Renowned architects at luxury residential industry

luxury residentials

Luxury residentials, as those we make customized in iLuxenio,  them have a work behind that we couldn’t be able to imagine.  If we don’t know about the construction process of a home from zero deeply.

First of all, who is behind the creation of luxury residentials is mainly the architect. The authentic orchestra conductor of the works which are being built and the ones about to build. A luxury architect has qualities as them could be the extreme detail at work execution. Probably, the tendency to landscaping and a refined taste for the home adaption to the environment. From its guidance to the riges’ play  of the materials which are being used.

In addition, at the moment of building our own luxury residentials it’s essential to choose the architect who adapts the most to the home style in which you imagine yourself living in. So,  as we do in iLuxenio, where you can check the works of different architects and choose the style  which you feel identified the most.

Most renowned architects in luxury residentials:


It’s the studio directed by Rafael Llamazares and Joaquín Torres. In the projects’ portfolio they count on the construction of the exclusive and luxurious development ‘La Finca’ in Pozuelo de Alarcón. This residential complex is the home for numerous footballers and singers, among its inhabitants they are Cristiano Ronaldo or Alejandro Sanz. Both architects are friends since they studied together at University and after designing their own bar in La Coruña. The magnate Amancio Ortega asked them to design several establishments for his chain and his own residential ‘El Parrote’. Since then, their career only has emerged, until the point that they were given the task to design half of ‘La Finca’. Nowadays they own several headquarters all over the world: Dubai, Santo Domingo, India, Russia or Vietnam. Here we leave you a pic of other luxury residential projects :

luxury residentials


Pic by:A-Cero

This architect from Bilbao, Eduardo Arroyo, is the one behind this studio. Staunch defender of signature style, as he reflects on his works. Apart from the ideas which the ‘manipulated’ from the Architecture Colleges defend, he keeps a web open by pure ‘obligation facing the virtual world’. Therefore his projects’ portfolio is as abstract and eye-catching as his professional profile:

luxury residentials

Pic by: NO.MAD

He’s an architect wordly known as much for his professor’s aspect as for his architect’s. In his great residential works’ portfolio we find one of the most notable, ‘Casa del Infinito’, above the endless sea of Cádiz, the city where he grew up. In addition, together with his team they run the studio which has his own name, he defines his architectural work as a mix between the Gravity that defines space and the Light which builds the time.

luxury residentials

Pic by: Alberto Campo Baeza

  • Alfredo Muñoz

This young architect is the one behind the studio Abibbo. He’s more than probably one of the new pearls of Spanish architecture.  Moreover, for his early age he has already learnt and has let himself influence by the best architects (Campo Baeza or Toyo Ito). His projects’ portfolio is very diverse but his most stunning works are luxury residentials. Also he has already built in India, Spain or Dominican Republic. This studio’s philosophy is based on architecture innovation, the urbanism, the interior design and the product development.

luxury residentials

Pic by: Abibbo

This Spanish architect is another indispensable in our list, cofounder of the prestigious studio Ábalos&Herreros disolved in 2008. Now he’s working too on his own account with her partner Renata Sentkiewicz in their studio Ábalos+Sentkiewicz.  He was a professor in Harvard and ETSAM, one of his most important works at luxury residentials is at the luxurious Finca Cortesín. The house is in the very middle of Costa del Sol, where they have a two villas’ project of Mediterranean style.

luxury residentials

Pic by: Ábalos+Sentkiewicz

  • Alejandro Zaera-Polo

  • He owns an architecture studio AZMPL with Maider Llaguno-Munitxa since 2011.
  • Also, his architecture defines the combination of techinique and quality design. Currently he’s a professor at Princeton and alma mater by ETSAM and Harvard University.
  • Although his most charasteristic works are civil works, as it is Yokohama Port, he also counts on a wide-ranging portfolio of residential building.

 luxury residentials

Pic by: AZPML

As a result, we recognize that this list is an understatement. As these architects are the most renowned at maximum recognition and international luxury level.  But there are many others who don’t cause the same impact by their works’magnitude, but who also deserve their position on the top of luxury architects.

