The chicest restaurant for a romantic dinner

Do you love gastronomy and want to celebrate love? Enjoy a romantic dinner in one of the chicest restaurants in the country.

There always are reasons to celebrate, but overall, love deserves to be celebrated.

What is better than a romantic night in a magnificent restaurant that has special decoration, a great menu and excellent environment.

Why wait for Valentine´s Day, an anniversary or a birthday…any day is ideal to enjoy good gastronomy in the best company.

Our country is known for its excellent gastronomy.

It is varied and has great materials to cook with from every part of Spain.

But, overall, it stands out for a wide range of restaurants in every city, offering high standing cuisine.

It aims for all kinds of tastes and moments: work meetings, family time, with friends or a date.

On this post we are going to highlight the best restaurants in the country so you can enjoy a lovely date.

This way you will discover new and marvelous places in your city and in other cities and surprise the person you love with an unforgettable dinner.


La Terraza Restaurant

If you are looking for a romantic place in centric Seville, where you can surprise your partner and enjoy an environment with no equal in the city, go to La Terraza.

It offers an exquisite Mediterranean-fusion food. But it stands out for the decoration.

It is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Seville, built in a gorgeous romantic garden.

Hanging lights make you think you are in a dream. It will be the perfecto place to enjoy a special dinner, without a doubt.

Calatrava Street, 12


L’Éclair. Palace Hotel

Entering the Palace Hotel is always a great experience and visiting the L’Éclair restaurant makes is more special.

It is located in the hall of the Hotel, it is golden and has a welcoming piano at front, it is like being in Paris.

It has an intimate and luxurious atmosphere, but at the same time is relaxing, with magnificent menu, ideal for a unique night.

Gran Via de les Cortes Catalanes, 668


Arrabal Restaurant

The name comes from the Arrabal Square, which was the name of the actual Mayor Square, the place where it is located.

If you like dinning in a terrace, you will not find any more romantic places in Madrid.

The place is magical.

Arrabal has 1000 sq meter inside a cave carved in the stones that support the Plaza since 1580.

About the kitchen, everyone that goes there repeats.

Plaza Mayor, 23.


Perro Chico

It is becoming very fashionable, the Marzana area, where El Perro Chico is located.

This restaurant  is a very bohemian and charming establishment.

It is an original and singular bar which stands out for the tailing and brick decoration of the walls and its creative fusion cuisine.

Also, El Perro Chico has the best views of the Bilbao Ria which you can enjoy from the terrace.

Inside, clients will find a very special salon and a very affordable day menu.

Moreover, they offer great quantities and very creative meals. A perfect plan for a romantic date!

Arechaga Kalea Street, 2


La Lola

If you are planning a special date, one of the most romantic restaurants in Valencia is La Lola Restaurant, without any doubt.

La Lola is located in the Carmen Quarter and the small staircase that invites you to come in shows the client some of the beauty you are about to enjoy.

This restaurant, even though it has a genuine touch and is located in the historic center, breathes modernity.

In La Lola, customers can enjoy an excellent Mediterranean menu which includes some jewels of the food market.

Furthermore, clients will enjoy a romantic night with their partner while listening the best live music; because, along the week, there are jazz and flamenco concerts and vanguardism music played by a dj.

Pujada del Toledà Street, 8

Due to the current conditions, bars and restaurants will be reopening complying with Government’s Plan for the COVID19 situation as follows:

Phase 0: it is on from now till May 10th, all establishments must get ready by implementing protection measures for the public.

Phase 1: from May 11th to May 25th. Restaurants will open but they will have limited capacity (30%) in their garden areas.

Phase 2: from May 26th to June 9th. Restaurants will be fully open (inside and garden area) but only working at 30% capacity.

Phase 3: from June 10th to June 24th. Increase in capacity but keeping protective distance.

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The most expensive miniature cars ever made

It is a fun hobby, but expensive at the same time, being a miniature car collector.

Collecting for high class people is like having something valuable, in some cases even old but overall exclusive.

This is the reason of its increase in popularity as a high demanded hobby for the luxury loving sector of society.

This way, in this type of collection that we are about to discover in this post, three important factors are combined:

Love for cars, perfection made miniature and exclusivity.

The desire of having a Lamborghini, a Ferrari or a Volkswagen in the palm of your hand, with all kinds of details, for some, cannot be priced.

The market knows it and the ones who own a miniature car acknowledge they have a treasure.

Long time ago, miniature cars started to be made as toys and as mockups for automobile firms.

Prices were low along with the time when they were manufactured.

However, currently, having miniature cars from old times can be achieved by a small group of people.

Moreover, there are companies that make car mockups at very exclusive scales.

