Vacations in the Maldives, its most luxurious side

The Maldives is one of the main holiday destinations chosen for its luxury.

It is located in the Indic Ocean, made up by more than 1200 islands and is considered as one of the most beautiful and exclusive places in the world.

The Maldives is one of the most demanded destinations for luxury tourism and it has been growing in the last years by opening incredible hotels and resorts.

Buildings in the middle of the water with infinite pools, dinners under the stars, exotic nature and tons of details make it the real paradise.

It becomes hard to pick the right hotel because the vast majority of them are luxurious with exclusive and personalized service for every client´s expectations.

In the following lines, we will show you the most relevant hotels and resorts in order to hel you pick the right one.

Soneva Jani Maldivas

It is not your typical resort, it is built in a 5 km private lagoon, it can be considered a private atoll, surrounded by 5 uninhabited islands.

It is the resort with the lowest room density ratio in the world.

Also, it has one of the largest on water villas among the resorts in the Maldives and in the world, with 1245 sq meters and 4 bedrooms.

Lux North Male

It banks on modern architecture leaving behind the hay roofs to enjoy the most out its villas´ roofs.

The villas were designed by the Singapore based Miaja Design Group.

Each one of the 67 residences is just a few minutes away from the capital on fast boat.

The private terrace in every villa where clients can enjoy a movie in a big screen, practice yoga, have some drinks or some dinner under the stars.

Each one also has a pool, a sauna and hammam.

On the other hand the common facilities offer different restaurants options from Glow´s international food to japonese-peruvian food from Inti and Barium´s signature food.

The resort offers bars, cafés, pools, 24 hour butler service, a private yacht for excursions, tennis and beach volleyball courts, water sports, workshops directed by experts and a children´s club.

JW Marriott Maldives

The first JW Marriot Maldives accommodation is situated on an idyllic moon shaped islet in the Saviyani atoll (an hour away from Malé by seaplane).

A total of 60 villas form the complex which are known for being some of the roomiest in the Maldives, each of them is equipped with a private pool and all sorts of comforts.

Its offer is completed by five restaurants from different parts of the world, also three cocktail bars, spa and all kinds of activities to get involved in the island live.

Intercontinental Maldives Maamunagau

It is located in Raa atoll close to a UNESCO biosphere reserve which hosts exuberant wildlife, from majestic manta rays to playful dolphins.

The complex has 81 villas which are distributed among the beach, the lagoon and the water.

It combines private white sand beaches, contemporary designing and spectacular views of the Indic Ocean bottoms.

The whole hotel was designed around the idea of sustainability.

It is collaborating with different conservation organizations.

It encourages its guests to discover the ecosystem by participating in its preservation.

There is no need to renounce to luxury or sophistication.

Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi

In the middle of a coralline bottom lagoon the Fairmont Maldives is found and it offers itself as an exquisite destination only 55 minutes away from Malé by seaplane.

It is also known as “the underwater secret island” and it hosts a complex of 120 rooms and villas erected over the water and with their own private pool.

The hotel offers an extra attraction:

  • The Coralarium.
  • An underwater museum which has sculptures and structures made by the artist Jason de Caires Taylor that, besides art, holds a local program for the recovery of corals.

This original space is ideal for snorkeling and getting in touch with the region´s marine life helped by biologists and other specialists.

 The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort

The designing is Peia Associati´s work, this Italian firm is behind the construction of buildings such as Katara in Doha or the Ikeda Cultural Center for Peace in Milano.

70 villas over the water and islands close to the Hanifaru bay, inside the single UNESO biosphere reserve there is in the country.

The villas have a very original shell shaped design which favors a sustainable perception.

The design contributes to avoid the heat and keep the temperature steady, reducing the use of the air conditioning and minimizing the impact in the environment.

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Architects with projects in great Villas

If you are looking for your dreamed house, it is very important to pick the right architects who are specialized in great villas that can shape your home in a unique way and under their expertise.

If you pick the right architect you will get the exclusiveness and the comfort you are looking for.

Get to know some of the most relevant architecture firms in this post, who can fulfill your dreams of having an unbelievable home.

On the following lines, we are listing some architecture firms that are known for their work in villas:

González & Jacobson Arquitectura

This architecture firm has been around for more than 25 years and has designed projects nationally and internationally.

Luxury Villa project in Los Monteros

The property is located in Los Monteros neighborhood, 5 kms away from Marbella close to the coast.

