Find the most exclusive men’s fashion stores

men’s fashion shops

If you love the most exclusive fashion, we’re about to show you these men’s fashion shops in Spain, which will make of your outfit a trend. You can’t miss any of them, get ready because we are going for a walk and  you’ll be struggling home with bags of heavy shopping.

Salvatore Ferragamo

The first of these men’s fashion shops that we are going to talk about is Salvatore Ferragamo. There’s a new location for this brand in Madrid. At Serrano Streer, inside a two-storey building and 321m2. We’ll find the new collection created by its  French art director, Guillaume Mailland. It shares velvet and marble with the women area, so you can bring good company.


Secondly, there is it’s a two-storey shop with attractive lighting. It’s a new Spanish design brand featured by minimalism, high quality and eco conciousness.

They sell natural fabric suits for 300 euros and there are t-shirts for 30 euros.


If you want to wear some of the most fashionable sunglasses, you have to walk by the new Komono shop in Barcelona and you’ll find the most exclusive and original designs of the market.

Carrer de Bonavista, 23 (Barcelona)


It recently reopened one of the grooviest shops at Malasaña niehgbourhood. The Basque brand strenghten its image with this location at Santa Bárbara, close to Fuencarral, where you’ll discover it’s new polo shirts, shirts and t-shirts, apart from the mythical raincoats, or their bag-chutes to go to the beach.

Bottega Veneta

It’s placed at the capital and its art director, Tomas Maier, says: “This city is made of historical beauty and it radiates modernity and elegance at the same time.”  Bottega Venetta’s prêt-à-porter collections, bags, small leather items, shoes and accessories have a place in the new are of the city. It’s an Italian fashion house founded in 1966. It specialised inskins and leathers, jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes, and decoration accessories. Since September 2012, it has started to distribute a furniture business line.

men’s fashion shops


We can find it at the most beaten street of Madrid, at the beginning of Fuencarral, where you’ll find their renowned khakhis, with new designs and colours. The indispensable of this season are the new Dockers Smart 360 Flex.

D’S Damat

They’re opening the first European flagship signature, which turns to be the operations centre of the Istanbul brand. You can find everything a man needs at any situation, a casual style for daily life and dress up for great events.

You can’t leave without trying on the Travel suits collection, which avoid creases, or Nanocare shirts which repel liquids.


It’s arrived to Spain as the opening of the year, and it has settled in a modernist mansion in the heart of Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona. It’s a building at l’Eixample with more than 1800 squared metres. This is the new design home of the most famous Japanese brand at international level, bases of a high-qualified minimalist design. They’ve made great collaborations, as the autumn-winter collection by J.W. Anderson is, which has already been a success. They say it’s the Japanese Zara…

Oliver Peoples

From  West Hollywood arrives to Madrid the cinema stars’ sunglasses brand with a vintage aesthetic. It presents a very diverse collection of glasses and sunglasses for men and women. Besides, it collaborates  with exclusive companies such as The Row.

It was founded in Los Angeles in 1987, Oliver Peoples company is specialized in Premium glasses for both men and women. Although it counts on a settled presence at multi-brand channel, the signature has knitted a retail network focused on the United States.


The Catalonian brand has celebrated this year its 75th anniversary as one of the leaders in national fashion. It’s all started as a small shirts workshop but currently it has over 70 shops and they provide RCDE Espanyol with their football kit for this season. Macson is a family firm and its foundation was in 1942 in Barcelona. Its speciality, at the beginning, was the art of shirts’ manufacturing.

The brand has been evolving and it has positioned as leader in fashion to wear a man with everything he needs.

Carrer de les Parellades, 3 (Sitges)


It was born in 2000 guided by Fokke de Jong, this label already has shops at the five continents and finally is arriving to Spain with it first shop in Madrid.

C/ Villanueva, 20 (Madrid)


For men who are looking for a different style, not only at the time of suiting up. In this ‘perfume library’ you’ll find exclusive brands as Diptyque, the Swedish Byredo or the Austrian You’ll be able to find it in this address:

Plaza de las Salesas, 10
28004 Madrid

But, do you want to know which is the most expensive of all  men’s fashion shops in the world?

It’s located at the most exclusive area of Beverly Hills, in Los Angeles. Their customers spend on average 100.000 dollars everytime they visit it. They say that it the most luxurious men’s fashion shop in the world.

men’s fashion shops

The House of Bijan counts on marble floors, fine carpentry and a cristal chandelier to embellish the shop with excellence and exclusivity. The Iranian fashion and perfume designer Bijan Pakzad founded the store. Some pair of socks could be over 90€, and some of the suites are over 20.000€.

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Luxury holidays destinations

luxury holidays

Are you still thinking of what you’re doing this summer? Are you planning a luxury travel? If you’re looking for inspiration for your following travels, here we show you a list with the breaking destinations and those which would become trendy soon. With which one are you starting ? Have you decided to meet new corners of the world this year?

