18K gold Airpods

Luxury lovers always look for exclusivity to add value to everything they want to buy. Making common elements very valuable, this is the case of 18K gold Airpods.

These people always have the latest items in fashion, decoration, travels…customizing and luxurious technology is booming.

The newest and most desirable stuff for wealthy pockets are the technological devices.

With an exclusive touch brought by precious metals, standing out the gold.

Jewelry is becoming more and more related to the most expensive devices.

Thank to this, there are numerous products in the market that have been revalorized and have become a great attraction to customers.

Many high standing users look for cases or exclusive models made of precious stones and metals.

They want to acquire simple accessories but, at the same time, they need to be magnificent jewels.

This is what is happening with the AirPods, the popular wireless Apple earphones.

They left behind its original white plastic cover, replacing it with a 18K gold capsule.

Furthermore, the wireless charging case is also covered in gold.

This item has become a TOP product in the luxury sector and among the exclusivity and distinction lovers

It is Spanish creation

The famous Spanish Youtube star, Pablo Cimadevila is the mind behind the 18-carat gold Airpods.

He was a Paralympic athlete who won several medals in the Paralympic Games of Sidney, Athens and Beijing.

Now, he has redirected his life to the jewelry sector, achieving fame and prestige for his creations.

The Youtube star showed in his channel how he transformed simple Airpods in a luxurious piece of 18K gold.

While watching the video, the viewer can feel the dedication and care put into this masterpiece.

The “AirGolds”, as named by their creator, went through different manufacturing stages.

First of all, the original covering was removed to create an exact replica of it.

Once the 18K gold was melt, he started to model every detail to achieve astonishing results.

To transform these airpods into a real 18K gold jewel.

He did not want to sell them, he just wanted to show his work that inspired in the “Think Different” campaign used by Apple between 1997 and 2002.

Moreover, there are companies that are specialized on modifying these products to make them more desirable for the most exquisite tastes.

This is the case for the Russian company Caviar, specialized in exclusive and luxurious products.

They were the ones who sold the last Apple Airpods model covered in 18K gold.

The price was $67.280 (about €61.000), in last October, they were not only exclusive but unique because the company made just one pair.

The golden AirPods Pro are exactly the same as the original Apple product but made into a magnificent jewel.

They have flexible silicon pads to adapt to the user’s ears, they are water and sweat resistant, have noise cancelling system (one of the main additions to the very first model) and a more durable battery.

The only difference is the weight because they are covered in gold.

They even have the same characteristics but with 18K gold covering (75% pure), the earphones and the case, which is the reason why they cost 220 times more than the originals made by the Cupertino firm.

These 18K Airpods are affordable for just a few.

There are other luxurious Airpods models that, even though they are not up to previous model level, they are exclusive enough to some buyers.

Other models

There are other more modest models than the AirPods model offered by the Russian company.

Some black earphones that are covered on python skin ($1.550).

A different green version, with a crocodile skin covered case ($1.550).

And a white crystal one ($1.320).

Covering technical products with precious materials and mainly gold is becoming more trendy.

Due to the high expectations and constant demand, companies work on the luxurious versions at the same time as the original products are being launched.

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