It is a one-family, isolated, contemporary, extraordinary and spacious house with all kind of facilities.

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Luxury villas designs by the architect Fran Silvestre absorb and synthesize the numerous problems of programming, locating and context, structure, technology of construction and more, including them in his architecture style of game of space and shapes.

Casa del Acantilado project

It is a one-family house located in Calpe, Alicante. It is built on the edge of a cliff, as it is hanging in the air, walking on the water, a piece of land that looks towards the sea. It fits nicely in the natural surroundings.

LUITOM Interiorismo

It is an architecture and interior designing firm specialized in projecting and constructing modern luxury homes.

Luxury homes architectural and construction projects

The carry out architectural projects for modern luxury homes in Valencia, Malaga and Madrid.

KUBO Architects

They are a team of architects who are experts in luxury one-family home management and designing.
They are known for a great customer service, great commitment and unusual creativity along with passion about what they do.

Añoreta project

These house have two floors, main floor and basement looking for a good space topographic management of the property with a minimalist concept and good scenery exploitation.

CANEXEL Arquitectura & Construcción

Its foundations are exclusivity, designing and quality. Canexel´s priority is to offer and provide each client whatever they are looking for and need whatever their tastes or preferences are.

Casa Brava House project

The Brava House home is located in a natural environment of pines and eucalyptus very close to the beach. It was designed as a second home to enjoy with family and friends so spaces between the interior and exterior of the house were well taken care of.

Galván Arquitectos

Galván Arquitectos has a very experienced team of professionals in the field of integral management of any kind of interior designing and architecture projects. It is led by the firm founder, Francisco Martínez Galván.

Villa Silver project

It is an spectacular one-family house with a modern style located in Marbella on a 2024 sq meter property and a built surface of 1050 sq meter. The design and personal style of the house is something to point out.

Ismael Mérida Arquitectos

It has a wide team of professionals who are specialized in every phase of the project , achieving any kind of projects with a precise control system and time of delivering.

Villa Elvira Reform project

The house designing is based on a contemporary style reinterpretating the one-family isolated white Andalusian model of home.

08023 Architects

This firm believes in architecture as collaboration between the people who enjoy it and the architects who design it. Personal and tailor made architecture.

Casa Herrero project

One-family home located in Alella (Barcelona) in which modernity, innovation and pure lined designing combine with an unique mediterranean experience.

B8 Architecture

It is the leading company in Bynok Group which offers services internationally. Its goal is to surpass the client´s expectancies and make their dreams come true.

Villa Apolo project

This magnificent and modern luxury villa is located in one of the most exclusive areas of Madrid, in a privileged and natural environment.

Grupo Auma

It is an important architecture firm, urbanism management and designing founded and directed by the architect José María Pérez Gutiérrez.

Luxury chalet project in the Real Club de Golf de Sevilla

Project and interior design of a brand new luxury chalet in the Real Club de Golf de Sevilla in Alcalá de Guadaira (Sevilla).

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Luxury architecture and ecology: a perfect tandem for your home

sustainable luxury villa

Maybe, if you think about luxury homes, the image of mansions with the best features or baroque decoration that  worth its weight in gold comes to your mind. It is a common belief that dream house’s owners don’t care about ecology.  You may think they don’t care if they waste or contaminate just to get their way. However, although you can find examples that fit this stereotype, there is another option that is already essential when building: opting for a sustainable luxury villa.

Is ecological architecture compatible with luxury? Not only do they make up a perfect tandem but also quality, durability, timeless appeal and architecture and design of sustainable homes are all the rage. This is so much the case that the ecological issue, is the cause of the increase in the house price.

How to make a luxury home sustainable? From the facilities to the gardens, let’s review what elements should not be missing in your sustainable luxury villa.

Ecological lighting

When we are designing a sustainable luxury villa, we must consider energy saving as a key aspect. For example, a good idea is to provide your house with as much natural light as possible. Thus avoid the need of turning on lights. However, at nigh-time we can face the darkness with LED light systems. They provide the necessary luminosity without wasting energy. They are always more efficient and durable than traditional incandescent bulbs. And don’t you worry, if you are thinking of putting especially opulent lamps such as chandeliers, LED bulbs will also adapt to them.

Today’s modern lighting systems with home automation, are increasingly sophisticated and practical. If you add a light control system to your sustainable luxury villa, you can remotely change the types of lighting and reduce energy consumption when you want.

