Wonderful Art Hotels

art hotel

The most refined guests will have a pleasant experience if they visit an Art Hotel like the ones we mention below. These are wonderful places where you can not only enjoy the comforts provided by a relaxed and luxurious stay in these establishments, but you can also be immersed in an original atmosphere. As you will see, art is not something exclusive to museums. 

The Surrey, New York

Its 5 star rating is not only due to its fantastic amenities and facilities, but also derives from the art collection that it houses. It is one of the largest collections in the Big Apple. The Art Deco merges with designs from the 90s. For example, Chuck Close’s Kate Moss tapestry stands out. The room price is around 480 Euros per night.

The First Luxury Art Hotel Roma

In this establishment you can find renowned great artists works in the contemporary art world, especially Italian. In addition to permanent decoration, it is common to find temporary exhibitions. Guests who wish to buy the artworks are also provided assistance service in the purchase of the piece. You can spend a night at this place from 342 Euros .

Hotel Éclat, Pekín

Art and luxury go hand in hand in this Chinese Art Hotel. Its collection comprises of more than 100 artworks that are distributed between the common areas and the rooms. Here, you’ll find paintings and sculptures by world-renowned artists such as Wharhol, Zhang Guolang or Chen Wen Ling. Also, if you are a lover of Dalí’s surrealism, here you will find the largest collection in China. You can spend the night in this place for 258 per room per night.

The Art, Denver

This hotel has not one but two art galleries inside. Rated with five stars, its corridors and rooms are museums. Its star piece is an artistic installation with more than 22,000 lights. In fact, the hotel combines art and technology to offer a unique crossover. The stay at their facilities costs 198 Euros per night.

21c Museum Hotel, Louisville

It is a renovated warehouse in Louisville. With this information, it may not seem a very appealing place to spend your time, however, once you enter the Art Hotel, you will find that staying here it has been a great decision. The place is not only a hotel but also a contemporary art museum. The outstanding installation “Asleep in the Cyclone” is located in the basement of the hotel,. You can admire it and live an artistic experience, but the space is also a room. Do not miss the exclusive fabrics and woods that make it up, or the sculptures that surround it. You can spend the night at the hotel for 200 Euros.

Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht

If you want to stay in an artistic but stunning hotel, this is undoubtedly what you’re looking for. This establishment is located at the heart of the former public library of Amsterdam. An Alice in Wonderland theme inspires its decoration. Therefore, bright colors and elements of surreal sizes are the protagonists. In this hotel you can enjoy a video art collection of more than 40 video works of art that are screened in the hallways, lounge and lobby walls. From 338€ per night you can spend the night here.

South Place Hotel, London

If we talk about art and elegance we should not overlook this London hotel where more than 80 avant-garde works of great quality are united. They can be seen all over its facilities, from the lobby to the restaurants. For example, it counts with popart prints by John Vincent Aranda or artworks from the Hoxton Art Gallery. Incidentally, it should be recalled that this hotel holds an annual Prize competition in which recent graduates of London art schools participate. The winner can show his works in the hotel’s front window. Spending the night here will cost around  226 €.

New Art Hotel de Atenas

It is known for its environmental awareness, considering that it was built in a sustainable way and with recycled material. The personality of the Art Hotel is evident in each of its corners, since they are committed to local tradition, not only in its architecture but also in the art collections that they exhibit inside. The room costs 163 € per night.

Palace Hotel Tokyo

Its owners’ true love for art, has turned this hotel in one of the best art gallery that can be found in Japan and, of course, it is very extensive, and it is comprised of more than 1000 artworks. They also organize artistic tours around the city to which guests can sign up. You can spend the night here for 484 € / night.

Le Palais Art Hotel, Praga

In the center of the European continent we find this fantastic Czech hotel. Its architecture is a reference of the Belle Époque but also has amazing paintings hanging on its walls. It also has the largest graphic collection of Le Corbusier of Europe. Visit it for 223 € / night

If you still want to discover more about an art hotel in Spain, we encourage you to visit:

The One Barcelona Hotel: In all its rooms (over 100) and common areas there are original artworks by artists such as Fernando Prats, Antonio Tàpies, Manolo Valdés, Yago Hortal or Manolo Ballesteros. Also in Barcelona, the Hotel Catalonia Ramblas stands out, famous for its art video screenings. Finally, we suggest the Pavilio Madrid, recently opened in 2018. This hotel seeks to offer a high level experience to all its guests. You will enjoy its art gallery and, at the same time, you can buy the works that decorate common areas and its 28 rooms.

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The great wedding of Marta Ortega in La Coruña

boda marta ortega

Today’s post is about one of the reference events of the year within the framework of current affairs and luxury. It’s the marriage between the successor of Inditex Empire, Marta Ortega and her partner for 3 years Carlos Torretta, the son of the designer Roberto Torretta.

The amazing celebration took place the past November 16th at La Coruña, the Ortega’s family home town and the hub of one of the most powerful fashion chains in the world.

The event was marked by the attendance of great figures of international and national fashion, of close friends with the couple and of the participation of great personalities of the event organization world. Calculations estimate that the cost of the nuptial was around 4 million Euros for: pattern construction designs, luxury event organizations, the best photographer, caterings and luxury gastronomy, the most wanted singers…Marta Ortega’s wedding had a great impact at all levels.

