are on lease. The 124th floor is a viewpoint which offers the visitor a 360º view of the city. To access this floor there is an elevator which gets to 10 m/s. In the 122th floor, it is located the Atmosphere Bar, the highest bar in the world, which can be accessed in 44 seconds by elevator. Besides, clients can eat, have a tea or cocktail while admiring the Gulf of Arabia.

Its construction started with an initial budget of $4000 millions, but it reached $20000 millions in the end.

luxurious building

Pentominium, Dubai

It is 616 meter high.

It’s located in the coast of Dubai, it has a layer of glass on one side as a windbreaker to protect the balconies, and on the other alternated ladder of empty gardens and apartments. It is a tower with two different sides which share a central core, due to the environmental pressure, the proximity of neighbors and density.

It has 122 stories, at first it was just 516 meter high, but at the end a pointy 100 meter long needle was added becoming one the tallest residential buildings.

On the other hand, each apartment has access to luxury automobiles and the most luxurious ones have an exterior pool and living room, health care centers, smoking clubs and squash courts.

luxurious building

Princess Tower, Dubai

It is 414 meter tall. In 2012, it was considered the highest residential building by the Guinness World Records. It has 107 floors of which only 100 are inhabited, 6 basements and a lobby, 763 one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom or four bedroom apartments, without adding the penthouses with views to the Palm Jumeirah.

Besides, every apartment has a gym, high speed elevators, exterior and interior pool, play areas, tennis courts, pool tables and saunas.

luxurious building

Tour Odeon, Monaco

Finally, we have this building. It is 170 meter high. We find it in Monaco with views of the ocean and the principality. It has 60 duplex apartments and there is a penthouse known as The Sky Penthouse which has a pool with a slide. The penthouse is 31500 sq feet that is equal to 5 floors. It has 360º views of Monaco and it is worth $335 millions. Each floor has 24 hour personal service, spa and art center.

We would also like to show you some of the most luxurious and biggest houses of the world. There are houses that are bigger than the Buckingham Palace or that as vast as a whole building. They resemble the economic power of its owners.

luxurious building

These are the top 5 most luxurious and biggest houses of the world:

– Updown Court. Buckingham Palace’s competition.

luxurious building

– Antilla Building. The mansion of the future.

luxurious building

– Hearst Castle.

luxurious building

– Leopolda Villa. A historic mansion.

luxurious building

– Versailles House. The reality version of the American dream.

luxurious building

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Architects with projects in great Villas

If you are looking for your dreamed house, it is very important to pick the right architects who are specialized in great villas that can shape your home in a unique way and under their expertise.

If you pick the right architect you will get the exclusiveness and the comfort you are looking for.

Get to know some of the most relevant architecture firms in this post, who can fulfill your dreams of having an unbelievable home.

On the following lines, we are listing some architecture firms that are known for their work in villas:

González & Jacobson Arquitectura

This architecture firm has been around for more than 25 years and has designed projects nationally and internationally.

Luxury Villa project in Los Monteros

The property is located in Los Monteros neighborhood, 5 kms away from Marbella close to the coast.

It is a one-family, isolated, contemporary, extraordinary and spacious house with all kind of facilities.

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Luxury villas designs by the architect Fran Silvestre absorb and synthesize the numerous problems of programming, locating and context, structure, technology of construction and more, including them in his architecture style of game of space and shapes.

Casa del Acantilado project

It is a one-family house located in Calpe, Alicante. It is built on the edge of a cliff, as it is hanging in the air, walking on the water, a piece of land that looks towards the sea. It fits nicely in the natural surroundings.

LUITOM Interiorismo

It is an architecture and interior designing firm specialized in projecting and constructing modern luxury homes.

Luxury homes architectural and construction projects

The carry out architectural projects for modern luxury homes in Valencia, Malaga and Madrid.

