Do you know these social clubs in Sotogrande?

social clubs

They have their origin in England, and they are a hundred-year-old tradition. The most famous ones are well known by everyone and they enjoy an excellent reputation. However only their members really know what it is to enjoy their exclusive activities. We are talking about social clubs. Today in our blog we would like to delve into the ones that are located in one of the most select areas of Spain: Sotogrande.

As we have said before, when we talked about many of the privileges of living in Sotogrande, without any doubt, their social clubs are one of them.

La Reserva:

There are many reasons why this leisure area is one of the most luxury places in Andalucía. It is located in the heart of Sotogrande. From its lands the Mediterranean Sea and Gibraltar can be spotted, and at the same time, be surrounded by lush vegetation. This club is able to give you total relax thanks to its fresh air and quiet atmosphere.

This club stands out for its family environment and its leisure offer for all members. Among the most sophisticated activities we find:

  • Private beach:

La Reserva beach is an amazing indoor fresh water man-made lagoon that has 2,800 square metres of sandy beach and a complete offering of exclusive amenities for the entire family. It includes from restaurants to water sports, tennis or paddle tennis. It is the first and the only private beach in Andalucía and the largest in Europe. There are often music live performances from jazz to soul to flamenco, or music from different DJs.

  • Golf link:

The club has a modern 18-hole golf course designed by renowned architects.

  • Racquet sports:

Playing sports such as tennis and paddle tennis is typical in Sotogrande. They are part of its essence. Four competition clay courts form the tennis centre of La Reserva. You can take not only private and professional lessons there, but also adapted lessons to train the beginners at the Tennis Academy. Paddle tennis is practised in five courts, where all kind of training also takes

  • Restaturants:

In addition to the gastronomic space that can be found at La Reserva beach, characterized by natural and organic ingredients used in an international cuisine with Andalusian roots, L’olive restaurant is another great option. Find authentic Andalusian recipes with a contemporary European twist.

Menu is based on locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, such as freshly caught fish, vegetables, herbs or freshly picked wild mushrooms. Besides, its facilities offer other activities as yoga, horse riding or polo lessons.


If you are looking for a club that pays special attention to its culinary offer above everything else, Trocadero is your best option. This group of restaurants with various establishments throughout Costa del Sol has an exclusive social club in Sotogrande.

It is a historic club since it rests on the old and legendary club “El Cucurucho”.  Some remarkable facts about it:

  • Gastronomy:

You can visit two very different restaurants but equally sophisticated. Firstly, the traditional restaurant, with Mediterranean cuisine, where The Jamón de Jabugo and the Almadraba tuna stand out in its menu.

But if you prefer international flavours, the Asian restaurant is the right choice, with a fusion of Thai and Japanese cuisine. Besides, the cocktail bar provides a wide selection of drinks adapted to the most exquisite tastes.

It has been exquisitely decorated by Lorenzo Queipo de Llano, inspired by the 19th  century English wealthy colonial haciendas. Their interiors include every detail such as Victorian furniture accompanied by animal faux furs, blade ceiling fans and wooden ceilings. Outside, we can enjoy round pools, grass everywhere, palm trees, straw umbrellas and all kinds of hammocks

 Social sport clubs:

Sotogrande is a land of golf, polo and sailing. Therefore, there is no lack of options to practice these sports. However, these clubs not only host sports events, but they are also a meeting point to promote social relations among their members. For this reason and for the exceptional quality of their activities beyond golf and polo, there are some important remarks about these social clubs:

Santa María Polo Club:

This was the first association created in Sotogrande, specifically in 1965. It is linked to one of the most important polo institutions in Europe, the social club of Santa María Polo Club. During the tournaments, a wide range of products can be found in different stands. The event par excellence is the International Polo Tournament, widely known in the continent.

 Casa Club Golf Sotogrande:

it stands out for its luxurious restaurant and its shop with a wide variety of items, especially designed to have a good time in its excellent golf courses.

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Polo, the Sport of Kings

polo sport

Polo sport is a little known. Many people don’t know the basics of this sport, in which horsemen try to score a goal with some sort of mallet. The objective is to score as many points as possible between the two wicker poles that form the goal.

A curiosity of polo sport is that it’s one of the most profitable sports,  as a lot of its fans are big businessmen in the country.

One of the most important tournaments in Spain is the Land Rover International Tournament, which is played in Sotogrande. The participation of the teams in the competition generates 41 million euros of revenue.

