Luxury architecture and ecology: a perfect tandem for your home

sustainable luxury villa

Maybe, if you think about luxury homes, the image of mansions with the best features or baroque decoration that  worth its weight in gold comes to your mind. It is a common belief that dream house’s owners don’t care about ecology.  You may think they don’t care if they waste or contaminate just to get their way. However, although you can find examples that fit this stereotype, there is another option that is already essential when building: opting for a sustainable luxury villa.

Is ecological architecture compatible with luxury? Not only do they make up a perfect tandem but also quality, durability, timeless appeal and architecture and design of sustainable homes are all the rage. This is so much the case that the ecological issue, is the cause of the increase in the house price.

How to make a luxury home sustainable? From the facilities to the gardens, let’s review what elements should not be missing in your sustainable luxury villa.

Ecological lighting

When we are designing a sustainable luxury villa, we must consider energy saving as a key aspect. For example, a good idea is to provide your house with as much natural light as possible. Thus avoid the need of turning on lights. However, at nigh-time we can face the darkness with LED light systems. They provide the necessary luminosity without wasting energy. They are always more efficient and durable than traditional incandescent bulbs. And don’t you worry, if you are thinking of putting especially opulent lamps such as chandeliers, LED bulbs will also adapt to them.

Today’s modern lighting systems with home automation, are increasingly sophisticated and practical. If you add a light control system to your sustainable luxury villa, you can remotely change the types of lighting and reduce energy consumption when you want.

Solar panels

This element is related to the previous point. Solar panel installation is increasingly becoming a popular option. Certainly, they are essential elements for those who want to live in an ecological environment since renewable energy from the sun has a leading role in energy saving.

In recent times, not only panels but also solar tiles have been developed. They allow a better adaptation to the architectural design of the roofs. These tiles have a higher price, but for those looking for something very specific in the architecture of their home without neglecting the ecological aspect,  solar tiles can be good a good option.

Energy-saving appliances

Likewise, modern appliances have an important role. The most luxurious ones are also the most energy efficient. But what is even more important, do you know how the use of a certain type of smart refrigerator can help the environment? If your fridge has a built in camera, you can see its content and buy only the groceries we need, so there will be no leftovers that end up in the trash.

Sustainable materials

Wood is a trend! Before, only those rustic style lovers might think about using this material, but it is becoming increasingly present in luxury villas. Why? Because wood with certified origin or natural stone are ecological materials par excellence.

Did you know these materials? They can be recovered wood, bamboo, cork, natural stone, recycled glass tiles, or recycled steel. They are gorgeous and looks great in at your home, besides being very durable!

In addition to the above mentioned products, you may not have considered another option to make the construction of a sustainable luxury villa a more ecofriendly process. It’s about using local materials to avoid their transportation and the negative impact of pollution caused by the long journeys.

Green spaces

Often, the most aware environmentalists seek to preserve and increase green areas in cities, called green lungs of the world. This same philosophy can be transferred to our sustainable luxury villa. Plants improve air quality, so being surrounded by nature is priceless. Therefore, in any good worthwhile architectural project, gardens can’t be ignored. Vegetation is aesthetic and attractive, it provides that chill out space that many people want, but it has other remarkable benefits. One of them is the insulating properties of green roofs and walls, which offer an extra layer, providing freshness to rooms and reducing sun heat impact.

As you can see, the sign of opulence has changed its color. Green is the new gold. If your home has a large presence of vegetation, the prestige of it will increase.

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Amazing features to add to the house of your dreams

dream house

Today on the blog we are giving you some ideas of the newest features to have in your dream house and that we have always dreamed of. Do you think you have seen large and luxurious houses so far? Sometimes, we have ideas of how we want that house but we don’t know how to carry it out. What would there be in the your dream house?

Here are some ideas to include in that house to make it the incredible place you have always dreamed of.

Creativity has no limits, extravagant solutions to problems or small needs but that certainly surprise for its high level of complexity and design.

Refrigerated drawers in the kitchen

If you have a large kitchen, this idea can be great to have things in your freezer handy and refrigerated, but always without sacrificing a nice fridge.

dream house

A hidden wine cellar

It is a feature that any good wine lover cannot miss in their dream house. As a general rule, this winery should store wine in a ventilated place, protected from light, vibrations and at a constant temperature. The five fundamental aspects to preserve wine:

Humidity, Movements, Light, Ventilation and Temperature.

dream house

A fire pit by the pool

As a decorative quirk for the exterior of the house of your dreams.