KUBO Architects

They are a team of architects who are experts in luxury one-family home management and designing.
They are known for a great customer service, great commitment and unusual creativity along with passion about what they do.

Añoreta project

These house have two floors, main floor and basement looking for a good space topographic management of the property with a minimalist concept and good scenery exploitation.

CANEXEL Arquitectura & Construcción

Its foundations are exclusivity, designing and quality. Canexel´s priority is to offer and provide each client whatever they are looking for and need whatever their tastes or preferences are.

Casa Brava House project

The Brava House home is located in a natural environment of pines and eucalyptus very close to the beach. It was designed as a second home to enjoy with family and friends so spaces between the interior and exterior of the house were well taken care of.

Galván Arquitectos

Galván Arquitectos has a very experienced team of professionals in the field of integral management of any kind of interior designing and architecture projects. It is led by the firm founder, Francisco Martínez Galván.

Villa Silver project

It is an spectacular one-family house with a modern style located in Marbella on a 2024 sq meter property and a built surface of 1050 sq meter. The design and personal style of the house is something to point out.

Ismael Mérida Arquitectos

It has a wide team of professionals who are specialized in every phase of the project , achieving any kind of projects with a precise control system and time of delivering.

Villa Elvira Reform project

The house designing is based on a contemporary style reinterpretating the one-family isolated white Andalusian model of home.

08023 Architects

This firm believes in architecture as collaboration between the people who enjoy it and the architects who design it. Personal and tailor made architecture.

Casa Herrero project

One-family home located in Alella (Barcelona) in which modernity, innovation and pure lined designing combine with an unique mediterranean experience.

B8 Architecture

It is the leading company in Bynok Group which offers services internationally. Its goal is to surpass the client´s expectancies and make their dreams come true.

Villa Apolo project

This magnificent and modern luxury villa is located in one of the most exclusive areas of Madrid, in a privileged and natural environment.

Grupo Auma

It is an important architecture firm, urbanism management and designing founded and directed by the architect José María Pérez Gutiérrez.

Luxury chalet project in the Real Club de Golf de Sevilla

Project and interior design of a brand new luxury chalet in the Real Club de Golf de Sevilla in Alcalá de Guadaira (Sevilla).

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Luxury architecture and ecology: a perfect tandem for your home

sustainable luxury villa

Maybe, if you think about luxury homes, the image of mansions with the best features or baroque decoration that  worth its weight in gold comes to your mind. It is a common belief that dream house’s owners don’t care about ecology.  You may think they don’t care if they waste or contaminate just to get their way. However, although you can find examples that fit this stereotype, there is another option that is already essential when building: opting for a sustainable luxury villa.

Is ecological architecture compatible with luxury? Not only do they make up a perfect tandem but also quality, durability, timeless appeal and architecture and design of sustainable homes are all the rage. This is so much the case that the ecological issue, is the cause of the increase in the house price.

How to make a luxury home sustainable? From the facilities to the gardens, let’s review what elements should not be missing in your sustainable luxury villa.

Ecological lighting

When we are designing a sustainable luxury villa, we must consider energy saving as a key aspect. For example, a good idea is to provide your house with as much natural light as possible. Thus avoid the need of turning on lights. However, at nigh-time we can face the darkness with LED light systems. They provide the necessary luminosity without wasting energy. They are always more efficient and durable than traditional incandescent bulbs. And don’t you worry, if you are thinking of putting especially opulent lamps such as chandeliers, LED bulbs will also adapt to them.

Today’s modern lighting systems with home automation, are increasingly sophisticated and practical. If you add a light control system to your sustainable luxury villa, you can remotely change the types of lighting and reduce energy consumption when you want.

Solar panels

This element is related to the previous point. Solar panel installation is increasingly becoming a popular option. Certainly, they are essential elements for those who want to live in an ecological environment since renewable energy from the sun has a leading role in energy saving.