The wedding took place in three main stages: the house of the Ortega family, in the Paseo de la Dársena; in the Marina Real of La Coruña; and finally in Casas Novas, placed at Arteixo, in the same place where the heart of Inditex is located.

Firstly, the wedding started with the civil liaison around 1 pm in Ortega’s Family house. Francisco Manuel Ordóñez Arman, a good friend of the family and notary handled it. 50 attendees among family and best friends were the witnesses of this marriage.

To go on with the celebration, they went to the Real Marina. For this part of the event, they closed the transit to club members since the day before the wedding to prepare the place.There, a group of 300 persons surrounded the newlyweds. Among them, were the closest friends of Marta Ortega and Carlos Torreta and they immediate relatives.

We could see celebrities like Rosauro Varo and Amaia Salamanca, Jon Kortajarena, Eugenia Silva or María and Marco Juncadella. There were also personalities from horse riding world, for example, Athina Onassis or “The Boss”’s daughter, Jessica Springsteen.

The guests had their accommodation assured by the Ortega family. They closed two hotels near the Marina: the NH Finisterre and the Eurostars Atlántico. In both of them, employers kept strict confidentiality about any detail of the wedding if someone asked them.

The agency Pro First which is a regular in Zara and Massimo Dutti’s celebrations organised the event. The floral decoration was led, of course, by the Belgian Thierry Boutemy, who travelled with his whole team a few days before the wedding to the Galician Capital to prepare the scenography.

Finally, the final site was Casas Novas. There, it took place a more conventional ceremony with 400 attendees who had to dress formally. Gentlemen were required to wear tuxedo and ladies had to dress in long dress. The only ones that were exempt from the requirements were Amancio Ortega (Zara suit), Marta’s firstborn and the wedding pages. They also wore clothes of this flagship brand.

The luxury details of the wedding between Marta Ortega and Carlos Torreta.

The main focus was the clothing of the bride and groom.  On the one hand, Marta Ortega chose Valentino to dress herself. She wore an exclusive custom haute couture design that needed several travels of the tailor and creative director of the brand, Pierpaolo Piccioli to La Coruña. Apart from this dress, three other models were added for the different parts of the celebration.

marta ortega

Foto: El Español

For her own makeup and hair style, she chose Pablo Iglesias, a regular on Penelope Cruz’s agenda. Besides, the Ortega family made available to the friends and family members who stayed at the two contracted hotels, the service of the local hairdresser that they have always attended: Lorida.

In addition, the bridal bouquet was created by Thierry Boutemy too and was inspired in native wild flora of Galicia. He was who did the same works for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s wedding.

On the other hand, the groom, however, choose the English firm Savile Row for his custom suit. The suits of this brand are usually around 2500 €.

Capturing the event is another fundamental part of a wedding, and that’s why Marta Ortega couldn’t choose a better photographer than Peter Lindbergh, one of the most influential in the world.

About the catering, they offered in Ortega family’s house a reception for 50 made by the chef Pepe Solla in which he served from local products to classics like serrano ham and croquettes.

Besides, The cuisine of Javier Olleros (Culler de Pau) and Ricardo Sanz (Kabuki) joined in the Real Marina. In this cocktail for 300 people it was possible to taste from local wine As Sortes de Valdeorras (D.O Valdeorras), to Ruinart champagne.

In addition, three music bands amused the evening: Watermart, The Bluebirds and Sam French.

The hosts who were present there, had to fulfill two requirements: being between 18 and 25 years old and speak fluent English. Besides they had to sign a confidentiality agreement for 2 years. The uniform was led by the firm Massimo Dutti.

One of the best chefs in Spain and also in the world, Albert Adrià designed and elaborated the menu served at Casas Novas. The menu consisted of: parmesan cream with black truffle sauce; peas and beans with mint; mini shitakes in Oriental pickle; tomatoes with gelatin from their consommé; and cauliflower with caviar. As a gift, they handed out a make-up case from Le Bouge Rouge to the guests.

However, the highlight of this day of celebration was the ambiance because of the performance of Coldplay’s leader (Chris Martin), Jamie Cullum and Norah Jones.  For the later party the renowned DJ Mark Ronson joined.

 marta ortega

Foto: El Español

As a matter of course,  a private security team covered 24 hours  all locations of the event. Besides Ortega family took care of all the necessary trips between the key points of the event.

Undoubtely, Marta Ortega and Carlos Torretta’s wedding was a real success.

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Ski resorts in Spain, what is special about each one?

ski resorts

Are you a ski lover? If skiing is one of your hobbies don’t miss the post of today in our blog because we tell you about the ski resorts in Spain and their features:

Today we show you a list of the 10 best ski resorts in Spain, although there are others that also offer excellent services and have remarkable quality standards.

Baqueira- Beret

It is located in El Valle de Arán (Lleida). For many people it is the best ski resort and it is considered the most exclusive because a lot of celebrities have toured its 155 km of tracks, which are adapted to all ski levels. The most select skiers are the members of the Spanish Royal Family who have been seen here frequently. It has a wide range of hotels and restaurants.

ski resorts


It won the prize for the best ski resort in Spain in the World Ski Awards, prizes that distinguish the best ski resorts in the world. This place is the highest ski resort in the Aragonese Pyrenees; it has a ski area of ​​79 km. The beauty of the landscape that surrounds this place it’s one of its attractions.

In this ski resort you can practice disciplines like:




Speedriding or use the snowmobiles.