They make them at small quantities or even unique models, giving more exclusivity to the piece.

Handmade mockups produce in small batches can reach very high prices depending on the model and on the artist.

The most expensive miniature car is worth €7.5 million.

It is the Lamborghini Aventador Gold. This car is a true miniature piece of art, with all kind of details.

It has top added value and is covered in gold, making it the jewel of miniature manufacturing.

It tops the price of the real car, €400.000.

Furthermore, we will continue with our most expensive miniature cars ever made:

Lamborghini Aventador

It is an exact replica in the inside and outside of the real car and has been manufactured reproducing every detail and catching the eye of collectors as well as its older brother for its design and elegance.

It is worth around €6 million.

Bugatti Veyron

It is considered one of the most sophisticated miniature cars in the world.

It stands out for its simple cut 7.2 ct diamond and it is made of platinum and 24 karat gold.

Precious materials that make it worth around €2.4 million.

40th anniversary Hot Wheels

To commemorate its 40th anniversary, the prestigious Hot Wheels firm presented this magnificent car.

Valued at €140.000, it is made of 18 karat white gold and has 1388 blue diamonds, 988 black diamonds, 319 white diamonds and rubies.

It is a great jewel among the existent miniature cars.

Volkswagen Beach Bomb

It is considered the most valuable Hot Wheels of all time and it is known as the Holy Grail.

It is a 1969 unusually big prototype.

The price is €125.000.

Tomica’s Datsun Z432

It is the highest standing mockup for collectors.

The Tomica miniature car manufacturing company made this precious model which stands out for its elegance, for their 40th anniversary.

This miniature car was sold for €80.000.

Miniatura Datsun Z432 de Tomica

Pre-War “W.E Boyce” Dinky Nº 22D delivery van

Without any doubts, it is a relic and a collector’s piece that many would want to have.

This model is the melted metal priciest vehicle ever sold.

Miniature Dinky_Pre_war_No_22D_Delivery_Van_W_E_Boyce

250 GTO Ferrari

It is a classic among the Ferrari lovers and its miniature versions.

This model is considered as one of the best Ferraris in the world.

The price is about €18.000.

Hot Wheels Beatnik Bandit

It is made of crystal fiber and it is one of the 16 Sweet original Hot Wheels.

In 1963, the mockup was designed, and the range had different colors, with fuchsia being the most singular one.

This color was thought to be an attraction for girls at the time.

However, the color did not work as expected so the company stopped making them, becoming a hard to find piece.

The fuchsia model is valued at €15.000.

Miniatura Beatnik Bandit de Hot Wheels

1967 Matchbox Magirus Deutz (Nº 30) crane

It is one of the hardest to find and most desired pieces for collectors.

In its time, 1980, its price was €10, however, nowadays, if you get to find one, it is worth around €13.000.

Miniatura Grúa Magirus Deutz (N.º 30)

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The most spectacular private jets

Luxurious private aviation is going through a peak. The biggest fortunes are willing to use the most exclusive and spectacular private jets.

This way the demand of these services by individuals and multimillion companies is surging.

They do not want to renounce to fast travelling, making the most out the journey, enjoying comfort, luxury and exclusivity.

The advantages of travelling by private jet are clear:

Users get quicker to the destiny, avoiding lines and not sharing small spaces with other travelers.

Also, something key for the luxurious share of the market is that private jets are personalized to the likes and needs of the client.

They are made of good quality materials and have top technology and innovation.

Travelling becomes more exclusive and passengers can enjoy the same level of comfort as if they were at home, in the office or in a hotel.

It is because they have wide spaces which cover all needs: kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, meeting rooms…

The spaces are designed and distributed based on what the clients want to do during the trip.

A work meeting, relaxing or enjoying the most out of the journey.

All of this has a tremendous cost.

Currently, the average price to acquire a private jet is over €30 millions.

Furthermore, if pockets are not deep enough , there is the option of renting it wich is more affordable butstilla high price.

We have listed some of the most spectacular and luxurious private jets in the world:

Airbus ACJ319 Elegance

It is a version of the ACJ319 model launched by Airbus.

This jet offers simplicity, speed and savings in the cabin.

It stands out because the cabin is wider and higher than any other company plane.

Moreover, it allows clients to choose among a wide range of living room, office, dining room or conference room models.

It also has a bathroom and galley at the front and a bedroom with a bathroom at the back.

Its selling price is about €46.6 million and the renting tariff is €18.300 per hour.

Airbus ACJ320neo Melody

It is known for its stylized lines inspired in the curves of Nature. This jet combines designing and technology. It has a lighter cabin which increases the autonomy of the plane.

It is designed with to the detail and maximum comfort to make travelling very pleasant.

