Top European cities to visit for opera


For enthusiasts of this genre of music, today we are dedicating our post to the best cities to experience opera.

There are many cities with an operatic tradition, so if you are thinking of traveling and want to attend an operatic performance, this list shows you the best cities and theaters for it.

The benefits of listening to it are many, and very similar to listening to classical music. Both of them gives relaxation, and helps us to perform highconcentration tasks without turning off the music.

Experts from the Italian University of Pavia demonstrated in a 2007 study that listening to it and classical music  allows us to reduce heart rate and blood pressure.


The following list shows the best cities to enjoy it by travelling  in Europe:


One of its theaters was the site of some of the most emblematic operatic premieres: the Teatro La Fenice. In addition to Verdi’s premieres of plays such as Rigoletto or La Traviata, some of the 20th century’s best composers, such as Igor Stravinsky, have passed through its interior.


It is as an institution in itself, is one of the most important ones in Europe. Founded in the mid-seventeenth century by King Louis XIV, today it is located in two buildings: the Opera House (or Garnier Palace) and the Opera House of the Bastille.


The capital of Austria is “the musical capital of the world”.  The relationship with classical music is so intimate that you cannot talk about a visit to this city without planning an activity related to Mozart, Beethoven or Wagner. One of the most important operas of the so-called bel canto.


The capital of the Czech Republic has its own State Opera.
The name used to refer to the building built at the end of the XVIII century.


The second largest theater in Europe, after La Scala in Milan. The Bolshoi Theater has hosted theater, opera and dance performances since the 19th century.


With the Gran Teatre de Liceu. This theater dedicated to the opera is one of the most important of its kind in the world and the oldest in the city, which opened its doors in the mid-nineteenth century.


In this city Teatro alla Scala was the place where internationally known operas were premiered; Verdi or Puccini’s works were performed for the first time here. Its name is due to the church that was previously located in the same place.


The British capital has the Royal Opera House as the theater of shows specialized in opera. Since it’s the headquarters for the Royal Opera and Ballet Company of England.


Among the best opera  theaters we can certainly list:

The Bolshoi (Moscow):

It is a survivor, that has gone through fire, war and revolution. Its neoclassical façade is just a preview of its impressive interior, with chairs covered in red damask and Chippendale wood. If you also like ballet, you cannot miss it.

Royal Opera of Versailles (Paris ):

The interior of the Opera Theater of the Palace of Versailles is an ode to architectural ingenuity. Besides, the wooden walls were painted simulating marble and the trick is not noticeable. The gold is in all the versallesque atmosphere of the auditorium with the pastel tones of its walls and the blue of its curtain.


The Royal Opera House (London):

Surrounded by shops, trendy bars, the London Opera House is an oasis in the most avant-garde cities of the world.

Sydney Opera House (Sydney):

Its architecture is an emblem of contemporary architecture. Its inauguration took place in 1973 and since then it has been one of the most emblematic buildings of the 20th century.

Teatro del Liceo:

Known simply as the Liceo is the oldest and most prestigious theater in Barcelona. It is undoubtedly a good place to get carried away by the emotions of an opera.

Lincoln Center (New York):

The legendary home of the Metropolitan Opera, the New York Philharmonic and the New York City Ballet is the cultural quintessence. The building is the work of architect Wallace K. Harrison and the largest auditorium of its kind in the world.

The Scala (Milan):

The most famous theater in the world, the first one that comes to mind when we talk about opera.

Vienna State Opera:

The theatre reopened its doors after the Russian occupation and to celebrate its return to life chose to represent Fidelio by Beethoven, a song to freedom.

If you have not had the opportunity to attend  one of this kind of spectacle, this is the moment to add another experience from the best classical music.


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Underwater wineries: sea aged wines


Photo via: La Vanguardia

Today we tell you how the sea is an excellent environment for the aging of wines. Don’t you believe it? Let’s discover how there are undersea cellars.

It is worthwhile to mention that this type of cellars doesn’t harm the environment at all.

Why are wines so well preserved in the depths?

Sea conditions, for the optimal aging of some types of wine are: temperature and water pressure, because they are relatively constant; the movement of the sea and salinity; as well as the absence of light and noise. The sea also provides less oxygen and creates an almost anaerobic environment. On the other hand, the fact that there is much less density should also affects the wine, although it has not yet been discovered in what way.

Thanks to all these factors, wine evolves very slowly and offers secondary and tertiary aromas that predominate over the primary, offering fresh and young wines with an extraordinary salinity and mineral “bouquet”, with intense flavors and different details. Its flavors will be lighter and perfect with greater chromatic and aromatic intensity

Where were underwater cellars born?

The idea comes from the discovery of ancient shipwrecks with treasures stored in their wineries. When these magnificent boats were found, full of everyday objects, and of course, underwater wines protected from noise many meters above the surface appeared.

