Luxury promotions in Spain

promociones de lujo

We can talk about different luxury promotions such as Lagasca 99, Canalejas, Montalbán 11, General Castaños …


The four named above have been very popular in recent years and have been on the lips of many high-end real estate stories in Spain. These promotions have several characteristics that are the same: privileged locations, the best qualities, spectacular penthouses and prices that leave you without air. However, if we have to opt for the most expensive, that is, the one with the highest square meter, what is really the most expensive promotion currently for sale? What is the one with the  high square meter Price?


There are clearly villas in La Moraleja, La Finca, Marbella or Sotogrande, with sale prices far higher than even the incredible penthouses of any of these projects, basically because they are large properties. But if we take into account where the most expensive square meter is paid, we have to opt for one that occupies the first place, by far. We are talking about Villa de París, in front of the Supreme Court, on Calle General Castaños.


This development, named Villa de Paris, is located next to the Supreme Court in Madrid and the average price per square meter, according to DAO is 18,000 euros, although one of the two 600-meter penthouses was purchased by Amancio Ortega for 20,000 euros per square meter.   We don´t place another of the most luxurious promotions in Madrid or Barcelona. This can be found in San Sebastián and is one of the most expensive luxury developments that we can find in all of Spain if we also take into account the average price per square meter of their homes.

This development is known as Residencial Villa Almudena. It is a cooperative project consisting of six super luxury homes in front of La Concha beach. In addition, according to the data collected by the DAO algorithm of the real estate auctions and private online sales portal Addmeet, the average sale price stands at 22,000 euros, above the 18,000-19,000 euros that were initially handled. The cooperative member of the project is Grupo Arrasate. We can say that the price of this promotion is ahead of the prices that are handled in General Castaños, of Mabel Real Estate, of which we have spoken previously.

Another new construction promotion that we cannot forget to name is in the Salamanca neighborhood, Lagasca 99. It occupies the last place in the ‘ranking’ with an average of 11,000 euros per square meter. However, three years ago, one of its 800-meter penthouses was sold for € 13 million, or approximately € 16,000 per square meter.


Ranking of the most expensive luxury promotions in Spain

Data collected by the DAO algorithm from the Addmeet real estate auction portal.


San Sebastián first, then Madrid and thirdly Barcelona. Barcelona gets third place in this ‘ranking’ with a very classic promotion of super luxury. It is known as Francesc Macià 10, a building where the offices of the insurance company Winterthur were in the Catalan capital and which consists of seven 600-square-meter homes and an attic. The average price of the square meter stands at 16,500 euros and has had, for its rehabilitation, the stamp of the architect Marcio Kogan. The building, owned by the venture capital firm, Squircle Capital – its first residential investment in Spain – began marketing its homes almost two years ago and of its eight units, four have already been sold to Spanish entrepreneurs, three of them Catalans.



The fifth place in the ranking is followed by Montalbán 11, also in Madrid, a project by Venezuelans Italinmuebles with a price of approximately 15,000 euros per square meter, exactly the same as in Paseo de Gracia 30, by the Catalans Twin Peaks Capital.


We can find the Montalbán development right in front of the El Retiro park and it has been an incredible rehabilitation to put ten exclusive homes for sale in the luxury market. It is currently sold at 95%, since there is one triplex that initially went on sale at 13.9 million euros, and right now they are asking for its 750 meters plus 220 terraces, 14.6 million. All the homes are sold except this triplex penthouse. It has been on the market for almost two years and, as it happens, for example, with another penthouse in General Castaños, it is finding it difficult to find a buyer not only due to the high price of the square meter, but for the final sale price.


We can say that the market is currently a bit off. Although they are usually the foreign public that is done with this type of housing. For example, the Venezuelan who prefers the Salamanca neighborhood area anyway, while the Mexican public is gradually entering the market.


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10 ideas to decorate your terrace


In today’s post we want to propose how to decorate your terrace, but always giving it a personal and special touch.


Now the good weather arrives and since we cannot leave the house we start thinking about going out on the terrace. Or for example preparing a dinner in a perfect environment, reading a book, listening to music, sunbathing or going out to finish office work.


As advice we say, the best decoration is the one that each one gives their personal touch and the one that makes us feel comfortable and relaxed. For this, we have to have clear ideas and know the different alternatives that the market offers us to put them into practice.