The price ranges around €86.6 millions.

BombardierChallenger 350

Luxurious plane of great scope and speed.

It has  a sophisticated and comfortable cabin.

It can take on transcontinental journeys.

Its price is around €24.3 millions.

BombardierChallenger 650

The jet is a big size bombardier, with a wider and more spacious cabin.

A luxurious plane that is ideal for short distance work trips and long distanceleisure trips with family and friends.

It can carry 12 passengers.

This private jet is good value for money. The starting price is €29.5 millions.

Bombardier Global 7500

It is the largest super luxurious private jet in the market and has the most autonomy. This jet stands out for its speed, space and innovation. It has capacity for 19 people and autonomy for 14.260 kms.

While travelling, passengers can enjoy the best commodities and the largest space ever given.

Also, it is the only plane a cabin divided into 4 spaces, plus a resting area for the crew.

It is considered the best private jet for business.

There are private spaces and others to carry work meetings but also to enjoy family time and friends.

The living room has a table with 6 comfortable and reclining seats.

Furthermore, it has the largest kitchen in the market which allows the passengers to enjoy cooked meals.

Flights are very calm thanks to the wings which are designed to ensure maximum flexibility.

Giving great stability to the plane.

This magnificent super luxurious nad comfortable plane is worth €63 millions.

Companies are not stopping their innovation and improving spree of their fleet in the private aviation field.

They are in the search of top speed, comfort, luxury and exclusivity for their clients.

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18K gold Airpods

Luxury lovers always look for exclusivity to add value to everything they want to buy. Making common elements very valuable, this is the case of 18K gold Airpods.

These people always have the latest items in fashion, decoration, travels…customizing and luxurious technology is booming.

The newest and most desirable stuff for wealthy pockets are the technological devices.

With an exclusive touch brought by precious metals, standing out the gold.

Jewelry is becoming more and more related to the most expensive devices.

Thank to this, there are numerous products in the market that have been revalorized and have become a great attraction to customers.

Many high standing users look for cases or exclusive models made of precious stones and metals.

They want to acquire simple accessories but, at the same time, they need to be magnificent jewels.

This is what is happening with the AirPods, the popular wireless Apple earphones.

They left behind its original white plastic cover, replacing it with a 18K gold capsule.

Furthermore, the wireless charging case is also covered in gold.

This item has become a TOP product in the luxury sector and among the exclusivity and distinction lovers

It is Spanish creation

The famous Spanish Youtube star, Pablo Cimadevila is the mind behind the 18-carat gold Airpods.

He was a Paralympic athlete who won several medals in the Paralympic Games of Sidney, Athens and Beijing.

Now, he has redirected his life to the jewelry sector, achieving fame and prestige for his creations.

The Youtube star showed in his channel how he transformed simple Airpods in a luxurious piece of 18K gold.

While watching the video, the viewer can feel the dedication and care put into this masterpiece.

The “AirGolds”, as named by their creator, went through different manufacturing stages.

First of all, the original covering was removed to create an exact replica of it.

Once the 18K gold was melt, he started to model every detail to achieve astonishing results.

To transform these airpods into a real 18K gold jewel.

He did not want to sell them, he just wanted to show his work that inspired in the “Think Different” campaign used by Apple between 1997 and 2002.

Moreover, there are companies that are specialized on modifying these products to make them more desirable for the most exquisite tastes.

This is the case for the Russian company Caviar, specialized in exclusive and luxurious products.

They were the ones who sold the last Apple Airpods model covered in 18K gold.

The price was $67.280 (about €61.000), in last October, they were not only exclusive but unique because the company made just one pair.

The golden AirPods Pro are exactly the same as the original Apple product but made into a magnificent jewel.

They have flexible silicon pads to adapt to the user’s ears, they are water and sweat resistant, have noise cancelling system (one of the main additions to the very first model) and a more durable battery.

The only difference is the weight because they are covered in gold.

They even have the same characteristics but with 18K gold covering (75% pure), the earphones and the case, which is the reason why they cost 220 times more than the originals made by the Cupertino firm.

These 18K Airpods are affordable for just a few.

There are other luxurious Airpods models that, even though they are not up to previous model level, they are exclusive enough to some buyers.

Other models

There are other more modest models than the AirPods model offered by the Russian company.

Some black earphones that are covered on python skin ($1.550).

A different green version, with a crocodile skin covered case ($1.550).

And a white crystal one ($1.320).

Covering technical products with precious materials and mainly gold is becoming more trendy.

Due to the high expectations and constant demand, companies work on the luxurious versions at the same time as the original products are being launched.

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Tour around the most luxurious wineries

In many countries like Spain, Italy or France there is a great wine heritage and the grapevine is a valuable element in their culture. In these places, tours around the most luxurious wineries are becoming more and more popular.