Any pool is good to adapt a fire pit and enjoy stunning views while still being a simple pool.

dream house

A door that turns into a ping-pong table

This Ping Pong Door is perfect for lovers of this sport, this can be a great idea to enjoy with friends at home.

dream house

A beach desk

It will make you feel like if you are on vacation while you work. So you can relax and de-stress.

dream house

A room to roam

Rest rooms are one of the most important places in a house. This room where you can lie down only needs large cushions and a very clean carpet floor. It is also essential to put a screen where you can enjoy a good movie.

dream house

TV in the bathtub

It is a luxury to be able to enjoy a relaxing salt bath in the house of your dreams while watching your favorite movie or show.

dream house

Embedded  fireplace

For winter and cold months it is a great idea that will look spectacular in your living room. It will help create a warmer environment. In addition, its glazed panel prevents the room from getting full of.

dream house

A wash station for pets

For animal lovers and those who consider their pets to be part of the family, you cannot skip a wash station at home for them.

dream house

Dining room with swings

A very fun option while enjoying a meal with friends and family. Though it does not seem to be the most comfortable option to eat, it may be worth a try.

dream house

A hammock

If you have an unused space at home, a hammock would be a good option to occupy it, where you can enjoy your children, reading a book or getting away from your worries.

dream house

An aquarium under the stairs

You can optimize the use of space by placing a large aquarium full of fish.

dream house

Rotating sink

It has it all in one, it includes a sink, a cutting board and a colander.

dream house

Nowadays, there are many houses that meet the requirements of your dream house. And we have Pinterest social network to get inspiration from decoration magazines or real estate websites, taking pictures of different houses, until forming the one you have always wanted.

At your dream house there must be room for all the things you have always dreamed of, and of course for all the features we have shown you and we are sure you will love. The essential spaces that cannot be missing in your home are:

  • A large kitchen.
  • A fireplace.
  • A reading corner.
  • A workplace for work and creativity.
  • A rest room.
  • A garden.

Everyone has always dreamed of being able to enjoy a house with their favorite things. In these dream houses there should always be a large garden, a room for movies and games, a cellar, a large pool and another heated pool for winter.

But you can always be more original with the location, as we have shown in some of the previous examples.

Here we conclude our list of amazing features, we hope you liked it and it helps you to get inspired.

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The best luxury safaris


It is summer holiday season and most of you would already be enjoying them or, at least, thinking about your destination this year. However, if you are one of those who leave planning for the last minute or are interested in adding some more activity to your vacation, pay attention! Today we propose an ideal choice to enjoy this summer:  luxury Safaris.

Why choose a safari?

If there is something that defines safaris, it it’s of course, the possibility of living an extraordinary experience. Thus is a way to enjoy nature that will surely surprise not only you but also your whole family or whomever you decide to share the trip with.

If the safaris are luxurious, better!

As well as hotels or restaurants, there are also luxury safaris that offer many additional possibilities that differentiate them from usual safaris. Certainly, if you book any of them you will be able to discover and approach the habitat of several wild animal species. However, in luxury safaris that’s not all. You can have the same experience in a comfortable way, they offer high-end accommodation and service standards. Additionally, the food that you can taste in them, included in the price, always come from gourmet recipes.

And if this seems interesting to you, it is also necessary to point out that they wont be content with taking you to the typical and crowded sighting areas, which are full of tourists. The areas where you will go with this type of safaris are private places, which will offer you the exclusivity you are looking for.

What is a culture trip without a tour guide? Luxury safaris offer you the best tour guides, trained and knowledgeable people who will inform you about everything you need to know and answer all your questions.

Now that we have convinced you about the wonders of doing a safari, we recommend you some of the most appealing ones. Its routes located in Africa, land of safaris par excellence, will not disappoint you.


Bisate Lodge, Rwanda

It is a perfect way to see monkeys and silverback gorillas more closely. Along its 27 hectares of forest, there are six private cottages with terraces. From there you can also see the amazing views of the volcanoes Karisimbi, Bisoke and Mikeno. The price is around 900 Euros per person and night.

Sanctuary Chief’s Camp, Botswana

It located in the Moremi Game Reserve of the Okavango Delta, where you can spot lions, giraffes and leopards and, later, relax in its facilities that consist of 12 pavilions with private pool and outdoor terrace. The price is around 6,000 Euros per person for 9 nights, flights included.

The Highlands, Tanzania

It has eight vaulted suites, with large beds with views, thanks to the huge windows that surround the room. The sighting areas are some of the richest in the African continent. You will not leave without having contact with flamingos, leopards, black rhinos, lions, elephants and golden jackals. The price is around 400 Euros per person and night.

