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Although today’s post is about design and decoration, it will not be regarding our needs but the ones of our most loyal friends: our pets.

In a luxury villa every detail counts, we have to take care of the environment in which our pets will be living. We want them to feel like home but without affecting your home environment. Do not miss our selection of designer furniture makers for pets.


Once we start putting together our home, one key element is the couch. For this reason, our pets should be able to enjoy curling up on one. In stores like Made, you will find any design from black to more fashionable ones in pink or mustard velvet. If you are into Scandinavian minimalism, you can go with an ash wood based couch and with a plump grey cushion. It will all come down to the style of your living room but, as you can see, there is a huge range of possibilities.

In the firm´s web, you cannot just find couches but a lot of different accessories and pieces of furniture that will improve your pet´s quality of life and give home a special touch. You just need to check the shiny water bowls on a black metal or bamboo structure.


If you are more of a cat person, this French firm is your best ally when it comes to choose the furniture for your pet. Its founders define their products as “elegant furniture, respectful in the designing and harmony as well as with the comfort of your cat. It just seems what you are looking for, isn’t it?

via Meyou

Among their products, four types of beds stand out: The BALL, The CUBE, The BED and The NEST. They are made of solid wood, knitted cotton and felt 100% wool. As their components are common used materials for house decorating, it is easy for this furniture to blend in with our house decoration.


It is a Japanese company who emphasizes on their pet furniture line. The originality of their furniture is very compatible with the interior of your house. Experts in Nendo have researched the market and concluded that the majority of products for dogs are round shaped and they are not made to fit into lineal shaped environments like houses. Besides, their made their products to blend in with walls, floor, ceiling and windows so they are very versatile.

In their product catalogue, Head or Tails stands out. It is an adaptable bed which includes platesand toys. It is made of artificial leather and thanks to its articulated parts it is possible to transform it into a small house. The plates are ceramic and reversible.

via Nendo

LYCS Basic Architecture

For these Chinese creators, their goal from the beginning was to produce a piece of furniture that is both useful for humans and pets at the same time. From this idea, CATable was born. It is a desk designed for working with your computer and an interior maze with holes and tunnels that your cat will not be able to resist. This way, pets are amused and will let you work, there is some thought put into this, huh?

via LYCS Basic Architecture


In IKEA we can find an acceptable range of products for pets. From beds and shelters to all kind of accessories. Special mention to the LURVIG collection (means hairy in Swedish) created by the Spanish designer Inma Bermúdez. The shelves have special nooks for cats to rest, they are wonderful!

What sticks out the most about this collection, which has beds, bowls, shelters or scrapers, is the fact that is made by IKEA so it blends in with other pieces of furniture that are sold there. There truly is a special synergy between human and animal furniture.

via Ikea


This firm focuses on the comfort of your pet and it does not stop at dogs and cats, they have furniture for rabbits, guinea pigs or fish. For this reason, we find among their products from dog couches to luxury cages for rabbits. Their furniture style is minimalist and modern.

Something that stands out is the organic and minimalist line of fish bowls where fish can enjoy the spacious blown glass bowls. Their swinging aluminum and wood made cage for birds is also perfect.

via Chimère

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