Another interesting fact to comment is that eighteenth-century Champagne bottles were found in the cellars of one of these shipwrecks in 2010. Their auction value was € 48,000.

In recent years the “underwater bottle collection” has totally revolutionized enology. For that reason, more and more underwater wineries are emerging in Spain. Here are a few examples:


Crusoe Treasure

Crusoe Treasure is one of the first and largest wineries. It is located specifically in Plenzia Bay, near Bilbao and started in 2013. This winery “treasures” its wines in a concession of 500 m2 in the Cantabrian Sea.


This type of cellars is quite a successful business. In Spain, very important figures in the world of haute cuisine, chefs such as Martín Berasategui, Eneko Atxa or Juan Mari Arzak have decided to incorporate them in their menus. However, main buyers of Crusoe Treasure underwater wineries are countries such as China, Russia, United Arab Emirates and USA, where underwater wine has been well received since the beginning


Bodegas y Viñedos Raúl Pérez

Another underwater winery in our country is located in Pontevedra, Bodegas y Viñedos Raúl Pérez “Sketch”, Ría de Arousa. To make their submerged wines, they introduce them in metal cages of 19 meters deep. This is how about 900 bottles are sold at a price of approximately 35 euros


Bodegas Luis Pérez

In the south, specifically in the province of Cádiz, we find Bodegas Luis Pérez, “Garum Submarino”, between Conil and Sancti Petri. These wineries are pioneers developing this process in the Andalusian sea. At 12 meters deep in the Atlantic waters they submerged about 50 amphoras, with a price around 200 euros. These wines come from barrels manufactured in Jerez, half French oak, half American oak.


Bodegas Submarinas Vina Maris

In the east of Spain the Viña Maris de Enrique Mendoza underwater winery can be found. These Alicante wineries go a step further, not only aging wine under water, but also offering a different experience for all those who want to be part of it. If you are one of the most daring and you like scuba diving, this winery will offer you the opportunity to go down to the depths accompanied by experienced divers to see in person where the bottles are located. Afterwards, you can taste the wine on a boat. After a year, this winery stores around 10,000 units in steel cages in the sea. The price of this wine is about 50 euros.


Bodegas Palmera Castro y Magán

Another place surrounded by the immense Atlantic Ocean that could not be outdone in the production of underwater wine are the Canary Islands. There, we find the Palmera Castro and Magán wineries, on the west coast of the island of La Palma. The Cueva Bonita diving club realized that after six months of aging at the bottom of the sea, the number of microorganisms and animal life around the bottle w were increasing, using non-polluting material such as glass and natural cork. Their figures rise to 90,000 bottles on average per year, which they sell at a price of 85 euros.


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Spanish fashion events

spanish fashion

As always, we love to inform you about the best fashion events in the world. We want to keep you up to date with the most important ones. We already had the opportunity to talk about the Showrooms and fashion events in Marbella. This time we have compiled the best meetings of Spanish fashion that take place in our country. Don’t miss a single detail.

If you are a fashion lover, you probably already know some of them. Fairs, exhibitions or catwalks, a wide variety of fashion events take place  in Spain. Without leaving the peninsula, you will find a large number of activities related to Spanish fashion, as well as international fashion. We recommend the following events:

Madrid Fashion Week:

If we have to highlight some of the most important catwalks in the country, our first stop must be the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week or Madrid Fashion Week. Previously known as Pasarela Cibeles, it is the fashion event par excellence in our country and takes place at IFEMA. Designers and renowned firms attend to this prestigious event of Spanish fashion  to showcase their new collections. Trends and latest innovations are the protagonists of the event. Besides, it is not surprising that celebrities, models, influencers, photographers etc. also participate in the event. The MBFW is held twice a year: the first time was in January 2019; the second time will be in July.

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week:

As regards more specific catwalks, we should highlight the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. This fashion show brings together the best designers and brands of bridal collections of Spanish and international fashion. More than 400 outfits walk the catwalk in a date where not only dresses and garments for brides and grooms are shown, but there is also a place for evening gowns and all kinds of accessories. The  event takes place from April 26th to 28th at the Montjuic Campus.


If you prefer flamenco fashion you can not miss SIMOF. The International Flamenco Fashion Show celebrated its 25th anniversary at its lastest edition, that took place in February 2019. During the event days, more than a thousand flamenco dresses walk the catwalk at  the Conference and Exhibition Centre of Seville (FIBES). They also exhibited hair and accessory trends at the Feria de Abril, because SIMOF shows the latest fashion in the industry.

Gran Canaria Moda Cálida:

This event, also called Gran Canaria Swimwear Fashion Week, is the only European event focused on swimwear. At the same time, it is the biggest fashion event in the Canary Islands. National and international visitors attend this fashion show.  They are from more than 30 countries that go from Germany to India, passing through South Africa.

Color and originality are the hallmarks of this summery event that  sets trends in what we will find later on the most exclusive beaches.