The town of Cerler preserves the typical villages of the Benasque Valley. The town has preserved its historical beauty. It has many noble houses from the sixteenth century and some buildings from earlier times.

Sierra Nevada

It is located 31 km from the capital, Granada. This resort has the highest steepness in Spain and 106.8 km skiable.

The main endorsement is its good weather, which is important for skiing. Among its views, it dazzles the Mulhacén, the highest peak of the Península Ibérica. This ski resort offers you the possibility of skiing at night. Besides it has family, children and recreation areas.


It is the oldest ski resort in Spain and is located near the source of the Aragón River, in the Aragonese Pyrenees close to France. Its ski slopes measured 39.5 km and the skiers can enjoy with the Tubo de la Zapatilla, a downhill of deep complexity between the rocks only suitable for experts. This station also has a snow garden for children and ski schools, not only for them but also for adults.

This is the largest ski resort in Spain. It is located in Huesca, close to Aragonese Pyrenees and it has slopes covering 176 km. It offers many activities for children and a nursery service in Formigal zone and also in Panticosa zone. In addition, in this resort we can find the Marchina bar. It has a big outdoor terrace where some DJs play music.


We find it in the Valle de Astún, (Aragonese Pyrenees). It was nominee for Winter Olympic Games in 1998, 2006 and 2010 y it has 50 km of ski slopes. Formigal, Candanchú and Astún form a form a geographic triangle for ski lovers. For this reason, it it’s possible to acquire the Skipass, a pass to ski in Astún and Candanchú with a discount

San Isidro

It is placed in the province of León, inside the Parque Natural de los Picos de Europa. It has 27, 5 km divide into four sectors ( Cebolledo, Requejines, Riopinos y Salencias y La Raya). There are a zone where we find towns and places of immense historic and architectural interest.

La Molina

This ski resort is situated in the region of Cerdaña,in West Pyrenees. It has an area of 67 km and suitable slopes adapted to all levels.  You can also enjoy the snow in a snow park and in the biggest super pipe in the Pyrenees. It has hosted events like the world Alpine Ski World Cup in 2008, the World Snowboard Championships in 2011 and the Alpine Ski World Championships for disable people in 2013.

ski resorts

La Masella

It is also located in the region of Cerdaña (Girona). It has 79km of ski area. The ski and the snowboard come together in at Dues estacions, and besides it connects La Masella with its neighbour La Molina, mentioned before. They have a forfait that allows you skiing in both resorts. As it is placed on top of Tosa which is at a height of 2.535 metres, you can contemplate the mountains of West Pyrenees and Central Pyrenees.

ski resorts

Boí Taüll Resort

This is the highest resort in the Spanish Pyrenees. It has 47 km of ski slopes and a snow park with modules all levels-oriented. It is a great holiday resort. Besides it proposes the possibility of going to the spa and a good catering offering.

Would you like to visit these snow places? The days to enjoy this winter sport are very close.

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Luxury leisure on the Costa del Sol

First of all, Costa del Sol offers marvellous locations and places to visit. As it is one the best places and one of the spots with best weather in Europe, it’s a destination for thousands of visitors who come to enjoy of their beaches and good weather. We already told you in the last post, where we told that it’s one of the best places to live. Besides, it has from east to west, more than 160km of coast and 15 great coastal municipalities showing a touristic offer fully adapted for all publics.

But, what does Costa del Sol offer to your amusement? Here we offer you some of these proposals:

  • Firstly, enjoying with the family at Tivoli World amusement park, in Benalmádena.
  • Secondly, going for a walk through the charming historic centre of Marbella.
  • You can also visit the town of Mijas.
  • Going up on Benalmádena’s aerial cable car.
  • Hanging out to Benalmádena’s marina, Fuengirola, Marbella, or the beach bars at Los Álamos’ beach.
  • Visiting the white town of Frigiliana.
  • Playing golf at the 45 golf links, that’s why the area is calle ‘Costa del golf’.
  • And visiting Ronda, an hour away driving.
  • Going to Nikki Beach, the most exclusive club in Marbella’s coast.
  • Visiting nature park Selwo Aventura Estepona, where you can find hundreds of species which live in relative freedom.
  • Going to Plaza Mayor shopping mall, of the biggest in the province.
  • You can also visit the ‘Balcón de Europa’ and Nerja Caves.
  • Visiting the white town of Casares.
  • Meeting Playa de la Rada, located at Estepona, famous for its blue quality flag.
  • Going shopping to La Cañada shopping mall, Marbella.
  • Yet walking through the Caminito del Rey, one of the most dangerous paths in the world.
  • Spotting dolphins and whales at Gibraltar’s straits.
  • Ir al Casino de Torrequebrada. Going to Torrequebrada Casino.
  • Walking through San Miguel street in Torremolinos, a classic in Costa del Sol.
  • Taste fried fish at Torre del Mar
  • Enjoy of local feasts: in June Marbella, in September Torremolinos, and Vélez-Málaga or Fuengirola in October.
  • Hosting at Villa Padierna Hotel in Marbella, one of most exclusive.
  • Enjoying of Estepona’s historical centre environment.
  • Visiting Vélez Cove, which has one of the most important fishing ports of the coast.
  • Cross down Chillar river.

Costa del Sol offers a great gastronomic variety.