Solar panels

This element is related to the previous point. Solar panel installation is increasingly becoming a popular option. Certainly, they are essential elements for those who want to live in an ecological environment since renewable energy from the sun has a leading role in energy saving.

In recent times, not only panels but also solar tiles have been developed. They allow a better adaptation to the architectural design of the roofs. These tiles have a higher price, but for those looking for something very specific in the architecture of their home without neglecting the ecological aspect,  solar tiles can be good a good option.

Energy-saving appliances

Likewise, modern appliances have an important role. The most luxurious ones are also the most energy efficient. But what is even more important, do you know how the use of a certain type of smart refrigerator can help the environment? If your fridge has a built in camera, you can see its content and buy only the groceries we need, so there will be no leftovers that end up in the trash.

Sustainable materials

Wood is a trend! Before, only those rustic style lovers might think about using this material, but it is becoming increasingly present in luxury villas. Why? Because wood with certified origin or natural stone are ecological materials par excellence.

Did you know these materials? They can be recovered wood, bamboo, cork, natural stone, recycled glass tiles, or recycled steel. They are gorgeous and looks great in at your home, besides being very durable!

In addition to the above mentioned products, you may not have considered another option to make the construction of a sustainable luxury villa a more ecofriendly process. It’s about using local materials to avoid their transportation and the negative impact of pollution caused by the long journeys.

Green spaces

Often, the most aware environmentalists seek to preserve and increase green areas in cities, called green lungs of the world. This same philosophy can be transferred to our sustainable luxury villa. Plants improve air quality, so being surrounded by nature is priceless. Therefore, in any good worthwhile architectural project, gardens can’t be ignored. Vegetation is aesthetic and attractive, it provides that chill out space that many people want, but it has other remarkable benefits. One of them is the insulating properties of green roofs and walls, which offer an extra layer, providing freshness to rooms and reducing sun heat impact.

As you can see, the sign of opulence has changed its color. Green is the new gold. If your home has a large presence of vegetation, the prestige of it will increase.

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The 4 most eccentric villas

luxury villas

On today’s post we’re telling you about those luxury villas whose owners didn’t want to give up on their most personal tastes, they didn’t have any hesitations to pay for custom services and facilities either. All of that, in order to get the most accurate to the dream home they desired the most.

It does exist a considerable list of people who have no qualms to pay any price for accomplishing their most desired dreams and self-induging themselves, as the last detail and the less important to take into account is money.

It exist an Economics term about the luxury goods, which perfectly fits with the construction of the most eccentric luxury villas. It’s about Veblen goods, and these describe demand’s behaviour conversely. This is, if a standard good reduces its demand when its price rises, Veblen goods have the particularity to increase their demand when their price rises.

This behaviour perfectly defines the most personal luxury villas’ owners tastes. So as they are obviously billionaire, they want their home to be different and unique from the rest too. And the higher the price of it is, the most exclusive it will be, less people could own it and more different it would be.

Hereafter, and by knowing how owners tastes and preferences define, we’ll show you a list of the most eccentric luxury villas, each one of these, with their peculiarities:

Acqua Liana, Florida.

It’s a luxury villa for the American real estate guru Frank McKinney. The best thing about this home is that it’s ecological and environmental friendly. This guru wanted the design to be inspired at tropical islands. It has an infrastructure fully dedicated to the house’s supply. As for example, a fleet of solar panels which take the place of a basketball court. Its rainwater collection system is so efficient that it would fill an olympic pool each 14 days. The most eccentric about this home could be it’s huge aquarium, a spa with waterfall or 11 terraces to enjoy of them.

luxury villasPic by: Aqua

luxury villasPic by: Homecrux

Versalles, Florida

It’s about the biggest familiar home ever built in the United Sates. The name of it is due to its exact similarity of the home’s entry with the Parisian Palace of Versailles. By now, it’s property of the real estate businessman David Siegel, who has it on sale for a new owner to get to finish it construction. The overall budget amounts to 100$ millions. In this property, we can find a some facilities such as a skating rink, an olympic swimming pool, a cave which leads you to 3 spas, 30 bedrooms, 10 kitchens, and a 25 metres high waterfall.

luxury villasPic by: Pricey Pads

luxury villasPic by: Orlando Sentinel

Barbie Malibú Manor

It’s a 1000m2 manor fully dedicated to Barbie’s world and you can find it at the coastal area of Malibú, California. It was build by the famous interior designer Jonathan Adler due to doll’s  50th anniversary celebration. What attracks attention the most about this is manor is its pink colour. And all the references it touches upon Barbie. It’s a museum around Barbie. From a vanity with an exclusive collection of 25 dolls, to a living room worth to mention. A chandelier made of Barbie’s wigs and a mirror which frames are made of 64 dolls.

luxury villas

The Manor, Los Ángeles.