In iLuxenio we are leaders at luxury residentials’ construction and our success is a guarantee as reflected in our built villas’ catalogue.

Especially relevant,  we also count on the best professionals of the industry.

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Luxury architecture in residential areas of Marbella

luxury architecture

Residential market within luxury architecture is currently growing worldwide.

We can define this architecture as an innovative architecture and with a personalized design, customized and made of unique spaces. While providing all of the needs for those who live inside them, mixing comfort with high quality.

Also this architecture has to be exclusive talking of used materials and with a high thermal isolating equipment, acoustic, and energy efficiency standards, apart from offering you technology as domotics is, which contributes with daily comfort as much as with security. Finally, it’s an architecture customized for the client.

Undoubtely, this architecture has a higher price than a standard construction, so its kind of customer counts on a high purchasing power.

 Which are the most sought elements in luxury architecture?

  • Well equiped kitchens.
  • Technology.
  • Open, ventilated and large floors.
  • Outdoors kitchens and pools. A well equiped indoor kitchen isn’t simply enough for someone who’s looking for luxury, they look for a cosy kitchen, and an outdoor kitchen.
  • Location, exclusivity in the property, a free place to rest and relax in the most absolute secret.
  • A games room and a cinema.
  • An exercise room.
  • Big rooms, specially the main one.
  • Dressing rooms.

But, which features are currently demanded from luxury architecture?

Now to location it adds each home’s customization, apart from art, vertical gardens, a reputed architect seal, energy certification, winery… As this house’s type customer wants his/her home to be unique and personalised, from the materials to distribution choice. Also to be provided of LEED, BREEAM, or the recent Nearly Zero Energy Building energy certifications. This homes’ buyer profile is very discerning and looks for quality, exclusivity, home leisure, and technology.

Do you know the most exclusive residential areas in Spain?

Down below we’ll tell you how them are but also they placement:

Ciudad Diagonal: The placement is in Esplugues de Llobregat, to the northwest of Barcelona city. Also the famous couple formed by the singer Shakira and the football player Piqué they have bought a 700 m2 mansion. It’s one of the most fashionable and most exclusive areas in Barcelona.

luxury architecture

La Zagaleta: It’s in Benahavís (Málaga). It’s an area which gives home to anonymous tycoons, it’s found one step away from Marbella but it’s considered as the most protected residential area in Europe. Especially relevant, it counts on recreative fishing areas, golf courts, heliports, and restaurants rised to the living standard which sorrounds the area. From any point of the residential area you can appreciate the contrast between the high area in which the villas are and the Mediterranean Sea. One of the curiosities of this placement is that it lists on secondary stock exchange with the name of Zagaleta SLU.  

luxury architecture Pic by: Vanitatis

Sotogrande: It’s a residential area placed in San Roque’s Cádiz municipality. Probably, it’s a renowned area and very reputed by its sports events, whether horse riding or golf tournaments. It’s proximity to Marbella’s influence area almost propitiates resident flows between both areas to enjoy of their facilities and events. 

luxury architecture Pic by: Vanitatis

Son Vida: It’s also the reference for luxury residential in Palma de Mallorca. Placed in a typical Mediterranean pine forests’ environment, from their luxurious mansions you can see Palma’s bay. In its environment there are plenty of golf resorts, and among their inhabitants we can find the ex Real Madrid football player Steve McManaman or Gabriel Escarrer (Meliá Hotels). The average price of these houses are around 4 miilions of euros.

luxury architecture Pic by : Mallorca Sotheby’s Realty

La Finca: First of all, this is the most private and secure residential complex in Madrid’s community. Also
 placed in the near municipality of Pozuelo de Alarcón, it’s famous maybe for being the home of football players such as Cristiano Ronaldo or singers such as Alejandro Sanz. Also, the most characteristic aspects of this place, its inhabitants have remarked its extreme security, with some sophisticasted identification systems or the strict confindentiality code that facilities’ workers must keep. But the main requirement to be a neighbour of this residential area it’s not the purchase power, as there’s an interview with the area sales agents in which one or other buyer has been dismissed as a neighbour.

luxury architecture Pic by :Estudio Martín Caballero

In conclusion, which are for you the most essential elements for a luxury architecture? Do you know any other place with this characteristics? Do you believe in technology factor as a luxury determining in residential sector?

