The best luxury decoration boutiques

In the last few years, decoration fever has invaded social media, mainly at Instagram and Pinterest, they’re used as inspiration.

Also with posts in different specialized magazines as ADThe Selby, Apartamento Magazine or Kinfolk. Here we can discover awesome homes located at the most beautiful places in the world and all of them are properly decorated.

On the other hand, we take ideas when we travel abroad, from that hotel where you stayed at to enjoy of vacation or that place where you took a coffee.

On today’s post we want to sum up for you which are the best decoration/interior and luxury furnituring boutiques in Spain. Our aim is to help you discover which is your closest boutique and where you can find the last trends at interior design and luxury decoration for your home. Apart from inspiring you at all social media an online magazines we previously mentioned.

There are plenty of styles to decor your home, from classic, going through minimalism, nordic style, a rustic hint or a modern air. Now industrial style is in vogue too. When talking about decoration, everything’s fair!

Also, many vintage decor lovers are back thanks to the Internet, where many of them wanted to acquire some pieces with decades of history. From old crockeries to 60’s lamps. “A few years ago, it was unthinkable to have an old object at home, it was considered old-fashioned. Now, mixing new pieces of furniture with pieces from another epoques made us scape from that trend of having homes equally”. asures Eduardo Boillos, owner of Lucio y Romana.

This is our first reference, on his website you can find plenty of “vintage” pieces.

Eduardo Boillos, owner of the boutique tends to offer a new wat of seeing and integrating the ‘vintage’ factor into modern spaces, always in search of a fresh, light, elegant, male patterned and above from, contemporaneous result.

luxury decoration boutiques

Pic: Pair of coner benchs from Lucio y Romana.

Odalisca Madrid:

From 13 Bastero Street in Madrid, at Latina neighbourhood, they show their customers their passion and specialization for antique objects. They own pieces of Art Nouveau, Art Decó and from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, you can check them whether on their website or at their boutique. The owners are Francisco Cortés, Prehistory graduated, and Lola Galanes, Fine Arts graduated.

Alquilán, space of vibrating colours:

Juan Martínez and David Moya, they both rescue antiques and sell them on their online boutique and in their physical store. They both left their jobs and created Alquilán. In addition, they recently created a new adventure called Hóptimo, an ‘online store’ where they sell exclusive illustration papers for home decoration. This boutique is full of explosive colours at bronze pieces, Murano glass. ceramics, etc.

luxury decoration boutiques

Pic: Alquilán web page.


At construction and decoration industry in Alicante we can highlight Tabisam. You can find comprehensive solutions for all your projects.

They offer all kind of construction materials but in the decoration part they have a gift. Apart from that, they make showrooms along the province and they count on own centres spread at Alicante and Murcia.

Mobile & Diseño:

In south of Spain, specificly in Marbella we have another company which  stands out for selling decoration and luxury furniture. Mobile & Diseño only works with the most exclusive luxury furniture brands. Apart from that, they count on professionals to make construction projects or rehabilitations.


It’s new young luxury furniture design boutique established in Marbella too, it offers all kinds of luxury and exclusive furnituring made in Italy and Spain. They offer a great range of decoration products, from classic to moders in order to adapt to all kind of tastes. Apart from this, they make custom interior projects or spaces’ decoration. Some of the exclusive brands they work with are: Amboan Luxury Furniture, Grassoler Sofás, Il Loft, Tonin Casa, VGnewtrend…



In Viveca you’ll finf an unique mix with a very personal style. Antiques from S.XVIII, much Nordic furniturinf and from the French countryside, Masai tribe’s fabrics, wooden pieces from Atlas’ lemon trees, custom local ceramists crockery, little pieces of art, young artists designs and more.

This boutique is at Palma de Mallorca and we recommend it without a doubt. Anything that brings mildness and peace to your home, Viveva has it in their shop.

Mestizo Contemporany store

It’s a Magic place. That kind of place that you know you don’t want to get out from. And you wish your home was exactly like that. The shop is located at Salesas neighbourhood in Madrid. Their neat selection for furnitures, fabrics and decoration objects is unique in the capital. It’s a mix between vintage and modern, in order to make you have an unique, cosy, elegant and different home.


From iLuxenio we ewant to make of your home a marvellous and cosy place.

iLuxenio, leaders in exclusive and sustainable construction.

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