Let’s highlight some of the most important tournaments in the world:

Grand Slam:

  • Abierto de Palermo (Argentina)
  • US Open Florida (USA)
  • Gold Cup (United Kingdom)

Championship Cup

  • Abierto de Hurlimgham (Argentina)
  • Queen’s Cup (United Kingdom)
  • Copa de Oro. Santa María Polo Club (Spain)

We can also mention great figures of this sport like David Stirling, Uruguayan; or the Argentine Facundo Pieres, Adolfo Cambiaso, Juan Martín Nero and Pablo Mac Donough. These players earn between 40,000 and 1,000,000 euros.

polo sportv From left to right, David Stirling, Facundo Pieres, Adolfo Cambiaso, Juan Martín Nero and Pablo Mac Donough in Sotogrande. (Pic by Fuera de Serie)

Argentinean polo sport is one of the best in the world as it’s the home of dynasties such as Heguy, Harriott, Merlos, Novillo Astrada or Pieres. Who are famous for their role with the Ellerstina team, composed by three brothers and their cousin, and who play yearly for the Polo’s world sceptre —The Triple Crown of the Argentinean Polo—against their enemies in the field (but friends in real life) from La Dolfina team (formed by Cambiaso, Stirling, Mac Donough and Nero).

However, Spain isn’t a country where the practice of this sport is widespread. During the year, there are very few tournaments and only in the summer International Land Rover Polo Tournament is celebrated, which we mentioned above.

Some relevant facts about the most important championship in Spain are the following ones:

  • 150 players
  • 72,352 spectators
  • 5 players in the world Top 10.
  • 32 teams
  • 1.180 horses
  • 159 matches in 36 days
  • 40 sponsors
  • 500 workers
  • 480 minutes of television
  • 250 media cover the event in 65 countries

Besides, it is worth to mention Nacho Domecq Urquijo, who is 58 years old and has five sons. He is the grandfather of Spanish polo and owns all the records. He is still playing at Sotogrande tournaments and lives for this sport. And he also makes a living with it. Jerez players were forged in the polo club of this city, which is now municipal property and the oldest polo club in Spain. Mora Figueroa family, sports rivals of the Domecq for years, are the owners of the Santa María Club. Perico Pantera Domecq, his father, is a legend of polo sport  and he has given the polo shirt and his logo to Ralph Lauren to popular culture.

The big polo players spend at least seven months of the year competing at International Opens, as they are England, USA, Spain or Dubai to earn money. Teams are created by patrons, amateur players with enough resources. They are mixed teams with amateurs and professionals. Therefore, we must also mention some amateur players according to the World Polo Tour: Rashid Albwardy (son of Cambiaso’s patron in Spain and England Ali Albwardy) and Steve Van Andel (patron of  Facundo and Pablo Pieres).

Another interesting fact is that the mount and the equipment cost between 30.000 and 300.000 euros. The mallet costs between 50 and 100 euros. We must also have in mind that there are three levels in the game:

  • Low handicap (0-6 goals per team).
  • Medium (12-16).
  • High (20-40). In a high handicap teamthey play 25 persons.

Polo sport has its rules. Here there are the most important:

  1. The polo mallet is always in the rider’s right hand. Even left-handed players must obey this rule. The mallet size is from 50 to 54 inches. Approximately 1,30 meters, though it is usually proportional to the horse’s width.
  2. The polo ball is made of wood or plastic, is always white and weighs between 120 and 130 grams. Its diameter ranges from 76 to 89 mm.
  3. We must highlight the petisero (horse worker). It’s the person who takes care of horses, their physical coach and their trainer figure.
  4. The tail of a polo horse is always braided and tied in order to avoid entangling the hair with the competitors mallets.
  5. The Thirdman is the only referee without a horse, his position is outside the field.
  6. A field is 270 meters long and 145 meters wide. It is the size of five football fields.
  7. The Chukker is an one-game period (7 minutes). A polo match has a minimum of four and amaximum of eight chukkers.
  8. A match has four players. The number one is the attacker, the number two is the attackingmidfielder and the numbers three and four are the defender pivot or the back.
  9. Another rule is that when the two teams tie, you have to play an additional chukker. The first team to score a goal is the one that wins.
  10. When a player hits the ball, the imaginary line created between him and the ball can’t becut by the opponent.

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