King Lewanika Lodge, Zambia

We can find this safari in the Liuwa Plain National Park, west of Zambia. This is a wilderness  area where it is easy to find blue wildebeests, lions and cheetahs. There are also zebras and endless number of birds. Spending your vacation in one of its six luxury cottages is a perfect choice.


Matetsi River Lodge, Zimbabwe

It is located on the banks of the Zambezi River, just 40 kilometers from Victoria Falls. The hotel presents nine private suites and a swimming pool with impressive views. After having a fun day watching different animals in the area such as elephants and wildebeests, you have the possibility to continue the fun on a night cruise. Its price, which includes food and two safaris a day, is around 400 Euros per person and night.

Miavana, Madagascar

It is located on the private island of Nosy Ankao, and it goes one step further. Here you can reach its facilities by helicopter. In addition to the land routes, which highlight the search for gold lemurs and black sifakas, it allows you to spend an unforgettable day thanks to another activity:  whale watching, which is one of its great attractions. This is an eight-day tour that you can have for just over 20,000 Euros per person. Flights and helicopter trips are included in the price.

Saruni Rhino, Kenya

As its name implies, this safari is designed to see rhinos. In this case, it is an endangered species that had already disappeared once and now has been  recently reintroduced in this part of Kenya: black rhinos. You can spend 4 nights in one of its only two luxury houses. These are made of stone and the stay has an approximate price of 500 Euros per person and night.

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Elements that should not be missing in a luxury home


What kind of elements should not be missing in a luxury home?

 When we say the word luxury brings to mind a lot of amenities, such as swimming pools, saunas, home gyms, tennis courts, garden, game rooms and fully stocked kitchens but ,what are the elements that luxury homebuyers want to have?

Below, we leave you a list for your house will be recognize as a luxury villa:

Private pool:

You can’t miss the pool and obviously it has to be private. In such a house, privacy is very important. But also if it is an infinity pool better than better. In addition to the pool has to contain water games.


External kitchen

Only one indoor kitchen is not enough, the villa must have an outdoor pool where you can not miss a built-in gas grill, a sink and a small fridge to always have very cold drinks.


Fully equipped kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the house. An opulent life requires a magnificent kitchen. We must know that a quality kitchen is a huge need when it comes to a villa of more than 1.5 million euros. An opulent kitchen will always have a warm atmosphere, wine fridges, quality appliances similar to a restaurant, and plenty of storage in a large pantry.

Sea views

It is one of the luxuries that if the villa we want is near the sea, we can´t  give up this pleasure of life. Being able to sit on your own terrace and listen to the sound of the waves is something that conquers everyone.


Game rooms and movie cinemas are an absolute whimsical when we talk about luxury homes. With a room dedicated to the seventh art provided with a giant screen and accompanied by freshly made popcorn … what can go wrong? In addition, this type of room is designed for the little ones in the house who will love the plan.


Why do you have to sweat in front of other people you don’t know about anything. Have an open space to include machines and weights. And of course you can´t miss wireless speakers, televisions. In addition to an indoor sauna and pool to relax after training.

A huge main room

We must not leave the most intimate place in the house without being less.We spend a lot of time in our lives in the bedroom. It is imperative that the bedroom be a large open space with space for a huge bed and plenty of seating areas. It is important to have a first class technology to have everything you need for not get out of bed. For example, integrated automation systems for lighting, security, remote control curtains and climate control can not be missing in the main bedroom of the house or in the rest.

Dressing rooms

An extension of the room always has to be the dressing room. A high priority for a woman is to have a place to store and at the same time show all the extravagant shopping stories like shoes and bags. Women and men alike seem to have a growing desire for a large separate room to dress and display their high-end garments. This area of ​​the house requires walls lined with cedar shelves, racks to show shoes, bags and ties, and of course you can´t miss the lighting and mirrors for look handsome and make up.

Tennis court

Tennis court or paddle courts are conducive elements to practice your favorite sport or simply enjoy learning new ones. To do this, many of the luxury villas have a tennis court, where both adults and children can play and have fun for hours.

Outdoor spaces

Sit on an outdoor terrace reading a good book. Eating surrounded by your family and friends or sunbathing on a good sunbed is priceless. Therefore, a luxury house must have outdoor spaces such as gardens and terraces, from where it is possible to relax, or drink a glass of champagne watching the stars.