This is a combination of enology and tourism that creates a new concept known as “wine tourism”.

It allows small groups of people to enjoy the pleasure of tasting wine straight out of the barrel or via wine tastings.

These services are provided by the hand of experienced sommeliers.

As years go by, wine tourism evolves, and it counts on a huge number of tours in which tourists can taste and walk around some of the most exclusive grapevine haciendas.

In these tours, visitors enjoy personalized tastings and walking tours that weigh on the most symbolic wines of each winery.

Spain counts on a wide variety of wineries which are spread out all over the country and produce vast quantities of the most select wines.

In this post, readers will find a route over some of the most luxurious wineries of the world.

  1. Marqués de Riscal, La Rioja (Spain)

    It combines architecture, art, gastronomy…in Elciego, in the heart of the Alava part of La Rioja, there is one of the oldest and most traditional in the area.

    The owners created a building, Canadian Frank Gehry’s masterpiece, where wine and leisure hold hands.

    Visitors can enjoy the amenities of this breathtaking construction that has 43 rooms and luxurious suites.

    Also, it hosts a Michelin Star awarded restaurant and a spa where guests can relax and enjoy wine therapy treatments.

  2. Badia a Coltibuono, Siena (Italy)

    11th century monastery with rural housing, an exclusive restaurant and its own botanical garden.

    In this place, visitors will enjoy the eleven types of house produced wines and oils which are ranked as top ones in Italy.

    They come from the monks who founded the monastery in 1501 and started to produce them.

    Nowadays, the Stucchi Prinetti family is in charge of the production of the “Good Crop Abbey”.

  3. Odette Estate, California (USA)

    In the wine producer county of Napa Valley, in California there are a huge number of wineries, some as prestigious as Odette Estate.

    The spectacular Signum Architecture’s design catches the attention of the visitor.

    It is a winery that has over 25000 sq hectares.

    Odette Estate makes first class CCOF certified ecological wine.

    Moreover, it has a private club where guests can uncork the most exclusive bottles.

  4. Abbey of Retuerta LeDomaine, Valladolid (Spain)

    By the side of the Duoro, it is located the five star hotel Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine included in a 12th century Romanesque monastery.

    It is a magical place where tourist can visit one of the most innovative and most technologically advanced wineries in Europe.

    Also, they offer different cultural and wine making related activities.

    Visiting this winery is a must if you are a wine connoisseur.

    It is recommended to walk, ride a bike or a horse and get to know the surroundings and enjoy the scenery and its life.

    Moreover, the complex has a one Michelin star awarded restaurant and a sustainable spa which is located in the old stables.

  5. Vina Maris winery, Alicante (Spain)

    This is a very special winery because it is a submarine one.

    Nowadays, there are more wineries which have switched to this innovative kind of growing the grapevine but they are few still.

    Wine tasting in Vina Maris, aged in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea, is the most exclusive wine tourism activity at the moment.

    It is possible to do scuba diving, aided by professionals, and visit the undersea facilities.

    The two submarine aged wines offered by Vina Maris are Vina Maris Monastrell and Vina Maris Chardonnay.

    What a discovery, huh?

  6. Michel Jack Chasseuil, Deux-Sèvres (France)

    The winery is located inside Chapelle-Bâton in the region of Deubx-Sèvres and is considered a real enological jewel.

    Michel Jack Chasseuil, is a wine lover who owns a collection of about 41.000 bottles.

    Furthermore, he owns wine bottles dated from 1811 to the present from everywhere around the world.

  7. Otazu winery, Navarra (Spain)

    Besides its exquisite wines, the building designing will amaze any visitors.

    Colorful and impossibly shaped sculptures are part of an outdoor museum which is located in the gardens that surround the five buildings of the winery.

    It is a spectacular winery that combines a wine museum and an incredible art gallery.

    These prestigious artworks from everywhere form a small MoMA that should be advertised for everyone to know.

  8. Celler Bell-Hoc, Girona (Spain)

    Pritzker of architecture Award in 2017. Rafal Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vitalta are the designer of this winery and the founder of RCR Aquitectes.

    The winery is located in the heart of the Palamós  forest, and visitors can enjoy tastings, guided tours and housing.

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Magical places to stay to tour the Discovery of America

The Discovery of America marked a milestone in European and Spanish history.

Nowadays, the history is tightly close to tourism, and it has exponentially grown in the last few years.

The number of people that want to travel to historical sites is increasing.

Visiting and touring the path that others took once in the past, enjoying magical and unique places.

History is one of the main reasons for people to travel and one of the most interesting moments in history is the Discovery of America.