For this we leave you 10 ideas to decorate your terrace, whatever its size and shape.


We must emphasize that in the decoration of terraces, the size and the shape influence, a lot!


Get the most of your terrace with the following ideas:





When a terrace is small and to gain space, the best way to decorate the terrace with plants is to take advantage of the walls. We can put pots and planters that are held in the paneling.





Regardless of the size we can include anything or ornament that we like and bring a personal charm, that makes our terrace or balcony look good, for example, the details with flowers are always a success.


Or any type of plants, for us they are the perfect complement on any terrace or balcony, whatever their style. If you want to create an exotic effect, place potted varieties around the dining room or living room. When you water them, you will have a pleasant feeling of freshness.





Whatever your large terrace is, it will always fit a wooden bar or the material that you want. A small bar next to the railing can serve you for breakfast or a drink overlooking the street.




Use a folding table and chairs, so you will not take away space when you are not using them and you can fold your furniture in bad weather.




We recommend putting a wicker chair and a side table will be more than enough to enjoy, for example, the morning sun while having coffee and reading the newspaper.




If your deck has more than one wall, try putting a hammock in one corner. It is a super comfortable and will seem ideal for sunbathing or taking a nap in the cool. Complete the corner with a pair tables in bright colors.





This option is important to be able to enjoy your space even in the sunny hours, do not forget the shade systems: a pergola, a generously sized umbrella or an awning. The best option is a folding model; so you can change the temperature whenever you want.


A good idea that we recommend is to create a space with a table and a couple of chairs that will allow you to carry out any activity outdoors and add a nice umbrella in a color similar to that of furniture. You can also combine it with some colored cushions to give it a little personality and not be so minimalist. We are also in favor of decorating it with plants around it. Plants will make it look like a cooler space.




Do you like ethnic style? Right now it is a trend and we have also thought about this type of style. Use geometric figure rugs, wicker furniture and ethnic patterned cushions and create a cute boho-style terrace. Don’t forget to add decorative stained glass elements.





A simple way to decorate a terrace and look like a totally different one is to simply change the textiles. From iLuxenio we recommend including cushions in trendy colors or patterns, and rugs made or Berber-style fibers.




And finally another great idea is to include outdoor furniture made with natural materials such as wood or vegetable fibers such as wicker, rattan or jute.


The good thing about this type of furniture is that it is timeless and gives a cozy and natural touch to the environment. Make sure when buying that the furniture is suitable for outdoors so that it does not spoil and is kept in the best condition.


We hope you liked it and that you can take some ideas to set up the terrace and enjoy it now that the good weather is coming.


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Style tips for organizing your closet


You may think that to be chic and stylish you need to have large amounts of clothing in your closet. However, today you will see that this habit can become a mistake, a way of making more difficult a typical question that we will always ask ourselves: what should I wear today?

Therefore, make a good selection of useful and quality clothing will be your best option to always be on trend. This is the reason why today we want to show you some tips to have a chic closet.

To do this, we would like to introduce you to a key concept: the capsule wardrobe method. Although it is used by many lifestyle and fashion influencers, it was invented in the 1970s by the dressmaker Susie Faux, owner of the London boutique Wardrobe. It mainly consists of choosing some basic garments that do not go out of style and later improve them a little with others clothes that are a little more trendy.

Advantages of a good organization of your closet:

  • You will have clothes that are really comfortable and make you feel good.
  • You will buy less items but you will invest in their quality. Less is more.
  • Although the number of garments is more limited, it will be much easier to make combinations than before, with so many clothes, maybe you could not imagine. Therefore, your creativity will reach levels that you never suspected before.
  • Without went out of fashion, you can better establish your own personal style.
  • In a world where it is increasingly to carry out sustainable actions, this measure favours the reduction in consumption, which always benefits the environment.


Tips for organizing your closet .

Analyze what you have.

This is essential. We cannot take a first step if we are not aware of what we have. Sometimes this can be a tough task if we have a pile of clothing but it is the most necessary starting point.

Your lifestyle and personal taste are key aspects. Think about it to make the selection.

It would not be realistic to fill our closet with party dresses, for example, if we do not go to one of them daily, for example. It is very important to be aware that as much as we like a garment, we must adapt the closet to our normal activity. We should choose work clothes and weekend outfits that represent us and with which we feel good. That is why there is no list of clothes that everyone can follow. Your closet will depend on you and how you live your life.