There are many parents who have to be working or traveling all day and need the smallest of the house to be in good hands. Therefore, the service of a babysitter is essential for children to be safe. In addition, they will surely have a lot of fun and will not feel alone at any time of the day. Besides, if the nanny speaks several languages, it is a great way to learn new languages.

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The most important racecourses in the world


It is the sport of kings and has diverse spots around the world. The following selection of racecourses includes emblematic places that become real focal points of the international jet set whenever a derby is run, in other words, an annual equestrian competition of special importance.

Horse racing is one of the most exclusive hobbies. But more than for the race itself, horse racing is chosen for the show and for many more factors as the festive air around the race or the enthusiasm for wearing elegant clothes.

It is one of the oldest sports, with its origins in the prehistoric nomadic tribes from Central Asia who first domesticated horses around 4500 BC. For thousands of years, horse racing flourished as the sport of kings and nobility. However, modern  races exist mainly because they are a perfect way to legalize gambling.

They started to become a professional sport during the reign of Queen Anne (1702-14), when match racing made way to multi-horse races. These races evolved in England, and they were offering bigger and better horses. Due to the rapid spread of the sport the need to form a central government authority became apparent. In 1750 horse  racing’s elite met at Newmarket and formed the Jockey Club, which to this day has complete control over the English races.

Other important types of horse racing are harness racing, jump racing and quarter horse racing.

Unlike France and England, Spanish horse races are not very well known. That’s why some professional  jockeys, such as Isabel Vaquero and Claudine Cazalis spread this exciting sport. They started a few years ago at the Zarzuela racecourses (Madrid) and now they are in Dos hermanas (Sevilla), so anyone can attend and learn everything that a day of racing involves.


So if you like horse racing today we want to recommend some of the most important racecourses in the world.

La Zarzuela, Madrid, España

It is located on the mount of La Zarzuela, in the neighborhood of El Pardo. It opened for business in May 1941 and many races have been held there until 1996. Later, it was reopened in 2005. Among other important prizes, the racecourse hosts Madrid Grand Prix and the Villapadierna Grand Prize, considered the Spanish derby.

Meydan, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This is one of the most luxurious racecourses in the world. Its new sports complex is like a city. More than 1,300 million dollars were invested there. The public can attend the races at the 60,000-seat grandstand of 1.6 kilometers long. Another alternative to the grandstand is booking a terrace of one of the 290 5-star rooms of the only hotel located in the racecourse, or whach it from a yacht marina where you can follow the competition without getting out of it. The race course  has a race track that is 2,400 meters long and is the largest in the world. But there is also an all-weather track of 1,750 meters long. It has 10 restaurants, museum, theater and the headquarters of the Racing Club Dubai. However, gambling is forbidden by the Muslim religion.

Royal Ascot, Berkshire, Inglaterra

It is located in the small town of Ascot, and it is linked to the Royal Family because it is owned by the Crown and it is close to Windsor Castle. There the best hatters compete to dress the heads of the European jet set women. 

Longchamp, París, France

It was built in 1857 and inaugurated by Napoleon III. Its beauty inspired the painters Manet and Degas, among others, to capture the place in some of their works. It is located in the middle of the famous Bois de Boulogne park, and offers the most prestigious horse races:

The Ispahan Prize (in May)

The Grand Prix of Paris (in July)

or the Arc de Triomphe Prize (in October)

These races bring together the aristocracy with the most elite and selected people in Europe and where the stakes are high.

Churchill Downs, Louisville, EE.UU.

The first race was run on May 17th, 1875. It holds the Kentucky Derby, the most famous race in the United States; it is usually called  “the two most exciting minutes in sports” for its duration, and it is also referred  as “the “Run for the Roses” for the garland of 554 red roses that is placed on the winner.

Maroñas, Montevideo, Uruguay

It was inaugurated on February 3rd, 1889 by the Jockey Club of Montevideo. It has a main track of 2,065 meters and a training track of 2,000 meters. With a seating capacity of 2,426 people and around 5,500 standing.

It is specially famous for the José Pedro Ramírez Grand Prize that has been held since January 1st, 1889. Maroñas is, along with the Palermo Racecourse in Argentina and San Isidro, a reference point for the most important turf in the River Plate.

Other racecourses that are worth mentioning are: Argentino de Palermo, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ciudad Jardín, San Pablo, Brazil, or Epsom Downs, Surrey and England.


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The most appreciated Spanish interior designers

Spanish decorators

In Spain we can boast of interior design names of international recognition. We would like to talk now about those great Spanish decorators that you must know and who succeed in and out of our country. They are the ones who know how decorate your mansion, the latest trends and create original and custom projects.