If you like heels, shoe trees, soles, shoelaces , etc., you must know Futurmoda, a trade fair specialized in footwear. It is an international exhibition dedicated to leather, components and machinery for shoes and leather goods. This event of Spanish fashion is held twice a year in Elche (Alicante), a place with a long tradition of shoemaking. More than 300 firms showcase their products in Futurmoda.

Spanish fashion


Beyond the shows and exhibitions, there are also other types of events that will bring you closer  to the world of fashion in a different way. Throughout 2019, a lot of exhibitions will take place in our country. We highlight, for example, the exhibition “Balenciaga and Spanish Painting” at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid. This exhibition, dedicated to one of the most influential designers in all history, combines fashion and painting. Paintings connect the referent of Spanish fashion with the tradition of 16th and 20th century painting in our country. This inspired him in his subsequent and successful work.

Although there is barely a month to enjoy the exhibition that we are going to talk about next (it ends on March 31st), it is worth to hurry and try to visit “La vie en Rose”,  at the Garment Museum of Madrid. It tries to explain the meaning and the symbolism of the color pink in the Western way of dressing throughout history. In the exhibition we will find pieces from the National Museum of Decorative Arts, the National Archaeological Museum but also others from private collections.

However, these are just some examples. Fortunately, there are many more Spanish fashion events. If you need more, go and find them!

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Best gardens in La Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol

Today we want to propose you an ideal trip with family or friends, visiting the gardens and natural parks of La Costa del Sol. A trip full of surprises, such as the largest butterfly garden in Europe.

As we already know, La Costa del Sol enjoys one of the best climates in mainland Europe, with mild temperatures in midwinter that make this coast one of the most favorable places for the proliferation of lush gardens of tropical vegetation. The route that we have chosen is an alternative to the beach, this ideal road trip starts in Málaga, the capital.

Some of these gardens have centuries of history, others have an interesting collection of plant species and there are some of them which are inspired by exotic places.

Molino de Inca botanical garden

Fistly, we find This garden that can be visited in the surroundings of Palacio de Congresos de Torremolinos. It has an area of ​​40,000 square meters. The garden has just celebrated its 10th anniversary since its opening as Botanical Garden to the public.  You can see more than five hundred different botanical species and a restored flour mill. Around them, there are small lakes, waterfalls and a natural labyrinth made of different plants. It can be accessed by paying an entrance fee of 3 euros (registered residents of Torremolinos will pay only one euro). Its opening hours are morning and afternoon from Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays).

Costa del Sol

La Concepción botanical-historical garden

It is considered the most important tropical garden in Spain, and one of the most complete in Europe. You will feel that you are in a real tropical rainforest.

The Marquises of Casa Loring crearted the garden in 1855. Its importance was so great that even the very Empress Sissi visited it incognito. It was during a stopover on her Mediterranean cruise. From the magnolias with their large white or cream flowers, with aromas of jasmine and orange blossom, to the dombeyas (the tree  hydrangeas plant) with pink pompoms, which blossom in winter, without forgetting the eucalyptus with its evergreen and balsamic leaves, they will make you feel like in a spa.


Butterfly park

We find it in Benalmádena. It was inaugurated only two years ago, in front of a Buddhist temple (Tibetan Stupa). For this reason, the park has a Thai style just like the building that houses it, which seeks aesthetic and conceptual harmony with the Tibetan temple.

It has 1,000 square meters of flight area where you can find more than  1,500, from the main tropical rainforests of the three continents (America, Asia and Africa). For this reason, it is the biggest butterfly park in Europe.

You can see species such as the ‘monarch butterfly’, the giant Attacus atlas, which is the largest nocturnal butterfly  in the world, the ‘false eye owl’, the ‘fairy’ with transparent wings or the mythical Morpho, the blue butterfly.

Costa del Sol

Bioparc Fuengirola

It is an animal park located at Avda. De Camilo José Cela in the town of Fuengirola in Malaga. This place is dedicated to the conservation of tropical species which are adapted to jungle environments, mainly from Asia, Africa and the Indo-Pacific Islands.

Besides, in 2001, the old zoo of La Costa del Sol changed its concept of classic Zoo to a more avant-garde one: the ‘zoo-immersion’. With this transformation, it hopes to immerse the visitor in the natural environment of the animals through the recreation of the habitat from which they come. One example is the reproduction of the Madagascar habitat thanks to a surprising 26-meter baobab, which has become the icon of the Bioparc.

Bonsai Museum

It is one of the first museums of La Costa del Sol but also of Spain. There we find a collection of 300 bonsai from 40 different species. It is located  at the Arroyo de la Represa Park, in Marbella.

Among the most remarkable species, we find a Chinese hackberry, which belonged to a family for five generations. The museum also has a 500-year-old Ficus Retusa (China). It is the oldest bonsai in the collection. However, the most representative tree is El Toro, a 400 year old ‘Juniper of the Pagodas’, from Japan. But the originality of the museum is the collection of samples of nature from the surroundings of Marbella. From the Serranía de Ronda or the Sierra de las Nieves, miniatures of local species have been recovered. Some of them are in danger of extinction, such as the Spanish firs.