In recent times, not only panels but also solar tiles have been developed. They allow a better adaptation to the architectural design of the roofs. These tiles have a higher price, but for those looking for something very specific in the architecture of their home without neglecting the ecological aspect,  solar tiles can be good a good option.

Energy-saving appliances

Likewise, modern appliances have an important role. The most luxurious ones are also the most energy efficient. But what is even more important, do you know how the use of a certain type of smart refrigerator can help the environment? If your fridge has a built in camera, you can see its content and buy only the groceries we need, so there will be no leftovers that end up in the trash.

Sustainable materials

Wood is a trend! Before, only those rustic style lovers might think about using this material, but it is becoming increasingly present in luxury villas. Why? Because wood with certified origin or natural stone are ecological materials par excellence.

Did you know these materials? They can be recovered wood, bamboo, cork, natural stone, recycled glass tiles, or recycled steel. They are gorgeous and looks great in at your home, besides being very durable!

In addition to the above mentioned products, you may not have considered another option to make the construction of a sustainable luxury villa a more ecofriendly process. It’s about using local materials to avoid their transportation and the negative impact of pollution caused by the long journeys.

Green spaces

Often, the most aware environmentalists seek to preserve and increase green areas in cities, called green lungs of the world. This same philosophy can be transferred to our sustainable luxury villa. Plants improve air quality, so being surrounded by nature is priceless. Therefore, in any good worthwhile architectural project, gardens can’t be ignored. Vegetation is aesthetic and attractive, it provides that chill out space that many people want, but it has other remarkable benefits. One of them is the insulating properties of green roofs and walls, which offer an extra layer, providing freshness to rooms and reducing sun heat impact.

As you can see, the sign of opulence has changed its color. Green is the new gold. If your home has a large presence of vegetation, the prestige of it will increase.

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Elements that should not be missing in a luxury home


What kind of elements should not be missing in a luxury home?

 When we say the word luxury brings to mind a lot of amenities, such as swimming pools, saunas, home gyms, tennis courts, garden, game rooms and fully stocked kitchens but ,what are the elements that luxury homebuyers want to have?

Below, we leave you a list for your house will be recognize as a luxury villa:

Private pool:

You can’t miss the pool and obviously it has to be private. In such a house, privacy is very important. But also if it is an infinity pool better than better. In addition to the pool has to contain water games.


External kitchen

Only one indoor kitchen is not enough, the villa must have an outdoor pool where you can not miss a built-in gas grill, a sink and a small fridge to always have very cold drinks.


Fully equipped kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the house. An opulent life requires a magnificent kitchen. We must know that a quality kitchen is a huge need when it comes to a villa of more than 1.5 million euros. An opulent kitchen will always have a warm atmosphere, wine fridges, quality appliances similar to a restaurant, and plenty of storage in a large pantry.

Sea views

It is one of the luxuries that if the villa we want is near the sea, we can´t  give up this pleasure of life. Being able to sit on your own terrace and listen to the sound of the waves is something that conquers everyone.


Game rooms and movie cinemas are an absolute whimsical when we talk about luxury homes. With a room dedicated to the seventh art provided with a giant screen and accompanied by freshly made popcorn … what can go wrong? In addition, this type of room is designed for the little ones in the house who will love the plan.


Why do you have to sweat in front of other people you don’t know about anything. Have an open space to include machines and weights. And of course you can´t miss wireless speakers, televisions. In addition to an indoor sauna and pool to relax after training.

A huge main room

We must not leave the most intimate place in the house without being less.We spend a lot of time in our lives in the bedroom. It is imperative that the bedroom be a large open space with space for a huge bed and plenty of seating areas. It is important to have a first class technology to have everything you need for not get out of bed. For example, integrated automation systems for lighting, security, remote control curtains and climate control can not be missing in the main bedroom of the house or in the rest.