The desire of learning about the journey that Christopher Columbus went on to discover the New World in 1492.

On this post we will show you the places where the first travelers were on their journey to discover America.

Columbus started his trip in Palos de la Frontera, Huelva , Spain on August 3rd of 1492.

From Huelva, he followed on his journey to Gran Canaria island, later they sailed to La Gomera island, and after stocking up on food, tools and water and doing some reparations on the boats, they weighed anchor to the Antilles, known as the Caribbean.

From the Caribbean there some destinations that stick out the rest: The Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti or Dominican Republic.

We will go deeply on each destination mentioned on the Discovery:

Gran Canaria Island

The Canary Islands is an archipelago that consists of seven unique paradises, located in the Atlantic Ocean.

Gran Canaria has all sorts of scenery and environments where you can enjoy your trip.

It is an island that stands out for its incredible mountainous scenary.

Going to the Morro de la Agujereada, a 1956 meter high mountain is a must do in the island.

Also, it has amazing dune beaches, palm tree forests and other places with varied and strange wildlife.

La Gomera

Christopher Columbus and his crew went to La Gomera before facing the hardest part of their journey.

This island is home for a wide variety of nature with enormous value and national and international interest.

It was named as Biosphere Reserve in 2012.

Moreover, in the middle of the island there is the Garajonay National Park, World Heritage.

And also, visitors can enjoy some unique gastronomy such as watercress stew or palm honey.

La Gomera also has unique marine bottoms and cliffs formed by eroded lava that are pinned in the Atlantic Ocean.

It is a small island, but with a lot charm where tourists can enjoy the calmness of the sea without worrying about people.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic has some magnetism from which is hard to escape.

Visitors can enjoy its marvelous gastronomy, bachata and the contagious happiness of the Dominicans.

It is a magical destination because of its incredible history.

It was the first time that Christopher Columbus touched American soil and he saw its beauty, fell in love with the island and they established the headquarters for the New World.

The Bahamas

At the beginning, Columbus thought he arrived to an Asian island that he named San.

Nowadays, one of the island of The Bahamas archipelago is named that way.

The Bahamas archipelago consists of over 700 islands, each of them with its own personality, unique of a paradise.

There are leisure activities for all kinds of travelers.

These islands are ideal for practicing scuba diving, fishing, and navigation and boating.

And, besides its idyllic beaches, tourists can also taste some delicious and varied gastronomy.


Cuba is island  with 15 provinces and has some sites that have included in the Cultural World Heritage list.

Its colorful capital La Havana with its exciting night life, in addition to a beautiful architectonical designing, is the core of the country.

Regarding the leisure, there are many activities to carry out in La  Havana and Varadero, the most traditional places in the island.

Travelers can get to know them by luxury, vintage, ecological…tours.

Furthermore, another attraction of Cuba is its golf courses.


Haiti is an Antilles country, situated between Dominican Republican and Cuba.

The capital is Puerto Principe and stands out as a very lively city with a lot of movement.

It is known as a destination for tourists who are looking for sun, beaches and luxurious hotels and its music, painting and carnival should be highlighted.

Some of the most touristic places are de Barbancourt Castle, the Bonheur Villa and itsblack sand virgin beaches.

In the following paragraph we are listing some of the best hotels in the destinations gone down in the Discovery of America:


Lani’s Suites Deluxe


Bahiazul Villas & Club in Fuerteventura.

La Gomera

Jardín Tecina Hotel

Dominican Republic

Tortuga Bay Hotel Puntacana Resort & Club

The Bahamas

Fowl Cay Resort


Paradisus Princesa Del Mar Resort & Spa


The Inn at Villa Bambou


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Architects with projects in great Villas

If you are looking for your dreamed house, it is very important to pick the right architects who are specialized in great villas that can shape your home in a unique way and under their expertise.

If you pick the right architect you will get the exclusiveness and the comfort you are looking for.

Get to know some of the most relevant architecture firms in this post, who can fulfill your dreams of having an unbelievable home.

On the following lines, we are listing some architecture firms that are known for their work in villas:

González & Jacobson Arquitectura

This architecture firm has been around for more than 25 years and has designed projects nationally and internationally.

Luxury Villa project in Los Monteros

The property is located in Los Monteros neighborhood, 5 kms away from Marbella close to the coast.

It is a one-family, isolated, contemporary, extraordinary and spacious house with all kind of facilities.

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Luxury villas designs by the architect Fran Silvestre absorb and synthesize the numerous problems of programming, locating and context, structure, technology of construction and more, including them in his architecture style of game of space and shapes.

Casa del Acantilado project

It is a one-family house located in Calpe, Alicante. It is built on the edge of a cliff, as it is hanging in the air, walking on the water, a piece of land that looks towards the sea. It fits nicely in the natural surroundings.