It was the home for the renowned TV producer Aaron Spelling, sagas’ creator as for example of Charlie’s Angels TV series. Although it’s currently on sale, it was the dream of Aaron to live there with his family. The house’s counts on 123 rooms, an indoor skating rink, a bowling alley, and a room which only goal is to wrap presents inside of it. It also counts on sports courts and several swimming pools.

luxury villasPic by: World Floor Plans

luxury villasPic by: Homes of the rich

Certainly, these luxury villas stand out for their eccentricities, and it is that luxury sometimes doesn’t know of bounds.

All of these luxury villas have in common the personality of each of their owners. And all the element required to build them up.

In iLuxenio, luxury and exclusivity defines us, and the first thing we have into account is the customer’s will. In every respect, we provide them with different options to make their dream home a reality.

As you can see in our works’ portfolio on the website, each villa is so different itself as their owners’ tastes. We are in charge of it until the end of the process. The result turns out to be even better than expected.


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How are new luxury brands?

luxury brands

On today’s post we’re telling you about the most valued luxury brands in the world. The most renowned and their creations. A 90% of luxury brands included in the TOP ranking are European, and besides, them are the most valued in the world.

Globalization is one of the main causes which changed the model of social relationshios. This created an increasing homogenization at tastes and fashion.

Hence in this industry, they exist many kinds of Premium experiences, from travels to jewelry, going through clothing or tehcnology, it attempts comsumers and it’s adapting to new purchasing experiences. And great luxury brands didn’t stop growing.

But the most exclusive luxury brands increased their value between 2006 and 2017. Hermès, second at BrandZ Ranking, rised a 385%. In comparison, Louis Vuitton, leads this luxury BrandZ Ranking, it growed a 50%, and the value of other luxury brands rised up to a 29%. Super luxury brand in this ranking went from weighting a 27% in 2006 to a 41% in 2017. The highest positions in the classification are completed by Gucci, Chanel, Rolex and Cartier.

luxury brands

In the last year, luxury brands consider the alternative of widening their audience, including the possibility of renting luxury ítems to specific occasions, but with the need of protecting luxury exclusivity”, points out Kantar Millward Brown report. Luxury brands kept doing traditional advertising, by trying to increase their audience while they retain loyal customers”, marks out Kantar Millward Brown. Just one out of three brands count on online and mobile sales channels. According to Luxury Spain data research. (A Spanish Luxury non-profit Organisation registered at National Organisations Register with the purpose of gathering professionals of Spanish companies and luxury brands).

While Apple, Google and Microsoft are the three most valued companies in the world. Louis Vuitton takes the first place in the list as the most valued luxury brands, with 19 years of experience, thanks to its relevant brand-culture relation. But, according to 2017 Interbrand Best Global Brands ranking, they sum up the most valued brands in 2017 according to their economical value and their ability to influence at customers’ choices.

luxury brands

1.Louis Vuitton (19) — $22.9 billion USD

2.Hermès (32) — $14.2 billion USD

3.Gucci (51) — $9.9 billion USD

4.Cartier (65) — $7.5 billion USD

5.Tiffany&Co. (81) — $5.3 billion USD

6.Burberry (86) — $5.1 billion USD

7.Prada (94) — $4.7 billion USD

8.Dior (95) — $4.5 billion USD

(Source: itfashion)

Hermès got a great growth in the last two years, coming from the brand’s integrity protection and for the committed to preserve its cultura of excellence.

The key factors at luxury brands industry:

-Liable products range dimensioning to be part of luxury industry.

-But, which is the purchase decission-making process. A luxury product is normally related to something which purpose isn’t just satisfying a primary need.

– Buyer’s purchase power: something more decisive than the life style or a social class belong.

Globalization caused, two consequences: an easy access to luxury products. And then the entry into worldwide market of new actors coming from emerging countries.

-It turned complicated due to counterfeiting appereance.

-There have been an evolution from brand consideration as a logotype to a brand as as relation model.

