The first Aston Martin yatch

For naval world lovers, the first ASTON MARTIN yatch is already out, the British motor brand make a debut at the nautical industry with the AM37, a robust yacht with a good size for short journeys.

And it’s all due to the ongoing trend of customization at luxury world. Its new home remains anonymous. We only know that a Swiss lake had the honour to be scene of its launching and his owner has worked side by side with Q by Aston Martin, which is Aston Martin’s design line, in order to choose materials and colours for the merging of both jewels.

The owner has chosen Mako Blue colour for the hull, made of epoxy resin with upholstery finished at cream and blue colours. Customization is more noteworthy inside the cabin, which finishings are at a grey suede colour with trims of black lacquered wood. Aston Martin’s logo swings seal the leather tapestry, the steering wheel and the solarium wood.

aston martin

One of this yatch’s virtues is its size, as it pretends to mislead us with volumen, the real purpose is to conquer us with its style, that’s why its lenght is 37 feet – around 11 metres- what makes it easy to drive and it’s enought to host a cabin with two seats which cover from the sun or rain thanks to an electrohydraulic system: The yacht starts to drive from the key, and it rises a bimini styled roof made of three carbon panels, two on the sides and a superior one.

The surface has a capacity for eight people and it also has a rear part to sunbathe. From it you can enter a little removable platform to go for a swim. When it’s time to enjoy of navigation, it’s the double curvature front windscreen what protects from wind and splashes. It’s made on a single crystal piece, this meant a new standard in naval industry for this kind of yachts.

This Aston Martin is available in two models:

-AM37 it can reach a maximum speed of 45 knots (around 84 km/h) and, going from 1,4 millions of euros, it has two kinds of engine sizes. Mercury: diesel (370 CV of combined capacity) or gasoline (430CV).

-AM37 S, this one with tweo gasolina engines, reaches the 520 CV and 50 knots (around 93 km/h). It has a cost of 1,8 millions of euros as brand new as it goes out from Southampton’s shipyard, without any customized detail.

aston martin


Carbon fiber dashboard. The steering wheel, mixture levers and driving joystick have polished metals details which outstand above the standard leather. All of the navigation systems of the boat, controls and entertainment are set by a 15 inches high definition screen, from where you can control the yacht with multimedia tasks. There’s another horizontal screen behind the steering wheel and it offers all the required info for sailing.

So, for the pleasure of the companion, it has a little fridge with ambient light, air conditioning, coffee maker… In the lower cabin, television, circular seat and an adjustable table to set a bed for a night..

Aston Martin had already been working in this project 2 years. They were Marek Reichman, creative director of the brand, and the naval architectural studio Mulder Design who started the idea together. Their idea was to move sportiness and elegance, to give their cars’ genes to the new navigation concept. The manufacturer of Quintessence yachts was responsible of making this project a reality; its production is around 8 and 10 units per year. 

aston martin

This yacht offers the maximum luxury and comfort aboard with a sporting style.

And at its Sportyacht model, it goes over 52 speed knots.

This model is the result of two years of research and development. And they have challenged the nautical world status quo. By combining the best at innovative technology and custom craftworks.

It’s a true team effort. Bringing the most experienced Aston Martin designers in order to design and create an unique product.

The Aston Martin master craftsmen who worked at vehicles such as One-77, Aston Martin Vulcan and the new DB11. They provided with their automotive experience, which reinterpreted in the shape of a boat with perfect results.

AM37  37 feet Aston Martin boat made its debut at 2016 Monaco Yacht Show, introducing this way Aston Martin at nautical world.


So if you’re thinking about buying a yacht with these features, don’t hesitate to check the great Aston Martin.


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