LUITOM Interiorismo

It is an architecture and interior designing firm specialized in projecting and constructing modern luxury homes.

Luxury homes architectural and construction projects

The carry out architectural projects for modern luxury homes in Valencia, Malaga and Madrid.

KUBO Architects

They are a team of architects who are experts in luxury one-family home management and designing.
They are known for a great customer service, great commitment and unusual creativity along with passion about what they do.

Añoreta project

These house have two floors, main floor and basement looking for a good space topographic management of the property with a minimalist concept and good scenery exploitation.

CANEXEL Arquitectura & Construcción

Its foundations are exclusivity, designing and quality. Canexel´s priority is to offer and provide each client whatever they are looking for and need whatever their tastes or preferences are.

Casa Brava House project

The Brava House home is located in a natural environment of pines and eucalyptus very close to the beach. It was designed as a second home to enjoy with family and friends so spaces between the interior and exterior of the house were well taken care of.

Galván Arquitectos

Galván Arquitectos has a very experienced team of professionals in the field of integral management of any kind of interior designing and architecture projects. It is led by the firm founder, Francisco Martínez Galván.

Villa Silver project

It is an spectacular one-family house with a modern style located in Marbella on a 2024 sq meter property and a built surface of 1050 sq meter. The design and personal style of the house is something to point out.

Ismael Mérida Arquitectos

It has a wide team of professionals who are specialized in every phase of the project , achieving any kind of projects with a precise control system and time of delivering.

Villa Elvira Reform project

The house designing is based on a contemporary style reinterpretating the one-family isolated white Andalusian model of home.

08023 Architects

This firm believes in architecture as collaboration between the people who enjoy it and the architects who design it. Personal and tailor made architecture.

Casa Herrero project

One-family home located in Alella (Barcelona) in which modernity, innovation and pure lined designing combine with an unique mediterranean experience.

B8 Architecture

It is the leading company in Bynok Group which offers services internationally. Its goal is to surpass the client´s expectancies and make their dreams come true.

Villa Apolo project

This magnificent and modern luxury villa is located in one of the most exclusive areas of Madrid, in a privileged and natural environment.

Grupo Auma

It is an important architecture firm, urbanism management and designing founded and directed by the architect José María Pérez Gutiérrez.

Luxury chalet project in the Real Club de Golf de Sevilla

Project and interior design of a brand new luxury chalet in the Real Club de Golf de Sevilla in Alcalá de Guadaira (Sevilla).

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Top European cities to visit for opera


For enthusiasts of this genre of music, today we are dedicating our post to the best cities to experience opera.

There are many cities with an operatic tradition, so if you are thinking of traveling and want to attend an operatic performance, this list shows you the best cities and theaters for it.

The benefits of listening to it are many, and very similar to listening to classical music. Both of them gives relaxation, and helps us to perform highconcentration tasks without turning off the music.

Experts from the Italian University of Pavia demonstrated in a 2007 study that listening to it and classical music  allows us to reduce heart rate and blood pressure.


The following list shows the best cities to enjoy it by travelling  in Europe:


One of its theaters was the site of some of the most emblematic operatic premieres: the Teatro La Fenice. In addition to Verdi’s premieres of plays such as Rigoletto or La Traviata, some of the 20th century’s best composers, such as Igor Stravinsky, have passed through its interior.


It is as an institution in itself, is one of the most important ones in Europe. Founded in the mid-seventeenth century by King Louis XIV, today it is located in two buildings: the Opera House (or Garnier Palace) and the Opera House of the Bastille.


The capital of Austria is “the musical capital of the world”.  The relationship with classical music is so intimate that you cannot talk about a visit to this city without planning an activity related to Mozart, Beethoven or Wagner. One of the most important operas of the so-called bel canto.


The capital of the Czech Republic has its own State Opera.
The name used to refer to the building built at the end of the XVIII century.


The second largest theater in Europe, after La Scala in Milan. The Bolshoi Theater has hosted theater, opera and dance performances since the 19th century.


With the Gran Teatre de Liceu. This theater dedicated to the opera is one of the most important of its kind in the world and the oldest in the city, which opened its doors in the mid-nineteenth century.


In this city Teatro alla Scala was the place where internationally known operas were premiered; Verdi or Puccini’s works were performed for the first time here. Its name is due to the church that was previously located in the same place.


The British capital has the Royal Opera House as the theater of shows specialized in opera. Since it’s the headquarters for the Royal Opera and Ballet Company of England.


