New trends at luxury real estate industry

Technological solutions that luxury real estate industry offers to us are huge, as them ease our life quality, because of advances in technology and design .

According to the forecast, the luxury real estate industry in Spain will continue a rising path for the following years. The interest for buying properties in Spain is still soaring. The assets’ sale to foreigners still rises, the high standing segment doesn’t lose its boom. Concretely, the luxury properties demand has risen up to 50% in Spain.

The industry recovery has been provoked by the quantity of foreigner buyers who desired to establish their residence in Spain. This interest is conditioned by the touristic qualities that our country offers.

But, what advantages does the Spanish industry bring to the buyers?

The current luxury real estate industry offers to the buyers:

-Low interest rates and clear benefits if we talk about lifestyle.

-Attractive real estate prices.

-Prices increasing to a constant rythm and offering a good capital appreciation.

Luxury is focused on the customer’s comfort, that’s why properties offer wide spaces and the last breaking technologies to ease the life of those who live inside them, that’s why the new trends in construction and architecture are focused on satisfying the needs of those who are going to live inside them.

For luxury homes, the location has to reach the maximum privacity.

When it’s about luxury buildings in the cities’ centre, the buyer asks to live just at one home per floor, or into a community with very few owners.

At the city sorroundings, it’s a single-family house which offers the absolute privacity . The idea is to seek large fields to avoid the proximity with the neighbours. It’s also important the materials and coatings, as they are: hardwood, marbles, design kitchens, high end appliances and technologies to make life easier. Although the tastes are very different depending on the buyer’s feedback.

Which are the breaking trends for 2018 at luxury real estate?

Technology, it’ll be one of the key points in the industry. As they’re introducing the new techniques in the cities, and so in the homes and the industry.

Investment, investments will get back to normal again and then they’ll increase.

Cities, Spanish cities are betting much on improving their positioning facing the exterior.

Purchasing, thanks to the improvement at life conditions, it allows too much people to think about buying a property.

Rentals, have reached very high prices, and they’ll increase until regularizing completely. An important rising produces the demand increase.

When we think of a luxury home, we have to look further from the pool, leisure rooms, gardens or equipped kitchens…A luxury home now symbolizes sophistication, it’s the elegance that sorrounds the individual’s comfort.

In 2018  continues the real estate industry’s recovery consolidation in Spain.

After a very intense year at housing transactions, we affirm the change of cycle, with generalized rises of the prices, the buy-sell increasing and higher new construction visas and mortgage signatures. Such a level of activity had never been reached in the industry since 2008.

And this means that buying a home nowadays is very cheap, in this last 2017’s October the historical lowest interest rate set (2,67%) for a mortgage since 2009, and there are many factors for this 2018 to make the fixed rate mortgages to increase, among them, the maintenance of the expansive monetary policy from the European Union.

After the severe stumble that the indusrty suffered in 2008, the luxury real estate and all of the services related with the sell and housing promotion have learned that these effects could have been much weaker if customers were listened, professionalizing the industry, because a home is an investment for your whole life. Nowadays the real estate marketing strikes as essential.

That’s why a company as iLuxenio is, has bursted upon the scene, we are conscious of the industry’s digitization and of the new customers’ requirements, we position ourselves in the luxury real estates segment. We create unique projects, totally to customer’s wishes and our results guarantee us.

We defend the values which set the trend on the luxury real estate industry, apart from the customized and exclusive projects we also defend sustainability, we built our villas with ecological and low energy consumption materials, buildings with energy efficiency certications, which provide with technology that automates the basic elements of the home. Enter in iLuxenio’s website and discover your future luxury home.


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