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Why to have an infinity pool?

infinity pool

As many of us have already seen in the best resorts of the world , it’s imposible to imagine a luxury hotel in a dream location without an infinity pool which allows us to enjoy while having a bath inside it and without a step or people walking to cover the views.

We’ll explain briefly these pools’ working system and we’ll keep giving you reasons to have your own infinity pool.

Literally talking, an infinity pool is that one which creates an optical illusion in which it seems that the water reachs out the perpetual horizon.

Therefore, the investment required to this kind of complex and sophisticated architecture is justified.

It covers when we see on its results how the sea reflects, or the landscape , it directly blends in with that which is visually in front of us

And in the same water in we reflect ourselves and without any kind of visual residue that isn’t natural,

The results are simply amazing.

infinity pool

To understand better how this endless horizon effect is produced, this kind of swimming pool has in some of its copings an appoximate space of 2 centimetres which is used as a water gutter.

Once the water falls it accumulates and it pumps at the bottom, getting back clean to the stream current of the infinity pool,

Which makes it much cleaner than a traditional pool with Skimmer system, that would need double work.

infinity poolPicture: Gunitec

This kind of infinity pool construction is the favourite for landscapes’ lovers architects for the aesthetical reasons, but we can’t stop telling about the technical factor of these.

For making the result as spectacular as its own construction, these pools are built in areas in which the landscape is of great beauty an so while you swim or you rest , you relax watching the infinite.

Cliffs, mountain summits or clayey soils in front of the beach and that will imply that its orography will be complicated as well.

So we have to be very careful with hydraulic engineering calculation, any technical failure will be fatal.

As much for the slope of all of the walls and pools copings, as for the back water channel, and in respect with the space under the pool we can’t forget to leave enough so the filtration equipments, compensation container, etc., can work well.

To situate us, the space required which will have to be kept for equipments and other technical elements will correspond to 10% of the required surface for the construction.

An infinity pool is a very convenient element for luxury, exclusive construction, so its installation provides us a subtlety and elegance sensation which only luxury villas can have, as the ones we have build and we project in iLuxenio.

The infinity pool cause on us a great relax and wellness sensation.

That’s because, from above the pool’s walls, we don’t find any obstacle between the water and horizon.

And the fact that any abrupt movement moves the water towards the copings and draining gaskets make the creation of ‘infinity’pleasure and reflection moments.

infinity pool

The most remarkable advantages of infinity pools are:

  • The plain layer generated in the surface reflects everything which has in front of it.
  • So that, added to the lack of obstacles, becomes camouflaged with the environment.
  • Since it could be perfectly a decor element of a zen style villa.
  • It has more equitable distribution of chemicals to keep better the health and water quality (chlorines).
  • The cleanliness and filtration water system is more optimizable than the Skimmer traditional system,
  • As the water has no circulation limit, its surface’s dirty will keep trapped easier.
  • Therefore, it could be the last straw to make your luxury villa amazing.

Down below you have some of themost remarkable infinity pool of the world:

The longest infinity pool of the world:

It’s in Singapur, at Marina Bay Sands Hotel and it has a total lenght of 340 metres.

infinity pool

 Picture: Twisted Sifter

The most vertiginous infinity pool of the world:

It’s in Hong Kong at Indigo Hong Kong Island Hotel

It works as a skybar, a bar over the sky, and  its  floor is transparent.

