The four most prestigious cruising companies

Taking a break for vacation and combine them with the fact of how fast time goes by when we travel, it’s an experience to try with cruising companies in a very successful way. Beholding the sunset at the Carribean or Mediterranean sea while you have a cocktail, just after visiting a country and waiting very pleasantly until the following to wake up in a different one. A cruise is one of the most complete and satisfying entertainment experiences to travel.

We can find all kind of cruising companies, in case we have to go with children or without them, or with a certain theme. But what we will never lose is the luxury sensation which sorrounds the whole environment inside any of these cruises. No matter what season of the year, and for the most beautiful landscapes offered by nature, it’s one of the greatest adventures that a natural-born traveler could ever face.

Yearly, Cruiser’s Choice Awards are celebrated. These awards are granted by the website Cruise Critic. This website is the reference for cruisers’ lovers. Here, community members write extense reviews about their experience with each shipping company in crisp detail. These awards differentiate between two basic standards: the kind of feature which users appreciate the most and the cruise’s size.

This way, categories for valuing cruising companies in this awards are: Best Overall, Best for cabins, Best for dining, Best for Embarkation, Best for Entertainment, Best for Fitness and Recreation, Best for Service, Best for Shore Excursions, Best for Values, Best for families and Best for first timers. In order to avoid discrimination for obvious reasions a to unify guidelines, each of these categories is evaluated for same size ships, being those: Large Ships (2000 or more passengers), Mid-Sized Ships (1200-1999 passengers), Small-Mid Ships (400-1199 passengers) and Small Ships (399 passengers or less).

But the cruising companies which take the awards charts by storm in all of the categories are those with higher fleet capacity and more experienced in the industry. It also corresponds with those with more quantity of spread lines in different continents.

cruising companiesPic: Crucero Alegre

According to this year’s ranking from Cruiser’s Choice Awards, the Best Overall cruising companies in 2018 are:


  • Celebrity Cruises: It is Royal Caribbean luxury line. Their corporate philosophy is clear. ‘All that you can expect from a luxury large ship: high quality, superior design, roomy accomodations, great style, attentive host, and extraordinary gastronomy’. In the category ‘Large Ship’ we find its Celebrity Equinox ship. Inside Solstice class, it travels different routes through the Caribbean during the whole year. With 10 different dining rooms with varying themes, a country club, several Spa, etc. And the ‘Cellar Masters’. A room dedicated to the world of wine where you can enjoy of several exclusive wines tastings and learn with the best professionals.
  • Oceania Cruises: It’s a company founded on 2002 by 3 luxury cruising guru: Frank Del Rio, Joe Watters and Bob Binder. The values of the company are base don respect, integrity, trust and excellence in all of its procedures. In Mid-Sized Ships category, Oceania Riviera is the star. With 6 dining rooms, menus preapred by Jacques Pépin Master Chef and cooking lessons inside the ship. Most of the cabins are suites with balcony overlooking the sea. The ship usually sails through Europe, although there’s a season of the year in which this cruise makes a round-the-world trip.

For smaller cruises:

  • Viking Cruises: This company is the absolute winner in all the categories for Small-Mid Ships. It’s a Russian company which bases its lines on geography, culture and history passionate travelers. Its most prominent ship is the Viking Sea. It usually makes the route through Europe, but it also sails to the Caribbean and through United States’ East Coast. Among its facilities we can find spas, saunas, fitness centres, several restaurants and several entertainment rooms.
  • Silversea: This luxury cruising company owns a fleet of 9 ships in all. It outstands for sailing through all the continents but in an exclusive way. The small size of the ships make possible to dock them in the very centre of some cities. It stands out the Silver Galápagos, in which you can reach one of the most recondite and most environmentally valued places of the planet as it is the Galapagos Islands. Among its facilities you can enjoy of a library, beauty and massage salons, gyms, and snorkel areas.

These are the most valued cruising companies by the users.

But any of them is a great option to spend some unforgettable luxury vacations. Where it prevails the escape from daily routine, that one we are always trying to hide from. And it’s a safe bet.


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