From Mediterranean coastal cuisine to the typical products and dishes of inland villages, it’s the gastronomy of Málaga and its coast.

We offer you a list of the most essential restaurants that you can’t miss: their wines, olive oils, fruits, fishes, cheese… and sublime traditional récipes.

But also traditional spaces, signature cuisine and Michelin stars.

costa del sol

Firstly, Lobito de mar. It’s the most sailor restaurant of Dani García. It’s placed where it was the mythical restaurant El portalón, in Marbella’s Goldel Mile.

Avda. Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, 178. Marbella. Tel.: 951 55 45 54. Average price: 55€.

Nobu  In the living square over Puente Romano, it offers Japanese cuisine with Peruvian hints. Nobu Matsuisa is loyal to the style it first proposed in its first resturant of New York.

Bulevar Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, s/n. Marbella. Tel.: 952 778 686. Average price: 150€

Also Back by David Olivas, who was the head chef of Dani García for many years, decided to do it himself and he killed it.

Calle Pablo Casals, 8. Marbella. Tel.: 951 55 00 45. Average price: 45€

Another option is Bardal. With apparently simple receipts which hide the accumulated knowledge by a professional.

Calle José Aparicio, 1. Ronda. Tel.: 951 48 98 28. Average price: 90€

Also Los Marinos José. One of the places where you can finde the best feedstock of Costa del Sol.

Paseo Marítimo Rey de España 161. Fuengirola. Average price: 60€

But El Ancla is one of the icons of Costa del Sol in Málaga. A beach bar which turned into a major restaurant.

Av. Carmen Sevilla, s/n. San Pedro de Alcántara.Tel.:952 78 93 28. Average price: 60€.

Merchán  its frying is one the best of Costa del Sol in Málaga and Andalucía.

Calle San Gabriel, 10. San Pedro Alcántara. Tel.: 952 78 01 34. Average price: 35€.

Finally, Takumi. Álvaro Arbeloa and his Japanese partners earned the respect from those customers who go to Marbella.

Calle Gregorio Marañón, 4. Marbella. Tel.: 952 77 08 39. Average price: 60€.


But, among haute cuisine we have to mention:

El Lago Andalusian recipes, reasonably evolved cuisine.

Urb. Elviria Hills, Avda. Las Cumbres, s/n. Marbella. Tel.: 952 83 23 71. Average price: 90€

Another is Messina reasonably creative cuisine.

Av. Severo Ochoa, 12. Marbella. Tel.: 679 77 00 62. Average price: 90€.

And Skina in the historic centre of Marbella. Almost with half-dozen tables is a reference for locals and foreigners.

Calle Aduar, 12. Marbella. Tel.: 952 76 52 77. Average price: 90€

Finally, Dani García  got his first Michelin star in Ronda. Today, nearly 20 years later, he shines with two stars in his restaurant at Hotel Puente Romano.

Hotel Puente Romano. Av. Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, s/n. Marbella.  Tel.: 951 607 011. Average price: 175€.


Here you have this list, for those who opt for culinary leisure.

costa del sol

Whether you want to have fun by knowing Costa del Sol’s beaches, here you have the following proposals:

  • La Victoria
  • El Cristo
  • La Rada
  • Burriana
  • Artola
  • Playa de Campo de Golf
  • El Castillo-Ejido

In conclusion, here we leave further information about these beaches.


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New trends at luxury real estate industry

luxury real estate

Technological solutions that luxury real estate industry offers to us are huge, as them ease our life quality, because of advances in technology and design .

According to the forecast, the luxury real estate industry in Spain will continue a rising path for the following years. The interest for buying properties in Spain is still soaring. The assets’ sale to foreigners still rises, the high standing segment doesn’t lose its boom. Concretely, the luxury properties demand has risen up to 50% in Spain.

The industry recovery has been provoked by the quantity of foreigner buyers who desired to establish their residence in Spain. This interest is conditioned by the touristic qualities that our country offers.

But, what advantages does the Spanish industry bring to the buyers?

The current luxury real estate industry offers to the buyers:

-Low interest rates and clear benefits if we talk about lifestyle.

-Attractive real estate prices.

-Prices increasing to a constant rythm and offering a good capital appreciation.

Luxury is focused on the customer’s comfort, that’s why properties offer wide spaces and the last breaking technologies to ease the life of those who live inside them, that’s why the new trends in construction and architecture are focused on satisfying the needs of those who are going to live inside them.

For luxury homes, the location has to reach the maximum privacity.

When it’s about luxury buildings in the cities’ centre, the buyer asks to live just at one home per floor, or into a community with very few owners.

At the city sorroundings, it’s a single-family house which offers the absolute privacity . The idea is to seek large fields to avoid the proximity with the neighbours. It’s also important the materials and coatings, as they are: hardwood, marbles, design kitchens, high end appliances and technologies to make life easier. Although the tastes are very different depending on the buyer’s feedback.

Which are the breaking trends for 2018 at luxury real estate?

Technology, it’ll be one of the key points in the industry. As they’re introducing the new techniques in the cities, and so in the homes and the industry.

Investment, investments will get back to normal again and then they’ll increase.

Cities, Spanish cities are betting much on improving their positioning facing the exterior.

Purchasing, thanks to the improvement at life conditions, it allows too much people to think about buying a property.

Rentals, have reached very high prices, and they’ll increase until regularizing completely. An important rising produces the demand increase.