Dressing rooms

An extension of the room always has to be the dressing room. A high priority for a woman is to have a place to store and at the same time show all the extravagant shopping stories like shoes and bags. Women and men alike seem to have a growing desire for a large separate room to dress and display their high-end garments. This area of ​​the house requires walls lined with cedar shelves, racks to show shoes, bags and ties, and of course you can´t miss the lighting and mirrors for look handsome and make up.

Tennis court

Tennis court or paddle courts are conducive elements to practice your favorite sport or simply enjoy learning new ones. To do this, many of the luxury villas have a tennis court, where both adults and children can play and have fun for hours.

Outdoor spaces

Sit on an outdoor terrace reading a good book. Eating surrounded by your family and friends or sunbathing on a good sunbed is priceless. Therefore, a luxury house must have outdoor spaces such as gardens and terraces, from where it is possible to relax, or drink a glass of champagne watching the stars.



There are many parents who have to be working or traveling all day and need the smallest of the house to be in good hands. Therefore, the service of a babysitter is essential for children to be safe. In addition, they will surely have a lot of fun and will not feel alone at any time of the day. Besides, if the nanny speaks several languages, it is a great way to learn new languages.

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Real Estate Marketplaces

Real Estate marketplaces

What do we understand by real estate marketplaces? Can you sell houses online?

Real estate marketplaces are digital platforms to do online transactions are published. These platforms allow you to search online for properties to build, buy, sell or rent and provide information on market behavior.

A clear example of the real estate marketplaces is iLuxenio, where you can build your dreams house through a digital platform.

If we talk about online channels that present the properties for sale we can see the following ones:

  • Facebook:

At the end of 2017, Facebook announced the expansion of its marketplace to thousands of rental homes.

Anyone can publish their home for rent but also companies that manage rentals can act as brokers in the platform.

Facebook has its own classified ads application, where you can publish everything: cars, employment, clothing, apartments and houses.

Besides, one of the most remarkable aspects of Facebook’s marketplace is being able to filter by the products that our friends from the social network publish.

On the other hand you can also publish an ad, not as a seller, but as a potential buyer, indicating what you are looking for, why and choosing if you want to advertise to all users or only friends.

An important feature is that for publishing to sell and to buy, you always ask why, appearing the response in the ads.

  • Google

After several tests, Google rejected the idea of ​​being a real estate marketplace. Also Google didn´t want to becoming a national SML (service of exclusive multiple real estate contracts).

The real estate portals decided to bet on their own tools and not on Google.

Today the technological giant is dedicated to:

– the creation of specific pages for the publication of real estate listings,

– adjustments for quality improvement in the real estate search engine,

– reach agreements with real estate agents, so they take advantage of Google technology.

We are still to see if any day in the future will appear homes in the Google Shopping area.

  • Amazon

Another of the world’s big real estate marketplaces could not miss the opportunity to be inside the real estate market.

In Spain they sell prefabricated houses and have begun to include information on homes for sale.

The first of these property management companies that has participated in this project is Altamira, which offers a selection of new construction homes through Amazon.

The Amazon initiative together with Altamira consists of a microsite within Amazon, in which you can see new homes  Madrid, Barcelona and the Spanish coast.

The process is very easy: Altamira shows the housing promotions in the Amazon space, if you want to request more information about a home you will be redirected to the Altamira Inmuebles website, where you can get in touch to start the process of buying your home .

Today, 100% of people who want to buy, rent or build a house always seach on Internet. This was the reason why Altamira opted to be present in digital portals like Amazon.

Amazon has more than one million visits per day. In 2018 more than 18 million users bought at least once through Amazon Spain.

We know that the real estate market is changing and we are facing more and more informed customers with demands increasingly linked to the digital environment.

As we can see the sale of real estate is increasingly linked to services through e-commerce. We have statistical data that was invoiced more than 7,000 million euros in Spain, in the second quarter of 2018.