Decide on a color palette that suits you.

We usually dress in a small number of colors. It is part of our style and we almost do it unconsciously. In any case, you have to think about the colour palette you prefer and choose clothes with these tones. They don’t necessarily have to be basics colours such as black, white, gray and beige. Choose some neutrals tones and some complementary ones, but they should be the ones that you really like and with which it is easier for you to combine pieces of colothing.


Moment of truth: select the main clothes.

Looking at the three previous steps, get those clothes that represent you and that are within the chosen color palette of all you have in your closet. A useful advice at this point is to pick up pieces of timeless fabrics. For example, probably you will not be able to use a too thick sweater in many occasions. If they are also difficult to clean, you will end up getting tired..

Get rid of everything you haven’t choose.

This may be the most painful point of all but it is useless to accumulate clothes that no longer fit you or simply  are no longer adapted to your way of life. Accept it, you’re not going to wear it again. The best option, and the one that we recommend, is to give or sell them to people that you think will use it. And if there are things that are not suitable because they are broken or too old, throw them away.

Create outfits that will save you in your daily routine.

It is very important that you learn to combine what you have. There are very useful tools to help you visualize what you have in the closet. Example of them is ClosetSpace (free) for iOS and Android. This allows you to upload photos of your clothes and then, the software will suggest what to wear depending on weather or season factors. Also, you can receive advice from bloggers, since it allows you to save your looks so that they can advise you later.

Think about what you need to complete your closet.

That fact that we try to reduce purchases does not mean that you cannot get an item that is necessary in your new closet. Sometimes you need connecting elements that help you combine the outfit well or you require an element that is not yet among your belongings. In that case, come on! And think ahead, you don’t have to buy everything all at once.

If you need it, ask an expert.

For many people this can be a great challenge and having expert advice can be reassuring. This way, there are specialists like Vanesa Travieso and her company, PonOrden, who help you with the organization and order of your home that might be able to help. Other option is go to image consultant who surely knows how to make the best use of what you have. Dare yourself!

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The Haute Couture of celebrities

Haute Couture

You may have heard thousands of times how someone praises Haute Couture, those hyper exclusive garments that are only available to the most privileged.

However, do you really know what the concept of Haute Couture refers to?

Maybe you think that any refined garment made by a prestigious designer is part of this type of fashion but nothing could be more untrue. Haute Couture has its own standards that make it the very essence of luxury and exclusivity.

Literally Haute Couture, since the concept is French, refers to the high tailoring of garments.

The term comes up in the Parisian workshops of Charles Frederick Worth, in the middle of 19th century. He became the first artist in Haute Couture as we know today. This dressmaker, who although of English origin developed his entire career in France, was also a pioneer in something important in this sector: presenting his collections with models walking, that is, performing runways in famous spaces in the French capital. Thereafter, the city was increasingly filled up with small shops related to sewing (embroiderers, shoe and glove makers, hatters, etc.).

The Haute Couture “club” is very restrictive and anyone cannot belong to it. In fact, in France, the Haute Couture is included in the law and protected by it

The Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture  (Haute Couture Union Chamber) It is the commission that is in charge of regulating and deciding which fashion brands are truly part of Haute Couture.

Haute Couture

What are the requirements?

  • Present a collection of at least fifty original designs to the public every fashion season
  • Clothing must be completely handmade, tailor made and with valuable and original fabrics. The assistance of the sewing machine must be anecdotal and they must have at least twenty staff members full-time (the so-called petites-mains).
  • Have at least two workshop in Paris
  • Outfits must be designed made-to-order for private client this customer, the first buyer, can decide if the garment can be reproduced and ordered by new buyers, or on the contrary, that it remains its own and unique.
  • The dressmaker who begins the work of a garment is the one who must finish it. This covers from the initial sketch to the catwalk.
  • It has to be approved by the Federation.

All of this is especially required to ensure that Paris continues to be the fashion capital of the world.

That is why although sometimes we hear that we are dealing with haute couture garments, in general these will not be part of it. Haute couture garments are usually used on very specific catwalks, exhibitions and only in some cases are they for sale. Either way, it is difficult to establish a real value for such respected garments and for this reason it is often said that they are priceless.