The Orchidarium of Estepona

It is home to the largest collection of orchids in Europe. The Orchidarium of Estepona is a botanical park with more than 1,300 species. This includes a bamboo forest, vertical gardens, a lake and waterfalls. Under its three glass domes, you will live a unique spectacle of color and aromas.

Costa del Sol

El Ángel de Marbella

The lakes and waterfalls form the landscape of this Botanical Garden. In its 15,000 square meters we can find centenarian ficus and palms. Besides, it has three spaces: the romantic garden, the tropical garden and a garden with cross paths.

If you are thinking of spending a day or weekend with family and friends, do not hesitate to travel and make the route among these parks of La Costa del Sol.

You will spend a magnificent day enjoying Málaga nature.

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Wonderful Art Hotels

art hotel

The most refined guests will have a pleasant experience if they visit an Art Hotel like the ones we mention below. These are wonderful places where you can not only enjoy the comforts provided by a relaxed and luxurious stay in these establishments, but you can also be immersed in an original atmosphere. As you will see, art is not something exclusive to museums. 

The Surrey, New York

Its 5 star rating is not only due to its fantastic amenities and facilities, but also derives from the art collection that it houses. It is one of the largest collections in the Big Apple. The Art Deco merges with designs from the 90s. For example, Chuck Close’s Kate Moss tapestry stands out. The room price is around 480 Euros per night.

The First Luxury Art Hotel Roma

In this establishment you can find renowned great artists works in the contemporary art world, especially Italian. In addition to permanent decoration, it is common to find temporary exhibitions. Guests who wish to buy the artworks are also provided assistance service in the purchase of the piece. You can spend a night at this place from 342 Euros .

Hotel Éclat, Pekín

Art and luxury go hand in hand in this Chinese Art Hotel. Its collection comprises of more than 100 artworks that are distributed between the common areas and the rooms. Here, you’ll find paintings and sculptures by world-renowned artists such as Wharhol, Zhang Guolang or Chen Wen Ling. Also, if you are a lover of Dalí’s surrealism, here you will find the largest collection in China. You can spend the night in this place for 258 per room per night.

The Art, Denver

This hotel has not one but two art galleries inside. Rated with five stars, its corridors and rooms are museums. Its star piece is an artistic installation with more than 22,000 lights. In fact, the hotel combines art and technology to offer a unique crossover. The stay at their facilities costs 198 Euros per night.

21c Museum Hotel, Louisville

It is a renovated warehouse in Louisville. With this information, it may not seem a very appealing place to spend your time, however, once you enter the Art Hotel, you will find that staying here it has been a great decision. The place is not only a hotel but also a contemporary art museum. The outstanding installation “Asleep in the Cyclone” is located in the basement of the hotel,. You can admire it and live an artistic experience, but the space is also a room. Do not miss the exclusive fabrics and woods that make it up, or the sculptures that surround it. You can spend the night at the hotel for 200 Euros.

Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht

If you want to stay in an artistic but stunning hotel, this is undoubtedly what you’re looking for. This establishment is located at the heart of the former public library of Amsterdam. An Alice in Wonderland theme inspires its decoration. Therefore, bright colors and elements of surreal sizes are the protagonists. In this hotel you can enjoy a video art collection of more than 40 video works of art that are screened in the hallways, lounge and lobby walls. From 338€ per night you can spend the night here.

South Place Hotel, London

If we talk about art and elegance we should not overlook this London hotel where more than 80 avant-garde works of great quality are united. They can be seen all over its facilities, from the lobby to the restaurants. For example, it counts with popart prints by John Vincent Aranda or artworks from the Hoxton Art Gallery. Incidentally, it should be recalled that this hotel holds an annual Prize competition in which recent graduates of London art schools participate. The winner can show his works in the hotel’s front window. Spending the night here will cost around  226 €.

New Art Hotel de Atenas

It is known for its environmental awareness, considering that it was built in a sustainable way and with recycled material. The personality of the Art Hotel is evident in each of its corners, since they are committed to local tradition, not only in its architecture but also in the art collections that they exhibit inside. The room costs 163 € per night.

Palace Hotel Tokyo

Its owners’ true love for art, has turned this hotel in one of the best art gallery that can be found in Japan and, of course, it is very extensive, and it is comprised of more than 1000 artworks. They also organize artistic tours around the city to which guests can sign up. You can spend the night here for 484 € / night.