-Expected quality, we can say that luxury always means quality, but nowadays they what they look for in luxury is more distinction and exclusivity.

How do luxury brands differentiate?

Finally, the answer to this for the most part is related to intangibles, as they are customer service, and making of purchasing act an unique experience.

-Customer service. At online buying, it’s very complicated to find an online valued relation with the customer.

-Turning the product selling and the product itself into an experience. As these are very difficult to replicate.

Because of this, all the brands had to define the “customer journey”. about buying process. How to achieve a purchase from a potential customer, but above from all, what to do to maintein the loyalty; and what to offer to turn them into a prescriber of the own brand.


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The best luxury holidays destinations

luxury holidays

According to a research ‘Luxury Tourism’ made by the University of Bocconi in Milan and the International Tourism Bourse, this industry is worth a billion of euros worlwide and it grew a 4,5% between 2011 and 2015. So, if you want to give yourself a treat and spend some luxury holidays you have plenty of options. You can stay at exclusive villas, homes located at stunning archipelagos, medieval castles, huge resorts or amazing yachts.

Which are the most exclusive holidays destinations in the world?

  • Saint Barthélemy Island- Caribbean Sea

This luxury destination is at the Caribbean Sea, near to Guadalupe’s archipelago and it belongs to France. It’s a very popular touristic destination especially during the winter.

The weather keeps a constant temperature between 20º and 30º (C) during the whole year. It’s the favourite place for many famous personalities as Beyoncé and Jessica Alba.

Therefore Saint Barthélemy Island stands out  by its gastronomy with gourmet restaurants, its elite bars, beautiful beaches and a wide variety of design holidays

luxury holidays

Pics: Hotel Eden Rock  (Source :

  • Moritz – Switzerland

St. Moritz is one of the most exclusive ski resorts in Europe. If you ever dream of some luxury holidays in the mountain, this is definitely your place.

It’s a Swiss county inside the Canton of Grisons, in Maloja district, and an Upper Engadine’s village.

So, if you want to get to St, Moritz with glamour, you have to take the Glacier Express, departuring from Zermatt and which panoramic route through the Swiss Alps is really worth it.

luxury holidays

Source: Country & Town House

  • Namibia

Namibia is a SouthWest African country which covers the territory of what until the 60’ was called Southwest Africa.

In addition, the name of the country comes from the name of Namib desert, considered as the oldest desert of the world. It’s completely sorrounded by beautiful landscapes. One of its more characteristic features is the reddish hue of its sand. It’s a unique place in the world to live a wonderful African adventure. It also counts on a matinal park, called Waterberg Plateau National Park.

This fantastic place to spend your luxury holidays counts on plenty of luxury resorts which follow the path of a desert landscape. You can’t miss a safari in order to live one of the great experiences by watching all kind of savage animals and knowing different cultures. Africa always gives stunning things to discover.

luxury holidays

  • Zanzibar

Especially relevant is Zanzibar, a semi-autononomous region of Tanzania which covers a couple of islands distant from Africa’s East coast called Unguja (Zanzibar) and Pemba. They receive the name of Moluccas too.

As postcards pictures, its beautiful beaches with white sand and a blue turquoise sea. The extraordinary beauty, magnificent landscapes and its variety of fauna are elements which better feature it. One of the activities par excellence are the Safaris, which make us discover the existing savage life in this huge region.

Also, other of the star plans is go trekking to the Kilimanjaro, an unforgettable experience. And we can’t either forget about a visit to its incredible seafloors. Zanzibar is known as the crown jewel of Africa.

luxury holidays

  • Musha Cay

It’s a private island at Exuma Islands archipelago (Bahamas) with some dream beaches of white fine sand, turquoise water and tropical exuberant vegetation. The owners of the island, John and Jan Melk, are in charge of the flawless conditions of the island in order to make it one of the most exclusive destinations in the world.

It isn’t that easy to reach this offbeat place, because it’s 40 minutes away flying from Miami or 3 hours from New York or Chicago. Those travelers who can  afford this treat are received by the owners at the closest island’s airport, Rutter Cut Cay, to translate them by zodiac to Musha Cay.

To live this luxury holidays you have to rent the whole island for $40.000 per night.

Bahamas’ sorroundings, aslo known as Exumas, these have always been the preference of rich and famous personalities. Both Ernest Hemingway and David Copperfield spent a while in the island. It was said that the Fountain of Youth was hidden in one of these islands.