 Who are the members of true Haute Couture?

The list of these members is not permanent but is updated every year. Originally, the main members of the club were some such as Cristóbal Balenciaga, Coco Chanel, Christian Lacroix or Emilio Pucci.

In addition to Balenciaga, only five other Spanish names have ever been considered throughout their history as members of Haute Couture. These are Paco Rabanne, Pertegaz and Josep Font, Antonio Castillo and Raphaël.

Currently in Spain we have a very important firm that is gaining more and more strength: Yolancris. This has already been tested to belong to the most famous club in Paris, although it is still waiting to pass some filters. Shakira, Lady Gaga or Rosalía are some of the celebrities who have had the honor to wear their designs

The official 2020 list is made up of the following fashion houses:

Other famous fashion brands are allowed to be part of Paris fashion week and present their designs as long as this is not done on the official calendar and, of course, never under the Haute Couture name.

They are called guest members, young and foreign brands that work outside of Paris such as Ralph & Russo, Antonio Grimaldi, Azzaro Couture, Georges Hobeika, Iris Van Herpen, Ulyana Sergeenko, Ronald Van Der Kemp, Zuhair Murad, Julie de Libran, Guo Pei, Aganovich, Aelis, Rahul Mishra, Xuan e Imane Ayissi, Elie Saab, Valentino, Giorgio Armani Privé and Viktor & Rolf.

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The most spectacular private jets

Luxurious private aviation is going through a peak. The biggest fortunes are willing to use the most exclusive and spectacular private jets.

This way the demand of these services by individuals and multimillion companies is surging.

They do not want to renounce to fast travelling, making the most out the journey, enjoying comfort, luxury and exclusivity.

The advantages of travelling by private jet are clear:

Users get quicker to the destiny, avoiding lines and not sharing small spaces with other travelers.

Also, something key for the luxurious share of the market is that private jets are personalized to the likes and needs of the client.

They are made of good quality materials and have top technology and innovation.

Travelling becomes more exclusive and passengers can enjoy the same level of comfort as if they were at home, in the office or in a hotel.

It is because they have wide spaces which cover all needs: kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, meeting rooms…

The spaces are designed and distributed based on what the clients want to do during the trip.

A work meeting, relaxing or enjoying the most out of the journey.

All of this has a tremendous cost.

Currently, the average price to acquire a private jet is over €30 millions.

Furthermore, if pockets are not deep enough , there is the option of renting it wich is more affordable butstilla high price.

We have listed some of the most spectacular and luxurious private jets in the world:

Airbus ACJ319 Elegance

It is a version of the ACJ319 model launched by Airbus.

This jet offers simplicity, speed and savings in the cabin.

It stands out because the cabin is wider and higher than any other company plane.

Moreover, it allows clients to choose among a wide range of living room, office, dining room or conference room models.

It also has a bathroom and galley at the front and a bedroom with a bathroom at the back.

Its selling price is about €46.6 million and the renting tariff is €18.300 per hour.

Airbus ACJ320neo Melody

It is known for its stylized lines inspired in the curves of Nature. This jet combines designing and technology. It has a lighter cabin which increases the autonomy of the plane.

It is designed with to the detail and maximum comfort to make travelling very pleasant.

The price ranges around €86.6 millions.

BombardierChallenger 350

Luxurious plane of great scope and speed.

It has  a sophisticated and comfortable cabin.

It can take on transcontinental journeys.

Its price is around €24.3 millions.

BombardierChallenger 650

The jet is a big size bombardier, with a wider and more spacious cabin.

A luxurious plane that is ideal for short distance work trips and long distanceleisure trips with family and friends.

It can carry 12 passengers.

This private jet is good value for money. The starting price is €29.5 millions.

Bombardier Global 7500

It is the largest super luxurious private jet in the market and has the most autonomy. This jet stands out for its speed, space and innovation. It has capacity for 19 people and autonomy for 14.260 kms.

While travelling, passengers can enjoy the best commodities and the largest space ever given.

Also, it is the only plane a cabin divided into 4 spaces, plus a resting area for the crew.

It is considered the best private jet for business.

There are private spaces and others to carry work meetings but also to enjoy family time and friends.

The living room has a table with 6 comfortable and reclining seats.