When we think of a luxury home, we have to look further from the pool, leisure rooms, gardens or equipped kitchens…A luxury home now symbolizes sophistication, it’s the elegance that sorrounds the individual’s comfort.

In 2018  continues the real estate industry’s recovery consolidation in Spain.

After a very intense year at housing transactions, we affirm the change of cycle, with generalized rises of the prices, the buy-sell increasing and higher new construction visas and mortgage signatures. Such a level of activity had never been reached in the industry since 2008.

And this means that buying a home nowadays is very cheap, in this last 2017’s October the historical lowest interest rate set (2,67%) for a mortgage since 2009, and there are many factors for this 2018 to make the fixed rate mortgages to increase, among them, the maintenance of the expansive monetary policy from the European Union.

After the severe stumble that the indusrty suffered in 2008, the luxury real estate and all of the services related with the sell and housing promotion have learned that these effects could have been much weaker if customers were listened, professionalizing the industry, because a home is an investment for your whole life. Nowadays the real estate marketing strikes as essential.

That’s why a company as iLuxenio is, has bursted upon the scene, we are conscious of the industry’s digitization and of the new customers’ requirements, we position ourselves in the luxury real estates segment. We create unique projects, totally to customer’s wishes and our results guarantee us.

We defend the values which set the trend on the luxury real estate industry, apart from the customized and exclusive projects we also defend sustainability, we built our villas with ecological and low energy consumption materials, buildings with energy efficiency certications, which provide with technology that automates the basic elements of the home. Enter in iLuxenio’s website and discover your future luxury home.


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The importance of taking care of details in home interior décor

interior décor

On today’s blog we are telling you what kind of interior décor is suitable for each four seasons of the year and what parts are able to cause a greater impact at the time of decorating your home.

In general, the interior décor is simplified to the mixture and elements’ overlap which make sense between themselves.

We’ll tell you the keys of a detailed and a versatile décor:

Mixing textures:

The different rugosities, as much on walls or in furnitures would make that we sense some movement and life in the room.

Counting on several elements such as fabrics would help to sense better this sensation, and a heavy amount of elements could ruin our good intentions.

Integrating decorations:

Adding accessories or decorative elements help to emphasise a room’s décor.

We talk about elements which are different from the standard furnituring of the home, paintings, clocks, lamps or cushions.

Those will improve our design brightness in the decoration.

Specially if the colours of this are according to the room’s colour  or adds light and emphasis to the painting.

Hints must be temporary:

This kind of accessories help when you want to make a little change in your home.

Temporality is a key element for an interior décor lover, so this must be according to each season of the year and to each special event.

Inside of this, trend plays a fundamental role, but we always have to choose elements easy to change and which don’t provoke great efforts.

Taking care of proportion:

To hang a piece of art or a very small painting on great dimension walls will make these to lose on the walls.

Proportion has to play a fundamental role so there’s an adequate balance between the decorative element and the own house’s installation.

The same thing will happen with a pic or a very big print on a low wall or with very few space margin.

Taking care of strenght:

We refer to the walls’ colours, if you’re not sure ask for a simple so you check how it’ll result.

It’s illumination, the quantity of layers to be applied and the rest of decorative elements which are able to change tone’s perception.

What parts of a home are more attractive to decorate?

The heart of a home is divided between the living room and the kitchen.

And apart from that, both are the reference to define the style that the rest of the home could have.

A detailed kitchen and a  prepared living room for each season of the year could augur well what we are going to find.

We’re telling you some advices so they both look well-crafted and well maintained:

To use natural fabrics, specially linen and cotton which are very adaptable to the summer and winter.

Neutral colours for our living rooms’ walls, as white is, gives naturalness to the rest of the furniture.

The same as for a living room, for a kitchen’s interior décor some factors have to be taken into account as lightening is.

It’s about avoiding to have a very beautiful kitchen but very difficult to clean.

We have to take advantage from walls, to find symbiosis with appliances’ and furniture colours, etc.

interior décor

Which interior décor can I apply to each season of the year?

 Autumn: For this season of the year in which we all feel like staying at home, we advice colours which provide us with warmth and peace.

As the mustard or ochre are, and of course all of earth colours: terracotta, tan, brown or chocolate.

Using natural floral elements for our furnitures, as they are flowers or dry plants.

Finally, using wood so we get a rustic style for our interior décor.

Winter: To use velvety materials, very smooth and which would provide us with heat to our home, wool for our carpet, or the mohair for a blanket.

To use strong colours which provides with visual heat to the environment or the use of unpholstered furniture.

For the bathroom, an iroko timber which is very resistant to humidity.

Spring: The light returns to enter and we take advantage of it to put curtains with bright colours and natural fabrics.

This time we take advantage for use more colourful and dynamic plants for décor. To apply the ‘floral print’ to our walls with conventional prints.

Summer: We’ll use pastel colours or very clear, which reflect exterior light.

A general bright décor where blue tones prevail, paisley printing cushions.

Therefore to paint white the wood and if we have a terrace, to refurbish it with green plants tones.

So with a canopy and chill out furniture we can enjoy of them.

interior décor

Following those advices and making inquiries to a good interior designer the success of your décor is guaranteed.

But, what would be about a luxury villa without a décor up to it? In iLuxenio we ensure that results are perfect.