We suggest these destinations for luxury holidays:


With its large ski slopes made of pure snow, Switzerland is a paradise for ski lovers and for those who are looking for luxury holidays in the winter. Travel bookings to Switzerland from Spain have increased, so we could consider it as a ‘trendy destination’ for this following year. Here, you could walk the highest hanging bridge of Europe or immerse into a glacier.


If you wish to stare at aurora borealis, this is the best destination you can choose during the winter. Here, nights are longer and darker in the winter than the rest of the year, that’s why it’s that time of the year in which you can enjoy the most of this natural phenomenon. Finnish make the most of the snow and that’s why there are plenty of activities to do with it. You can: take a bath in freezing water, going to a cruise on a icebreaker or visiting Santa Claus himself.


April and May are the best months to visit it: during the summer temperatures are so high that you’d only want to visit its beaches, and during the spring you can enjoy of the whole country, from the mountains to the coast, from desert to the vibrant cultural life of its cities.

You can’t miss traveling to the very heart of the Red City: Marrakesh, and discover one of the most emblematic cities of Arabic culture.

Where can we lodge? From discrete riads to exclusive resorts, as the palace-hotel La Mamounia, where you can relax in the SPA and the heated swimming pool is a mandatory stop.


For those travelers who are thinking of visiting the Asian continent. This city-state is one of the safest places in the world, and it mixes the best of Asia with some western aspects. Apart from that, it’s a very culturally enriched country due to quantity of foreigners who live there, and this affects gastronomy too, which includes all kind of tastes.

luxury holidays


This is one of the top destinations in Central America. With a wide variety of beaches, virgin forests, volcanic landscapes… So far, it isn’t a crowded touristic place, so you can consider it as one of your luxury travels. Explore it your way, swaping between taking natural paths and discover native communities or pre-Columbian ruins.


Visits to this island are increasing, and it’s forecasted that this growth increases. It’s capital, La Valletta, will be European Capital of Culture in 2018.

Malta is a destination to travel to any season of the year, as its Mediterranean weather offers soft temperature anytime. But it’s adviseable to travel there at the beginning of the autumn, when you’ll find the right weather and avoid crowds.

luxury holidays


Malaysia offers plans for every kind of tastes, from immersing in the nature to enjoy of Kuala Lumpur’s urban life, it’s capital.

Summer is one of the best seasons to visit it; that way you’ll avoid humidity and sun light last longer to tour it leisurely.


It’s colour, nature and culture. Visiting big cities as Lima or Cusco, go trekking by Costa Verde, marvel at the Inca Trail, take pics of the rainbow mointains, discover its famous geoglyphs, one of the greatest enigmas of the world archeology, or visiting some of the country’s infinite islands, which are full of biological wealth.

luxury holidays

Los Angeles

It’s one of the pilgrimage sites for moviegoers, and recently, for trend hunters. One of your luxury travels that you can’t miss. The most adviseable season to visit it, it’s the autumn: in order to avoid summer heat waves, you can enjoy of its parks and forests in the flush of flourishing. If you are one of those who waits for September to enjoy of your holidays, Los Angeles can easily be a good destination for you in 2018.

The Philippines

The country has two seasons, one dry and another wet; to visit it, ir’s adviseable the first one, concretely between January and February. With more than 7.000 islands and 40.000 squared kilometres of coral reefs. The perfect place in the world to discover the ocean floor.


Canada is a perfect destination to visit at any season of the year. Nevertheless, in autumn it shows it most beautiful image. Sice the last days of September until the last of November, Quebec forests turn into a colourful postcard with no need of adding further photgraphy filters.

luxury holidays

As the most luxurious travels in the world, we propose these ones:

Monte Carlo: You can breathe luxury in its capital, Monte Carlo. Yachts, racing cars and pubs is the general tone. Don’t stop visiting the beautiful casino building and its oceanographic museum.

Fiji: Fiji islands archipelago, in the South Pacific, is made of 333 islands. This country made of heavenly beaches is full of luxury resorts as Wakaya Club & Spa.

St Barth:¡ St Barth island is located at the Caribbean Sea, close from Guadalupe Archipelago. 

Sveti Stefan: This island-hotel of Sveti Stefan is located at Montenegro. Back in the 50’s, this little island turned into a luxury hotel where Hollywood celebrities spent their holidays.

St. Moritz: To enjoy of the essence of this old fishermen town, lose yourself in the alleys of La Ponche neighbourhood.

Saint Tropez: The French Côte d’Azur is a real magnet for high class: from Cannes to Nice, via Saint Tropez. This last one is one the star destinations for VIP.

Porto Cervo: It’s the Sardinian area known as Costa Esmeralda.

Gstaad:  This Swiss winter ski resort seems like the halcyon mountain town. It’s the shelter for billionaires, famous and royalty member, who travel there to enjoy of ski.

What are you waiting for giving yourself a mind-blowing getaway? Prepare now your luxury travel.


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