Furthermore, it has the largest kitchen in the market which allows the passengers to enjoy cooked meals.

Flights are very calm thanks to the wings which are designed to ensure maximum flexibility.

Giving great stability to the plane.

This magnificent super luxurious nad comfortable plane is worth €63 millions.

Companies are not stopping their innovation and improving spree of their fleet in the private aviation field.

They are in the search of top speed, comfort, luxury and exclusivity for their clients.

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Tour around the most luxurious wineries

In many countries like Spain, Italy or France there is a great wine heritage and the grapevine is a valuable element in their culture. In these places, tours around the most luxurious wineries are becoming more and more popular.

This is a combination of enology and tourism that creates a new concept known as “wine tourism”.

It allows small groups of people to enjoy the pleasure of tasting wine straight out of the barrel or via wine tastings.

These services are provided by the hand of experienced sommeliers.

As years go by, wine tourism evolves, and it counts on a huge number of tours in which tourists can taste and walk around some of the most exclusive grapevine haciendas.

In these tours, visitors enjoy personalized tastings and walking tours that weigh on the most symbolic wines of each winery.

Spain counts on a wide variety of wineries which are spread out all over the country and produce vast quantities of the most select wines.

In this post, readers will find a route over some of the most luxurious wineries of the world.

  1. Marqués de Riscal, La Rioja (Spain)

    It combines architecture, art, gastronomy…in Elciego, in the heart of the Alava part of La Rioja, there is one of the oldest and most traditional in the area.

    The owners created a building, Canadian Frank Gehry’s masterpiece, where wine and leisure hold hands.

    Visitors can enjoy the amenities of this breathtaking construction that has 43 rooms and luxurious suites.

    Also, it hosts a Michelin Star awarded restaurant and a spa where guests can relax and enjoy wine therapy treatments.

  2. Badia a Coltibuono, Siena (Italy)

    11th century monastery with rural housing, an exclusive restaurant and its own botanical garden.

    In this place, visitors will enjoy the eleven types of house produced wines and oils which are ranked as top ones in Italy.

    They come from the monks who founded the monastery in 1501 and started to produce them.

    Nowadays, the Stucchi Prinetti family is in charge of the production of the “Good Crop Abbey”.

  3. Odette Estate, California (USA)

    In the wine producer county of Napa Valley, in California there are a huge number of wineries, some as prestigious as Odette Estate.

    The spectacular Signum Architecture’s design catches the attention of the visitor.

    It is a winery that has over 25000 sq hectares.

    Odette Estate makes first class CCOF certified ecological wine.

    Moreover, it has a private club where guests can uncork the most exclusive bottles.

  4. Abbey of Retuerta LeDomaine, Valladolid (Spain)

    By the side of the Duoro, it is located the five star hotel Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine included in a 12th century Romanesque monastery.

    It is a magical place where tourist can visit one of the most innovative and most technologically advanced wineries in Europe.

    Also, they offer different cultural and wine making related activities.

    Visiting this winery is a must if you are a wine connoisseur.

    It is recommended to walk, ride a bike or a horse and get to know the surroundings and enjoy the scenery and its life.

    Moreover, the complex has a one Michelin star awarded restaurant and a sustainable spa which is located in the old stables.

  5. Vina Maris winery, Alicante (Spain)

    This is a very special winery because it is a submarine one.

    Nowadays, there are more wineries which have switched to this innovative kind of growing the grapevine but they are few still.

    Wine tasting in Vina Maris, aged in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea, is the most exclusive wine tourism activity at the moment.

    It is possible to do scuba diving, aided by professionals, and visit the undersea facilities.

    The two submarine aged wines offered by Vina Maris are Vina Maris Monastrell and Vina Maris Chardonnay.

    What a discovery, huh?

  6. Michel Jack Chasseuil, Deux-Sèvres (France)

    The winery is located inside Chapelle-Bâton in the region of Deubx-Sèvres and is considered a real enological jewel.

    Michel Jack Chasseuil, is a wine lover who owns a collection of about 41.000 bottles.

    Furthermore, he owns wine bottles dated from 1811 to the present from everywhere around the world.

  7. Otazu winery, Navarra (Spain)

    Besides its exquisite wines, the building designing will amaze any visitors.