Write all of your queries to us for receiving more information about this subject and don’t hesitate to contact us in iluxenio@iluxenio.com

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Luxury architecture in residential areas of Marbella

luxury architecture

Residential market within luxury architecture is currently growing worldwide.

We can define this architecture as an innovative architecture and with a personalized design, customized and made of unique spaces. While providing all of the needs for those who live inside them, mixing comfort with high quality.

Also this architecture has to be exclusive talking of used materials and with a high thermal isolating equipment, acoustic, and energy efficiency standards, apart from offering you technology as domotics is, which contributes with daily comfort as much as with security. Finally, it’s an architecture customized for the client.

Undoubtely, this architecture has a higher price than a standard construction, so its kind of customer counts on a high purchasing power.

 Which are the most sought elements in luxury architecture?

  • Well equiped kitchens.
  • Technology.
  • Open, ventilated and large floors.
  • Outdoors kitchens and pools. A well equiped indoor kitchen isn’t simply enough for someone who’s looking for luxury, they look for a cosy kitchen, and an outdoor kitchen.
  • Location, exclusivity in the property, a free place to rest and relax in the most absolute secret.
  • A games room and a cinema.
  • An exercise room.
  • Big rooms, specially the main one.
  • Dressing rooms.

But, which features are currently demanded from luxury architecture?

Now to location it adds each home’s customization, apart from art, vertical gardens, a reputed architect seal, energy certification, winery… As this house’s type customer wants his/her home to be unique and personalised, from the materials to distribution choice. Also to be provided of LEED, BREEAM, or the recent Nearly Zero Energy Building energy certifications. This homes’ buyer profile is very discerning and looks for quality, exclusivity, home leisure, and technology.

Do you know the most exclusive residential areas in Spain?

Down below we’ll tell you how them are but also they placement:

Ciudad Diagonal: The placement is in Esplugues de Llobregat, to the northwest of Barcelona city. Also the famous couple formed by the singer Shakira and the football player Piqué they have bought a 700 m2 mansion. It’s one of the most fashionable and most exclusive areas in Barcelona.

luxury architecture

La Zagaleta: It’s in Benahavís (Málaga). It’s an area which gives home to anonymous tycoons, it’s found one step away from Marbella but it’s considered as the most protected residential area in Europe. Especially relevant, it counts on recreative fishing areas, golf courts, heliports, and restaurants rised to the living standard which sorrounds the area. From any point of the residential area you can appreciate the contrast between the high area in which the villas are and the Mediterranean Sea. One of the curiosities of this placement is that it lists on secondary stock exchange with the name of Zagaleta SLU.  

luxury architecture Pic by: Vanitatis

Sotogrande: It’s a residential area placed in San Roque’s Cádiz municipality. Probably, it’s a renowned area and very reputed by its sports events, whether horse riding or golf tournaments. It’s proximity to Marbella’s influence area almost propitiates resident flows between both areas to enjoy of their facilities and events. 

luxury architecture Pic by: Vanitatis

Son Vida: It’s also the reference for luxury residential in Palma de Mallorca. Placed in a typical Mediterranean pine forests’ environment, from their luxurious mansions you can see Palma’s bay. In its environment there are plenty of golf resorts, and among their inhabitants we can find the ex Real Madrid football player Steve McManaman or Gabriel Escarrer (Meliá Hotels). The average price of these houses are around 4 miilions of euros.

luxury architecture Pic by : Mallorca Sotheby’s Realty

La Finca: First of all, this is the most private and secure residential complex in Madrid’s community. Also
 placed in the near municipality of Pozuelo de Alarcón, it’s famous maybe for being the home of football players such as Cristiano Ronaldo or singers such as Alejandro Sanz. Also, the most characteristic aspects of this place, its inhabitants have remarked its extreme security, with some sophisticasted identification systems or the strict confindentiality code that facilities’ workers must keep. But the main requirement to be a neighbour of this residential area it’s not the purchase power, as there’s an interview with the area sales agents in which one or other buyer has been dismissed as a neighbour.

luxury architecture Pic by :Estudio Martín Caballero

In conclusion, which are for you the most essential elements for a luxury architecture? Do you know any other place with this characteristics? Do you believe in technology factor as a luxury determining in residential sector?

Write all your suggestions to receive more information about this subject and don’t hesitate to contact us in iluxenio@iluxenio.com

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Why to have an infinity pool?

infinity pool

As many of us have already seen in the best resorts of the world , it’s imposible to imagine a luxury hotel in a dream location without an infinity pool which allows us to enjoy while having a bath inside it and without a step or people walking to cover the views.

We’ll explain briefly these pools’ working system and we’ll keep giving you reasons to have your own infinity pool.

Literally talking, an infinity pool is that one which creates an optical illusion in which it seems that the water reachs out the perpetual horizon.

Therefore, the investment required to this kind of complex and sophisticated architecture is justified.

It covers when we see on its results how the sea reflects, or the landscape , it directly blends in with that which is visually in front of us

And in the same water in we reflect ourselves and without any kind of visual residue that isn’t natural,

The results are simply amazing.

infinity pool

To understand better how this endless horizon effect is produced, this kind of swimming pool has in some of its copings an appoximate space of 2 centimetres which is used as a water gutter.

Once the water falls it accumulates and it pumps at the bottom, getting back clean to the stream current of the infinity pool,

Which makes it much cleaner than a traditional pool with Skimmer system, that would need double work.

infinity poolPicture: Gunitec

This kind of infinity pool construction is the favourite for landscapes’ lovers architects for the aesthetical reasons, but we can’t stop telling about the technical factor of these.