Do you want a cocktail at a height seeing Hong Kong’s skyline?

infinity pool

Picture: El Economista

Red pool in Thailand: It’s The Library Koh Samui villas complex,

The pool floor has a yellow, red and orange tiles mosaic.

The result of the illuminated pool:

In the night it’s a spectacle which you can see from any point of Chaweng coast.

infinity pool roja Picture: MyWonderPlanet

What do you think of infinity pools? Would you like to have your own infinity pool? Do you think they match up with an elegant decoration as the one we propose in iLuxenio?

Write us all of your suggestions to receive more info about this and other subjects to


iLuxenio, leaders in exclusive and sustainable construction.

How celebrities’ homes are


The French Côte D’Azur, Costa Esmeralda in Italy, Aspen in the USA or an attic in the Upper East Side…  celebrities don’t resign with few and when they have to invest in real estate property they do it in style.

Either models, actors, designers, business men with great fortunes who look for privacity, exclusiveness and luxury for living or to spend their holiday vacation.

According to a research carried out by Savills real property consulting services, after analysing the touristic residential market, where great worldwide fortunes are buying properties, we find firstly the French Côte D’Azur with a price of 21 millions (€) for a five- room luxury house. On the Côte D’Azur it stands out Saint-Jean-Cap- Ferrat, a French commune and town between Nice and Monaco where there are more than 500 luxury properties. We can highlight Paul Allen’s home, Microsoft cofounder and Andrew Lloyds’, the British songwriter.

Secondly, Costa Esmeralda in Sardinia (Italy). Thirdly, San Bartolomé French island, it’s a territorial overseas collectivity belonging to France located in the Caribbean Sea with a surface of 20km. In fourth place of the ranking we can mention Aspen in Colorado (USA) and its exclusive ski resort. There, the average value of high standing porperties is about 9,5 million Euros.

We can also mention places such as Monaco, or Barbados Island specially for the British people who are the recurrent buyers of luxury properties in the area. Furthermore, to mention Lago Como, where we can find three magnificent George Clooney’s villas, a wonderful Madonna’s house or Matt Bellamy as a neighbour, Muse’s music band vocalist.


Villa Oleandra is one of George Clooney’s villas, he bought it for 12 millions (€) in 2002. The villa has a private quay.

Picture: Revista Hola

celebritiesPicture: Revista Hola

This Tuscan style villa is one of the three mansions that the actor owns at Lago Como.



Matthias Khün property mansion. It’s located at the private island of Tagomago (Ibiza). The price of its rent swings from 100.000€ and 160.000 € per week.

Picture: Lecturas


Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s mansion, 7 bedrooms and nine bathrooms with a value of 21.7 millions (€). So, the villa is located at the exclusive area of Georgia Pond in East Hamptons, this mansion is known as Pond House. The house was designed by the architect Stanford White and was remodeled in 2008.

Picture: Idealista

celebritiesIt has an infinity pool as we can see in the picture.

Picture: Idealista

celebritiesIt has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, it even has a guest’s house inside it with two bedrooms.

Picture: Idealista

If we focus only in Spain, we’ll also find top destinations for celebrities.

Among them we highlight as the number one Costa del Sol, where the main location is Marbella, an elegant city where the Arab occupation remains mixed with the modern complex’s facilities.

Thirdly we find Sotogrande, an american style residential area in Cádiz lands. In conclusion, in 4th place we can name Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca’s island capital and Balearic Islands’ autonomous community, where we can find Michael Douglas’ mannor or the tennis player, Rafa Nadal’s house.

Prince singer’s house in Marbella.

Picture: Vanitatis

Paloma San Basilio’s house in Zahara de los Atunes, Cádiz.

Picture: Vanitatis


Manuel Díaz “El Cordobés” bullfighter and Virginia Troconis’ mansion at Costa del Sol.

Picture: Vanitatis

House of Marbella’s mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, at Costa del Sol. It has a 1.700 square meters extent allocated in five floors, three of them underground.