  • Craigslist

Craigslist is a web portal classified ads with different sessions dedicated to employment, housing, personal contacts, concerts, discussion forums, among many others. If we enter at the website we can see that they have a housing section with the following information: 


  • Wallapop

Today we all know what Wallapop is. A Spanish company founded in 2014, which offers a digital portal for buying and selling second-hand products between users through the network.

Furthermore, it has a real estate section where you can filter by price, area, distance, from cheaper to more expensive, from more expensive to cheaper, news.

There are mostly properties for rent rather than for sale. And also for buying and selling garages.

  • Milanuncios

In milanuncios for quite some time we can find all types of rental, sale and purchase properties. It is a good way to show the information and put in contact with the interested person (an individual or real estate agency).

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iLuxenio awaits you at simed 2018

simed 2018

Iluxenio has a new appointment with the world of Real Estate events in 2018.

As last May, when we attended to the Salón Inmobiliario Internacional de Madrid (SIMA), this November the date will take place in FYCMA, the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga to be present at the 14th Edition of the Salón Inmobiliario del Mediterráneo.

Specifically, this event will be the weekend from November 16th  to 18th. SIMED is the Real Estate sector benchmark for companies and individuals of southern Spain. Besides, it is a mandatory appointment for all enterprises in the sector. Its opening hours on Friday 16th are from 10 am to 8 pm. On Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th, it is from 11 am to 8 pm.

During the event, attendees can be up-to-date with the last Real Estate’s sector trends and with its new actors, and so take advantage of this meeting to build productive relationships of networking that SIMED offers.

With respect to the scheduling of the event, each day SIMED will cover different topics related to the current construction and its future.

  • Thursday 15th:

Real Estate Conference (10am-14pm)

Organised by Atalaya Team.

Conference aimed at sector professionals. It will consider the challenges and opportunities that present digital transformation in the Real Estate world.


  • Friday 16th:

 1st Conference PASSIVHAUS DAY AT THE 2020 COSTA DEL SOL  – Towards the new model of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings. (5:00 pm to 8:00 pm)

Francisco de la Torre Prados, mayor of Málaga, will open the event. He will be be accompanied by Francisco Sarabia Nieto, Dean of the  Official School of Architects of Málaga; Adelina Uriarte,  President of the Passivhaus Spain Building Platform and Andrés Ferrer, Manager of the Sustainable Construction Cluster of Andalucía.

The rest of the day, will be about sustainable energy, the Passivhaus standard and the Nearly Zero Energy Buildings.

X International Real Estate Meeting

This is the 10th edition of the meeting, which is organized by EXTENDA, Agencia Andaluza de Promoción Exterior.

  • Saturday 16th and Sunday 18th (11 am-20pm)

Public and professional Real Estate Day

iLuxenio is presented as the digital platform that connects clients who want to build or rehabilitate the luxury villa of their dreams, with renowned architects who have an extensive experience in the luxury housing.

simed 2018

In iLuxenio, we work hand-in-hand with clients that are discovering a project from scratch as well as with architects established in luxury housing as with construction companies which would like to collaborate in the project.

To know us better and see how we work, we will be happy to welcome you at STAND H12, where you can meet our team. You can also look closely our best creations. Besides, we show you 3D tours of our luxury villas and the functioning of the platform so you can enjoy iLuxenio without limits.

Here below we leave you the stands’ distribution in SIMED so you can find us easily and also to locate yourself inside the pavilion.

simed 2018

In addition, if you want to know more about us, on Saturday 17th we participate in the Speaker’s Corner from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Here we talk about the business model: ‘Your luxury villa in a single click’

The entry prize for SIMED is 4€ for general public but is free admission for ages 12 and under. However, if you have our invitation you can come and meet us for free. To get it, you just have to click HERE and enter the code: ILUH12.

Don’t forget that we will waiting for you at STAND H12, in order that you can take a look of our unique projects that we have in our platform.