The island counts on crystal-clear waters to dive, to fish, and also it includes a fireworks’ show and the hunt of a hidden treasure. Apart from a wonderful all-inclusice resort complex.

luxury holidays

Pic : Robb Report

As a result, there are many places to enjoy of some holidays sorrounded by luxury and glamour. In this post we’ve left 5 of them. So the high price make of them exclusive paradises.


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The most expensive streets of Spain

the most expensive streets of Spain

The most demanded homes by customers are usually design homes, these are amended with all the latest amenities but the original structural components are kept, as they could be built-in pillars and beams but integrated to the current deisgn and decoration, and which are placed in historical buildings with views to the most emblematic areas of the city, so they’re spotted in the most expensive streets of Spain.

Spain is usually one of the best destinations to live as much as for weather as for life quality. But living in the most expensive streets of our country has a price, this could be high if what you look for is to live in the most privileged places.

All the cities usually have their own golden spot, but, would you like to know which are the most expensive streets of Spain to live in?

There are several companies which have analyzed the houses’ prices in the most exclusive areas.

The owners of these streets’ homes are mostly locals, although in some of these cities there’s a noticeable part of international buyers who look for installing and investing in Spain.

Madrid is one of the most chosen cities for it, for its high profitability, but the highest percentage of international clients is in Valencia, made up of French and British who look for living in a Mediterranean city but for a lower price.

Avenida Perarson in Barcelona and calle Hernani in San Sebastián are the most expensive streets of Spain, among the top five main Spanish cities which are Madrid, Barcelna, Valencia, Bilbao and San Sebatián. This reasearch is made by Engel&Völkers, the company who has made this comparison.

La Zagaleta development is the urbanisation with the most expensive homes for sale in Spain.

In this exclusive area of Costa del Sol you can find the most luxurious chalets. The first places for the most expensive streets in Spain spread between Benahavís, La Moraleja, Barcelona, Pozuelo de Alarcón or Sant Andreu de Llaveneres.

The silver medal of this privileged ranking is for La Moraleja development with a similar price to Calle del Castillo de Aysa, in Madrid’s neighbourhood of La Piovera, which takes the third place.

Then, it comes Avenida Tibidabo, in Barcelona, which is in the fourth position of exclusive prices to buy. It’s follows Paseo de los Lagos in La Finca development in Pozuelo, and Avenida Miraflores also in the capital.

In Barcelona, the locality of Sant Andreu de Llavenares, Avenida Rocaferrera is the seventh most expensive street.

The list of the top ten most expensive streets is completes with other three located in la Moraleja:

Which are Paseo Marquesa Viuda de Aldama,  calle del Camino Ancho and Paseo del Conde de Gaitanes.

the most expensive streets of SpainPaseo de los Lagos, La Finca (Pozuelo de Alarcón)

the most expensive streets of Spain(La moraleja, Madrid)

the most expensive streets of Spain(Urbanización La Zagaleta, Benahavís, Málaga)

the most expensive streets of SpainAvenida Rocaferrera, Sant Andreu de Llavaneres (Barcelona)


The most expensive streets of Spain but in more affordable communities, apart from Extremadura, them are La Rioja, Murcia and Navarra, whose most expensive streets require on average over half a million to live in, according to obtained data in a Idealista research.

The experts from Engel & Völkers realty agency, specialized in luxury homes, gather the features that this kind of properties meet:

  • Location: It’s the most differentiating indicator. Those are generally located in places with unique views and easy access.
  • Surface: breadth is essential. The home has usually over 2000 built m2 and fields, no less than 5000 m2.
  • Equipment and performance: this presents immeasurables possibilities. The vast majority of them count on an unlimited number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Gyms, spa, cinema, leisure room, library, wine cellar, carport for several vehicles, sports courts, heated pools, guest house. And huge gardens. The technological equipment is also a valued element.

Nine out of the ten most expensive streets of Spain are in Madrid and Barcelona. With the exception of Málaga’s locality which takes the first place. So Andalucía, with 5,6 millions is the autonomous community with the most expensive street. Unlike Extremadura whose most expensive street doesn’t exceed 400.000 euros on average and it’s las Aguadas in Badajoz.

Do you already know where are you going to build or to buy the house of your dreams? Do you prefer a big city or the most exclusive coast area?

If you want to know further about this don’t hesitate to log in to iLuxenio and to contact us in, we’ll guide you through all you need to know.

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