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kitchen design

The role of the kitchen at home is essential. When we make a reference to the heart of the home, is none other but the kitchen. As such, keeping the kitchen as the most treated part of the home seems to be fundamental. That’s why kitchen design has much to do with how the heart of the home could look like, and how to play it up.

Kitchen design has to proceed on a basis: how  and what for we are using the kitchen.

Firstly, we have to define the key parts of the kitchen, these have been defined in 5 areas by the best kitchen designers:

  • Pantry: the cupboard for provisions and food, and so home appliances to preserve them: fridge, freezer, etc.
  • Warehousing: brooms, mops, pads, vacuums and all the required elements for a good performance.
  • Sink: cleaning are for the own kitchen tools.
  • Preparation: reserved space for worktops, lunch tables and generally working in the kitchen.
  • Cooking: kitchen tools with a high electricity consumption and dedicated to the food elaboration, the basic fuction of the kitchen.

kitchen design

These 5 areas in a well-designed kitchen, perfectly complement and don’t generate any space or use problems while working simultaneously. Yo can reach an efficient use of the kitchen. Also, we have to recall that 3 of these 5 areas are fundamental for kitchens with urgent needs of space. And these are: Preparation, cooking and sink.

To design and build properly your kitchen requires of a measuring precise work. And also, of a perfect unison between the architect and the furniture designer, especially if it’s about a new construction.

That’s why we want to give some unfailing advices so your kitchen design becomes a resounding success:

  • Knowing the room you’re working at: apart from checking the previous conditions of it, in order to solve moisture problems or ventilation issues, to buy the right sized furniture for our kitchen.
  • Stay within the budget: if we dont’ want to exceed our initial budget with last-minute details, we have to keep an expenditure control in order to meet what we first thought.
  • The triangle of work: preparation, cooking and sink will guide the first line of functionality in our new kitchen.
  • Define you style: the designer is an expert, and normally respects your tastes and help you to define your idea.
  • Security: if we have childen or pets at home, we have to avoid dangerous shapes at low parts of furnitures which could damage to the little ones. Also, regarding ventilation and closures, we have to check that the kitchen meets security and energy efficiency standards.

kitchen design

But we know our brand new kitchen would look better if we could represent it off-plan without the need of turning to a professional. That’s why nowadays we have at the market some free apps to help you to represent your future kitchen.

Here we leave list with 10 websites for kitchen design:

Floor Planner

In order to create and share interactive plans on line. With Floorplanner you can recreate your home, garden or office in just two clicks. And you can also add furniture to your plans with its great object library.

IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner

Looking for an improvement at user experience, IKEA created this tool. Like this, each customer becomes his/her own kitchen designer. And once you have your design done you can print it at home or take it to the shop and start your home’s assembly!


This is one of the most popular and used interior design softwares. It offers an specific module for the kitchen, finishings with 3D and it has an app for your Smartphone.

Lowe’s Virtual Kitchen Designer

It offers three-dimensional and renderings designs. It isn’t easy to use, but the finishings for a free app, are more than good.

RoomToDo Software

It’s another webpage with mobile version. It has a very good approval among individuals and interior designers. It has very complete design options.


This one meets its functions perfectly well. Although it’s a bit limited for kitchen design itself. It’s more responsive with desktop version.

Home Hardware Kitchen Design Software

The best thing about this tool is that it offers prepared templates for editing. But you can also start your design from zero.

Backsplash and Cabinet Design Software

This is the best prepared tool for cooktops and furniture designs, and it counts on a powerful range of colours.

Home Stratosphere’s Interior Design Software

It’s a tool which, personally, is particularly very difficult to use at mobile version. You can use it to design the whole home, but it has a speacial model for the kitchen


For 3D online kitchen designs. It has such a level of detail that you can even add kitchen tools.

Finally, don’t forget that in iLuxenio, we have plenty of experience at remodelling with the best architects of the market, to help you with one part of the home as the kitchen is, or for several. Giving special relevance to design exclusivity and energy efficiency.


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Floating houses

floating houses

On today’s post we’re telling you about a housing system very different from the beaten track. Although this doesn’t mean the lack of luxury and sustainability. We are referring to floating houses.

There are two kinds of existing floating houses, one is fixed kind and the other is mobile kind. Fixed homes are those which we build above an artifitial platform over the sea and mobile ones are those units with motor or boats with a motor that adapts as a home for their inhabitants.

A standard floating house would have a capacity from 2-12 people and a lenght from 7-15 metres.

But, what is the origin of floating houses?

Were them born from the space need? From the taste for a life on board? In fact a mix of both of them.

At the turn XX century, living in a port meant to live into a cargo vessel, in which normally took place activities related to delinquency, organized crime, or those were a shelter for socially excluded people. Nothing similar to a normal and an average life.

Also, the American West Coast piers were used as shelters for temporary workers, although they followed the same path talking about precarious cabins, as these were the only option to avoid the vessel’s plunder and so of gettind rid of the prohibitive prices for a humble worker.

For Europe, since the emergence of Industrial Revolution, the vessels’ traffic for transport of goods and people by the rivers of the main European trading cities and where we see the clearest example nowadays is in the well-known floating houses of Amsterdam.

Although we can’t forget either other focal points as it could be Landwehrkanal  in Berlin, from which we could say that it’s literally a floating neighbourhood.

Another mecca for floating houses is Sausalito. By the Golden Gate, the most famous pier of Sausalito Bay is no longer the fishermen area it was during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, to become a residential area for professionals of high purchasing power.

Further on, we will place the certain value of what current inhabitants of floating houses appreciate about their home, but first we want to point the differences out according to electricity and water supply from a normal house.

How do they supply themselves?

A current luxury and modern floating house stands itself for the values of sustainability.

For it, all electricity need covers by the means of solar panels placement. Although it’s also true that the most basic floating houses of public lightning to be able to supply itself.

In respect of water supply and consumption there are several available options:

  • Obtaining water from mainland, in charging points, and at the same time to use this points to get rid of water wastes that the house generates.
  • This other option is the ideal one and the most ecofriendly. Having in the house an own mini treatment plant, which filters and clean it. And so the house only empties to the sea or to the river the water which has been already treated. For water consumption there are two options: collecting rain water and treat it. Ot also to have you own treatment plant to purify the river’s water or to desalinate the sea water.

Why is it a luxury trend to move to a floating house?

Living in a floating house is a good way to hide from the stressing life of a big city . Even if this floating house is in the own city, you enjoy of a centric position, and a perspective of the city that any conventional house could ever give to you.

It perfectly adapts to the current values which the new bueyrs are looking for: luxury, mobility and peace. The new lifestyle based on having the best, during a short period of time to change towards the newest trends. And avoiding that many other factors to stop that life’s rhythm.

The new floating houses are modular constructions, this is, removable and portable houses.

This means if I’ve been for a period of time living in a specific place and I decide to give my life a change of scenery. I could be the following day on the other side of the country or in another country, but in the same house. Whether if I transport it in a truck or in my own ship towards the next port.

Here we leave you 3 of the most amazing floating houses in the world:

floating houses

Float Home by Designs Northwest Architects, in Dubai.

floating houses

Floating House by MOS Architects in lake Huron, Canada.

floating houses

Icebergs from Daniel Andersson in the Åland islands, Finland.

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