Finally, we remind you that, we move ourselves by the axiom that each dream is different from the rest.  And we apply it at designing our luxury villas. We take care of even the smallest details. In coating, carpentry, air conditioning, domotics, safety, urbanization… Those are essential elements in the construction of high quality housing.

Besides, it is very important to define every detail to show you our projects.

We also encourage you to freely contact us so we can solve any doubt about the project and the construction of the luxury villa of your dreams. We will be happy to assist you in any of our social networks, via email or through the contact form of the page.

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Discovering 3D tour with iLuxenio

3d tour

More and more competitors are involved in the purchase and sale of houses on the web. This competition leads to the development of sales techniques that suppose a differentiating element with respect to rival companies. For this reason, the Real Estate and construction sector both need and make use of specialized services. So that they can provide with a competitive advantage when it comes to gaining customers online. Virtual reality has been one of these technologies that have received better reception in our sector. Due to the 3D tour service of new construction projects or integral rehabilitation.

A 3D tour is done by following this different phases:

  • Preview render:

This is a fictional 3D representation of structures and intern basic materials of the project, as well as the main spaces of the house: bathroom, room, guest room, kitchen, living room, etc.

  • Plan:

It is the complete 3D representation plan of the house
from an axonometric perspective. Those plans are very helpful as they provide you with an idea about the house arrangement that we want to represent.

  • 3D virtual tour:

In this last phase we add the interaction element. Here, the visitor may interact with all parts of the house. Besides, he will be able to enter and walk through it in a virtual way and from a 360º perspective.

Generally, using a 3D tour is the best way to visualize and launch an architectural work on the web in the most realistic way. And realism is always translated in security and being more likely to sell a property.

3d tour

The most commonly used software to run this kind of service are compatible with any type of device with Internet Access from which you want to visit the 3D tour.

In iLuxenio, we move ourselves by the axiom that each dream is different from the rest. And we apply it at designing our luxury villas. We take care of even the smallest details. In coating, carpentry, air conditioning, domotics, safety, urbanization… They are essential elements in the construction of high quality housing. It’s very important for us to define all these things in order to show you our projects and let you know how we work and what results we have obtained with our customers. Thus, we use these virtual visits through a 3D tour that, complemented with photographic report, will be useful to present this last luxury villa that we just built.

Thanks to the trust we have placed in Branding Up, a company that provides these services, we want to show you a first contact.

With respect to Viento de Poniente, which is the original name of this villa, it’s a single family home by the seashore in the area of La Jara, Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

As the architect describes, it is a piece developed on two floors. With hall, living room, dining room, kitchen. And a gallery that distributes the 8 bedrooms plus another independent for the house service.

Then, the vertical communication is developed through the staircase in a single section, that connects the hall and the upper gallery; entrance atrium, porch, garden and pool, complete the entire plot.

Also, the underground is planned with 5 parking spaces, storage and space for facilities.

You can find its virtual 3D tour visit here below:

Besides, you can see the technical requirements of the project on iLuxenio website, and also value it and send your comments about the villa.

In iLuxenio, the multilateral platform that brings architects into contact with clients who want to build the house of their dreams, we have seen a perfect chance to show you the result of our work at a 3D tour.

We encourage you to take a look to the rest of the projects of our platform. And to freely contact with us. For any doubt that you have about the project and construction of the luxury villa of your dreams.

We will be delighted to assist you in any of our social networks, via email or through the contact form of the page.

We hope you enjoyed this spectacular modern villa and to talk you about new projects shortly. And so to show you more villas and its respective 3D tours.

Do you find useful these new methods to present projects? Did you like the 3D tour of the villa? Let us know your opinion on the comments.  We want to see you soon again in iLuxenio!

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The search of your design kitchen

kitchen design

The role of the kitchen at home is essential. When we make a reference to the heart of the home, is none other but the kitchen. As such, keeping the kitchen as the most treated part of the home seems to be fundamental. That’s why kitchen design has much to do with how the heart of the home could look like, and how to play it up.