For making the result as spectacular as its own construction, these pools are built in areas in which the landscape is of great beauty an so while you swim or you rest , you relax watching the infinite.

Cliffs, mountain summits or clayey soils in front of the beach and that will imply that its orography will be complicated as well.

So we have to be very careful with hydraulic engineering calculation, any technical failure will be fatal.

As much for the slope of all of the walls and pools copings, as for the back water channel, and in respect with the space under the pool we can’t forget to leave enough so the filtration equipments, compensation container, etc., can work well.

To situate us, the space required which will have to be kept for equipments and other technical elements will correspond to 10% of the required surface for the construction.

An infinity pool is a very convenient element for luxury, exclusive construction, so its installation provides us a subtlety and elegance sensation which only luxury villas can have, as the ones we have build and we project in iLuxenio.

The infinity pool cause on us a great relax and wellness sensation.

That’s because, from above the pool’s walls, we don’t find any obstacle between the water and horizon.

And the fact that any abrupt movement moves the water towards the copings and draining gaskets make the creation of ‘infinity’pleasure and reflection moments.

infinity pool

The most remarkable advantages of infinity pools are:

  • The plain layer generated in the surface reflects everything which has in front of it.
  • So that, added to the lack of obstacles, becomes camouflaged with the environment.
  • Since it could be perfectly a decor element of a zen style villa.
  • It has more equitable distribution of chemicals to keep better the health and water quality (chlorines).
  • The cleanliness and filtration water system is more optimizable than the Skimmer traditional system,
  • As the water has no circulation limit, its surface’s dirty will keep trapped easier.
  • Therefore, it could be the last straw to make your luxury villa amazing.

Down below you have some of themost remarkable infinity pool of the world:

The longest infinity pool of the world:

It’s in Singapur, at Marina Bay Sands Hotel and it has a total lenght of 340 metres.

infinity pool

 Picture: Twisted Sifter

The most vertiginous infinity pool of the world:

It’s in Hong Kong at Indigo Hong Kong Island Hotel

It works as a skybar, a bar over the sky, and  its  floor is transparent.

Do you want a cocktail at a height seeing Hong Kong’s skyline?

infinity pool

Picture: El Economista

Red pool in Thailand: It’s The Library Koh Samui villas complex,

The pool floor has a yellow, red and orange tiles mosaic.

The result of the illuminated pool:

In the night it’s a spectacle which you can see from any point of Chaweng coast.

infinity pool roja Picture: MyWonderPlanet

What do you think of infinity pools? Would you like to have your own infinity pool? Do you think they match up with an elegant decoration as the one we propose in iLuxenio?

Write us all of your suggestions to receive more info about this and other subjects to iluxenio@iluxenio.com


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How celebrities’ homes are


The French Côte D’Azur, Costa Esmeralda in Italy, Aspen in the USA or an attic in the Upper East Side…  celebrities don’t resign with few and when they have to invest in real estate property they do it in style.

Either models, actors, designers, business men with great fortunes who look for privacity, exclusiveness and luxury for living or to spend their holiday vacation.

According to a research carried out by Savills real property consulting services, after analysing the touristic residential market, where great worldwide fortunes are buying properties, we find firstly the French Côte D’Azur with a price of 21 millions (€) for a five- room luxury house. On the Côte D’Azur it stands out Saint-Jean-Cap- Ferrat, a French commune and town between Nice and Monaco where there are more than 500 luxury properties. We can highlight Paul Allen’s home, Microsoft cofounder and Andrew Lloyds’, the British songwriter.

Secondly, Costa Esmeralda in Sardinia (Italy). Thirdly, San Bartolomé French island, it’s a territorial overseas collectivity belonging to France located in the Caribbean Sea with a surface of 20km. In fourth place of the ranking we can mention Aspen in Colorado (USA) and its exclusive ski resort. There, the average value of high standing porperties is about 9,5 million Euros.

We can also mention places such as Monaco, or Barbados Island specially for the British people who are the recurrent buyers of luxury properties in the area. Furthermore, to mention Lago Como, where we can find three magnificent George Clooney’s villas, a wonderful Madonna’s house or Matt Bellamy as a neighbour, Muse’s music band vocalist.


Villa Oleandra is one of George Clooney’s villas, he bought it for 12 millions (€) in 2002. The villa has a private quay.

Picture: Revista Hola

celebritiesPicture: Revista Hola

This Tuscan style villa is one of the three mansions that the actor owns at Lago Como.



Matthias Khün property mansion. It’s located at the private island of Tagomago (Ibiza). The price of its rent swings from 100.000€ and 160.000 € per week.

Picture: Lecturas


Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s mansion, 7 bedrooms and nine bathrooms with a value of 21.7 millions (€). So, the villa is located at the exclusive area of Georgia Pond in East Hamptons, this mansion is known as Pond House. The house was designed by the architect Stanford White and was remodeled in 2008.

Picture: Idealista

celebritiesIt has an infinity pool as we can see in the picture.

Picture: Idealista

celebritiesIt has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, it even has a guest’s house inside it with two bedrooms.

Picture: Idealista

If we focus only in Spain, we’ll also find top destinations for celebrities.