Today in social networks, especially in Instagram, decoration has an important role, there you can see and follow the creations of these prestigious Spanish decorators, to be at the forefront of the latest decorative trends.

We would like to pay tribute to these prestigious Spanish decorators that we have in our country.


Tomás Alía

The studio is located in the capital, and focuses on industrial design, interior architecture and decoration. This architect from Toledo, has worked with large companies around the world, changing premises from scratch or its decoration. In some of his interviews he has recognized that one of his specialties is designing private spaces. Specially those who are dedicated to a high-end public, although he does not like to be pigeonholed in this sector. This Spanish defines himself as a decorator with a contemporary and cosmopolitan style.

He combines the influences and craftsmanship of his homeland with lighting and technology.

Spanish decorators


Patricia Urquiola

She was born in Oviedo and studied architecture in Madrid and Milan. In her beginnings between years 90 and 96, she was responsible for the product development office of De Pavoda. This is a chain of exclusive design stores. Later she set up her own interior studio in Milan. Since its foundation she has already carried out more than 200 projects for large firms in the sector. Her contemporary style led by her passion for architecture, that has led her to win important prizes as the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts, designer of the decade for the German publications Home and Haüser and the Designer of the year for five popular magazines.

Among her most characteristic works are: Fjord chair, Loom sofa or Antibodi, Besides, great industry experts recognized them.

She exhibited  some of her projects in large museums, such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


Lorenzo Castillo

He is one of the most popular decorators Spain. It has also achieved great success outside our country. He reuses patterns and forms shapes from different periods and combines them, which makes it a very personal and unusual style. His taste for antiques has allowed him to know how to merge them perfectly with classic decoration. His style stands out for combining Arab souvenir pieces with other more avant-garde to get functional and attractive environments.He graduated in History of Art from the University of Madrid and continued his studies at the Antique School also in Madrid. He has also worked in textiles and jewelry. That’s why some of his most famous projects are, the Loewe store in Gran Vía or different spaces of the Room Mate Hotels. Lorenzo says: “the relationship with my clients never ends. After delivering the project, I spend years working, looking for pieces”

Spanish decorators

Jaime Hayón

This designer based in London is internationally famous. He is one of the most important contemporary designers nowadays.

He can be classified not only as an interior designer but as an artist, since he has created many pieces.


Among his pieces we can find from designs of lamps, furniture, vases, or masks, to decoration and interior design of all kinds of premises. Everything has his personal touch, a mixture between decoration and art. He studied industrial design between his city, at the Instituto Europeo di Design, and Paris, and then formed the well-known design academy Fábrica.

The aesthetic of his creations is timeless, colorful and with a studied risk.

His works and creations have been exhibited at museums, among them the Grongiger Museum of Holland, the German Vistra Museum or the Design Museum of the British capital.

Pascua Ortega

It was considered the number 1 of Spain in 2010. He has created and designed, interiors of hotels and Spanish embassies around the world (Washington, United States, or Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). He was in charge of decorating the entire route that the kings of Spain, Felipe and Letizia made through Madrid during their wedding day. His studies began in 1997, in order to give a new style to interior design.

Spanish decorators


Among the different projects of his study, we can find  private, commercial, hospitality in general, and, of course, institutional ones. Each of them offers a deco version, all of these Spanish decorators are classic, eccentric, bold, discreet, modern…,loaded with good taste and style.


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A day in Puerto Banús: what is there to see, do and eat.

Puerto Banús

Living in Puerto Banús is one of the best options thanks to the climate and its surroundings.

Puerto Banús, was created in 1970, and its name comes from its creator and developer José Banús. This port has been declared Centre of National Tourist Interest and obtained the Gold Tourism Merit Medal. It is part of the so-called ‘Golden Triangle’ that includes from Marbella to Estepona and Benahavís. For 50 years it has attracted great fortunes and celebrities and it is the fourth most expensive marina where you can dock your yacht.

It is located around the marina, where you will find the best boats and luxury cars, but also the best clothing boutiques. It is a place where you can find the best luxury jewelry stores and restaurants.

Puerto Banús is considered a great social center. It has different areas and each one offers something different depending on location, lifestyle, properties etc.

For those who like to stay in the center and  walk all the way to the beach, bars etc. they sholuld look for properties for sale at the sport marina. This area has luxury apartments located in exclusive complexes that offer a privacy oasis and great views.