Le Palais Art Hotel, Praga

In the center of the European continent we find this fantastic Czech hotel. Its architecture is a reference of the Belle Époque but also has amazing paintings hanging on its walls. It also has the largest graphic collection of Le Corbusier of Europe. Visit it for 223 € / night

If you still want to discover more about an art hotel in Spain, we encourage you to visit:

The One Barcelona Hotel: In all its rooms (over 100) and common areas there are original artworks by artists such as Fernando Prats, Antonio Tàpies, Manolo Valdés, Yago Hortal or Manolo Ballesteros. Also in Barcelona, the Hotel Catalonia Ramblas stands out, famous for its art video screenings. Finally, we suggest the Pavilio Madrid, recently opened in 2018. This hotel seeks to offer a high level experience to all its guests. You will enjoy its art gallery and, at the same time, you can buy the works that decorate common areas and its 28 rooms.

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Top sailing yatch racing events in Spain in 2019

sailing competitions

A selected group of institutions constitutes the most exclusive and prestigious yacht clubs in the world. With many years of experience in the industry, they have organized sailing competitions and promoted excellence, precision and team spirit. Over time these entities have been associated with similar sponsors, such as Rolex, which has been sponsoring this type of yatching events for several years.

This kind of navigation was born in the Netherlands in the seventeenth century. However, it was Charles II, King of England, who turned it into a sport in his country and made possible the celebration of sailing competitions after returning from exile in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, the first recorded race took place on the River Thames, between Greenwich and Gravesend.


These clubs are:


Firstly, we have the New York Yacht Club.

Since 1844 it has played a significant role in the world of sailing competitions. In 1866  it hosted the first transatlantic regatta, the Transatlantic Race. This club has two large headquarters facilities. On the one hand, the social clubhouse, which is located on 44th street in New York since 1901 and it is a well-known Beaux-Arts style building declared National Historic Landmark; on the other hand, the sport clubhouse, which was founded in 1987 in Harbor Court (Newport, Rhode Island). In 2008 it celebrated half a century of Rolex sponsorship. It has the longest-lasting association with the firm in the field of sailing.


In 1833 it became the Royal Yacht Squadron by  command of King William IV. The club is most closely associated with the British Royal Family and it is under the patronage of Queen Elizabeth II. In addition, the Duke of Edinburgh, is the Admiral of the club.  Firstly, in 1826, RYS decided to organize regular regattas at the Cowes headquarters. Later, in the 1830s it created the first ocean regatta, and in the 1840s it admitted the first American member . The Royal Yacht Squadron also became the second sailing partner of Rolex, after the NYYC, in the 1980s.


The Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC) was created in 1925, to encourage “long distances sailing competitions, as well as the design, building and navigation of vessels that combine speed and nautical skills”. That means that the club, with activities all over the world, is a strong international organisation. It celebrated its 90th year in 2015 and it is considered a leader in the organization and promotion of offshore regattas due to the development of safety standards.


A sailing-enthusiast group founded The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA) in 1944. Later, the club built a global reputation excellence in the organization of sailing competitions and maritime safety.


Regarding the YCCS located northeast of the Sardinian Smeralda coast and the famous archipelago of La Magdalena, it is a fascinating place to enjoy the spirit of sailing because their surrounding waters are considered as one of the most beautiful and challenging sailing scenarios on the planet by the sailing community.


It has its roots in the strong relationship between the inhabitants of Malta and the sea. It has a small group of members. However, they actively support sports. In 1968, the RMYC created the Rolex Middle Sea Race.


The RHKYC, one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs in Hong Kong, is a cosmopolitan organization.


His reputation comes from the organization of national and international regattas. Besides, one of the Giraglia Rolex Cup’s founders was Beppe Croce, president of the International Sailing Federation.


The Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez is one of the most active clubs in the Mediterranean, involved in the organization of more than 15 sailing events each year. The most famous are the Giraglia Rolex Cup and Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez, an event filled with respect for sailing tradition.


Prince Rainier founded  The Yacht Club of Monaco (YCM). This event took place in June 2014, on the occasion of its new headquarters’ inauguration. The motto of the Yacht Club de Monaco is ” One Spirit, One Team, One Club”. Perfection in the “art de vivre la mer” is a necessary requirement in order to be a member of this club. On the other hand, the new clubhouse, designed by Lord Norman Foster, is a striking example of club ideals.

Finally, here you can find a summary of relevant sailing competitions in Spain for this 2019:















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The most prestigious beauty salons in the country

Beauty salon

Taking care of yourself is important and finding the right beauty salon is far from simple at times. It also depends a lot on what you’re looking for. There are various beauty centres that offer different techniques, facials and body treatments, hair products… We need to try some beauty centres before finding the right one.

In addition to having appropriate and successful treatments, one of the most important factors to choose the ideal place is that it should be pleasant. In other words, it must have an efficient and friendly staff. To make easier the search for the perfect place, in iLuxenio we have selected the best beauty salons in the country. Do not miss it!