Among them we highlight as the number one Costa del Sol, where the main location is Marbella, an elegant city where the Arab occupation remains mixed with the modern complex’s facilities.

Thirdly we find Sotogrande, an american style residential area in Cádiz lands. In conclusion, in 4th place we can name Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca’s island capital and Balearic Islands’ autonomous community, where we can find Michael Douglas’ mannor or the tennis player, Rafa Nadal’s house.

Prince singer’s house in Marbella.

Picture: Vanitatis

Paloma San Basilio’s house in Zahara de los Atunes, Cádiz.

Picture: Vanitatis


Manuel Díaz “El Cordobés” bullfighter and Virginia Troconis’ mansion at Costa del Sol.

Picture: Vanitatis

House of Marbella’s mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, at Costa del Sol. It has a 1.700 square meters extent allocated in five floors, three of them underground.

Picture: Vanitatis


What is the objective of these celebrities? To live like kings and queens in the maximum number of square meters.

Whether in  a mediterranean inspirational mansion in Georgia Pond or a minimalist house in front of Alemanes’ beach in Zahara de los Atunes, of Paloma San Basilio. On the other hand, there are details such as infinity pools that are common to most of celebrities’ houses.

In conclusion, with iLuxenio you can build your dreamhouse as the same as celebrities do. Sign in to iLuxenio and you’ll find unique details about contructions and projects at luxury residential. You can search by ubication, size, construction type.. you can search as many times as you want and play with all the criteria within reach to discover who is behind each design.

Choose your desired preferences and discover which are the most similar house to your dream.

Since you meet with us for the first time until turnkey, in iLuxenio we are at your disposal during all the process, you can check with us about any point and we’ll solve all of your questions.

You can contact us in iluxenio@iluxenio.com.

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Luxury on smart homes

smart homes

These are future homes, technological solutions offered by smart homes, they help us to simplify and improve our life quality by technology and design integration.

There’s an increasing number of houses that count on this kind of technologies at home, which their main feature is the integrated wiring, controlled by an intelligent device.

The relation between design and personal preference leads to a great level of eccentricity and luxury.

What make these smart homes smart is automation  but, for those who don’t get familiar with the term, when talking about ‘automation’ we mean the technologies combination applied to automation and control of the house, allowing the efficient management of energy, comfort and security, which allows those who live inside it to control from a Smartphone or an iPad. Its advantages are many, as they provide well-being, life quality, time savings…

But, what advantages bring Smart homes to us?

5 fields in which services offered by automation work are:

-They contribute us with great cost savings, there’s a growing number of people that look for this at the most efficient way.

Security, through automated people surveillance, throughout intrusive controls, automatic doors closing system, security cameras, personal alarms… converting this way your home into a more comfortable place, so it allows you to switch off, switch on, regulate… all electronic devices of the house.

Accessibility, also to disabled people, it eases all home elements handling, adjusting to all of their needs.

Comfort, it gives required need to every single person who lives inside the home.

– It guarantees communication, through the house’s remote control, Smartphone, computer, tablet.. which delivers all the anomalies to these devices.

smart homes

In recent years, this industry has evolved enough, contributing with solutions to all kinds of homes, increasing life quality, living functionality and well-being of its inhabitants.

Current real state industry takes much into account domotics systems, so they make more comfortable and efficient it’s inhabitants life. This kind of solutions cover great part of users’ needs. Having your own smart home controlled, it doesn’t only contributes to have the whole of your life managed, but to know its consumption at every moment. One of the main reasons to integrate this technology is energy efficiency.

All of us at least for once, we have dreamt to have a luxury home and apart from that to have this technology applied to the home.

In addition, here we want to show you a list of astonishing houses, which also are Smart Homes.

Nowadays there’s a big number of apps to control your Smart Home from your Smartphone or from your tablet

Here we want to recommend some of them easy to customise and use, which will make your life easier:


It allows you to control lightning from Philips devices that you have at home from your smartphone or your iPad, setting a suitable level of light depending on the situation in which you are.


A Schneider Electric app for devices with Android or iOS, which allows you to control automated installation all over the house.


With this one you can control lights, climatization, shutters, audiovisual devices such as audio, TV, cameras… from whereever you are.


Another app for iPad and iPod Touch, iPhone, which allows to remotely control lightning, irrigation plants system, heating… among other devices.


Also used for automated control of the house, for iOS and Android. It manages electronic devices, shutters, climatization, lightning…

Tahomahome control by Somfy

Both for Android or for Apple, it allows to control io-homecontrol techonoly equipments, both if you are at home or out of it.


Once installed and connected to it, it allows to raise and lower the garage door, lightning, opening and closing doors or checking if there’s a water leak.


Another app which consists on an intelligent remote control with automated control for the image, sound and multimuedia uses.

TYcoInteractive Security:

It allows to watch live the house, heating, controlling lights, and the rest of devices connected to the network. It also makes available an alarm system to alert the police.

Parrot Flower Power:

For those enthusiast of the last technologies and ecology, it includes a sensor to measure plants needs that live in the house.


It’s designed for all kinds of smartphones, this app offers the possiblity to optimize and play with the lightning. It’s for houses integrated by several kinds of LED bulbs that can be programmed to change the colour.

In conclusion, in iLuxenio we can make your dream come true, if you’re thinking of building the house of your dreams don’t hesitate to contact us, we use the latest technologies for your project’s development.

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