But if you wish to be close to the main area, but at the same time in a more private part and in sea-front, the western area is the best for you with complexes such as Jardines de Ventura del Mar and Las Mimosas, where we can find the most luxurious penthouses. It is a very quiet and private area. On the other side of the road we also find another luxury place where you can buy villas and luxury apartments: the complexes of Dama de Noche and Alcazaba.

If you spend a day in this amazing place we suggest the following plans:

The very first thing you should do at your arrival is to stroll along the promenade and see the beaches. Later, we suggest you to have breakfast at Rosas Café, one of the most photographed places in this area. Their  artisanal bread toast and organic coffee, are perfect for the most traditional ones; their activated black charcoal waffles and their fruit and granola bowls are the reason why everyone returns.

After a good breakfast, you can rent a boat or a yacht, to spend the day on its beaches or spot dolphins out at sea.

Once the boat trip is over, you can visit the Avenida de Julio Iglesias or Antonio Banderas or Lola Flores, who also have their place in Puerto Banús.

For lunchtime, we recommend different places, there are Lebanese, Italian, Belgian, Fusion or Japanese restaurants.

In Puerto Banús we find Haute cuisine restaurants like Dani García’s (two Michelin star) restaurant or DOM Restaurante. But they are not the only ones: let’s learn about the best places to eat in Puerto Banús.

Puerto Banús


We start with one of the best restaurants in Marbella that has already become a real classic.


Argentinian restaurant located in one of the interior streets. It stands out for its excellent meat and decoration.

La Pesquera

It stands out for its spacious rooms and the wide variety of dishes on its menu. It is located at the end of the Port.


Piza, amor y fantasía

One of the most recommendable Italian restaurants in the port. It stands out for the pasta and some other meat dishes.


La Pappardella

Together with the previous one, they are the two most famous Italian restaurants.



 One of the most famous restaurants in Puerto Banús. Years ago, the top 4 restaurants were Cipriano, La Taberna del Alabardero, Marisquería Pepe and Antonio, so no one can deny its status.


Marisquería Pepe

Like the previous one, it is endorsed by many years of experience as a reference restaurant in Puerto Banús. Its menu offers the best  fish and seafood specialties and a wide variety of dishes.


You can also try one of the most luxurious personal care treatments. It is handmade, purifying and a perfect detoxifier. To receive this treatment you must visit the Glow Club where they apply Beldi black soap. And after a steam session you can have a deep exfoliation with a glove.


Let’s continue our journey with a stroll through the luxurious shops that crowd its streets, such as  Muelle Ribera street, which is also the promenade, and reminds us of the Serrano street in Madrid.


You can end your day, by having dinner at Los Bandidos, the best restaurant in the port. Its hanging garden, its Scandinavian dishes and its local atmosphere will make you want to extend your after-dinner stay.


If you fancy a drink at the end of your dinner, the best place is Pangea, one of the most exclusive clubs in the area. Another option is Hotel Benabola’s rooftop terrace to enjoy the exclusive views.


We hope these recommendations help and encourage you to visit this place and its surroundings. As you can see, Puerto Banús is a curious place to go for a walk.


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The luxury of setting up a home theater

home movie theater

Having a home theater is a great investment that not everyone can afford. Today we want to show you amazing home movie theater rooms, so you can be inspired if you are considering setting one up, and not missing a single detail.

Having a home movie theater room allows you to watch movies in the company of family and friends, a good excuse to get together and have a meeting.

It can also be used to play video games, watch soccer games with friends etc.

Essential elements that you need to set up a home movie theater and some aspects that you must take into account to come up with the perfect result:


It is one of the essential elements for the room. You have to choose the right size according to the room size. There are several types of screen.

 A white bed sheet:

It can serve as a screen but only as a quick-fix solution because small wrinkles can prevent good image quality.


It can also be used as a screen. It is less recommended because it is very difficult to have a wall like that at home.

Rolling screen:

Another of the most economic screens. Its base is fixed to the wall and unrolls when we want to see a movie.

Motorized screen:

Same as above, the only thing that changes is that the screen rolls down with the help of a remote control. More comfortable and practical.

Projector screen stand:

They are usually used to make presentations but they also work great as a movie screen. Another economic option.

Fixed projection screen:

It is solely and exclusively for watching movies. It is fixed to the wall.


Audio is a very important constituent for immersion in the storyline. A good home stereo system can make the difference. The 7.1 system is the best option for home cinema  offering a quite realistic and professional experience. You can find at the following link other audio system options.



