Luxurious buildings

Some fast economic growing cities make it easier to  find and example of  a luxurious building with great designing.

Cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Singapore host some constructions that seem impossible at first but they form their skyline. In New York, we find the Chrysler Building or the Empire State Building which are now city symbols.

Forbes Life magazine selects the tallest, most luxurious and high demanded residential building in the world.

Liebian International Plaza

One of the building we have researched about has recently entered the luxurious building list, the Liebian International Plaza, a 121 meter high skyscraper which has an artificial 108 meter high waterfall in its façade.

This waterfall is among the highest ones in the world and one of the greatest engineering works. For its functioning, a water tank at the bottom of the building was built and four water pumps were installed to bring up the water to the top of the waterfall. The water is recycled and collected from the rain.

Besides, the luxurious building has offices, a mall and a luxurious hotel inside. It is located in Guiyang, southwest China.

luxurious building

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

It is 828 meter tall.

This luxurious building has 823 stories which only 163 can be used, the rest are just to make it higher. Out of the ones in use, 49 are offices and 61 are homes. Renting a 4 bedroom flat can be €16000 a month and most of them are on lease. The 124th floor is a viewpoint which offers the visitor a 360º view of the city. To access this floor there is an elevator which gets to 10 m/s. In the 122th floor, it is located the Atmosphere Bar, the highest bar in the world, which can be accessed in 44 seconds by elevator. Besides, clients can eat, have a tea or cocktail while admiring the Gulf of Arabia.

Its construction started with an initial budget of $4000 millions, but it reached $20000 millions in the end.

luxurious building

Pentominium, Dubai

It is 616 meter high.

It’s located in the coast of Dubai, it has a layer of glass on one side as a windbreaker to protect the balconies, and on the other alternated ladder of empty gardens and apartments. It is a tower with two different sides which share a central core, due to the environmental pressure, the proximity of neighbors and density.

It has 122 stories, at first it was just 516 meter high, but at the end a pointy 100 meter long needle was added becoming one the tallest residential buildings.

On the other hand, each apartment has access to luxury automobiles and the most luxurious ones have an exterior pool and living room, health care centers, smoking clubs and squash courts.

luxurious building

Princess Tower, Dubai

It is 414 meter tall. In 2012, it was considered the highest residential building by the Guinness World Records. It has 107 floors of which only 100 are inhabited, 6 basements and a lobby, 763 one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom or four bedroom apartments, without adding the penthouses with views to the Palm Jumeirah.

Besides, every apartment has a gym, high speed elevators, exterior and interior pool, play areas, tennis courts, pool tables and saunas.

luxurious building

Tour Odeon, Monaco

Finally, we have this building. It is 170 meter high. We find it in Monaco with views of the ocean and the principality. It has 60 duplex apartments and there is a penthouse known as The Sky Penthouse which has a pool with a slide. The penthouse is 31500 sq feet that is equal to 5 floors. It has 360º views of Monaco and it is worth $335 millions. Each floor has 24 hour personal service, spa and art center.

We would also like to show you some of the most luxurious and biggest houses of the world. There are houses that are bigger than the Buckingham Palace or that as vast as a whole building. They resemble the economic power of its owners.

luxurious building

These are the top 5 most luxurious and biggest houses of the world:

– Updown Court. Buckingham Palace’s competition.

luxurious building

– Antilla Building. The mansion of the future.

luxurious building

– Hearst Castle.

luxurious building

– Leopolda Villa. A historic mansion.

luxurious building

– Versailles House. The reality version of the American dream.

luxurious building

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