Carmen Navarro 

It is known for being the aesthetics centre of celebrities. They have been more than 40 years dedicated to this profession which has made it an indisputable reference. That is why many women and men are faithful to their treatments. In its centre you will find the latest in aesthetics and beauty treatments. They also have their own cosmetic line focused on rejuvenating every person that visit the beauty salon If you want to visit them, you will find their centres at José Ortega y Gasset Street, 23, Madrid; at Rosario Street, 4, Sevilla, and also at Cirilo Amorós Street in Valencia.


On the other hand, we find this beauty salon specialized in nails, manicure and everything related to nail art. They offer a personalized service and attractive facilities. You will find them only in Madrid at Jorge Juan Street, 64, Madrid (Salamanca neighborhood) and at 49 Hernani Street, Madrid (Nuevos Ministerios).


Its slogan is “We do not remember days, we remember moments”. It is a very special beauty salon with a well thought aesthetic touch. They do all kind of beauty treatments, manicures, pedicures and they even organize beauty parties on demand

You will find this beauty centre at Villanueva Street, 21 in Madrid.

Carmen Sarmiento

Another prestigious place, but in the city of Seville, is Carmen Sarmiento. This salon offers you a new level in beauty and wellness. You will feel comfortable and will project a better image of yourself to become more self assured, self confident, and with higher self-esteem. The objective of Carmen Sarmiento is to improve the aesthetic appearance, highlighting each woman and man’s beauty, in a natural way without artifice. You will find it at Marqués de Paradas street, 37, Sevilla


It isn’t the typical beauty salon since it is specialized in bio products and focused on natural beauty. It also has a store of organic products. You can’t miss this! It is at Particular de Indautxu Street, 2, 48011 Bilbao, Bizkaia

Centro Estético Mariche Correcher

Their work philosophy is based on personalized treatments and the use of avant-garde techniques. Mariche Correcher opts for non-invasive natural and body treatments.

For example, they have the Liposonix treatment.

It is a non-surgical treatment suitable for those people who, exercise and eat healthy, but can’t eliminate that extra centimetres in the problematic areas. They are located at Gran Vía Marqués del Turia, 20, 1º, 1, 46005 Valencia.


It is another most recommended beauty salon, located in Barcelona, with 15 years of research on body care. They are always adapted to the latest technologies. They have several centres in Barcelona: at Travessera de Gràcia, 69,  at Negrevernis, 4 and at Valencia, 238.

Centro de Estética Glam

We continue with Glam Aesthetic Center. They have an avant-garde and offer a completely professional service specialized in the care of hands and feet. They also offer another type of treatment such as facials, body treatments, wax, photodepilation, photorejuvenation and pressotherapy.

The beauty salon is located at C / Juan Flórez, Nº 83, La Coruña.

Clínica Roch

Another outstanding centre in Seville is Clinica Roch, which is specialized in medicine and aesthetic surgery. They have a team of well renowned professionals in the cosmetics sector. If you are looking for something like this, you can pay them a visit at Trastamara Street, 26.

Lola García Salón de Belleza

They stand out for their experience on image consulting and hair styling. In addition, they offer their customers a wide range of hair treatments. They are located at Poeta Aurora de Albornoz, 2, Málaga.

L´essència de Hebe 

Finally we would like to talk about Hebe. It is an ecological cosmetics centre. They also organize beauty parties to create your own cosmetics. It is at Dr. Just street nº 40 Alicante. Likewise, they are always looking for the essence of beauty through the power of plants by designing personalized treatments with mostly organic products of natural origin.

It is said that the Olympian gods owed their eternal youth to the nectar that Hebe poured into their glasses every day. It is said that the drink consisted of a mixture of wine, herbs and flowers that the goddess secretly prepared. This is the essence that this beauty salon pursues.


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Best jewellery brands in Spain

jewellery brands

In recent years different jewelry and costume jewellery Spanish made brands  have appeared on the market to join other jewellery brands with extensive experience in the industry. All in all, we find a wide range of possibilities to choose our favourite accessories made in our country. As we mentioned in our previous post where to buy the best diamonds.  On this occasion we recommend you the best jewellery shops where you can acquire beautiful accessories without leaving Spain.

  1. Tous

As it cannot be otherwise, we will start talking about the mythical jewellery brand Tous.  This family business has been making jewellery since the 20s. The Tous bear has become its emblem. It combine its classic style and artisan techniques  with the cutting-edge technologies. The prestige of the brand knows no borders. They are present in a large number of international locations such as Russia, different areas of Asia, Latin America, the United States and, of course, Spain. Besides, it is one of the Spanish firms within the Top-100 global luxury  list. Their products range from bracelets or women’s chokers to jewellery for men. We can also find watches, bags and other accessories.

jewellery brands

Via: Tous

  1. PD Paola

It is a millennial-focused brand. This young firm, started in 2014, opts for striking and modern designs. Instagram is full of photos with their products and it has already reached the 215K.  Within its many collections,  “ANIMALS”, with animal face pendants stands out. It is inspired by a trip to South Africa the designer made. His earcuffs with precious stones are especially popular. Although you can buy them on the online site, there are also two physical stores in Barcelona. 