    Colorful and impossibly shaped sculptures are part of an outdoor museum which is located in the gardens that surround the five buildings of the winery.

    It is a spectacular winery that combines a wine museum and an incredible art gallery.

    These prestigious artworks from everywhere form a small MoMA that should be advertised for everyone to know.

  8. Celler Bell-Hoc, Girona (Spain)

    Pritzker of architecture Award in 2017. Rafal Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vitalta are the designer of this winery and the founder of RCR Aquitectes.

    The winery is located in the heart of the Palamós  forest, and visitors can enjoy tastings, guided tours and housing.

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How to pick the perfume for every ocassion

Choosing the right perfume for every ocassion is a part of behaving oneself and transmiting to the people that sorround us.

Not every perfume works for every ocassion, we need to take into account the time of the day, the place and the activity we are going to carry out.

For this reason, we must pick the proper perfume for day lunch, a romantic dinner, work ora special event.

Furthermore, a vital factor when picking a good perfume is its fixation because it tells us how much it will last on our skin.

Moreover, some people are loyal to one perfume because they like it and want to be to identified by it.

This can become a mistake if the perfume has some markeable characteristics, even if these characteristics are soft or intense.

Nowadays, there are numerous fragancies to choose among for each moment.

On this matter we are going to select for this post the best perfumes according to the ocassiona and the activity we are planning on doing.

Perfumes for the day

If you are attending to a lunch, event or whatever celebration during daylight, the perfume must be fresh, with soft flowerish or citric glances.

If you prefer sweeter aromas, apple can be a good option.

Perfumes for the afternoon

When the afternoon comes, we want a fragance that strikes harder than a morning one. A stronger flowerish glance would do.

Sweet and intense vanilla or bitter ginger canmake your perfume cheekier and personal.

Lemon, musk or wooden aromas are also good options for the afternoon.

In the following lines we are pointing out some of the top selling women perfumes for fay and night:

Chance by Chanel, Light Blue by Dolce&Gabbana, Chloé, Calvin Klein ONE, Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani, 212 by Carolina Herrera, among others.

The perfume culture is getting to the masculine area of society. There is a wide variety of perfumes for them according to the place and moment. We will highlight some men perfumes for these occasions:

Allure Homme by Chanel, 1 Million by Paco Rabanne, Dior Homme by Christian Dior, Invictus by Paco Rabanne or Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss.

Perfumes for the night

For a romantic dinner, a spectacle or whatever event during the night, the perfume must be a smelling explosion.

The calmness and warmth of the day let some space for much more seductive aromas. This is the moment of the day when we want to leave a mark.

For this reason, we want our perfume to be a declaration of intentions, with more intense aromas.

Musk, amber or pachuli become a key piece, without leaving behind some flowers suchas jasmine, orchides and violets.

For night ocassions, the most recommended perfume for women are:

Good Girl by Carolina Herrera, Black Opium by YSL, Scandal By Night Jean Paul Gaultier, Goldea The Roman Night.

Also, we are remarking some of the best selling perfumes for night events:

Solo Cedro by Loewe, Bleu by Chanel, Bvlgari Man in Black, Nuit D’ Issey by Issey Miyake or Gucci Guilty Black.

Some perfumes for the everyday life

It is also very important to choose the perfect perfume for work and everyday life so it is not too much or too little of aroma.

There are different fragancies that are very versatile, that can be worn everyday, adapting to diverse climates, times and circunstancies. It is one of the most important decisions because the fragance will accompany you for the whole day and people will identify you by it.

W are lisitng here the best one for women:

La vie est belle by Lancôme, Bright Crystal by Versace, Mademoiselle by Chanel, Truly by Vera Wang.

And, as follows, we are gathering the best selling ones for men:

Allure Homme by Chanel, Dior Homme by Christian Dior, Orange Spice de Creed, 212 Men by Carolina Herrera or Loewe Esencia by Loewe.

Some advices when picking your perfume:

Do not let yourself go by first impressions when smelling the perfume on your skin.

Think about his, perfumes undergo three phases:

  • First phase only lasts 15 minutes.
  • Second phase lasts 40 minutes.
  • And the third phase lasts the most on your skin.

So it is advisable to try the aroma on your skin and let it there for about an hour.

This way, you will notice the different hints and know if it really is the one you are looking for.

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