Kitchen design has to proceed on a basis: how  and what for we are using the kitchen.

Firstly, we have to define the key parts of the kitchen, these have been defined in 5 areas by the best kitchen designers:

  • Pantry: the cupboard for provisions and food, and so home appliances to preserve them: fridge, freezer, etc.
  • Warehousing: brooms, mops, pads, vacuums and all the required elements for a good performance.
  • Sink: cleaning are for the own kitchen tools.
  • Preparation: reserved space for worktops, lunch tables and generally working in the kitchen.
  • Cooking: kitchen tools with a high electricity consumption and dedicated to the food elaboration, the basic fuction of the kitchen.

kitchen design

These 5 areas in a well-designed kitchen, perfectly complement and don’t generate any space or use problems while working simultaneously. Yo can reach an efficient use of the kitchen. Also, we have to recall that 3 of these 5 areas are fundamental for kitchens with urgent needs of space. And these are: Preparation, cooking and sink.

To design and build properly your kitchen requires of a measuring precise work. And also, of a perfect unison between the architect and the furniture designer, especially if it’s about a new construction.

That’s why we want to give some unfailing advices so your kitchen design becomes a resounding success:

  • Knowing the room you’re working at: apart from checking the previous conditions of it, in order to solve moisture problems or ventilation issues, to buy the right sized furniture for our kitchen.
  • Stay within the budget: if we dont’ want to exceed our initial budget with last-minute details, we have to keep an expenditure control in order to meet what we first thought.
  • The triangle of work: preparation, cooking and sink will guide the first line of functionality in our new kitchen.
  • Define you style: the designer is an expert, and normally respects your tastes and help you to define your idea.
  • Security: if we have childen or pets at home, we have to avoid dangerous shapes at low parts of furnitures which could damage to the little ones. Also, regarding ventilation and closures, we have to check that the kitchen meets security and energy efficiency standards.

kitchen design

But we know our brand new kitchen would look better if we could represent it off-plan without the need of turning to a professional. That’s why nowadays we have at the market some free apps to help you to represent your future kitchen.

Here we leave list with 10 websites for kitchen design:

Floor Planner

In order to create and share interactive plans on line. With Floorplanner you can recreate your home, garden or office in just two clicks. And you can also add furniture to your plans with its great object library.

IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner

Looking for an improvement at user experience, IKEA created this tool. Like this, each customer becomes his/her own kitchen designer. And once you have your design done you can print it at home or take it to the shop and start your home’s assembly!


This is one of the most popular and used interior design softwares. It offers an specific module for the kitchen, finishings with 3D and it has an app for your Smartphone.

Lowe’s Virtual Kitchen Designer

It offers three-dimensional and renderings designs. It isn’t easy to use, but the finishings for a free app, are more than good.

RoomToDo Software

It’s another webpage with mobile version. It has a very good approval among individuals and interior designers. It has very complete design options.


This one meets its functions perfectly well. Although it’s a bit limited for kitchen design itself. It’s more responsive with desktop version.

Home Hardware Kitchen Design Software

The best thing about this tool is that it offers prepared templates for editing. But you can also start your design from zero.

Backsplash and Cabinet Design Software

This is the best prepared tool for cooktops and furniture designs, and it counts on a powerful range of colours.

Home Stratosphere’s Interior Design Software

It’s a tool which, personally, is particularly very difficult to use at mobile version. You can use it to design the whole home, but it has a speacial model for the kitchen


For 3D online kitchen designs. It has such a level of detail that you can even add kitchen tools.

Finally, don’t forget that in iLuxenio, we have plenty of experience at remodelling with the best architects of the market, to help you with one part of the home as the kitchen is, or for several. Giving special relevance to design exclusivity and energy efficiency.


For further information about this subject don’t hesitate to contact us to

iLuxenio, leaders in exclusive and sustainable construction.