Picture: Vanitatis


What is the objective of these celebrities? To live like kings and queens in the maximum number of square meters.

Whether in  a mediterranean inspirational mansion in Georgia Pond or a minimalist house in front of Alemanes’ beach in Zahara de los Atunes, of Paloma San Basilio. On the other hand, there are details such as infinity pools that are common to most of celebrities’ houses.

In conclusion, with iLuxenio you can build your dreamhouse as the same as celebrities do. Sign in to iLuxenio and you’ll find unique details about contructions and projects at luxury residential. You can search by ubication, size, construction type.. you can search as many times as you want and play with all the criteria within reach to discover who is behind each design.

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Launch of iLuxenio

luxury and sustainability

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How does it work?

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Luxury residential in Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla and Costa del Sol

luxury residential

Luxury locations, unique and exclusive houses, elegant and innovative buildings…in the city, on the beach, mountains or countryside, Spain offers splendid opportunities for all those who are looking to build the house of their dreams within luxury residential.

The real estate market is growing in cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Seville, with the execution of new projects

Both in the outskirts and in the centre at a very varied price range.

In Madrid, the most exclusive housing projects are at Lagasca 99, the apartments at Canalejas or José Abascal 48 to name a few.

Projects at luxury residential that seek to provide value and quality

Leaving aside the previous tendency to make the most of every square metre to get the maximum number of homes.

In the same way, we can find a great trend for the spacious luxury apartments in Barcelona, ​​especially in Zona Alta.

As well as in the lower area of ​ Eixample Derecho thanks to the rehabilitation projects which they’re carrying out.

Another area of Barcelona in which you can find luxury residential in all its splendour is the Sarrià- Sant Gervasi district, controlling the 47% of luxury at the Ciudad Condal.

This good trend of the luxury residential market is also experiencing in Seville,

Where admirable sustainable rehabilitaitons are taking place in its exceptional Patio Homes in the historic centre.

The luxurious villas spread over Costa del Sol: Marbella, Sotogrande, Benahavís, San Pedro de Alcántara.

These ‘prime’ residential areas like la Zagaleta or Finca Cortesín are always a safe bet.

Where maximum comfort and exclusivity establish by themselves.

Do you already know where are you going to build the house of your dreams? Do you prefer the big city or the most exclusive coast?

The most exclusive areas to build a house in Spain

exclusive home

The weather, the diversity of landscapes it offers and its quality of life make Spain the perfect place to build any type of luxury or exclusive home. Marbella, Madrid, Mallorca, Ibiza or Barcelona are the most demanded areas.

The surroundings of big cities are positioned in the first destinations for exclusive home

Since they offer a greater diversity and maintain a perfect balance between leisure and business.

 In Madrid you can find La Moraleja, La Finca or El Viso.

While in Barcelona stands Pedralbes or Ciudad Diagonal, in Esplugues de Llobregat.

Similarly, Costa del Sol offers wonderful locations along its Golden Mile of Marbella and nearby residential areas such as Sierra Blanca, Camojan or La Zagaleta .

The Costa del Sol has always been a paradise for the exclusive home, the glamour and luxury life on a global basis.

Located between the luxurious Marbella and Sotogrande, there is Puerto Banus, where they agglutinate the most exclusive chothing and decor brands at its promenade while you see the luxury yachts which dock in the area or Finca Cortesín, a luxury residential area slightly younger than La Zagaleta with much potential to obtain your own exclusive home.

Last but not least, the Balearic Islands have always been an important claim for those looking for premium locations.

The most interesting areas are Ibiza and the south-west of Mallorca: Port Andratx, Bendinat, Portals and Santa Ponsa.

Followed by some towns of the north as Pollensa and of the city of Palma and its surroundings.

Son Vida, a location full of  pines with views to Palma’s bay, is considerad the most luxurious of the island.

Do you know these areas? Visit and discover exclusive villas and buildings. We are leaders in exclusive and sustainable construction.