Among the best opera  theaters we can certainly list:

The Bolshoi (Moscow):

It is a survivor, that has gone through fire, war and revolution. Its neoclassical façade is just a preview of its impressive interior, with chairs covered in red damask and Chippendale wood. If you also like ballet, you cannot miss it.

Royal Opera of Versailles (Paris ):

The interior of the Opera Theater of the Palace of Versailles is an ode to architectural ingenuity. Besides, the wooden walls were painted simulating marble and the trick is not noticeable. The gold is in all the versallesque atmosphere of the auditorium with the pastel tones of its walls and the blue of its curtain.


The Royal Opera House (London):

Surrounded by shops, trendy bars, the London Opera House is an oasis in the most avant-garde cities of the world.

Sydney Opera House (Sydney):

Its architecture is an emblem of contemporary architecture. Its inauguration took place in 1973 and since then it has been one of the most emblematic buildings of the 20th century.

Teatro del Liceo:

Known simply as the Liceo is the oldest and most prestigious theater in Barcelona. It is undoubtedly a good place to get carried away by the emotions of an opera.

Lincoln Center (New York):

The legendary home of the Metropolitan Opera, the New York Philharmonic and the New York City Ballet is the cultural quintessence. The building is the work of architect Wallace K. Harrison and the largest auditorium of its kind in the world.

The Scala (Milan):

The most famous theater in the world, the first one that comes to mind when we talk about opera.

Vienna State Opera:

The theatre reopened its doors after the Russian occupation and to celebrate its return to life chose to represent Fidelio by Beethoven, a song to freedom.

If you have not had the opportunity to attend  one of this kind of spectacle, this is the moment to add another experience from the best classical music.


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Christmas decoration ideas to impress your guests

Christmas decoration

Christmas is fast-approaching and numerous preparations need to be made before its arrival. Planning your holidays and your menu for special days like Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, buying presents and, obviously, decorating your home for these events are some of them. Christmas is coming, so today we couldn’t resist bringing you some Christmas decoration suggestions to impress your guests. We hope they will inspire you!

There’s no accounting for taste. For this reason, we can find many types of Christmas decoration, since each person likes giving a special and personal touch to their homes.  As any other type of decoration, it is important to pay attention to detail. We recommend you some decorative styles so you can start planning yours.

Fairy tale style.

Christmas is meant for children. It’s the best time of the year for many of them, who have been waiting for these days for months. That’s why the excitement of the little ones is always present in the family environment. To add a dose of childhood to the atmosphere, consider using this type of decoration based on traditional stories. Here the main characters will be figures like tin soldiers, nutcrackers, or Santa Claus and forest ornaments, such as pine cones and other forest fruits- If you decorate a Christmas tree following this style, you will have that lovely place that you were looking for.

Christmas decoration

 Scandinavian style.

This style has been a trend for years and it has come to stay. Christmas Scandinavian decoration is in vogue. White and neutral tones are mixed with simple adornments (such as elves and Christmas ornaments) of light colours which are made of natural materials or fabric. It is an almost minimalist style, where original Christmas trees can stand out. They are far from the classic fir tree of green branches. They look like old trunks with hanging ornaments.

 Rustic style.

We love feeling a climate of comfort at Christmas. This is why we think you should choose your Christmas decoration based on rustic style. What is more welcoming than wood? Brown and beige tones will be a plus if you combine them with wooden articles inspired by nature, such as garlands, pine cones, Christmas ornaments and animal motifs for the tree. If you want to feel yourself as if you were spending these days in the middle of the mountains, you will need a special touch: a tree with snowy branches will be perfect.

Christmas decoration

Luminous style.

This is the most luminous time of the year. We find lights in the street, in the stores, in the facades… and your home can’t be less bright. The possibilities that offer this style are endless, and you can even combine it with the above styles. Lights will provide an elegant touch to your rooms. You can put them on the tree, inside vases, on your mirrors, over your bed etc. If you make your home bright with glamour and sophistication, nobody will remain indifferent.

Christmas decoration

Tropical style.

If you are a daring person and you think that traditional Christmas is boring; or you need to feel the tropical heat even in winter, it’s possible to create fun Christmas decoration in yellow and pink tones. This style replaces firs with palm trees, wood with wicker and pine cones with pineapples.

Whatever style you choose, remember that you can not only change your living room with these suggestions of Christmas decoration, but also do the same with any other part of your house. From kitchens to bathrooms, there is room for Christmas anywhere.

Christmas decoration for bathroom.

Maybe you have never thought about it, but why not add red socks or Christmas bells to your bathroom? Put lights on the mirror or little minimalist table trees on furniture or on the sink. There even Christmas accessories designed to put the soap! Besides, you can add theme stickers to the shower screen or use curtains with Christmas ornaments.

Christmas decoration for kitchen.