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Via: PD Paola

  1. Masami

If you like accessories adapted to everyday life, yours and anyone else’s, we recommend the Masami catalogue. Precisely, everyday life is Amaia Torrontegui’s main inspiration, who is behind these fantastic products. The use of unique pieces, noble materials such as sterling silver, sterling silver covered with gold and natural gems defined it personality . They are unique because you can customize your jewel with the material, colour of the stone and size of your choice.

jewellery brands

Via: Masami

  1. Dime que me quieres

This jewellery brand, created by Eva Verdeal, keeps all its production in Spain. Its pieces are sterling silver plated with 3 microns of 18kl gold. Some are even enameled by hand. His style is based on nature, delicate geometry, vintage and romantic, as its brand name suggests. As in the previous one, you can customize your own creations. The main designs are for engraving jewels where you can choose the right font and your message to express what you have in mind. Flora ring is one of  the most desired pieces. In total, they have 5 physical stores in Madrid and Bilbao.

jewellery brands

Via: Dime que me quieres

  1. Beatriz Palacios

Its collections include pieces of all kinds that have been designed to suit everyone’s tastes. They range from minimalist to striking but all of them special and charming. Her designer, trained as an engineer, decided to head for adventure to carry her creations forward. Beatriz Palacios signature jewellery piece is safety pin jewels, and we find them in apparent products such as brooches but also in other more surprising pieces as chokers.

jewellery brands

Via: Beatriz Palacios

  1. Majorica

This is one of the oldest jewellery brands in the country. Born in 1890, the company from Mallorca soon took the leap and landed on Fifth Avenue in New York. It became famous thanks to the launch of an exquisite pearl necklace. It is currently focused on the manufacture of jewellery, pearls and accessories. Thanks to its years on the top, the brand is now a synonym of class and trajectory. A safe bet for your jewels.

jewellery brands

Via: Majorica

  1. Aristocrazy

With less than 10 years of history, this jewellery  brand has become one of the references in the Spanish market for its exclusivity, quality and design terms. This is an innovative project managed by the third generation of the Suárez family, famous for leading the Suárez group for more than 75 years. Juan, Emiliano Suárez’s nephew, is responsible for carrying this new brand forward. In fact, it already has around a hundred sale points all over the world. You can find necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings in its catalogue, where the Ear-Jackets stand out. It also has a line of watches.

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Via: Aristocrazy

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The biggest car collectors in the world

car collection

Today we would like to tell you about the best collectors in the world. They own a millionaire car collection, something afforded to very few people.

This list brings together ten celebrities from the world of motor, who have collected the best collections of automobiles in the world.

Miles Collier

He was born into a car-enthusiast family, and they encouraged his passion for cars throughout his entire life. His father and his uncle introduced sports car racing  to the United States and  encouraged Miles Collier’s passion for racing. His favorite brand is Porsche and the most interesting piece of his collection is a 1955 Jaguar D-Type.

Fred Simeone

He is a retired neurosurgeon, born in Pennsylvania. His father was not only the one who promoted his interest in cars, as he always went to scrapyards with him, but also the one who gave him his first car. Simeone is a great fan of Alfa Romeo, Jaguar and Ferrari models, and his collection’s most interesting piece is an 1937 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900A.


Evert Louwman

He grew up with a father who worked at a car dealership. His father founded a car dealership company and later on started a classic car collection. Evert expanded the great collection of his father. Lancia, Lagonda and Jaguar are his favorite brands, and the 1953 Lancia D23 Spin Pininfarina is his collection’s most valuable piece. 

car collection

Peter W. Mullin

He successfully founded a company in which he serves as its chairman. His fondness of cars, especially French cars, began long before his business career. In fact, he has a predilection for Bugatti and Delahaye, and a spectacular 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic is his most prized possession.

 Ralph Lauren

It is impossible not to know the name of Ralph Lauren for his fashion designs, for being a successful businessman, or for being an ardent classic car collector. Ferrari and Bugatti are his favorite brands and a 1930 Mercedes-Benz SSK ‘Count Trossi’  is his collection’s most interesting piece.


Arturo Keller

He is a key figure in the world of classic car collectors. His collection isn’t open to the public, but it is known that the most interesting piece of his collection is a 1930 Mercedes-Benz SS Erdmann & Rossi. However Keller also feels admiration for Bugatti and Mercedes models.

car collection

Larry Auriana

This man held some executive positions during his professional career. He feels great passion for classic cars. He bought his first car when he was only 12 years old. Currently, he owns probably the most important Maserati collection in the world. In addition to the models of the company of the trident logo (he has a 1929 Maserati V4 Sport 16 Cylinder Zagato, his more interesting piece), he also feels a special predilection for Ferrari and Alfa Romeo.