The projector plays a crucial role in the viewing of the movie. There is a wide variety of types and prices. We recommend the following ones:


Projector Full HD/4K: The best option to watch your movies. The resolution of a Full HD projector offers a high level of detail for home theaters. Full HD projectors are only surpassed by 4K resolution. If you want to enjoy a good home theater experience, choose a projector with at least 1920 x 1080 pixels.

HD Ready Projectors: A 720p projector or one with a little less native resolution but without falling into the VGA system. It is the second best option to watch movies in a very good image quality.

VGA / SVGA / XGA / WXGA Projectors: More economical and with more limited resolutions. Most of these projectors offer a 4:3 quality, which is domestic quality but not a movie theater one. Good option for a slightly lower budget.


3D Projector: Indicated especially for films that have been planned as 3D and 3D video games.

Check these spectacular home movie theaters to inspire you.

home movie theater

home movie theater

home movie theater

home movie theater

home movie theater

Location is the most important factor when designing a home theater. It is more likely to use a room without windows that can dazzle the screen, the basement is the most common choice in order not to loose floor space or exterior views.

Sometimes you can choose small skylights when the room is not dedicated exclusively to audiovisual use.Soundproofing the room is also very common to prevent bothering other people in the house.

If you choose to use  the basement then you will need less soundproofing, since it only had to be executed in the ground floor slab. Even having a large room, having a home movie theater room is the dream of many home owners, and a more than interesting option to make the social area something unique.

If you want to have some more ideas on how to set up your home movie theater room we leave this link with some examples and decorations.


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Exclusive motorhomes: Luxury road trips.


To travel with all kinds of luxuries without privilege of the freedom offered by a caravan or the comfort to carrying your belongings with you. It’s time to make way for the imagination and find incredible places to sleep where you can enjoy the stars that are missing in the big cities in which we live. There are miles of motorhome models that have nothing to do with the modest image of a van or the typical van parked in summer parking lots.

With technology, housing, garage, terrace, cinema, helicopter, etc. According to the taste you have!

One of the most expensive but very complete: Furrior Elysium


75 inch flat screen, fireplace, spacious lounge, jacuzzi and even your own helicopter on the roof. With a price of 2.5 million dollars.

You can see it for yourself in this video ➡

We propose a different getaway in the Malibu Dream Airstream caravan, with stunning views of the Santa Monica Mountains in Malibu, for 560 euros per night. We have inside the caravan a king size bed, kitchenette, chill out area, outdoor dining perfect to practice glamping, relax with nature.


On the other hand we have the Pilote G 781C, the most economical luxury motorhome.

This caravan has a 21 cm multifunctional double floor, isotek structure, reduced AL-KO chassis, 100% low consumption LED living area lighting, bultex foam mattress and slatted bed base in the fixed bed. And finally high density foam in the seats. Available in three finishes (Essential, Sensation and Emotion) with different features and equipment, depending on the model. Price: from 80,900 euros.


We have many more models like the following:

Bürstner Elegance: the most flexible luxury auto-caravan that exists.

Morelo: one of the most popular luxury caravans.

Class S Hymer: this type in terms of price and quality is one of the best.

Elemment Palazo: they will be the future of luxury caravans.

Motorhome I: the auto-caravan best valued for its design.

Traveling in caravan has its pros and cons but it is certainly a unique experience. You can move at your leisure, enjoy nature, discover landscapes that you don´t see if you go to a hotel. In short, it consists of launching yourself to adventure and enjoy.

What kind of trips can you make in a motorhome?

The mother of all routes is Route 66 in the United States.

Itinerary: Chicago to Los Angeles

Distance: 3.939 kms approximately

Known as “The Mother Road.” Every adventurer has to dream of traveling this road. It is one of the most mythical roads, although it should be noted that the original road no longer exists as such, you can still drive following its path, from Chicago to Los Angeles, passing through the entire Midwest and its attractions, such as the Grand Canyon .


  • Points you can´t miss: Chicago, Chain of Rocks Bridge, St. Louis and Meramec Cavern, Stanton, Missouri; The blue whale, Catoosa, Oklahoma; Rancho de Cadillac, Amarillo, Texas; Blue Swallow Motel, Tucumcari; New Mexico ; Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, California.


  • Beware! Between Oklahoma and Texas the roads are endless. There are kilometers and kilometers of asphalt that go beyond the horizon. Do not hesitate to look for the stretches of the old Route 66, which keep the original asphalt of the 20s.

Another route that you can not miss is the “Garden Route” in South Africa


The route is from Cape Town to Port Elisabeth.

A distance of about 700 kilometers more or less.