This is an important  part of the house, especially during Christmas. It’s the place where we will cook delicious dishes that will be served in family dinners and meals. For this reason, we think it’s essential that the spirit of Christmas spreads all over the walls and furniture. However, as it should be a practical space, it is not advisable to over decorate it. It would be a better option to use simple items like kitchen towels with Christmas drawings, garlands placed in such a way as not to disturb the pace, and hanging ornaments from door handles.

Be sure to follow all these ideas with luxury and exclusive products. For example, you can use Spanish porcelain figures or French crystal. We also recommend you the sophisticated ornament collections of the German firm Krebs Glas Lausche. This family company currently led by the fourth generation, manufactured in 2008 a beautiful red gold ball of 12 carats and 120 diamonds and continues specialized in this type of objects.

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Showrooms and fashion events in Marbella

fashion events

Marbella is one of the most chic places of Spain. If you don’t have a plan you can go to many fashion events and leisure events that we find there.

The city of Marbella became on October 5th and 6th an international fashion catwalk due to the celebration of the fashion event “Marbella Fashion Week 2018”. A score of designers, of whom fourteen were foreigners, participated in the parade.

Manuel Osorio Councilor of Treasury and Julio Bataglia, organizer of the event along with María Guerra, San Pedro’s Feasts’ consultant, were entrusted to make this date real.

Marbella Fashion Week is a parade included in the fashion circuit that starts in Milan and ends in Paris.

Summary of a few minutes of “Marbella Fashion Week” at Gran Meliá Don Pepe

For Halloween night, we recommend you to go to Tanino.

People say that Tanino is a place where things happen, a place to live stories. This restaurant is located just a few minutes from Puerto Banús (A7 km 168, next to the Hotel Crown Plaza). We can enjoy of its delicious dishes from noon until the early hours. Furthermore, we can’t forget to enjoy of its terrace when the sun goes down. Tanino has one of the comfiest spaces of Costa del Sol. We advise you to celebrate any event in this excellent place. If you come here for the first time, it will be a real surprise for you.

This is thanks to the features of the place, for example, the good value for money.

Consequently, as we said before, it has an exquisite and modern gastronomic offer. It is a very well- cared cuisine with a clear influence of international and Mediterranean style of cooking. Here we can find from homemade pasta to grilled pizzas and fish, or Argentinean meat. We find fusion cuisine too, with Rice woks and noodles with vegetables and seafood. Besides, it has a new concept of Indian plates and it has homemade desserts too, among them we should mention the delicious cheesecake.

Here you have links to Tanino restaurants in Estepona and San Pedro Alcántara. They organize a party for Halloween night.  Reservations in Estepona: 952 88 32 59 and Reservations in San Pedro: 952 60 48 48

Another event that you can’t miss is the tribute to Michael Jackston at the Palacio de Congresos.

King of pop is one of the best international premiere shows that remembers and honours a flawless musical and visual homage to the king of pop. A spectacle produced by Factoría Diversity Entertainments and co produced by Francisco Jackson. Francisco, the main artist, has a physical resemblance with Michael and he also has artistic similarities in their poses and dances.

The show has one of the most internationally recognized artists by Sony Music Spain, Francisco Jackson. Francisco is the only official double of Michael Jackson, endorsed by his own farther. As he said, “with his movements and gestures he reminds me of my son on the stage”. The date stated to don’t miss him, is the next November 24th from 9:30 pm. The place is the Auditorio del Palacio de Congresos Adolfo Suárez de Marbella.

You can buy tickets here

Another big new  strongly associated with fashion events is the oppening of the third boutique of Elisabetta Franchi in Puerto Banús. It is her third shop in the Spanish market.

Elisabetta Franchi has done another big step forward in Spain with the inauguration of its new boutique in Puerto Banús, in the Costa del Sol. The new opening has meant one more confirmation of this zone’s expansion.

Besides, we can say that the new Elisabetta Franchi collection involves not only Spanish clients who live in Marbella, but also tourists and lots of celebrities. All this celebrities choose using the creations of this Italian brand to go to many fashion events which are significant for the social media.

Ochre colour is the main player of its design and Elisabetta’s has selected the 70’s because of the power of the feminist movement of those years. On the other hand, this Italian firm designs don’t use materials of animal origin, and we know about the high respect of Elisabetta for the animals. A lot of celebrities have opted for its creations.  Everything started in an artisan workshop in Bolonia, in 1996. Its work has been recognized on all red carpets right across Spain. Nieves Álvarez, Malú, Marta Sánchez, Blanca Suárez, Adriana Lima o Eugenia Osborne are some of the faces that have been seduced by the powerful women’s lines of this prestigious Italian designer.

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