Sam Walton

He is a businessman. He was Chairman of Walmart (an American multinational retail corporation). His collection focuses on sports and racing cars of the 50s and 60s. His passion for racing on track has allowed him to gather a spectacular collection of Ferrari, Maserati and Porsche. In fact, his collection’s most interesting piece is a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO.


Albert Spiess

Over the last 40 years, he has collected a large car collection, one of the most amazing ones in the world. His collection consists of prototypes, concept cars, and unique and limitededition models. made by the most famous designers and manufacturers in the world. His favorite brands are Lamborghini and Aston Martin, and his most popular car is a 1967 Lamborghini Marzal.


Anthony ‘Tony’ Wang

He is the former president of Computer Associates International Inc, also known as CA Technologies. It is one of the largest software companies in the world. He was born in Shanghai in the early 1940s, Wang has a predilection for classic Ferrari cars. A 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO is his collection’s most interesting piece

But how to distinguish the best car collectors when there are so many four-wheel-treasures in the world? Check this link with a list of the 5 most important world collectors. Their private collections, most of them open to the public, exhibit unique jewels. These are quoted by the most prestigious auction houses. At the top 5 of Classic Car Trust ranking we find not very well-known names, among which stands out the prestigious designer Ralph Lauren, as we have previously mentioned.


However, any motor enthusiast should know the Sultan of Brunei, who owns the largest car collection in the world.


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Best Home Decor Gifts for Christmas


Christmas day is gone but, as we did previously with some tips for decorating your home, now that Three Kings Day is coming, we are willing to give you some advices. This special season reminds us of not only getting our home ready to welcome friends and family, but of looking for and buying presents for them. Sometimes this task isn’t simple and we are always tormented by the thought of them not liking it. To lend you a hand and while  carrying on with the decoration subject, today we propose the most exclusive decoration gifts you can buy this Christmas.

As Three Kings or Secret Santa gift, it doesn’t matter how do you use these tips, but if you follow them your presents will draw people’s attention. Why? Because we recommend you turn to the main brands in the world of luxury decoration to find them. Be sure you don’t miss it!

Tiffany Studios

It is difficult to choose a single gift within the great catalogue that this established brand offers. If we had to mention some of them, we recommend you their porcelain objects as cups, plates and teapots; their glassware product such as glasses, bowls, jugs and candelabra; and sterling silver products like cutlery. The mohair teddy bear with felt paws and a sterling silver tag (made by the prestigious brand Steiff) will not only be perfect for decorating children bedroom but also an ideal playmate.

If you opt for a really Christmas gift, the tree ornaments of the firm are the most sophisticated. We highlight for example the American walnut and sterling silver stars. 


In recent years numerous fashion brands such as Loewe or Dolce and Gabbana have opened their possibilities to decoration. Gucci, also associated to the fashion world, was not going to fall behind. The Italian brand has a wide range of decoration products that could be what you are looking for. If any of the gifts is for a person who loves flowers, the vases of this firm are extremely original. Besides, their printed velvet cushions and dishes. All of them have bright colours and mystical motifs.


Another example of fashion brand who sells decorative products is Versace. This Christmas, you could give away one of their dishes from the “ROSENTHAL MEETS VERSACE” collection. It has designs of prints in celebration of the 25th anniversary of their porcelain product line. Twenty-five plates and tea sets decorated with twenty-five legendary motifs that have made history.


This English firm is specialized in all types of decoration. Therefore, you can choose a large amount of different gifts from its extensive catalogue. You will find decorative accessories such as photo frames, jars or even furniture of different styles like rustic or Scandinavian. Of course, Amara also offers Christmas-themed gifts. 


This luxurious brand defines its proposal as timeless and with a sophisticated elegance. We recommend you its catalogue specialized in lamps, most of them in fancy golden tones. In Luxuu you can buy handmade gifts made of the most prestigious materials such as 24k gold plated brass, crystal glass (including Swarovski crystals) and velvet. The handmade technique reflects the full attention and excellence they put into every detail.

Essential Home

If you decide to give away furniture and the gift recipient has predilection for classical style, you should know Essential Home. This store takes important historical and cinematographic references from the 1930s and 1960s and turns them into unique pieces of furniture.


Koket offers you the possibility of giving a cosmopolitan lifestyle. It is a brand that takes the glamour to another level. The craftwork process makes the manufacturing result unique. In addition to amazing furniture, here you will find different types of accessories, such as furniture handles made of the finest marble or quartz and polished brass.


The furniture and articles of this French company are not within everybody’s reach. If you visit this firm, you will impress your family and friends with fantastic gifts such as coat stands and clothes racks. They are not only very useful but also tastefully decorated. Their prices range from 11,000 to 15,000 Euros, and are just one example of the large number of high quality products that can acquire at Hermes.

These are some examples of the places you can go to get the perfect gift. Finally, we recommend you don’t delay your purchases. During this season, sales skyrocket, online stores have an exorbitant amount of orders and physical stores are completely crowded of people who, like you, try to find their perfect gift. Good luck!

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