  • You can not miss: the Table Mountain cable car, the jewel of the Cape Town National Park, from which you can see spectacular panoramas at sunset or Robben Island, where we can see Nelson Mandela’s old cell; the Robertson Valley, a delicious place to taste good wine and taste some cheese; the red rocks of Ashton; and the beaches of Jeffry’s Bay are perfect waves.


  • Beware! There is also the possibility of diving with white sharks, especially in Gaansbaii, or with crocodiles, in the Oudsthoorn area.

And finally we recommend the “Ring Road” in Iceland.

From Reykjavik and back to Reykjavik following the clockwise.

Approximately 1,340 kilometers, Highway number 1, Þjóðvegur 1, Road 1 or Ring Road. It’s practically the only road, but it’s spectacular.

  • Essential points: the Thingvellir National Park and its spectacular geysers, its powerful waterfalls, such as Gullfoss, Jökullsarlon lagoon with its formidable icebergs, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss waterfalls, the Mýrdalsjökull glacier, or the black beaches of Vík, the Lake Mývatn or visit Akureyri, the most important city.


  • You can not go more than 90 km / hour. And be careful with the nights, in summer they are cold.


There are many more routes we can do, such as the landscapes of “The Lord of the Rings” in New Zealand or The Pacific Coast Drive in Australia.

The route of the Fjords in Norway or the route of Don Quixote in Spain.

If you want to know more about exclusive motorhomes or luxury trips. You can contact us at

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The personal Real Estate shopper

Personal Real Estate Shopper

Taking the step to choose and decide on a house is not a simple task. Rarely you will be completely sure if the most eye-catching option will be also the best one. The uncertainty due to lack of experience or knowledge of the real estate market when buying or renting a home is a feeling that you have experienced, if you have gone through this process. Indeed you may not have decided to buy or move into a new house for fear of facing this adventure. However, although you have never heard about it there is a magnificent figure. He will solve your life and help you jump in the deep the  personal Real Estate shopper.

The concept of personal shopper not only applies to the world of fashion, but it is possible to transfer it to the Real Estate sector.

These professionals have a longer presence in Anglo-Saxon countries where their services to buyers is more common. Here, in Spain,their participation in the search and purchase of houses has been gaining more and more weight for some years now. If you want to know which companies provide this service we recommend you inform yourself at the Spanish Association of Personal Real Estate Shopper (AEPSI). This association is in charge of grouping the different companies  of the Spanish market that are associated with this entity. Enric Jimenez, the president  and founder of the company Somrie, was one of the first to encourage the presence of these experts in the processes of buying real estate assets.

What exactly does a personal Real Estate shopper do?

Simple: looking for the property of your interest, negotiating the price and sealing the best option. As an expert in the real estate market, they offer personal and exclusive assistance to individuals and investors, speeding up the procedure so you can save time. Also, guaranteeing that the final choice is protected by technical and objetive notions. Thanks to them, buying hastily  out of fear that someone may go ahead, or doing it just because a house looks more beautiful are things of the past.

Personal shopper vs agent

There is a really interesting point that we need to talk about so that you understand what we mean by personal Real Estate shopper. He is not just a real estate agent. The latter has the role of mediating between buyer and seller. However, the personal shopper is a professional who works solely to meet the needs of the buyer. His main mission is to protect his client and find the house that really fits his needs and desires. In this way clearing all the doubts that we mentioned before.

Likewise, caring about the client’s wishes, the possibilities to choose house are much greater, since unlike the agent, the personal Real Estate shopper  not only has the offer that a specific agency has in its portfolio.


Why does the personal Real Estate shopper figure appear?

As we already commented, it is strange not having lots of doubts before accepting to buy a house. And even when we choose to rent.  Price, benefits, hidden defects location are some of the issues that come to mind before accepting a property. Not to mention the great amount of paperwork that you must face. The personal Real Estate shopper is able to facilitate your purchase and offer solutions. It is estimated,  that you can save between 5% and 20% of the initial price.


Is hiring a personal shopper very expensive?

Obviously, we can consider it a figure more connected to the luxury real estate market. Although  many people considered  it dispensable, it shouldn’t be  this way. We cannot consider the hiring of a personal Real Estate shopper as an expense. Why? Because the final result of the operation can mean a considerable savings. That’s why paying his fees does not constitute too much.


Prices may vary depending on each client’s demands. In order to offer more options of customization you will not be able to know the price of his services until you meet the professional beforehand. Only after interviewing you and knowing your conditions and needs, they will be able to set a budget.


You may contact us at

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